Gathering of Love with God's Action at the Sisters of Charity

In Saint Hyacinthe, Quebec,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus




Jesus: Within each of you, I am in your presence; God has the power to make himself heard within each of you.

Each one of you, my children, carries my presence, I am the Voice that wants to cry out in your deserts: love.

I want to speak to you about love tonight, I want to make you aware of who you are.

Yes, my loves, I know that each of you is expecting, from this instrument of love, a moment in your life that will be filled with God's presence.

I take your presence and make it mine.

I take your life to fill it, my children, with my Life, I am the Life.

There is no need to be surprised by God's action. 

Did I not create what you see all around you? Did I not create everything, my children? Your millennium is undergoing a change – it is love: the love that lives, the love that speaks, the love that teaches you.

You are in the very presence of your God who speaks to you through this child, who has forgotten her human will in her desire to do my Will.

The words she repeats are words that come from my Will, there is no movement within her that comes from her human will; I took everything from within her in order to let you know that you, you are my children.

How I love you! How many among you have said your yes, a complete yes, a yes of love, renouncing your human life? For when one gives oneself to Jesus, when one renounces one’s life as a woman to give herself completely to her spouse, this is a yes, this is a yes for every day! It is I, my spouses, who make you go forward; it is I, my spouses, who make you renounce your lives as women of society.

Through me you learn to give yourselves; through me you have learned to give to others as well.

There have been women before you who sacrificed themselves in the silence of their lives. They prayed, they worked, they offered themselves out of love for me, Jesus.

I am the one who nourished you and who nourished them with my graces.

I, I am the Word, I am the Father's Action.

I have so much love within me that, from age to age, all children move forward towards the voice that shows them that only love is life’s driving force.

I am the Life that brings you joys, that brings you hope in everlasting life.

Every child who hopes to live in happiness must ask me for this happiness.

He must keep within himself this hope that this will come about.

I know each one of you, I know your merits and I also know your weaknesses, your fears.

I know what caused you to become children who want to transform your lives with your human will.

I, who have always been within you, I nourished you with my Life, I nourished you with my graces

so that you could go forward in your lives despite your human will.

Your life, my children, is your choice; it is filled with your yeses or with your no’s; this is what makes up your daily life, this is what makes you go forward.

For every step that you want to take, if you do it in me, Jesus, while giving me your yes: it becomes lighter, it bears graces and as a result your life will be lighter, but if your daily life bears no’s and you wish to do as you please when inside you there is something saying to you, “No, stay with me, or do not do that, or give me that”, but if you refuse to listen to the voice within you, your daily life will be made up of your no: then during your day you are met with heaviness, during your day you are met with fatigue: a weight that seems too heavy for you to bear.

I, I am the Life within you, I am the divine Life, I cannot force you to live in me; this is why, my children, I speak to you.

This is why I come to speak to you about love, about abandonment in the Divine Will.

Renounce your human will to come and live your life in the Divine Will: this will enable you to feel lighter, it is more pleasant, your days will be less heavy, with more hope in life, more happiness in your daily life.

I am the Simplicity.

I speak to you with simple words, my children: you must discover your simplicity within yourselves.

Why seek externally for ways to make your life more pleasant? Everything is within you.

When you discover how easy it is to live in my Will, you discover that life is simpler, it is more pleasant: your daily life becomes love for you and for those who are around you.

Do not complicate your life, let God fill you with his graces of love.

At this moment, I am giving you words that come from me, the Divine Will.

I am Jesus, I am the One who gave himself to you through the consecrated hands of my priests; I gave myself through the Holy Eucharist so that you, you might give yourselves to me.

When you take me within you, it is I who take you; when you receive me, it is I who receive you: you give me your life, I receive your life, you come to die in me, Jesus.

Oh! My beloved, learn to forget yourselves, you, my children, and you, my spouses.

There is no greater happiness than to die in me, Jesus, for I gave myself up for you!

This is reality! I am the Life, I am the Current that never stops pouring its sources of love into you.

Every day is filled with my movements.

I come to speak to each of you, within you, to tell you that I am the Light, that I am the Way, that I am the Voice that guides you throughout your day.

Every day on earth I gave my Word: some of you meditate upon it, some of you contemplate my Word, some of you live on my graces, some of you surrender wanting to forget everything.

Give yourselves, offer yourselves for your sisters who forget to give themselves completely.

I love you, my beloved, I love you, my gentle ones: all is love in God.

He allowed all actions that were not pure to enter into his Body.

He kept those actions within his Body, bearing all in order to purify them.

And you, children of love, you, my sons, you, my daughters, you are children of the Divine Will, you must give yourselves, you must learn to devote your day to your Jesus, having faith that I, I am the Presence who does everything for you.

Every movement becomes a movement in my Body. I am the Body of the Church.

Faith, my children, is an unconditional yes, it is a yes that gives itself without proof, without evidence of the result.

Faith enables one to walk, knowing that I am there, I who take care of you, who take care of your health; and if, at times, your weaknesses lead you to doubting, I, I always stay there, in your presence, to strengthen you with my graces of love.

I am Eternal Life, I am forever. I was, I am, and shall be, for time is the present.

Learn to live in the present, do not be afraid of tomorrow.

What happens this very day, live it in faith in me, Jesus, while keeping your peace, in the certainty that I am close to you, within you, and that you, you fulfill yourselves in my Will.

If your human will doubts that you are in my Will, then do not lose your peace and give to me.

Your gift must be unceasing for I, Jesus, I give myself unceasingly on all the altars of the world: I renew my Passion every fraction of every second.

By taking you within me and offering myself to my Father, I offer your actions.

I cleanse you at every fraction of every second: this is what life is, this is what true life is.

These words are said with simplicity, allow yourselves to be filled with my words of love.

I am not coming to complicate your life, I am coming to speak to you with simple words.

I took this instrument of love; she is made of simplicity.

She did not believe herself worthy; only I was capable of rendering her worthy, for she was a child of sin and I, God, I purified her through my Blood.

Just like you, you are children of sin and I purified you through my Blood.

You are all equal, I do not prefer one over the other, I love you all in the same way.

And you, my spouses, I love you all, you are my chosen ones, I chose all of you.

I do not prefer one over the other.

If one must carry out a task, may the other rejoice over it, and if another finds that her work is not as good as she would like it to be, this is because God knows what is good for the soul: God favours all his chosen ones.

You are all equal, you are all my children.

I am The Love and The Love tells you to give yourselves, to devote yourselves.

Let The Love turn you into children of the Divine Will for it is I who transform you every day.

I am the one who offered my Life to God the Father, taking you within me.

Because I take you, I transform you: all comes from me.

I am the Movement, I am the Word: I am All.

In everything that you do, be abandonment.

The human will has its limits, the human will knows fears, knows doubts, knows refusals; this is why, my children, I come to speak to you.

Times of love are coming.

The time is coming when my children must say their yes to The Love, renouncing hatred, renouncing doubt, fear, uncertainties. Everything that the human will has made you aware of, I, I want to eradicate it from you; I want everything to be eradicated from your being for I want you to be completely love.

Yes, a time of peace is coming when all men and all women of every race, of every language, shall know a time of love, a time of peace.

This is done through yeses, this is done during daily life.

In the Divine Will, there is God's movement, there is no human movement: God encompasses all.

And when a child agrees to come and die in me, Jesus, wanting to live in the Divine Will, he carries within him all his brothers and his sisters of the entire world, and because he gives his yes, all those you carry within you receive graces from the Divine Will.

I force no child to change in spite of himself.

The graces they receive through you, the children of the Divine Will, are within them up to the moment when they will decide to say their yes to The Love.

They will benefit from the graces they are receiving at this very moment, for when one agrees to come hear The Love speak: The Love fulfills, The Love envelops, The Love transforms.

You, you are chosen children.

If some of you came to please another: you are receiving, for pleasure comes from love.

Wanting to please another is good, it is a movement from me, it is I who nourish all that is good within you,

I am the Goodness, I am the Gentleness: this is a movement of the Divine Will.

How many movements the child carries out believing he is not mine! He believes that I do not envelop him in my action.

I will show him that all he has done and that was good came from me, from The Love.

Every child who lives by carrying out good deeds lives in me, Jesus: he must become aware of his place; this is why I speak.

I speak and you hear what is within you: I speak in your hearts.

You are able to hear my voice externally through this instrument.

You carry my Word within you, you carry the Life within you.

I am the Life.

You are alive because I keep you alive and those who refuse to give themselves, those who refuse to do good deeds, I, Jesus of Love, I stay within them, and when they will see me, they will see all they refused from me.

I am the Present.

I am the Divine Will and it is from my Father that I have my Will, and it is from me that you have the Divine Will within you.

You must become aware of this.

You must live this reality so that you yourselves may say your daily yeses in me, Jesus, very simply with simplicity, and your day will go on in Jesus.

My children of love, I am with each one of you: in love.

I give the floor over to my priests so they can bring graces of love down upon you.

Amen, my children.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Lord Jesus, you are giving me my turn to speak. It is with humility, with what I am, that I testify to what Jesus has done for me in my life.

Every day Jesus transforms me, and I am witness to this.

I am witness to it because he talks to me every day, he tells me what to do, he tells me where to go.

Jesus, he's always present and he takes care of me.

And today, I was hearing Jesus speak, “Ah! Jesus, are you talking to me?”

He says: “No, my daughter, I am speaking to my children, I speak to them.”

He says: “I am making you a witness to what I say to them.”

It’s very simple, what Jesus does isn’t complicated!

Us, we have a tendency to complicate our lives, to tell ourselves “I said so before you did, I was thinking the same thing!” In the first place, it was impossible that Jesus could talk because Jesus was only in the Host; I knew that Jesus used to speak, that he had already spoken on earth to the apostles, that he had manifested himself to saints, but exactly how was this done? I wasn’t too, too sure about how this happened!

Just like you, I had also heard about Saint Bernadette, about the children of Fatima, but to say from all this that Jesus was still speaking, that was a whole other story! When he began, I wasn’t all that surprised because you know, it was then, in 1998, that I heard about people who were receiving messages, and to me, this was so beautiful!

Much more beautiful and much more surprising, however, was when I too heard someone speaking.

At first, you think it’s in your head, that it’s you, but what was surprising was that I was seeing things; I would hear things and then I would see things that were happening in front of me, like on television.

But, you know, last night I said, “Jesus, I miss those moments so much!”

You know, today, Jesus, he talks to me constantly.

It’s something to see movements in front of your eyes, like on television: you’re there and you see things: “Ah! Jesus, those were good times!”

And I also said, “Ah! Jesus, when you enabled me to know love!” Once, it happened that I began to say God's name on the beads of my rosary, and then, I felt love.

But that love, it was so strong that it hurt at the same time as I was feeling it and then, at the same time, I was joyful.

It’s hard to describe how we can feel love and at the same time feel pain.

And I also felt that love when I said Jesus’ name; I wanted to die and I wanted to never come back and stay there forever.

That’s what Jesus’ love is!

Today, I’m aware of this.

I said, “Jesus, I hear you but give me love, I would like to love you even more and, once again, I would like to taste what you enabled me to taste.” So Jesus, he says, “Love me, love me as you are, you are still too little.”

He says that this could hurt me.

He loves us all like this, Jesus.

He loves us all in this way.

There in no one who is greater than another, there is no one who is smaller than another: we’re all the same.

To discover the love of Jesus is to really discover our place.

When we learn to discover ourselves as we really are: then, we learn more to ask Jesus to turn us into something else: we are happy to be as we are, very little, in our place.

If he wants me to be working in a certain place, well, that’s where I must go.

These days, he's making me go back – that is to say that, before my husband’s death, he and I used to work in construction – not on projects on construction sites but in construction, demolishing and rebuilding for ourselves.

In the end it was really difficult because we had nine apartments, not because we have money – my husband had lost his job – and there was a building being demolished that was condemned by the city, and we saw it as a way to make sure we had something later on, because my husband wasn’t 65 years old yet.

So, when my husband died, I was certain all this was over; I never wanted to go back to working in construction.

But this isn’t what Jesus chose.

He made me go back, way back – what I mean is that I’m now working at the back of the property on which my house is located.

I’m not going back to the past – no, no, I apologize – it’s that behind my house, we’re building for my two daughters, and it was cold where I lived before, eh, Monique? Our feet were always frozen.

And so, we’re in the middle of a huge construction project.

Jesus must have taken me at my word because I said, “Lord, why did you choose me? I'm into manual labour, I don’t know anything about writing French, I don’t know anything about all this. I'm good at holding a hammer, things like that.”

And then, he must have said, “Oh, really?! You want to go back, then go back”, because it’s been a couple of weeks now that he has me working back there.

But I don’t neglect the writings because of all this: we have completed the corrections of book 3.

We thought it was done. The last time, it was in – I'm having trouble with my English – Stanstead, and just before leaving, he said to me, “Get the first 50 pages.” Ah! I said, “Yes.”

And so, we leave with 25 and 25 remain at home, and as we were on our way, he made me redo the punctuation, and that’s why the book isn’t out yet.

It should have been out over a month ago but the Lord redid the punctuation.

When he wants something, he sees to it that it gets done.

I said to him, “Lord, why do you always make me start things over? Why don’t you… can't you tell me this right away?”

He said, “Seven times seven, my daughter.” Then, he said this: “It will be like this until the end.”

So, sometimes… it’s not discouragement, but when I see things and the proof readers say, “Obscure, redundant”, well then, sometimes I start to cry. Oh, yes, sometimes I start to cry! I said, “Lord, why did you choose me, I who don’t know French?” And then he says, “Go back”, and I go back to the writing and he said, “Go to such and such a spot”, and then, I go to that spot, and what was redundant turns into a page.

When I see the corrections, and then I see that he says a redundant or really obscure word: ah! I know something is going to happen: and yes, he adds more!

It’s never over with the Lord.

Because he isn’t doing this for nothing; it’s as if, let’s say: he knows what’s going to happen.

He lives in the present, and so, the book, even if it’s dated – you'll see, there are dates from August 2001 – him, he works in the present.

What happened? It’s that when he dictated all his writings in the beginning and all his strong points are in the books: if he wants to talk about suicide, it had already been written since 2001; if he talks about violence, well, it had already been written. So, to me, all had been done! If you could see how it is! It’s incredible – all the writings in front of me on the screen; it’s full, it’s full! But he always adds more, always, it’s never over.

It’s as if he wanted to open himself up at every second to fulfill us.

If there is one child, only one, who needs to hear something, he will add it: he knows it, he knows who will read his books.

Jesus, he knows everything.

Nothing is done randomly.

With Jesus of love, every movement is prepared for us.

He's preparing us to enter into something new: to enter into Jesus.

Entering into Jesus isn’t new: to us it is! Yes, it’s new because children who have learned to die in Jesus are rare.

And yet, he told us this; he taught us this in the Gospel.

But who makes the effort to read the Gospel every day, to meditate and to take the deeds of the day and relate them to what is written in the Gospel? Those people are rare! In the first place, we don’t understand it, we don’t understand the Gospel, and yet it’s written with love, with simplicity!

But we, with our human will, we haven’t learned to be simple.

One day, I was in a restaurant having breakfast with my children; there was a couple and Jesus said, “Look, they are my children, I love them. If they would only learn to be simple, they would discover how good it is to give oneself!” Since Jesus lives in us, Jesus was making me feel the emptiness that was there.

We must be simple!

Everything resides in simplicity, there's nothing complicated in life.

With what we are, we must learn to discover: life, true life, working every day, getting up in the morning.

It’s true that sometimes we don’t feel like smiling after we’ve slept badly, but we must accept this as well and say, “Jesus, I give this to you, take care of me.”

It’s not always that simple, but I know that Jesus will do it, that he will take care of us and if we encounter difficulties, we must have faith.

Yesterday I didn’t think I would be here today. My grandson lives in my home, he's six months old, he caught a cold, he has a runny nose… My daughter caught his cold, my son-in-law, who lives with us, also caught the cold; so, I said, “Lord, you have to protect me because I have to go to a gathering of love!” And then, he said, “Be at peace”, and I was at peace.

And yesterday, I couldn’t swallow anymore, my tonsils were swollen, my ears hurt; if I breathed, it hurt so much! And I woke up during the night, I couldn’t swallow anymore, so I said, “Lord, this belongs to you.”

And this morning when I woke up, I had nothing, poof, nothing! I was afraid to swallow, I swallowed, oops, it didn’t hurt anymore! But my goodness, what a difference!

But I knew that Jesus was going to do something.

If I had still been in pain, well, that would have been because Jesus had willed it, it would have been as he desired.

I am talking to you about this because this has happened often in my life, and well, in my life… since 2001 Jesus has been taking away my pain.

My daughter said, “Of course, we know you, mom!” And then, that night, she woke up – she was burning up, she couldn’t walk and she too had a fever – and she did what I usually do: surrender.

I had told her before she went to bed but that was when she said, “Mom, for you it’s not the same!” Then she did it, and this morning, she woke up and she felt really good. That’s faith! Yesterday, she said, “I took your book 2, mom” – well, not “mine”, it’s Jesus’ book – and she opened it at random; it was about faith, and she was laughing every once in a while because she said, “My goodness, what he's saying… that’s how I used to be regarding doubt. I said, ‘Yes, Lord, it’s true that I'm like that, so I give you everything’ – and then, I no longer doubted, and today I feel really, really good, mom, and that’s what the good Lord is all about!”

It’s true that this is the way Jesus works.

It’s certain that in a way, it’s not easy to have faith.

I have often asked, “What does it mean to have faith, Jesus?” But this, I asked this before I knew he was going to answer me, because this was before.

When people talk to us about faith, we ask ourselves what is faith? When we hear about saints who had faith: “Oh well, they have faith! Us, we don’t have faith, but them, they have it!” because we don’t know how to have faith, it’s not something we learn.

Faith comes from God.

I can shout “I want to have faith! I have faith!” however much I like. No, faith is… let’s ask for faith and then let it be, and accept ourselves as we are.

If I ask Jesus, “Jesus, heal me. If you want me to go talk tomorrow, you have to heal me because now, I can't say a single word. I give you everything, Jesus”, afterwards, what happens doesn’t matter; he knows this, and faith, it’s as simple as that: it’s to remain at peace because as soon as we begin to worry: that’s when we lose our peace, and we are no longer joyful, we begin doubting and when doubt arrives, well, there are worries: we’re afraid.

We must not be afraid!

What happens to us doesn’t matter, God knows what is good for us.

He, he knows when something good will happen to us.

We’re always afraid of death, you know!

This is our greatest fear, I think.

As soon as we get sick, especially in the year 2000, we say to ourselves, “Ah! Do I have cancer?!”

Because we know that it’s an illness that is almost incurable; and so, we think of that right away.

If we think of cancer, this means that we’re afraid of death, but we mustn’t be afraid!

Do you think that our death will be delayed because we’re afraid?

No, because God knows the moment when we must leave because our life on earth will simply be over: life on earth, not our divine life.

What we have to accomplish is over: we had a certain amount of time to do it, some much less time, others much more, we don’t know.

In the Gospel, it says, “Prepare yourselves, fill your lamps with oil, be prepared”, and it also says, “Remain in me, come die in me.” Well, he's already preparing us to live eternity now, on earth.

He, Jesus, he doesn’t want us to wait for earthly death in order to live in Jesus; he wants this to happen before, just like that, when the moment arrives:

what joy, what joy to be going to meet Jesus, to go see the Father!

But when we live with our human will, this is more difficult.

We become attached to everything we have acquired: first of all to ourselves.

We saw ourselves grow up, we took care to clothe ourselves, to comb our hair, we looked after our health, feeding ourselves, and so we became attached to ourselves: to our body. Even if we see that we’re getting older, that we have grey hair, white hair, even if we have a few creases, a few lines: we learn to love them, to accept them: okay, yes, we accept them! Well, can you see that we become attached?

We become attached to our body, we don’t want to leave it.

But when we live in the Divine Will, we learn to become attached to divine life, to the soul. Now this is beautiful! “Yes, dear Lord.” Once, I was very sad – well, sad, it wasn’t great sadness but I was sad nevertheless! I lost my husband and I miss his body, I miss his voice – then, he said, “Shut your eyes.” I shut my eyes and then, I saw: I was sitting above a mountain, close to my husband, my back was facing me, and then, I was seeing God's creation; I was seeing all of creation and what I felt, the joy I felt, it was so huge! I said, “Oh, my goodness, am I ever eager for this moment, I can't wait!” Oh! It’s not because I'm depressed that I'm telling you this, I'm not depressed, but I know that there's eternal love, that there's eternal life with the people we love.

This is the life that is waiting for us!

But in the meantime, we have to live on earth and Jesus is giving us something: love.

He’s teaching us how to love ourselves.

He’s teaching us to love our body – this, this comes from Jesus! – in moderation, not with the human will because the human will becomes too attached to what is physical.

We run the risk of giving ourselves too much: of what we don’t need – clothes that are beyond our means, or quite useless, or hairstyles that we want to change or update all the time, or food that is too rich for us.

God teaches us to love ourselves by telling us, “Yes, you need to clothe yourself”, and so he offers us the means to do it, with moderation.

In order to get our hair done, as well, he enables us to discover what is beautiful, what is simple; with makeup too, for those who like this. Jesus, he doesn’t condemn anything but, on the other hand, he knows how to give us no more than what is necessary to us. And slowly he will teach us how to give up the things to which we have become attached.

This, this is what Jesus of love is all about!

Jesus wants us to live our life on earth in simplicity.

He wants us to live our days fully.

Going to work while saying, “Jesus, you’re the one who’s working”, is much simpler when we give it to him, believe me; I do it every day, and he helps us throughout the day! Oh! It’s not easy sometimes when we work with people who aren’t like us, who don’t practice either: they’re God's children, let’s not forget this, they’re God's chosen ones.

Because sometimes when I'm working and the person next to me isn’t in a good mood, and she has just made a comment, it isn’t easy! Well, Jesus, he gives me graces to accept this, and when it’s too hard, well, I ask him, “Jesus, give me the grace to endure this”, and he does it: this is every day, this is our daily life!

We have to give everything to Jesus, we have to do everything in Jesus.

What is easy, we have to give him thanks for it.

What is hard, we also have to thank him for it.

Who knows if, perhaps, this isn’t our purification? Who knows if, because of this, souls aren’t being saved? We don’t know this, he uses us, we mustn’t always look for the easy way out, we must always accept the present.

The young people of today – oh, we’re talking about the very young – we’re young in Jesus, but we’re talking about the youth of today: they need us.

You know, strength comes from the young; what we have to give them is an example.

Young people have to testify, they have something to give to their brothers and to their sisters who are of the same age.

Because you know, today, the young people who see us are not quite ready to do what we’re doing because we’re old-fashioned, we’re from another generation.

They will rely more on people of their own age, in their twenties, in their thirties: this indicates to them that it is possible because when they look at us, they say, “Ah! That comes with age!” But they, they want more than this: they want us to prove to them that it’s true, and so they want to do this in their own way.

We have to support our young, we have to love them, to trust them.

God is in the process of doing something beautiful inside them; we don’t see this externally, it’s on the inside that things are beginning to change.

We have to support them through our prayers, through our surrender, through our peace.

We must keep our peace, we must also keep our fears to ourselves because we’re afraid for their future.

We ask ourselves, “What will happen? What’s going to happen to them?” Well, we must give this to God because God, he knows what they need.

God knows their strengths; he will use them to help the youth of today.

What we don’t know regarding what Jesus will do tomorrow: we must accept it, we must say yes to Jesus, we must keep our faith, we must not become discouraged, peace will come! Oh! This isn’t utopia, it’s true! If Jesus came on the Cross to shed his Blood over us, over us all, then this is a reality; so, why doubt that peace will come into the world?

We must not doubt this!

The moment he has chosen, this does not concern us either.

We must be in a movement of confidence, a movement of peace.

We must remain in Jesus and do as he asks, do what he tells us every day: “Give.”

This is what he tells us, I hear him; he says “give”, and so I give to him, I give him my life.

He takes it and he does with it as he pleases, and I also give him the lives of my brothers and of my sisters, and I know he takes care of them.

This testimony did not come from me, it came from the Holy Spirit.

Every word is nourished by the Divine Will.

He wants you to hear these words from a human.

I really didn’t know what I was supposed to say because, believe me, when it’s – is it Friday today? On Wednesday, I was still outside, putting up siding– all week painting, plastering, sanding, all those things – you don’t have time to think about what you’re going to say, and when you have a cold, you don’t have time to think of what you’re going to say.

Everything comes from God, everything comes from the Holy Spirit.

What you have just heard was willed by the Divine Will.

I benefited as much as you from this teaching of love.

It’s wonderful, you know, to be in Jesus!

And this is what he wants from each of us: in Jesus, in him, in love.

To allow oneself to be guided by the Divine Will is something that is very simple and very feasible! If he did it with me, he's capable of doing it with everybody.

I thank you very much.

I especially thank the Holy Spirit, I thank Jesus, and I give thanks to God the Father because these words come from them: “Beloved, beloved, we adore you.”

My sisters and my brothers in Jesus, thank you very much.

May love be part of your daily life.

I thank you.