Gathering of Love With God's Action in Saint Joseph, New Brunswick,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus

2007-09-14 – Part 2


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: What we did earlier was like going over what we already knew in order to understand what is to come.

What the Holy Spirit does for us is a movement, a movement that always brings us back to what we are: he keeps us in our present.

Our present is part of what we are, we must live our purification.

What is living our purification? Why live our purification? Because we’re called to become perfect; we’re called to be children of God as we were before Adam and Eve.

This is what God wants for us; he wants to purify all our bad thoughts, all we have consented to listen to and that wasn’t for us, but that became lodged within us.

All this, you know, is a constant reminder from the Lord in order to tell us, “Courage, my children,” because what God is in the process of doing with you, he's doing it for all those you carry within you.

You must begin with yourselves so that your children might continue what has already begun.

What we’re doing, we’re doing it out of love for those we love; our children benefit from this and he wants this to continue, and it will continue.

Remember that in the messages… there were messages that said: “There are those who will experience great suffering; there are those who will live in the New Earth; others will not live in the New Earth, they will leave before.”

What does this mean? Does this mean that there are those who will die during the movement of purification? Yes; why? Because their time will be up; God will call them to a world without suffering, to a world of love, to an eternal world.

But what they will have lived on earth will be graces for them; this will bring them joys that those in Heaven have not experienced.

Let’s understand what we have just heard: before the movement of Purification, children died – some of our brothers, some of our sisters, some in our family; they hadn't given their thoughts that were making them suffer and that had been the cause of suffering of the children around them. They passed away; they came before their judgement, their life was replayed before their eyes, they asked forgiveness; there were even some who were in a state of grace.

And so, those who asked forgiveness went to Purgatory; they had to go to Purgatory in order to redeem themselves, to purify what had been harmful to their soul, to their spiritual life. Once this is over, God the Father calls them to go to Heaven, to his Kingdom.

Others left with a pure soul; they went to Confession. They were ready, sincere, and God welcomed them, but their flesh, their flesh remained here on earth in a state of rest.

Everything their flesh experienced because of their thoughts, everything they heard, everything they saw, said, all they did and felt, the flesh, it suffered because of it; it had always been subjected to sin.

They would go to Confession and they would confess a lie – they didn’t want to return to that lie, but they did; why? Because hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of years ago, there was a lie that led to other lies, and this multiplied from year to year.

And the flesh that carried that suffering in its flesh, brought children into the world and this multiplied; but the flesh has always been subjected to sin – always, always, always.

Those who have died, they are in the consequences of this; their soul isn't, but their flesh is in that consequence, and among other consequences, and among other consequences as well, and will be so up until the moment the flesh will be resurrected. Then, there will be that judgement carried out by God: “the goats on the left, the lambs on the right, the good and the bad.” And this is what we were taught.

But we who accept to be purified: “I give you my thoughts that make me suffer, I give you the cause, the choices and the consequences, I give you all those I carry within myself, as well, who have these same thoughts.” Now our flesh is in a movement of purification.

When a person, that same person, dies an hour later, then that person has given a movement: this means that the thought that was making him suffer, he gave it to Jesus and therefore, his flesh was purified of that thought. Ah! There are thousands of others but that thought, it was purified.

When he died, it was no longer within him, it was no longer in his flesh; so, if he goes to Purgatory, he goes to Purgatory to purify all that caused pain to his soul. And once he's in Heaven, he's joyful, and in addition to being joyful to be in the Kingdom, that thought becomes for him an eternal movement of loving thanksgiving towards God, his Redeemer: you see, all this is for one thought.

When we hear these teachings and we give constantly, “I give you my thoughts: cause, choices and consequences; oh, I give you this word that just came out: cause, choices and consequences; I give you all those that are in me,” this is constant, constant; this never stops, never stops.

So, imagine the moment when God the Father, he comes to call that child; he hasn’t stopped giving for five years: cause, choices and consequences of all his thoughts, words, anything he might have heard; he consented to live this out of love for Jesus, enveloped in the very presence of Mary.

When he comes before God and God says to him, “Come, my child,” the joy he receives and will live for eternity is incalculable because that movement of purification was accomplished; but if there's a tiny little bit left, a tiny little bit, he will then have to continue at the time of the resurrection of his flesh, but this will be done with love, and God will speak to us about this another time.

What we must understand is that we must follow the movement of purification, which has already begun.

Purification has begun for all children on earth; this is what we’re living at this moment: nothing has been lost.

Me, in the very beginning, I wanted to live on the earth of love with my husband; I could see myself walking hand in hand with him. I wanted to live this but God decided otherwise: he came to take my husband and I did as God asked me to do.

I underwent my purification, and I'm still undergoing it; this is the Will of God, it isn't ours. But what has been won has been won – it can't be erased; no movement is ever lost; we must remain hopeful.

If God still wants us to be on earth to live in his earth of love, completely purified, it will be his Will and not mine.

If in one month, he decides to call me, I will go to him because that’s where he wants me to be, and I know that it’s for my greater joy, and for those I love on earth, that is what is important.

It’s true that there are those who leave the earth through great suffering, tremendous suffering; they don’t want to leave their husband or wife, nor their children; they still have the impression: “No, it isn't my time yet.” But illness takes them, and then, they present themselves. They live the consequence of this world because God was meant to call us without our having experienced suffering and illness, but because of man’s selfishness, because of his choices before sin, man experiences illness, woman experiences suffering, children die, and they are very young.

It isn't God who wants this – it is our choices before temptation, sin, and we’re living the consequences of this, but God gives us graces, God gives us love.

We must allow ourselves to dive into his Precious Blood; prayer – we must pray, we must pray with love.

We have neglected the rosary, but we’re going back to the rosary.

The Mother of God is in the process of showing us to love reciting the rosary; it’s our only means to remain standing before Satan's attacks.

He’ll do anything, Satan, to prevent us from continuing our purification: he will attack us.

When he’ll be incapable of attacking us – because the more we go forward in our purification, the more we give our thoughts: the cause, choices and consequences of one thought or another, the more we stop bearing judgement: the cause, choices and consequences, the more we maintain ourselves in God's strength - then as he has difficulty reaching us, he will turn to your children, your grandchildren – he won't let it go.

How are you going to help your grandchildren? Prayer.

Prayer; hang on to your rosary. Prayer, faith and hope are so important, so important! You must do it.

He's going to do whatever he can to discourage you from praying. He’ll put people around you who will ridicule you, “You believe in that?” He won't stop, he will use anything. His plans against us have already been conceived; he will continue.

We received an invocation this week after I had been attacked many times; he uses people around us to try to stop God's work.

But this week, a great movement rose up in me and I did what he was telling me to do. This is what he said, “O Divine Will, may all powers unite to thwart the forces of evil.”

This led to the little Chaplet of Obedience, and then we received another little chaplet.

First, through Sister Faustine, we received the Chaplet to the Divine Mercy: what power in this chaplet; it must be recited with love.

But, above all, the rosary cannot be replaced: the rosary, when we say it, crushes Satan's head; this must be said.

The Chaplet to the Divine Mercy: the power of the Precious Blood of Jesus, the one that shows us that we’re children of God in God's faith, drowned in his Blood; that Heart that beats for us, that Heart that never stops pouring into our hearts graces, graces of mercy for us.

We must, above all, learn to forgive ourselves, for when we learn to forgive ourselves, it’s easier to forgive our neighbour. Try to forgive your neighbour when you don’t forgive yourselves for your mistakes: this won't last, you will suffer.

Mercy is a movement of love that teaches us to open our heart in the same way Jesus opened his Heart and let his Precious Blood flow over us; so, let’s do the same thing.

When we pray, we allow Jesus to bring his mercy into us, and we learn to look at ourselves, to love ourselves, to forgive ourselves; this is what he does.

This opened a gap in our heart: the chaplet of Purification and then, he came to speak, he came to show us his love.

He spoke to us about the power of allowing the soul to be purified by the sacraments, by following the Ten Commandments of God, by doing what Jesus showed us in his Gospel, his Bible: to live his Life, to place our feet in the footsteps of Christ, to be attentive to the Will of his Father and not to our will, to live his love, to want the best for our flesh, to let it breathe God's air, to let it see through God's eyes, to be attentive to Jesus and to hear The Love, to carry out his movements through its hands, its steps, through anything that is from Jesus: the Eternal Flesh.

The purification leads us to see ourselves as children of God, as loved by God – this is that chaplet: the Chaplet of the Purification.

There is also the call to the Great Purification: we’re children of God, and God loves us.

We must gather all together and desire this purification, want it, and ask the Holy Spirit to fill us with his light and to dive into his light. But we, can we do this? We must ask for it – this is what this chaplet is for: the chaplet that shows us to desire the Great Purification in his Will and not in ours: “May your Will be done.”

There's also the chaplet that follows this: we’re prisoners because of all the events going on around the whole world; there are earthquakes, there's war, there are epidemics, there are traps all around us that prevent us from accomplishing ourselves as God's chosen ones.

Satan, he keeps us in his traps, and we let ourselves be chained.

Now that we accept to allow ourselves to be purified, now that we’re sincere and we want the Great Purification to take place, not only for us but for all children, now we beg God to cut those chains because we acknowledge that we’re sinners, because we know that we’re loved by God and that we leave all the room to him, and that we all want to gather together so he can stop Satan's ploys. And when this is done, the chains fall away, we are more and more free.

But there's always that freedom to choose!

How can we be free with a flesh that despite purification asks itself, “Am I really healing? Have I really been purified?”

So, he came out with another chaplet: the Obedience (Chaplet from the Obedience for the Healing of the Flesh).

A tiny chaplet and it begins with Glory to the Father: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, three Persons in one God, Perfection, The Love, in whom all is nothing but purity, in whom we ourselves must be purity through their power for eternity, and believe in this forever and ever.

And the Eternal Flesh! O Eternal Flesh, Jesus, showed us that he is the Eternal Flesh.

The first flesh that revealed itself to the angels: was it Adam’s? It was the one of Jesus made Man.

Jesus is the Matter, Jesus is the Almightiness; anything that is matter is contained in the perfect matter: Jesus, the Son of God.

Jesus, the Son of God, wasn’t created, he was engendered, but in the Will of God, the Son made Man IS. Therefore, he is willed by God for us, and so he takes all that is matter and he is the Master of it.

And so, we, we who are flesh from matter, in that moment we were in the Eternal Flesh that is Jesus. He carried us all even before we existed; even before anything existed, we were, we were where? In the Flesh, the Eternal Flesh, and so, we owe obedience to the Eternal Flesh.

But how come our flesh isn't obedient to the Eternal Flesh? We receive a word of love from Jesus and then, we’re all happy. One hour later, “Yeah, is that what he really told me? Ah! Maybe that’s not what he said! Be quiet flesh, be obedient, be obedient to the Eternal Flesh.”

And so, Jesus teaches us to obey the Eternal Flesh.

How can you expect to be healed completely? We can't heal completely since we doubt that Jesus has healed us.

And so, you see, Jesus tells us, “Your stomach has been healed.” “Ah! Thank you, Jesus.” One week later, we still have stomach pains: “Ah! Well, I haven’t been healed!” Okay then, let’s make our flesh remain silent, “Be quiet and be obedient to God.” Slowly the pain diminishes, diminishes, diminishes, diminishes, and without realizing it, we’re healed – this, this is what this chaplet is for.

But it isn't only for our personal illnesses… this afternoon, I was saying the chaplet while we were on our way here, and I heard Jesus – so, we stop for a minute, and what is good is that Jesus enables things to rise up in us, and he said, “I am healing proud hearts, the hearts that have suffered because of pride.” You see!

So, I began the chaplet, a little chaplet that includes a Glory Be and that includes three invocations to the Divine Will: “Divine Will, lead us to our full healing.”

“O Eternal Flesh, render our flesh obedient to healing.” Ten times; why? Because our flesh always has a tendency to revert and revert back to what it was; so, you see, the ten means, “This happens often!”

And after three time like this: three invocations, one decade; three invocations, one decade; three times and it ends with thanksgiving: “Divine God, we give you thanks for healing our flesh. Amen.” We say this once – God isn't deaf, he hears us.

This new chaplet comes after all the others. Are there any others? It’s up to him to know that.

Did you know that there's a chaplet that contains all this? The Father's Chaplet.

Who knows the Father's Chaplet?


Audience: I have heard about it… I read about it, but… Me, I say it every day…


The Father's Chaplet contains all the little chaplets that lead us to the great event: the New Earth.

Try to find this chaplet and meditate every octave and you'll see how this chaplet was given to us by God the Father himself to Sister Eugénie, and everything is already there.

It’s wonderful to know that Heaven has prepared everything for us.

Us, what have we seen? We haven’t seen anything; why? Because of our flesh, our flesh that is overly subjected to sin is so dizzy. And so, we’re all dizzy and we don’t see.

When the Holy Spirit says: “Now it is time for you to see,” then there are wonderful things that are revealed to us.

And, if you would like, we will take a little bit of time for questions and answers; you do like questions and answers? Then, we’re going to take the time for this.

So, if somebody would like to begin, I will repeat your questions, but solely for the tape recorder.


Q.  The fourth chaplet, the Obedience, is it going to be written down? I remembered it after saying it just a few times, but now, I don’t know it anymore: as soon as it’s over, I forget it.


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: We received it last week and it has already begun circulating in Québec, so you will be able to get it.

There are even people who, and one person in particular, who have started making chaplets, and the little prayer is included with the chaplet; this is something you can have.  

There's a little cross that shows us that it’s God who’s telling us what to ask for: to enter within yourselves and you will see that there are things that will rise to the surface. After, the first bead of the chaplet is the Glory Be, followed by three beads; then, there are ten beads; after that, there are three, ten, three, ten, and then we go back to the Glory Be, and then we do the last part.

And it’s very simple, it isn't long.


Q.  Could you speak to us a little about Confession, if you wish… if it really heals, or if there's something in it that we seek out for our needs, or do we just go because…?


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The sacrament of Confession is a movement of love; it’s a movement that comes to get us; it’s a movement that shows us to love ourselves.

The one who doesn’t go to Confession, the one who doesn’t tell his sins at the foot of the Cross doesn’t love himself.


Q.  He doesn’t love himself!


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The one who doesn’t go to Confession and who doesn’t tell his sins to a priest, who doesn’t go to the Cross, cannot say that he loves himself – he doesn’t love himself. He lives with his suffering, he consents to let himself suffer.

Who can take away our suffering, who can comfort us, who can rock us, who can sing us songs, who can see to it that we are tiny little children before God the Father? The Son, the Son who listens to his Father's child.

Because when we go to Confession, Jesus, from the top of his Cross, he watches, he watches his child and he says: “I love you; look, my Blood is flowing over you at this very moment, it is cleansing you.

I am cleansing you with my Precious Blood, I am cleansing you with my Water of love: look at how beautiful you are, look at how you become more valuable to yourself.

I know my Blood, I know my Water, I know the value of my love, of my Father's love for you.

Do you know these things? Are you aware of my Father's love for you, which wants his Son's Blood to flow over you, that he cleanses you so you can be all pure for Him?”

This is Confession – it’s a movement that leads us to the foot of the Cross.

No child who goes to Confession doesn’t find himself before Jesus at the foot of the Cross: this is the movement of love, this is the movement of purification, the movement of healing, the movement of light – this is a path.

The sacrament of Penance is a path that leads us to eternal Life, to The Love.

How can we understand this movement? It was necessary for Jesus to carry his Cross, to carry our sins; it was necessary for Jesus to walk on this earth, that he allow stones to enter his bruised flesh, that his Blood flow over those stones.

Every stone is one of the ones we threw at ourselves; we have thrown stones at ourselves. When we throw stones, it hurts, it can lead to death. And so, when we go see Jesus, then we heal, he removes one of our stones, we give it to him, and he spreads a balm of love, he makes us strong; we come out of Confession, we’re all lit up, we feel light, we feel good.

Oh! It’s true that we’ll fall again, but Jesus, he's there to help us return to Confession.

Yes, Confession is so important, it’s so beautiful!

Me, through what I'm living, the Lord sends me often to Confession, and wherever he sends me to Confession, well, it’s… “Yes, Spirit.” The Holy Spirit tells me what I have to say and believe me, he doesn’t forget a thing, not a thing; sometimes, it’s so difficult, but how great it is!

When I leave there, there's a strength in me – I can't explain it – and I abandon myself.

Without Confession, I wouldn’t be able to be here; it’s through Confession that I have the strength, it’s through Communion that I receive abandonment; I have to go offer myself in order to receive abandonment: this is for each one of us.

The priest, what flavour, what strength, what power! The priest, through the sacrament of the Orders, enters into the ministry of his priesthood like a movement of love; he opens Heaven up for us; this man who suffers must live his purification linked to us.

He must live what we’re living because he's a child of God, because he's a priest and we’re priests as well, because we’re God's chosen ones, a chosen people, he's part of this people.

But if he, he was chosen to become someone who must die in order to enable us to live, he must do it, but Satan does all he can to destroy him.

He cannot touch the priest, the priest is untouchable, but not his human will. Oh, are they ever harassed! Our duty is to pray for the child that he is, the fragile child.

We will be asked, we who are the chosen ones, what we have done for the fragile little being, because that fragile little being, we need him like we need our brother, our sister, but he, he's being attacked.

Imagine how many souls he nourishes through his sacrament of the Orders, and Satan doesn’t want this.

He has done all he can to destroy Jesus; he incited the executioners to beat Jesus in an unimaginable way; he has done the same thing with all priests.

Can you see that we must pray Mary? She, she sustains us.

Mother Mary, she explained this in a gathering we had in western Canada with the Polish people, translated into Polish.

Ah, afterwards, what things we learned! The power of the priest is extraordinary, but how they have been attacked by Satan!

Confession, Confession cannot occur unless there's a priest.

Can you see why they’re attacked? He doesn’t want us to find ourselves at the foot of the Cross, that we allow Jesus to pour his Precious Blood over us and cleanse us with his Water of love; he doesn’t want this, Satan.

And so, our rosary, now that’s powerful! Alleluia.


Q.  Earlier when you explained: Jesus comes for the soul or the soul rises and the flesh stays on earth… someone who is being cremated, is this bad or what? The flesh, it stays on earth; how can you explain this so we can better understand what happens if the body is burned, cremated?


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: In the very beginning, man was created and when he died, he would return to the earth.

There came a time when men burned flesh in order to make an offering of flesh.

God will tell you a story: “One day, some children were taking a walk. They looked at the sky and the sky was so enraged! There were clouds of all colours: red, orange, violet, purple, scarlet.

They were coming from the east; they were crashing into each other; they could hear thunder, there was lightening; everything seemed to be raging out of control and those children watched the sky. They didn’t want to believe what they were seeing, but it was all there in front of them.

They were frightened, they didn’t know where to throw themselves for wherever they went, that sky and that noise was always above them. The sky was enraged, the sky wanted to attack them.

Then, they heard, they heard a voice: ‘You do not deserve to live, you do not deserve to be before my face, I will destroy you.’

The children who were hearing this began to tremble and not only were they frightened by all they were seeing, but they were panic-stricken by all they had just heard; they hid themselves with their faces on the ground, they wanted to disappear, they were crying out: ‘No, no!’

And those children said, ‘We don’t want this, tell us what to do, we will do anything to please you.’ Then, they had a movement in their hearts: to reproduce all this for those who were the cause of what they were seeing and hearing.

And so, they took some beings and they wanted to offer that god those children who were disobedient, disobedient regarding what they wanted, regarding what they were asking them to do.

They believed they knew the truth, they believed they knew what was good for them, but whatever they obtained did not satisfy them. So, they said, ‘Since they do not do what we ask, they are evil beings, and they do not deserve that we give them a sacred tomb.’

Those children died, and because they died, they therefore had to come to know their punishment: they deserved what they were, so they burned those impure bodies.

They caused what they were seeing to disappear, and this led to the means of making undesirable bodies disappear.

When the human being enters into his fragile state, when the human being enters into his fear, when the human being is incapable of understanding, when the human being lets himself be influenced by everything in front of him as if it were something stronger than him, he is ready to do anything to make the cause of the pain disappear.

My children of love, man has often lived in his fears, man has often lived in his imagination.

This is how they offered evil what they believed was evil, in order to bring about the disappearance of their fears, their qualms.

Today, men and women have spent many, many, many years following laws.

There have been laws that led men to burn bodies, there have been laws that led men to respect the body by giving it a loving burial.

God created man with earth and man, in his love, wanted to return to the earth what had emerged from the earth; today, we lose all this.

We give man a choice and because man has his own convictions, we respect that; we give birth to needs, and those needs are there in front of men.

Today, we want to cremate bodies, other do not want this; they want to bury their dead in the ground and to leave to God what is God's without forcing the work that belongs to God.

Nothing belongs to man; everything is God's – even the destruction of the flesh belongs to God and does not belong to man.

We claim to make the flesh disappear by fire so that there is no contamination, but where does this contamination come from if not from sin? Consequence of all that is evil, consequence of all that brings fear, consequence that leads man to listen to his desires, and very often, his desires are to destroy, to punish. If it is not because of this, he claims to want to protect others – is it not fear that brings all this? Man has brought on his own suffering.

The Church today accepts this but deep down, it has its own convictions: that God is the only Master of all that is his and he has the right to take back what is his. ‘You are dust and to dust you shall return. I will give you back your life, I shall return all movement to your life and you will become flesh once again.’

Nothing will stop God; no wind will be able to break unity apart.

Little children of love, pray, pray so that the Will of God may be in the hearts of all children of men, and thus, man shall be before the child of God.”


Q.  When Jesus told you in the book that hell exists, and that he couldn’t make it disappear, that it was God the Father who had created hell?


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: When God saw his disloyal angels, in that moment, hell was the place where they chose to go.

The light cannot dwell with darkness, pride cannot dwell with love.

This is why the fallen angels disappeared from the Face of God.

God loves his angels, they’re his creation; do you think that God hated the angels he had created? Do you think that God didn’t look at his angels who were refusing to adore the Son of God? He loved them and he loves them, but they refused, they refused the Light, they refused to bow down before the Beauty; they became what they wanted to become: fallen angels – ugliness, hatred, destruction.

They are spirits, and they are in eternal death because they refused to adore Eternal Life.


Q.  I want to know what hell is. Does it exist on earth or what is hell, Heaven, Purgatory, hell? It’s hard to understand.


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: What God does for his children, he does it with love; he guides his children, he leads them to where they will be well.

If some of them have been chosen for hell to be shown to them, this is because God willed it so they could bear witness that it exists.

Where hell is… God's children don’t need to know this.

Would this enable us to grow? This would only nourish curiosity and any curiosity leads us to want other things; let’s leave to God what is God's.

Those places are places where God's children have chosen to go themselves: no one goes to hell unless it is the person himself who so desires, just like the fallen angels.

Purgatory is the same; it’s a place of suffering where they choose to go out of love.

Entrust God with the task of giving you the nourishment you need in the present.


We’re going to stop now. Thank you.