Gathering of Love With God’s Action in Saint Georges de Beauce, Québec

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus




Jesus: I am in the Presence, God is entirely Love, he is coming to speak in hearts.

He is asking you, each of you, to open your heart, to allow God’s love to enter: this is where your place is, within each of you.

God speaks within you, God is letting you know that you are his children.

I am The Love; do not be astonished, my children, to hear speak of love: I choose my children.

Through the will of The Love, God lets each of you know that you are all my chosen ones.

You all belong to God.

Those who are not present belong to God: they know they are loved but they do not want to listen; they know that God is The Love but they refuse to give themselves for fear of being prevented from doing what they please.

Oh! My loves, I speak in hearts but hearts have become closed due to your world.

They refuse to open their interior, they are too preoccupied with the outside world.

This is why, my loves, I chose from among you children who give of themselves, who forget themselves in order to do only my Will, forgetting everything about themselves.

Now I am speaking to you because God is the Will, God is love.

Jesus is the Word, he has accomplished his Father’s Will, he is the Present.

I am present within you, I am the Life: every one of you, you are in my Life.

I gave my apostles teachings of love; these teachings are my Word: it is inscribed in my Gospel.

But you see, my loves, these times are times of coldness, of ignorance.

They only listen to trivialities while abandoning The Love, to the detriment of my love.

My children, these words are for you, they are for you and your brothers and your sisters.

When you come to hear The Love, you accept to open your interior, you accept to let movements enter you on your behalf and on behalf of those you carry.

I give myself to you.

When you receive Jesus-Host, God takes you within him; it is I who take you, it is not you who take me.

I am letting you know that you are in me; the Life, my loves, is within you, I am the Presence.

I love you! I will never stop telling you about my love for you.

Oh! Listen to my voice, listen to the one who gives himself at every moment.

At every moment, a priest consecrates bread, consecrates wine; it is I,

between his hands, who am in my children’s presence.

Oh! My loves, God my Father gave his beloved Son so that you could acknowledge that you are God’s children.

He loved you with a boundless love, he gave his Son.

I am The Love of his Being, I am his Beloved.

My Father’s love is so immense, my children, that even eternity cannot reveal his love to you, for you see, his love is a movement, it is living: he is, was and shall be.

Life is something, my children, which moves!

Life is within you, you are in motion.

Without life you could not, my children, taste what you eat, you could not go forward, you could not speak, you could not breathe, you could not hear: these are movements.

You could not, my loves, be what you are.

You are alive because you have received love.

My Father gave his love, he breathed life into Adam.

Life is within you, you have my Father’s love within you, you are alive!

My children, I am the beloved Son of the Father.

To live in love one must live in Jesus, one must taste life, one must enter into me to draw graces that nourish your soul.

I am The Love, I want to give you love so that you can acknowledge that you are my Father’s children.

My loves, look at yourselves: look at your world, it forgets that it is necessary to come die in Jesus in order to go to my Father.

I gave teaching to my apostles.

Go! Open the Word, for the Gospel is my Word.

Go and draw what is necessary to you in order to go forward in your daily lives.

My children, I see you, I know everything about you; I know that many do not take the time to open the Bible because they are too busy with today’s world.

Many children have the Bible in their homes; it is on a shelf or in a drawer,

it is not given a place: a place of honour!

My children, listen, God has given you words of love; these words are living, these words are graces, they make you realize that you are alive, that you are God’s children.

If you make your way in life without knowing that every day you need spiritual nourishment, how are you going to be able to function in your life? Look at today – you watch television for hours on end, you go to work while listening to the radio: you do not take the time to go within, you do not take the time to stop to ask yourselves what your priorities are.

You have placed monetary gain first.

Yes, my loves, everything around you is conceived for material goods, and to obtain material goods: you need money.

Oh! My loves, I know your needs, I do not refuse you the necessities of life! What I want to teach you is that your interior needs love, needs nourishment.

This nourishment will give you the strength to understand why you must go to work.

Taking care of yourselves is a necessity, taking care of those you love is also a necessity but if you neglect the most important thing, you are allowing your life to die and one day, my children, you will find yourselves so exhausted that you will no longer have the strength to see your life.

Illness is lying in wait for you, my children.

I am the Fount of Life, you must come to me so that I can nourish you.

I am The Love, I know what you need for your soul: it needs love, it needs God’s graces.

When your soul receives nourishment from Jesus of Love: your soul is joyful, it gives you what it receives: joy, love, and your body, my children, benefits from this.

How many blessed children have received graces, they lived on earth while agreeing to suffer for Jesus of Love.

Those children were joyful! They did not experience depression, they gave themselves, they offered Jesus their lives, and I fulfilled them.

If my children received joy, it is because they entered into me, they became children of love: I nourished them.

I want to nourish you! I want to take you within me, to cover you with my love!

And when, my children, you are love, you cannot help giving yourselves on behalf of your brothers and your sisters: you want to share what I give you for when God gives, God gives so that you can give in turn.

I gave myself out of love for you: this movement is within you, but it is unknown to you.

It is I, Jesus of Love, who make you discover that the gift of love is to give oneself for those we love.

I am the Infinite, there is no greater love than mine and it is I who take you within me.

It is I, my loves, who turn you into children of The Love.

There is no need to make an effort, you have only to give your yes to Jesus.

I do everything for you.

My children, when you take a walk and you look at the flowers that you see along the way: your eyes rest upon this splendour.

This splendour is a source of joy to you: it makes you think of gentleness, tenderness, you feel like going closer and reaching out your hand to caress it.

My children, that flower: it is your neighbour.

Within your neighbour there is love, for deep within him: I am.

When you look at your neighbour: you are looking at me.

When you look at your neighbour and you find him pleasant: I am the one you find pleasant.

When you look at your neighbour and you like to hear what he says to you: I am the one who is speaking to you, I am the one who is saying words of love to you.

When you look at your neighbour and he wants to show you that you please him: I am the one who puts those movements of love in him because he has discovered, in himself, that you are love.

When you are in someone’s presence: you are in God’s presence.

You must love the person you are with.

Oh! I know, my children, that sometimes this is difficult, when the words that emerge from that person are not always pleasant to hear, sometimes the deeds he carries out hurt you, and what you feel is painful: my children of love, tell yourselves that there is love in him, tell yourselves that The Love is present in that person.

It is just that this person is in pain, he has not discovered that he is in me, Jesus: he is resisting my love but, my children, this person is in me and I am in him, in the child that he is.

You all have God’s presence within you.

To God, you are all children.

You are all wounded children because you have not discovered within you: the tenderness, the gentleness, the kindness of what you are.

All this is inside you but because of your sins, you have not discovered the treasure that you are to God.

I gave myself on your behalf, I took all your sins, I brought them unto death so that you could discover yourselves as you truly are:

you, the little children of God.

I am in pain within you because I know your pain.

You have allowed evil to hurt you.

You have allowed evil to enter you and it has occupied a place that has made you suffer.

Oh! My loves, I speak within you, these words are within you, these words are living; I cry out in your hearts, I never stop telling you:

            “O love, hear the voice of your God who wants to tell you that he loves you.

            You are my child, you are so fragile! You have allowed yourself to be harmed by your refusals, by your             words, by your deeds.

            I love you, I love you as you are.

I am the one who wants to comfort you, I am the one who wants to tell you that you are a good person beneath your appearance of indifference.

I want to make you discover that you are a child created to love and to be loved.

Allow yourself to be swept up by my love, let God love you.

Do not let things that are external to you harm you.

For so many years you have been listening to the outside world! I love you, I do not want you to suffer but, my love, I can do nothing if you, you want nothing to do with me.

But know that I love you and I will never stop telling you that I want you.

I place graces within you so that one day you might realize that you belong to God.   

My love, I love you.”

My children, The Love is the Present.

If I spoke to my apostles about my Father’s love, about the neighbour’s love, it is because Jesus is the Word.

If today I speak to you about love, it is because I am the Word.

One does not stop God’s Action.

God is Life, God is and he shall be eternal.

It is up to you to realize that you are in God’s very presence, it is up to you alone to make your decision.

You are chosen children of God, you are all called to enter into my New Earth: the civilization of love.  

I am coming into your hearts, I am coming to show you that you are all children created to live in love.

And you who carry your brothers and your sisters, you who are here, my children, I speak in your hearts, I speak for those you carry within you.

These words are movements of The Love.

When I shall come to reveal myself within them, they shall be in the presence of my words, and it is with my graces that they will be able to endure the pain of not having said yes beforehand, of not having realized that Jesus is in the Holy Eucharist.

My loves, you, presently, through your presence, accept that God place graces of love within you; when God gives he also gives to all those who are in you.

I am the Gift of life: I am the Fount of Living Water. I am Nourishment:

I give so that you can give yourselves.

My children of the Light, when the light shines, it shines for all those who look at it.

I do not shine only for you, I shine for those you carry.

I want to show you that you are in me and because you are in me, you are in love, and love is alive, love is in motion. 

You are therefore in a movement of love 

Oh! My children, when the priest, my son, consecrates the Holy Species, he does so in me, in Jesus.

The priest is in me.

The Holy Spirit covers him, it is I, my children, who am in your presence.

Do you see this movement?! It is present, I created this movement at the Last Supper, on the Thursday before my death, and this movement is played out before you.

It is present.

I, I am omnipresent, and because I am omnipresent, my children, I was carrying all of you within me: God is the Action.

You have all been in God’s presence.

And today, when my priest, in me, carried out this movement of love, this movement was in the present moment.

Only God can see to it that everything is in the present moment.

This is why I ask you to give yourselves at every instant.

Clothe yourselves in God’s movement through your yes, through your acceptance.

Only God can turn you into children who are present in Jesus, in the Father’s love: all is for you.

You carry my children within you, you carry all the children of the world within you, you carry even those who have yet to be born,

for I am the Present.

When you carry out a deed in Jesus, in The Love, your deed bears fruits and those fruits are graces for you and are also graces for those you carry.

Rest upon the Tree of life: carry fruits within you, be one of God’s fruits.

Only God can make of you beings who give of themselves, beings who receive, beings of love who belong to God.

There is only God, within you, who is in the movement of God the Father.

It is necessary to die in me in order to be in this movement.

Make yourselves little! Through your yes, you agree to acknowledge that you are very little in me, Jesus.

My children, I made myself very little for you.

I am in every host, and when you accept to die in me, you are in me, in Jesus, in Jesus Host.

Do you see God’s greatness? There is only God who can create this movement of love.

Oh! My children, when I shall present myself within you, you will see that you have always been present in me.

It is important that you realize this.

It is also important, my children, that you become aware of your actions, for these actions that you carry out are part of you and when you carry out these actions, I, because I am in you and you, you are in me,

your actions are part of me, and I shall show them to you.

Oh! Loves of my Life, God wants to make you realize how precious you are! God wants to turn you into beings of love.

I am not coming to trouble you.

I am not coming to cause dissension.

I am not coming to speak to you in hearts through my chosen ones so that you, you might bear judgements.

Welcome God’s love and if this is too burdensome for you, offer it to me at the Offertory:

God shall place lights within you.

Let God turn you into children of the Light; this movement is not up to you.

What belongs to you: is your yes.

Only God is movement.

Come die in me and if you doubt my words that you have just heard, open your Bible, read my Word:

carry out this movement for yourselves and for those you love.

Abandon yourselves in God, God is the only one who can help you; on your own, you cannot do it, my children; your human will prevents you from doing so for, you see, when you go forward and there is someone near you who says a human word to you, this instils doubts within you, and you stop God’s movement, for God cannot force you to abandon yourselves.

Go! Open your Bible and you shall find light within it, and thus that doubt will disappear.

It is only through me that you will find peace again.

When God speaks, all is love.

Remain at peace; it is only when you are at peace that you can give God your yes.

Do not be children who ask themselves: where is the truth? Why does God speak like this? You, my children, be in love, in abandonment.

And in a movement of love, at the Holy Eucharist, welcome God’s grace.

God is the Action and he will show you that you are children created to love, to be loved.

Love one another.

Give to God what belongs to God, you come from him, give your life to God: and then graces will flourish within you.

Through the presence of my blessed son of love, God wishes to fulfill you.



The Priest’s Blessing:

May God enlighten you and truly make you discover love and help you to have hearts filled with love, filled with goodness; may he help us to have hearts that see the needs of people and of those who are less loved, and may he lead us to those people.

God, we ask you, you who are Love, Eternal God, to bring down upon us all, upon our families, upon our communities, an abundance of graces and to bless them: “In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Amen.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God is letting me know that he’s still present.

God gives me the grace of hearing his voice inside myself: this happened through abandonment.

How did this begin? I can’t really describe it because he did this without my really noticing it.

He told me that this started when I was small, but I didn’t know it — he’s full of love for each of us — he doesn't do this only for me, he does this for each of us.

He’s given me a lot in my life.

We were thirteen children at home; mom had fourteen but she lost the last one.

I’m number eight. Oh! I would have liked to have been number seven! I was jealous of my sister who was the seventh – was jealous, bah! not in a mean way! I used to say, “Oh, her, number seven!” – because I had heard once that the seventh child had a gift.

When you’re little and you grow up, and you hear this… I used to watch her and say to myself, “Ah! She’s really lucky, she’s number seven!” Me, no matter how hard I counted, I was always number eight!

And I grew up with parents who gave me a religious education.

At six years old, I remember, I entered a church in Saint Philippe where I was born, in the countryside, and when I entered the church I looked all around me with my heart filled with admiration.

It was so big! And what struck me were the colours and the statues; it was beautiful, it was big, it was wonderful.

I had never seen a house like that, especially since I was so young.

It was amazing! And I remember it so well!

And afterwards, like everyone else, I recited the rosary at home with Cardinal Paul-Émile Léger.

When I was older, around nine years old – it would have been around the 1950s since I was born in 1947– every night after supper we used to listen to the rosary on the radio. My father would force us to listen to it, and it was on our knees behind a chair, and we really listened.

There was also Mother Mary who was present in the kitchen; there was a statue, and this was something that contributed greatly to my life because every time I wanted something, I would ask Mother Mary for it.

I remember when I got married, I said, “Mother Mary, one day when I have a house, your place will be in my kitchen, in the place of honour;” because it was the place where we spent a lot of time – when you’re a big family, it’s the kitchen that’s the most important room.

So, I entrusted many things to Mother Mary.

She has always been in my life: she took care of me.

I remember once, you know, there are those people who come knocking (at the door) at the house, they’re coming to talk to us about the Bible and those people don’t honour Mother Mary as they should.

They’re our brothers and our sisters, they’re very, very good people, they’re like us.

So, this time… - I must have been about twenty-three years old, maybe a tiny bit older, maybe around twenty-four. Ah! The Lord, he says that I was twenty-eight – I had received a visit from them.

They had said things that led to doubts about Mother Mary.

You know, when we’re young, sometimes we’re not too sure of ourselves; they know a lot more than we do, they show up with the Bible! So when they left, I said, “Oh! I’ll never get down on my knees in front of Mary again. I’ll pray to her, but not on my knees, only in front of Jesus.”

You know, in that same week I received a book in the mail and it was a book that told the story of Mother Mary’s life, by Marie d’Agréda! I read that book and I cried, and believe me I continued to get down on my knees in front of the statue of Mother Mary to pray!

You know, Mother Mary, this is how she has worked in my life many times.

I have been protected by Mother Mary on several occasions and I have proof of it.

But it’s with the years that we’re able to realize everything she has done for us.

She was always present when this started with me.

Like the visions, when I was asleep, there were things that I saw inside me, and it troubled me a little because sometimes they were accompanied by words that were so real that I would wake up! It wasn’t a voice, not exactly, they were things that were going to happen; they would make me realize what was going to happen.

With time, it became more profound; it became more intense because not only did I see things but when I would go to Marmora, I could smell roses and flowers.

When I would arrive there, it was like a garden; and this was during any season.

Whether it was summer or winter, I could smell roses all the time! I could very well see that this was beginning to play a really important role in my life; what was happening to me wasn’t quite normal: those dreams when I shut my eyes, the things I was seeing.

I had to go talk to a priest, but who?! I met Father Provencher, he became my spiritual father.

The writings became a reason to live for me because every day I would write for the Lord.

It was also necessary for God to put proofreaders in my life because I make lots of mistakes.

He said that his writings will be done as he, he was on earth: he came among us as a simple Being; this is why he makes me write using my way of speaking.

When I make mistakes, they get corrected.

I’ve said to him in the past, “But, Lord, you, you’re God! Why don’t you tell me the correct way to write it from the start?”

He said: “You shall follow my path, you shall not be spared.

You shall correct the mistakes seven times seven and you, you shall be obedient.”

This means that when Germain sees a sentence and he says, “Ask the Lord to explain this word because I don’t understand it,” then the Lord answers; he adds more: a word becomes a page, becomes a paragraph or becomes a sentence and he doesn’t stop; he keeps on showing us – it’s as if God were teaching us like little children.

He carried his Cross, you know; Jesus stumbled, he carried all our sins, so this is what he does in our life.

He helps us to go forward.

Every time we notice that we’re doing something that isn’t worthy of what we expect of ourselves and of what we should also be doing for God, well, God helps us to go forward!

You know, when we commit a sin and we realize it: we’re carrying our cross, we fall down, we get back up and we go forward.

We commit a sin, we realize it, we go to Confession, we do our penance and we go forward.

This is what he teaches us, and this is why the writings aren’t easy; they could have been, he told me so: “I could have given you everything without a single mistake, you have to suffer as I have suffered,” and the people I work with, who are around me, they suffer too.

We also must suffer in Jesus

It’s not because I write that everything is easy, that’s not how it is: it’s every day, it’s huge sacrifices, it’s huge sufferings, it’s all the time.

So, we have to give ourselves while agreeing to suffer.

We have to give ourselves by agreeing to go forward.

We must also go forward by accepting purification.

This is our purification.

God is showing us the path we must follow to go to the Father and every day we must accept our purification: whether it’s with our children, our husband, our daily life, in our work, those we work with: we must accept it, we must accept to suffer; we must also accept that our children suffer, this is our purification: this is their purification.

When we see our children suffering, we’re in pain, you know! We would like to cuddle them, we don’t want them to suffer but we need to realize that they have to bear their cross as well.

We accept to see them suffer, but in God, by saying, “Jesus of love, my child is suffering. You know, I would like to hold him, I would like him to go to you but without suffering.”

Yes, we have a tendency to say, “I want to suffer in his place.”

But Jesus is making us realize that this isn’t what we should be doing, we have to accept to suffer in Jesus when we see our children suffering; we must also accept their sufferings; so we have to say: “Jesus, I offer them to you. I know they’re in pain, but in you, I want to bear this because it’s only then that they will obtain graces, because they’re still not capable of understanding what we have just understood.”

When you follow Jesus like we do, when you go to Mass almost every day, when you pray every day and you receive graces, when you begin to discover that God speaks in hearts and that there are messages of love, when you begin to also follow the messages of love, not only reading them but living them: then you begin to realize that God is transforming you.

But they’re not at this point yet, they have their path to travel. So, this is why we must give them to God so that God can give us graces, to us, and when we receive graces, that’s when we can help them.

Yes, God goes through us to help our children.

This week – I live with my daughter, my son-in-law and my little grandson of three months, because we’re renovating their apartment, so they came to live with me – while she was completely concentrated on the child, the Lord told her a story.

He told her that the little baby is like a flower in his garden and that he gave her a guardian angel to protect her.

He also told her that because she had accepted to suffer in order to save souls, God had given her graces.

She suffered a great deal, a very great deal, while she was giving birth and while she was breastfeeding the baby.

She would always say: “Lord, I offer you my pain for my brothers and my sisters.”

And you know, she said, “Lord, this is long, this is long,” and sometimes, she would say, “Lord, I gave you my pain, but are there as many as that to be saved?” And then, she was rewarded because Jesus told her that she was surrounded by people she had saved, and he said something very important: “This flower, it is your child in my garden, you are all flowers in my garden, and it is the family: this is a whole.

You, my daughter, you must take care of the flower that you are, and your husband must take care of the flower that he is, and you, you must also take care of the flower that is your husband, and your husband must also take care of the flower that is you, my daughter, because that little flower, which is in my garden, needs to be surrounded by flowers: this is a whole.

When you give love to your husband, and your husband gives you love: you both give yourselves, you love your child and your child benefits from what you give to each other: this is what love is.”

So, when I told Marcel about this, he said, “That’s God's family.”

Can you see the importance of the family?

And Satan knows this.

Satan attacks couples furiously to divide them because when the couple is divided, the child suffers.

So, us, we know all this! We see our children suffering, we see the couples who have split up.

We can’t take their pain and suffer for them; they have to accept their purification, but with our graces: this means – with God’s graces.

When us, we accept, God pours graces into us and because we carry our children inside us: they receive graces, so they have strength! That’s what love is: we give what God gives us, like the little flower in the garden.

It’s the same thing, we give ourselves and our children benefit from this.

We, the grandmothers, the grandfathers, we have to pray for our grandchildren, we have to accept their pain, we have to support them, not by crying, not by yelling: “Lord, you’re not listening to me, and yet I’m praying to you, my prayers aren’t answered.”

No, God hears our prayers, God answers them, he gives our grandchildren graces.

The day our children will understand God’s love – because we gave God our yes, those graces don’t belong to us, but God takes what he gives us and gives it to them – on that day, they will receive from God what we, we will have permitted God to do.

This is a movement of love!

We understand all these things now, and yet it was explained to us by several saints, the priests tell us, but we don’t understand, we interpret this in a different way.

How many times have the priests said to us: “The Lord listens to all your prayers, he listens to you, your prayers have been answered”, but us, it’s according to how we think, not according to God.

This is what we’ve always done: we’re blind, we don’t see God’s action.

Do you remember when our children weren’t going to church anymore, for 14, 16, 20, 25 years? And then, whoops! Something happened in their lives: they got married, then they experienced a hardship and they went back to Mass.

Because God knew the moment when they were meant to give their yes. God knows them better than we do.

He knows how to be patient. God is full of love for our children.

So it’s up to us to be full of love for our children, in God.

God knows how to love our children better than we do.

Us, we’re too overprotective, we suffocate our children; we suffocate the little flower, we water it, we water it, and water it again, whoops! It goes all limp.

He knows how to love in just the right dose, we must trust in him.

We don’t trust in God, we want to use our human will too much.

And so God came to show me his love.

He talked to me, he told me how much he loved me, how much he loved his children.

He put graces of love into me, graces of abandonment so that I could forget everything about myself, and he did it for us, he did it for every one of us, and I’m not the only one.

But Jesus of love also knows those who need this; and so,

this is why he uses us on their behalf.

He saw our meekness, you know.

Even though we really want to do our will, he knows the depth of our being, he also knows that we were ready for all this, to discover his Will.   

He wants us to abandon ourselves, he wants us to renounce our human will.

He wants us to die, to renounce our life, to give it to him.

If he wants us to do this it’s because there’s something we have to learn; he uses people who are nothing, people who were unknown to society.

I was living with my husband, surrounded by my children, in my little bubble; we would go to Mass together, we carried on with our day-to-day existence, and he came for me when I hadn’t asked for this but he knew what was good for us.

In the beginning… he wouldn’t let me testify in the beginning, not at all!

It’s only been since January of 2003 that this started.

“Lord, why did you choose me? I don’t understand why. Lord, you want me to do this, I can’t do this.” It was like this all the time! Then, the priest who is my spiritual director said to me: “It’s like grass: when you walk on it, it turns yellow.

God is in the process of training you from the roots up, he’s making you strong and once you’re strong, you’ll say: ‘Thank you.’”

It’s not strong yet because we won’t be strong until we present ourselves in front of God; we’ll always have things to learn.

But, through my priest, through the graces of the sacrament of Penance, through the graces of the sacrament of the Eucharist, my roots are starting to be a tiny bit stronger and now, I can say: “Thank you, Lord, you want me to present myself somewhere? Yes, Lord. You want me to abandon myself and to let your Word flow through me? Yes, Lord.”

So, this is why I can abandon myself more and more by testifying about God’s action.

These words that come to me, I don’t know them, they come on their own.

Because God says that if there’s something that comes from my human will, it won’t help the children, because all human will is not good to hear, and so it’s in the Holy Spirit that I speak to you, it’s in his love, in the profoundness of his Being, because he wants our 'self' inside us to die.

If he does this with me, he does this with every one of you.

He’s in the process of transforming us, you know.

And since he’s love, he showers every one of us with graces.

We have to say yes every day, this is why I take these words from within him, that I pronounce them in front of you so that his love, his tenderness, his gentleness, which cover us, can flow.

We’re all going to go forward together towards a place of love.

You know, this place of love, it’s inside us, it’s the very Heart of God, and he’s the only one who will take us there.

He’s making us discover one another.  We are all brothers and sisters, you know. 

Since 2001, I’ve been going from city to city in Quebec these past months, and I’m discovering the love in my heart.

This love, Jesus lets me feel it and he says that this love, it’s each one of you who are in him.

This is why I feel this, we’re all joined together; whether it’s in Chicoutimi, Montreal, Longueuil, whether it’s here in Saint Georges de Beauce, there are no boundaries for God: we’re all in his Heart.

It doesn’t matter where he sends us because wherever we are, that’s where God wants us to be.

We’re all together, it’s one same movement of love.

You remember when we were young and we would pass in front of a house, we used to say, “Ah! There are people living there! They must be doing the same things as us: they probably eat breakfast, they probably sleep, they probably do things too. Isn’t it funny that they do the same things that we do?”

Well! At this very moment, those very same people: we’re carrying them inside us, they’re hearing what God has to say to them.

We don’t realize this; it’s a movement of love in God, it’s God’s action, it’s the Word of God.

If we don’t see, this doesn’t mean that God isn’t active, God is active.

So, he does the same thing for our children, this is God’s action.

We must trust in him.

If we manage to trust in God, this is how we’re going to learn to love our brothers and our sisters.

You know, he says to us: “Love your brothers and your sisters.” “Yes, Jesus!”

If your neighbour tells you that he wants to take part of your land without your permission, you won’t let him get away with it, right? And if a person we don’t know says they speak in the Lord when they’ve taken the words of another as if they were his own, well, we feel cheated, right? And then, the anger rises up inside us, our pride is hurt.

We judge those people because we’re hurt; it’s not because we hate them, we don’t even know those people. Even though we carry them inside us, we still feel betrayed: they betrayed our brothers and our sisters, they betrayed us, and this hurts us.

So, we have to give this to God. And God shows us this slowly!

If we manage to surrender our children to him, if we manage to believe that Jesus acts within us on behalf of the Father, it’s that we’re also going to believe that Jesus is in the process of transforming us into children of love who are going to give those children: who spoke to us and whom we don’t know, to Jesus.

We’re going to learn to give them, we’re going to learn to love them: this is loving as God loves us.

He has a lot to teach us, you know, and he’s going to do it slowly, Jesus of love, by giving him our yes and especially by not telling ourselves that giving it once is enough.

This is false, we have to be firmly rooted because when we’re being trampled, well, we have to stand firm!

Because God, it’s from the inside that he’s making us strong, it’s from inside us, that’s where our strength is:

our strength resides in abandonment, by saying, “Yes, Lord!”

We must love ourselves in Jesus by saying:

“Yes, Lord, you, you know what is good for us. We don’t know this, but I know that when I give my yes, you do something inside me. I don’t always see it, Jesus, but I know that you act. Thank you, Jesus of love.

And Jesus of love, I would also like to say to you: You did so much for us today, you let your words flow, you let them emerge from this poor child that you have chosen, because you willed it so, not because I deserved it. This merit resides only in you, there is no one on earth who deserves to hear your word, but you are so Loving that you, you know how to purify us! And Jesus of love, it is through you that I want to say: My brothers and my sisters, God is letting us know that he loves us and that he wants us to tell each other this.

I love you because you are my sisters and my brothers and that I know that at this very moment you accept my I love you.”


Thank you, thank you very much, thank you.