Gathering of Love With God's Action in Saint Joseph, New Brunswick,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus




The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: He gives us light through our friends, through objects that are around us as well.

How can we recognize that those objects come from God? How can we recognize that what he gives us is really from God? It’s when we realize that they are graces for us.

To recognize that the objects around us are graces is to abandon oneself in God's hands: “Lord, show me that what is around me comes from you; show me that this bears graces; without graces, I will die;” because being without graces is being without Jesus.

Yesterday, we did the Way of the Cross and we know that in our lives we all have a cross to bear; if we bear our cross, and we bear it without Jesus, then we suffer, there's no peace in our life, there's no joy in our life; but if we bear our cross with Jesus, then we find only peace, only joy.

It isn't any different for the objects around us, it isn't any different for what we do in our life.

If we read a book – that book is an object – if the book is willed by Heaven, it bears graces but if that book doesn’t come from God, there is no grace. So, the book brings us suffering, the book brings us unhappiness in our life.

If the Holy Spirit speaks about objects that are in our life and that they are without grace, that’s because we have used objects that weren't objects meant for us; they bore the mark of indifference, of suffering, of manipulation, of lies, of deception.

All this has entered our life without our wanting it to.


Audience:  People are asking to turn down the sound.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Please turn it down a little, there's an echo. What we use in our life must please those we love.

If we use objects that aren’t good for us, they won't be good for our neighbour either, and our neighbour is our husband or our wife, our children, our brothers and our sisters at home, those who are part of our parish, diocese, or of our world, or of another religion; they’re our brothers and our sisters.

So, we must have in our hands what is from God, and what is from God bears graces, and what isn't from God doesn’t bear graces.

Today, we have objects in our hands that come from man; objects that are from man are objects full of pride; they’re objects that bear power, the power of pride and pride is none other than Satan.

We no longer want to hear about Satan, we no longer want to hear about what would make us suffer.

It’s painful, eh, to know that in our life we have objects in our hands that are against us? “How come I let myself get caught in that trap? How come I have objects in my own house that are harmful to me and I saw nothing?” This, this is part of what the Holy Spirit wants to show us.

We only have to stop and look at what we have in our cupboards.

What do we have in our cupboards? We have everything we need to feed ourselves, we have everything we need to clothe ourselves, we have everything we need to keep ourselves in shape, we have everything we need to be educated, we have everything we need to keep ourselves in good health: physical health, moral health, and to have a healthy heart.

But how come all this makes us unhappy today? How come we have everything we need at home and we see our children suffer, we see illness everywhere around us? And this is always increasing.

Yes, we attribute cancer to what we breathe, drink, eat and hear. We say that it’s pollution; yes, it’s pollution but this pollution comes from men.

How come men want power, want money to the detriment of their own air since they breathe the same air as we do, since they hear the same sounds as we do, since their food is the same as ours? This is because they’re blind, they’re deaf, they don’t understand anymore, they’re all confused, they live in complete and utter confusion.

Today, we have leaders and those leaders are children of God as we, we are children of God, and yet, they don’t make the right decisions.

How come they don’t make the right decisions? Who put all this in their minds? Why don’t they think that we need love? Today, anything that is love is taken away and is replaced with material things; we are given everything we need for our health, for our well-being.

This is because they’re incapable of understanding that there must have been a starting point for them to reach where they are now; they don’t see where their life, their thoughts, their gazes began to change. Their hearts became hard, they have hearts of stone: they no longer have love, they’re indifferent to our own children, they’re indifferent to their own lives, they have a blindfold over their eyes, and this has spread everywhere.

You will say, but there have always been leaders who have caused suffering; we had Hitler, we had Napoleon and in the past, we had the Philistines since Goliath fought against David.

All this has always existed, but those being were beings who weren't the majority; today, they’re the majority; today, it has spread everywhere.


Change of microphone: Okay, it’s okay now, but it goes up and down.


Normande: Maybe we could use that microphone… what if Francine used that microphone?


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The sound comes and goes, so we’re going to use a different microphone.


Gilmert: Put it closer to the front, like this.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Closer to the front! Can you hear me now? Here, like this?


Normande: No, not quite.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: You can't hear? Do you want it like this, here? Ah! Now that’s better, eh?


Normande: Yes, like that.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yes! Ah, thank you! Is it okay now? Thank you.

So, you see, in the very beginning, we used a microphone and that microphone was emitting sounds and then it would stop, it would emit sounds and then it would stop. All this was filling up the hall and then it would leave the hall empty of sound; it was creating an interaction between what we wanted and what we were incapable of controlling.

We weren't able to control this; we were at the mercy of a microphone. We switched microphones and now, we have adapted this microphone so everyone can hear.

Well, inside us, there was a movement. On the outside, there was the same movement – all that was external was becoming something internal for us, and when we could hear and we were letting this enter us, and then, the sound would disappear.

But the sound was there, externally; when it was entering (us), we couldn’t hear much. And so, to continue, we were even more attentive on the outside and the more attentive we were on the outside, the more this was entering inside us; and the more this entered inside us, the more silence was required, and we were even more attentive on the outside.

This is what happened in the lives of men; they were made to hear needs externally, and when this entered them, it transformed the person.

Others have carried out this same movement, and the more it entered, the more it came into contact with us. So, the person who was receiving all this began changing, and when he began changing, those he carried inside himself, God's children, they were subjected to the consequences.

There was sort of interaction between what was external and what entered, and with God's children who are in that person.

With the years, this increased. Now, there wasn’t just one person, there were two; it was like an infection – it was multiplying.

There came a time when the exterior began to dominate. On the inside, we were no longer before God, we were outside before all they were making us hear. Everything we were seeing externally was taking on importance, so much so that this enveloped the earth; it became a movement on the surface of the earth.

You see, one single external thing that isn't love and that we allow to enter us, carves out its own little path and then, it multiplies; others, on the outside, listen to what the other is listening to – this enters and it multiplies.

We have heard about, about energy; we have heard about healing through energy; we have heard that there were plants that had power and that could heal; we have heard about power that came from an object, for example; and this led to knowledge.

This, man has known this long before us: centuries, and centuries, and centuries, and centuries before us.

Before, God's children who heard about all this would move away from those people because they knew those people weren't in God; those people were called witches, wizards.

There came a time when they wanted to burn those witches, those wizards; there came a time when man was so afraid that he became mixed up between what was from God and what wasn’t from God: they were confused.

Today, there are many objects around us that have power; there are many methods that have power and we encourage this, we develop this; we’re no longer able to see what is good for us and what is bad for us: we’re confused.

A few centuries ago, the danger was that they wanted to get rid of all this by burning or even imprisoning in order to get rid of those people who were using these things.

They were mixed up because there were those among them who were from God; we need only think of Joan of Arc – she was burned because they believed that she had power, that she was a witch.

Today, we don’t do this anymore, we have free will, so much so that we open doors to these people.

There's no difference between those who perform Raiki, those who read the horoscope, and those who devote themselves to all these methods from that time.

Today, they sell stones and they say, “they heal”. Well, if they had said this in the time of Joan of Arc, they would have burned those people at the stake because they were saying, “There's only God who has the power to heal and not these stones, these stones that distort the thoughts of God's children, who believe in this power rather than believe in the Will of God.”

It’s God who says, “I, I want to heal that child because he will bring graces to his brothers and to his sisters.”

They weren't burned because people didn’t want them to heal; they were burned because they were distorting the minds of God's children: this is why they burned. This is why they didn’t want this to spread everywhere, because they wanted to keep the Spirit of God, they believed in the Doctrine of the Church: “I believe in one God.”

I know that God is good and I know that God will heal us; if he doesn’t heal us, that’s because we must carry our cross in order to help our brothers and our sisters – they need us.

They prayed, there were miracles. Do you remember the Curé d’Ars – didn’t he heal through the Will of God? And he's only one among thousands, and thousands, and thousands, and thousands of saints; all those saints were receiving from God the grace of abandonment so that God could go through them to heal God's children.

How come today we don’t believe in this anymore? How is it that we don’t believe anymore that there are people, willed by God, who are instruments so that God can heal? Not stones, not metals, not the energy in the air – this is false.

We live in total confusion.

God's children are letting themselves fall into traps and they use knowledge, and that knowledge comes from people who have taken that knowledge from someone who had known power.

Where does that power come from? From God? If we refer back to our past, we will realize that this deception, these lies, these disguises, aren’t from today for these are Satan’s ruses.

They disguise the Will of God; they say, “Well, it’s the Will of God; God put energy inside the human being so he could use that energy to heal God's children.” Lies!

The child of God received only one thing, one single thing: the yes. “Yes, I am a child of God; yes, I know God loves me; yes, I know that God exists; yes, I believe”: the yes, the yes that is in us, nourished by the yes of the Son, because the yes of the Son does the Will of God, the yes of the Son does what God wants for us.

Nothing can come from us other than a yes for our brothers and our sisters.

When we want to help our brother, when we want to help our sister, we do it by saying yes: we become prayer.

Yes, I will pray; I will pray but who am I to pray? Jesus, he takes my prayer; Jesus, he prays; Mother takes my prayer because she is in the Son and she is the Child of the Divine Will, and we, we consent to being prayer, in prayer, in Jesus, in the Trinity.

This is a source of strength, of power for us – it’s in us. We received life and life belongs to God; strength is from God, power is from God.

God gave us all we needed to remain alive, to be healthy, but because of all that was external that bore no grace, and that entered us, we, we became sick. And it’s with this that we want to take care of ourselves, it’s with this external power from energy that we want to take care of ourselves!

Anything that is external isn't in us in order to serve us as we, we would like it to, when we want it to. This develops pride: which is what we want.

Who puts the thought in our mind that we want to help our neighbour if it isn't because Jesus gave us teachings: “Love your neighbour as I love you, love your enemy as I love you”? Everything that is love comes from God.

Nothing belongs to us, and to say, “I can heal you,” is a lie.

No one can heal us except God alone, for life is from God, it doesn’t come from my brother, it doesn’t come from my sister; they can do nothing for me except give their yes to pray for me. Then the graces they obtain for themselves help me; this is the only thing they can do for me, nothing else: prayer.

Today, we even learn to not pray; today, we learn to not turn to Jesus; today, we learn to not do the Will of God the Father; today, we learn to reject what is from the Church; today, we learn to judge; today, we learn to be selfish; today, we learn to develop our 'self': me, myself and I.

The Spirit of God, he said, “Me, myself, and I, am drowning, am dying”: I am suffocating, I am becoming blind, I am becoming deaf, I am becoming paralysed, I am preventing myself from living, I am poisoning myself, I am killing myself. Now this, this is what New Age is all about, this is what witchcraft is all about.

New Age is witchcraft, it’s Satan who’s using God's children and is transforming them so they can be his instrument, and we do it without wanting to.

Do you think that our brothers and our sisters who use Reiki and say, “I’ll heal you, I’ll show you how to use energy,” know this?

Those who have written books on autosuggestion, they wrote those books to help; how come they have that power to want to help? They’re so bewildered! If they stopped and asked for the help of Mary and of Jesus, they would see, they would see that they can't be God.

There's only one God and it’s our God of love, the One who gave us all we needed to live; God didn’t take this away from us, it’s all inside us.

Satan has managed to make external sounds and letting them enter us, thus creating a void inside us so as to bring us more sounds, then letting these enter us, and creating another void. 

But what entered us made some room; it had to lodge itself somewhere. And as it was lodging itself somewhere, something else had to go to make room for it, and so, it was necessary to shake the person up to make him give up his faith, his abandonment, his trust, his love, the gift of himself: to want to die for those we love – all that God had given us since Adam and Eve, since Adam and Eve: Satan was getting rid of it.

When Adam and Eve were disobedient, they lost the Divine Will; the Divine Will withdrew from them, and they brought out their human will; what had entered them was the knowledge of good and evil.

So, it was necessary for them to make decisions, but God is love, God the Father was continuing to instruct them; he was giving them all they needed to cultivate the earth.

He was showing them that a seed could be drawn from a particular plant to then be planted in the earth; he was showing them how to do this. He was showing them how to cultivate the earth; he was showing them how to use everything around them to facilitate their work, for they had to work the earth, they needed materials to shelter themselves; they needed everything and so, God was teaching them.

The clothing they had, well, it was God who showed them; he was showing them how, how to use plants; he was showing them everything; everything came from God; he was showing them how to eat.

When Adam and Eve left, they didn’t possess all this knowledge: God was teaching them, he was taking care of them, he was fulfilling them.

All this knowledge, do you think that it disappeared from us? It’s in God's children.

But Satan, Satan, he, he wants us to trust in what comes from man: the external, because he has placed certain men in his power to deceive man; all this was done by Cain’s lineage.

When Cain killed his brother – remember, it’s in the Old Testament? – he received a mark on his forehead. God said, “You cannot live here, you will be chased far from my Face, but no one will harm you,” because Cain was afraid, he was afraid of what he could encounter.

And so, there was other life apart from the lineage of Adam and Eve; there was life on earth, there was power and Cain didn’t want any of this, he wanted to be protected by God. So Cain left far away with his lineage; but Cain, he didn’t leave alone. Remember that Adam and Eve lived for almost 1,000 years; they didn’t live 70 years, 80 years. They came from perfection and therefore, what they had left behind was still in their flesh.

And their flesh was more perfect than ours, so they lived much longer; as they lived longer, they multiplied; Adam and Eve didn’t have only one child, two children, three children.

The children multiplied through their children; they had children amongst themselves, why? Because their blood was purer than ours; they didn’t have evil in their flesh, they were perfect before the sin and after the sin, there was only the sin of the disobedience within them; they praised God, they adored God, they made offerings to God.

On the other hand, didn’t Cain offer his works to the Creator? Didn’t Abel offer his works, his love to God? God would take all this, he welcomed all that was from his children; and so, those children who were before God, who were faithful to God, they respected everything God was giving them, teaching them.

And God's children multiplied and Cain’s descendants were numerous; so, Cain left with his lineage and when they were far away, they became distanced from God.

Cain continued speaking about God, but the mistake he had made, the blood he had shed upon the earth, had given birth to a terrible suffering within the earth: the earth had tasted blood that came from the Will of God.

Let’s understand that when Cain killed his brother, the earth, it was the first time that it was tasting blood, for the earth is life and the earth is obedient to God: the earth had just become aware that this was not the Will of God, that this was disloyalty to God.

Since the earth is obedient only to God, it became hard towards man, and man had to work the earth harder; woman would still give birth in pain: she had to ask for graces to be able to give birth with God's graces.

When the descendants left far away, they became a tribe amongst themselves. But there were beings around them, there were beings that were possessed by demons: the fallen angels were now demons.

Demons don’t have the power to create; man, for that matter, doesn’t have the power to create – he creates his works with what was created by God.

And so then the demons possessed animals that were from God's creation; they didn’t create animals, they possessed what had already been created by God.

And so, from the beginning when they were chased far from the Face of God, what they did was possess animals. The animals mated amongst themselves not respecting their species because they were possessed by demons. This caused their genes to change: they mutated.

The animals allowed themselves to fall under Satan's power; with the passing of time, they were transformed, so much so that they looked almost human. This, this is the power of disloyalty: to not respect God's creation – and all this was present.

And they were watching Cain’s descendants, and they observed them, they learned; they imitated, they imitated human gestures, they were learning: amongst themselves, they imitated their manners with the aim of drawing closer to them.

But they didn’t approach the men right away – they turned to the women. They seduced the women and the women let themselves be seduced. And as they seduced the women, the women, they learned, they learned to manipulate man, to seduce man. Man let himself be seduced, so much so that he too let himself be seduced to turn to animals and commit evil acts.

Men and women possessed by Satan were bringing children of evil into the world, and all this resulted in those children allowing Satan to instruct them.

There was a being who had been instructed by Satan in a more particular way than the others, and this child mingled with the Noah’s descendants.

Then, when the flood came, God's children still had evil among them: a child of evil and that child of evil was allowing Satan to instruct him. He was showing him power, power over others, for Satan was telling him that he would not be forgotten, that he would be remembered in Heaven; from age to age, all he was learning would be related so that it could be multiplied from age to age, and this is what happened.

Today, we live with knowledge that comes from Satan, and that knowledge comes from those beings who accepted to frolic with the possessed, and this produced impure children, children who hated all that was from the Light, all that was from The Love; they wanted only one thing: to be able to be gods.

What, then, is the difference with today? Today, there are children who love power, who want to dominate others, who want to be above all others; there are some among us.

But God says, “Be careful, my children, do not judge your brothers and your sisters; do not try to find out who those children are; you do not have the right to judge God's Creation.”

We’re all God's children and Jesus came on earth to bear all evil and bring it unto death, to eternal death.

We don’t have the right to say: “Ah! That’s a child of the no, that’s a child of the yes.” We must be very little, we must do as God tells us in his Gospel: “Love your neighbour as I love you; love your enemy, pray for him.”

So, we must pray for all those who use those methods, we must give them to God; we must be prudent towards ourselves and not accept this in our lives even if, among our children, there are some who have objects that aren’t from God: false gods.

The Lord spoke to us about Buddha, the Lord spoke to us about elves, about fairies; the Lord spoke to us about stones; the Lord spoke to us about wizards, about witchcraft – all this, did you know that our own children, sometimes have this in their homes? What do we do with this?

God says, “Keep your peace, pray over this, be a child of God; do not remain fearful over what tomorrow will bring to your child – you are opening a door to Satan within yourself.”

Fear is something that is like the thunder outside and when it enters you, it makes a dull sound; we don’t know what’s happening inside us – it’s there, it lodges itself there and we don’t know what to do with it. We seek comfort externally, we seek externally for anything to calm our fears, and we let this enter us: this is nourishment that nourishes our fear.

Only God can give us peace and it’s from the inside that we’ll obtain peace; we must pray, we must give this to Jesus.

This is what power is and we have it inside us. We mustn’t say, “But it’s everywhere, it’s all around us in order to keep us sick and in error.” No, God's grace is around us.

It has been said, “Wherever evil abounds, grace abounds that much more.” It is in this that we must have faith, we mustn’t panic, we must go on praying as the Mother of God asks us to.

Yes, the more we pray, the more we have the impression that we’re being attacked by Satan; this is true. Satan attacks us twice as much to make us fall to the ground; he doesn’t want us to pray anymore; he’ll do anything to prevent us from praying.

He will even attack our own children, but if we keep our peace, then our children will see and understand, and they’ll have much more faith in us, we who are peaceful, than in those who tell them, “Well, don’t listen to that; you’re not going to let yourself be influenced too? Look at that – religion isn't good anymore, let it go.”

You see, they’ll recognize, they’ll recognize that their words are words of fear, they’re words that show a lack confidence in themselves.

If we keep our peace, they’ll trust us because we’ll tell them words of love; we won't force them to give up their idols, we won't force our children to no longer practice witchcraft, because these are the words they don’t want to hear. We mustn’t be afraid to say these words, but to them we mustn’t use or say “witchcraft” – they’re going to practice witchcraft on us; they’re not ready to become what we are.

It was necessary to have teachings from Jesus, it was necessary to have prayers, it was necessary for people to say, “Yes, we want the purification; yes, we want all our children to allow themselves to be purified; yes, we want to live in the purification by accepting our cross so we can give it to Jesus and take up our children’s crosses.” This is what God wants for us; he teaches us, the Lord.

What we’ve just heard is what is in our heart.

We form but one heart and that heart beats in the Church, and we hear what the Holy Spirit puts in our heart: that is his power.

This, this is powerful, it heals, it liberates; we allow ourselves to be liberated, we allow ourselves to be healed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

And now, we’ll take about ten minutes, with your permission, to stretch our legs a little, and we’ll continue afterwards. Thank you.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: So, if you wish, we’ll take a little time for questions and answers.

You will ask the questions, and I will repeat them, and in the Holy Spirit – we will leave all the room to him – there will be answers.


Q.  When we go to Communion, can we offer our Communion for those who are dead?


A.  Jesus: The Spirit of God is in each one of you, the Spirit of God gives you the grace, my children, to understand the value of the Eucharist.

The Eucharist is the Sublime of my Sacrifice; it gives nourishment, it gives all children the joy of living in Christ.

I am the one who is giving myself, I am the one who takes you, I am the one who gives you life; I give birth within you to the need to give yourselves, the need to take the entire being that you are and to live love.

When I give you my Life, I spread my Life throughout you, I spread my joy throughout you; the need to give yourselves, my children, does not come from you, but comes from me; the need to offer yourselves out of love, my children, comes from me.

When you receive me at Communion, I receive you at Communion, and then, I take you, and within you, I give you all that is best.

And you, my children, who want to give yourselves for souls, as if those souls were receiving my Body and my Blood, you are in loving communication with all souls in Purgatory, you are giving your presence to all those you love, and those in Heaven share this with you: they are in me.

I, I am The Love, I am the Way, I am the Life, I am all that you are, my children.

When you come to take my Flesh, when you come to take my Blood, you are no longer yourselves, you are me; I am the one who takes those you love and I give myself to them: I give you love.

Yes, my beloved, when you receive Communion, you can receive Communion for those you love, but I keep you for myself; I cover you with my light, you become light to such an extent that you become God's beauty.

One day, I will show you your splendour within the Splendour.

I love you.


Q.  What is the difference between going to mass on Saturday night and going on Sunday, the seventh day?


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Many people are incapable of going to mass on Sunday because they work; they would like to go to mass so the Church wished to offer them that moment.

And so, the mass that is for Sunday is said on Saturday for them, and in this way, they can go to the same mass as those who go on Sunday; this means that the readings for Sunday are the same on Saturday night.

But God will ask you, “Do you love your God with all your soul, with all your mind, with all your heart, with all your strength? Do you want to give him your life? Do you want to give him your time? Is that not what it means to give your life – to give your time? Take the time to come on Sunday: ‘You shall keep the Sabbath day to serve God devoutly.’”

Love, love unconditionally; bring with you those who cannot come on Sunday; remain at peace and do not give your opinion of those who are absent on Sunday; carry them in your heart, pray over this.

Today, the modern world makes adjustments; today, God's children make adjustments.

Those who are madly in love with Jesus, those who love with all their soul, with all their strength, with all their mind, with all their heart, walk miles, and miles, and miles to come to mass on Sunday.

The Spirit of God is upon you, my children.

Be good to yourselves, be good to my children.

I love you.


Q.  I would like to know, yesterday when we spoke about Confession… if we have to go to Confession often to remain faithful.


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Mother Mary, in certain places where she appears, says, “Once a month.”

My Confessor says, “Come as soon as you feel the need.”

When we feel the need to go to Confession, go to Confession; if we don’t feel the need to go to Confession, at least go to Confession at Easter and at Christmas.

But if you want to receive Jesus with your soul all beautiful, all pure, if you want to keep yourselves healthy physically, morally, and keep a healthy heart, then go once a month.

You know, Confession is healing, it’s strength.

There are depressed people who, after going to Confession regularly, recovered their health; others had cancer and recovered their health, and this comes from testimonials from priests.

You see, when we go see a priest, we don’t go see the man, we go see Jesus, and Jesus, he does miracles, he heals, liberates, at every Confession.

The priests are getting older, there are so few of them; so, let’s also be children who see what’s going on around us.

If we go see the priest every two, three days, every week, when we haven’t done anything wrong, tell yourselves that others need them too: spread your Confessions out.

And Jesus will say, “Do not wait too long.”

Thank you.


Q.  General Confession, when we’re all together… is that what it’s called? General Confession – I would like to know more about this. You know, you humiliate yourself in front of a priest because there are such things you could have done!


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Our Holy Father, the Pope, sent documents to all Bishops telling them that individual Confession is always appropriate in regular times; this means when there's no danger to the lives of God's children.

But when there's danger, we’re speaking of the type of danger… for example, if we’re on a boat and the boat is sinking, then the priest can do a general Confession. This is what the Pope has asked.

But beware of judging what’s going on in these times.

In certain places, we see disobedience; but then what is the difference if we judge and we see the disobedience? We’re being disobedient for we don’t have the right to judge, we don’t have the right to crush our neighbour.

And so, let’s love unconditionally; let’s not judge, but pray. It’s prayer that heals as well, it’s prayer that opens hearts and so, have faith, keep this, and stay where God wants us to be.

If there are those who need our silence through God's strength, through the Will of God, this means that this is where God wants us to be: close to them.

Thank you, Lord.


Q.  I would like you to speak a little about the purification of the flesh.


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The purification of the flesh has begun; for me, since 2001, he has been speaking to me about this movement.

The purification of the flesh is part of what we’re living at this very moment.

We’ve been prepared by the Virgin Mary; from the first apparitions, Heaven has been preparing us for a huge conversion; he says that there will be a great gathering.

It’s true that there will be a great gathering where all God's children will know who God is, who the Son of God is; after this, there will never again be any confusion.

It is written in the Bible: “I shall return to speak in hearts, I shall return to change hearts of stone into hearts of flesh; wherever my people shall be, I shall speak to them; wherever they might be, I will speak to them.”

This is what he's doing with us – he's speaking in our hearts. He says that we have a heart hardened by everything we have accepted; this is what he said, “It was necessary for you to touch the bottom of the barrel.”

This is why it’s time.

Man has demeaned himself lower than the animal, and he remained in this internally to the point of destroying himself; he became so proud of himself that he became a god to others and to himself.

When he (Jesus) speaks of man, he's speaking of woman; he's speaking to man and to woman, whatever we are, of all ages.

So, he, he comes to take us to transform us; we’re not the Purifier, that’s Jesus.

And so, he began by writing in his four books about what we were and afterwards, he gathered together little groups such as this one today, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, he comes to speak in hearts.

He's doing what he said in the Bible.

He's coming to show that he's the one who can transform us and that it isn't us; he's showing us how to give him our thoughts, our gazes, our ears, our words, our actions, our feelings.

He's coming to get all this but he respects us, he respects us in our freedom; he doesn’t want to force children to give what they have accepted that is against them – it has to come from us.

He says, “You will live the same journey that I accepted to live out of love for you.” That is to say, to take all that is evil and to give it; this is what Jesus did.

He took all our thoughts, all our movements; he took them as if they were for him and he suffered because of all this, and he brought this unto death.

And the Father, he, he gazed upon his Love and he saw us, he saw that the children he, Jesus, was carrying were pure, filled with light, and then, that light, he returned it to the Son and he was resurrected.

Can you see how powerful this is? But we, we haven’t yet lived our resurrection.

Jesus, he is resurrected; we aren’t because if we were resurrected, how could we have illnesses like cancer, diabetes, arthritis? How come we’re so depressed? We’re confused.

We get confused between what is from God and what is from Satan, what is from power and what is from God's power. We’re completely mixed up, so much so that those who are mistaken are trying to convince us, are trying to say to us, “But, there's nothing wrong with this, we’re made of energy, of power, of light.”

This is because many years, and years, and years, and years ago, man accepted all that was against him so that, today, he isn't able to extricate himself from this on his own; it’s only God who will enlighten those children, only God.

So, the Purification, this is for each one of us.

All the gatherings we’re holding in different places – and this especially since 2002, 2003, and even more so in 2004, 2005 – all gatherings are movements of love that liberate us and heal us.

He speaks to us in our heart, and every time, there's healing, there's liberation; all this is important.

If we come to a gathering like this one and we don’t nourish ourselves by going to other gatherings, it’s like opening a book in the middle and saying, “Okay, well, I know everything that’s written in this book.”

No, we don’t know what’s written in the book because of only one gathering; you’ll forget, you'll say, “Something happened…” but the fact remains that you don’t persevere.

We must continue our purification, we must not leave room for doubt, we must let Jesus himself purify us.

Mother Mary teaches us abandonment, obedience through these gatherings.

It is only Jesus who will do this.

If we want to help our children, we must begin with ourselves; we want to live the purification of our flesh, we want evil to no longer be within us, we don’t want our children to suffer anymore, then we have to begin with ourselves.

They will watch us, they will see the fruits, and they too will be inclined to come back, to want to hear what we heard through the power of God.

This is why we’re gathered here: it’s for all our brothers and our sisters of the world.

Purification won't take place for us individually; it will take place for all God's children collectively: this involves every one of us and everybody else.

And now, we’ll stop here.

And thank you, Lord.