Gathering of Love With God’s Action in Saint-Janvier of Mirabel (Quebec)

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus




Jesus : Everything you will hear is willed by God : everything is God’s action. I am the beloved Word of the Father.

This child is my chosen one for this time of grace;

you, my children, are all my chosen ones :

you are children of the Light for your brothers and for your sisters, they who have forgotten who they were.

My children of love, this time is for you, it will teach you to discover yourselves as you are.

You will learn to love yourselves, to discover how much God loves you!

Little loved ones, when your Father chose each one among you to come into this world,

he made use of all his love so that you, you might be completely his :

you come from him and it is towards him that he wants you to go :

You are his children.

Through The Love you came into this world;

he breathed his Life into Adam and his Life is in each one of you : you are all his beloved.

Through the disobedience, I, his beloved Son, I came into this world to take on everything you had done against his love, and I carried it unto death because my love for my Father is indefinable.

There is not a word known to you, my children, to describe my love for my Father :

it is so powerful, so steadfast, so immense that our love created the Holy Spirit.

Can you conceive that you have part of this love inside yourselves?

You have God’s love : this love inside you is so powerful.

You came into this world unaware of this treasure.

This world has forgotten that it is love

and, long before you, other children, as well, have made their journey without profiting from this love;

but I, almighty God, saw to it that you did not forget this love that is inside you.

I incited children to give themselves, to forget themselves, to offer themselves,

by transforming them into giving beings, as I, I gave myself.

I carried them within myself and showed them how great my love for each one of you was.

Those children had but one goal : to give everything to Jesus of Love

in order to solely desire to carry out his Will for each one of you.

My children of love, this instrument is one among many other children of love;

they are all witnesses of the presence of God within themselves.

and you, my beloved, you are in them :

through me, they carry you all.

I give graces to these children so that you, you might profit from these graces of love, from these graces of abandonment so that you, as well, might abandon yourselves to your God, not in your way, but in my way :

        by being nothing but love,

        by discovering The Love who lives within you,

        knowing that you are children who were made to love and to be loved.

I want to make you discover the true value of your life on earth :

you are of God, you were created only to love and to be loved.

Your sufferings, your illnesses, your fears, your doubts, your anxieties, your uncertainties : all this is the cause of evil;

evil flows quickly into you, my children.

You are all my beloved and it is through me that you will discover

that you are beings of love, children of God : my Father.

The people of this world can try as hard as they can to find the recipe for happiness :

they can search and search, but they will only find it if they go within : to that place where I, I am.

It is through an abandonment in God that these children of this world will discover the recipe for true happiness :

that happiness that will be eternal.

I am not a God for a day : I am Eternal God.

There is no error within me : there is no falsehood.

When we learn to discover that God is tenderness, gentleness, kindness, mercy :

we let ourselves go in his love, without worrying, without asking ourselves questions.

Listen to your heart :

at this moment, it hears God speaking to it.

Your soul receives graces of love :

allow yourselves to be nourished.

Only I can do this, no human can produce this peace inside you.

Everything is nothing but gentleness within me :

I gave my Life for you,

I allowed my Precious Blood to be shed in order to save you from eternal death :

all is willed by my Father.

My yes has been in his yes : he caused a loving yes to burst forth.

This yes was pronounced by a child who was chosen since all eternity, even before my coming into this world.

This pure Child is a child of the earth, beautiful amongst the beautiful;

there is nothing greater, more beautiful than her yes, which was pronounced by Mary, my Mother;

she is your earthly model because of her yes to The Love.

My children of love, go and draw her graces from her.

There is so much flavour and there are so many delights in my Mother’s yes!

The Son of God came to dwell in her womb, he brought his divine yes to this world :

she bore the divine yes within her.

How great is my Mother’s fiat!

Go towards my Mother, you will see that your abandonment will be easier.

She does not cease interceding on your behalf, she knows all of you, she carried all of you within her.

At the moment of that loving yes, I entered into her through Holy Spirit.

I was carrying all of you and my Mother carried all of you.

She is the Blessed One in whom God placed all his blessings.

Blessed is the Virgin Mary! She is your Mother.

It is for you that I am speaking, to make you discover the treasure that is my Mother.

Try as you might to search everywhere, you will find nothing similar : everything within her is perfect.

I dwelled within perfection on earth and it is only in my Mother that I found it.

I, Jesus of Love, I dwell within you, I am in each one of you;

I have not found perfection as I found it in my Mother :

it is so immense your Mother’s love.

This time is preparing you for the coming of her Son in glory within you.

I am coming to inhabit the hearts of all the children of the earth;

I am not coming to tell you that it is the end of the world,

I am coming to tell you that a time of love is coming for you : when evil will disappear from your hearts.

        For you, there will no longer be illness, fear, anxiety, worry;

        there will be joy, there will be love, there will be sharing;

        my children will learn to give each other love;

        married couples will be united to form but one,

        children will discover the warmth of the home, the gentleness, the love,

        my children of the earth will give each other love,

        there will be no more violence :

        my children, you will know peace on earth.

I am not coming to announce a utopia to you, I am the Truth, everything within me is nothing but Purity.

I give evidence, through this instrument of love, that everything is from us, the Trinity.

Any word uttered by humans of their own will bears no graces : my word is truth.

I proclaimed in my Gospel that you will know my Father’s Kingdom;

remember that I taught my apostles the "Our Father";

you, my cherished children, you recite it each day : “Thy Kingdom come on earth” :

my children of love, a reign of peace and of joy is coming and you will know love.

It is through a renunciation of your human will that this will be accomplished.

When Adam and Eve were in Paradise,

they knew joys, they saw my delights for them,

but they disobeyed God;

they wanted to become like little gods by wanting to know what is good and what is evil;

by not giving everything in God : they bestowed a right upon themselves.

My loves, I am preparing your hearts for a great request :

I will ask all the children of the earth if they want to live in the Divine Will by pronouncing their yes to The Love :

each one of them will have to choose.

This time you are living, it is to prepare you for this request.

By going to my Mother, you obtain graces, graces of love, graces of abandonment.

She is the one who leads you by the hand towards her Son;

I, I will transform you into children of love.

Through my graces, you will learn to abandon yourselves,

to discover the true value of your life on earth.

When we learn to discover how much The Love loves us :

we learn to discover that God wants us to love ourselves :

and when we love ourselves :

we also learn to discover our brothers and our sisters with our love,

by loving them as they are, by praying for them, by abandoning them to God.

It is your yeses to The Love that will help these children pronounce their yes to The Love.

All is in the accomplishment of my Father’s work.

When he pronounced his yes, the Son pronounced his yes and, from that moment on, the preparation for love began.

It began before you were on earth;

all has been in the Divine Will :

it is a movement of love.

God is Love, he cannot stop himself from giving for he is completely love,

and you, my children, you cannot stop yourselves either from asking for love, for you are his loves :

you were made to live in a world in which there will be only love.

Look at your lives :

        You suffer,

        you experience illnesses,

        your character has developed so many weaknesses of which you are unaware;

        you react to words coming from your neighbour :

        they awaken unknown emotions within you.

I who know you better than you know yourselves, I am coming, through instruments of love, to instruct you regarding your inner behaviour. You are aware of your exterior! Who among you does not realize :

that he is angry,

that he is sad, envious, lazy, greedy, miserly?

Oh! my children of love, each one among you knows it when he or she does something wrong.

I am coming, through my writings, to reveal your interior to you.

I know your life better than you do,

it began from the moment of the sin of disobedience :

you carry within you all children because I am within you.


No, my children, without me you could not be alive.

It is the life that is within you that keeps you alive.

Your soul is life : it comes from God, it is divine.

Your body was given to you so that you could journey on earth : it is nothing but matter;

it is your soul that is life :

it is your soul that receives nourishment from God and that gives your body what it needs to live as a child of God.

See how little nourishment your soul has!

It is you who have the choice of coming towards me, Jesus.

You are free children, God created you free, and it is in this freedom that I want you to live for eternity, in love.

These teachings were given to you by the apostles, by my disciples, by my chosen ones :

they are no more than reminders.

But, you see, your world needs light, it lives in darkness,

and it is because of this that I have this child write, this child who has given herself completely out of love for you.

She has begged me to come inhabit hearts,

she has cried out to my Father, she had pain inside herself.

It is we, the Trinity, who gave her love and this love : it was you.

Her journey on earth has been prepared by us,

for we knew her yeses before she uttered them,

and we know all your yeses.

You are children who were chosen for your brothers and for your sisters.

These volumes are lights. It is necessary to partake of them : it is a manna which comes from Heaven.

I nourished my people in the desert for, without God, they could not have lived all those years in that arid place without food, without water,

and you, my children, you live without love, without graces!

This is manna for you, this is manna for your children, for your brothers and for your sisters :

all has been willed by us, the Trinity, for this world without us will die, and I, Jesus of Love, I want you all.

Look at me upon the Cross!

Each movement is an abandonment.

I was carrying all of you, you were all in me.

I presented myself to my Father in that abandonment, giving you testimony of the very love of the Son for his Father.

You have all been in this abandonment : this movement of love is in us, the Trinity.

It is up to you, now, you alone to enter into this complete abandonment.

It is I alone who will see to it that you will allow yourselves to be transformed :

through my graces of love, my graces of power, of strength.

You will discover that your brothers and your sisters are love because I am in them, I live in them.

Not a single word from you that is not loving will show you that you are love inside you.

When you will be in my movement of love, slowly, I will show you how to love, how to love yourselves, how to love your neighbour,

and, when, my children, you will speak against your neighbour, there will be something within you that will awaken.

You will become aware of your words and, through my graces, you will go to my priest to ask for forgiveness from Jesus, from me, I who am in that priest,

and your interior will receive graces of sanctification, your soul will receive graces of love.

You will have a thirst for my love and you will come to mass to discover your love for your God,

you will abandon yourselves knowing that it is Jesus who is giving himself to you during the Eucharist,

and through the hands of my holy son : you are going to receive The Love.

These are movements which were prepared for you and, when you will be in this movement of love, transformations will take place :

you will go forward, my children, in God’s action and no longer in your action.

Slowly, you will give me your human will joyfully because you will discover peace;

you will see your brothers and your sisters with love and no longer with your human will;

you will see my priest, my son of predilection, with my eyes, for they have been chosen to nourish you with my graces.

Do you know that my Mother has a special love for her sons, for she knows they represent her Son on earth

among you;

she is by his side at the moment he says the mass :

my Mother is close to all her sons.

Become aware of this movement of love and carry them in your hearts : it is I, Jesus, who is asking this of you.

Children of love, receive, through my chosen son, my blessing.

Amen, my children.


Abbot Claude Charron : May almighty God bless you, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


All : Amen!