Gathering of Love with God's Action in Saint Liguori, Quebec,

Through his Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus




Jesus: I am with each one of you, God's presence is within you.

Do not doubt me, do not doubt yourselves.

You and I, we are together and it is together, my children, that we will give ourselves.

I gave myself to my Father for the sake of love, give yourselves to my Father in me, for the sake of love.

You must learn that in order to give love it is necessary to be love, and to be love it is necessary to die in Jesus.

To die in Jesus is not to renounce what you are, it is to discover who you are, it is to discover the true worth of your life.

You are children of God, you are God's loved ones.

You must learn to love yourselves, to discover why you are the way you are,

why God loves you like this.

Oh! Children of love, I knew you before you did, before you committed sins, and I continued loving you even knowing who you would become because of sin.

My love has not diminished, I love you just as much.

I want you to learn to love yourselves.

It is understood that I cannot ask you to love that side of you that has made you suffer.

I am speaking to you, my children, of sin; I do not want you to love sin, I want you to learn to discover yourselves through your weakness, I want you to learn to accept yourselves with what you have become because of sin.

It is up to me to correct you, it is up to me to return to you the purity of your being.

When you turn to me, to my priest, to confess your sins, you become, through your yes, a child who is giving his consent to my transforming him.

It is I, the Divine Will, who will turn you into the children that my Father wishes, not you.

I, I am waiting for your consent.

When you come to Confession to tell my priest that you regret an action, a thought, a feeling: you become a child of the yes, you agree to become a child who wants to be taken by God.

God will force no one to become what he does not want to become: a child who wants to be transformed by my graces.

Even if you bore the original sin within you because of your first parents, when you come into this world: you are love.

Through the sacrament of Baptism you enter into my family, God's family: the family of love.

You are children of love.

But because of your human will, you are inclined to commit sins because within you, there is evil, and evil is there due to your human will.

I, Jesus, I, The Love, want to take care of you from your birth and it is through your parents that I want to take care of you. How shall this take place: your protection?

Through prayer, through the gift your parents make from your birth.

Children of love, most of you are adults, most of you are parents: you must pray for your children.

If your children are adults themselves, enter into the Divine Will and pray: pray as if your children were newborns.

And you, the men who are here, and you, the women who are here and who have not brought children into the world, pray in the Divine Will, pray: pray because you carry parents within you, pray for the newborns, for I, the Divine Will, I do not live only in your time for I am the Alpha and the Omega, there is no time within me: pray for the children of The Love.

Children of love, you yourselves shall receive graces of love for within you, you carry parents; they will pray for you, they will pray in the Divine Will because you are in the Divine Will: everything within me is movement, pray for the newborns.

Only God can bring about this movement of love for when you pray in the Divine Will, it is not you who pray, it is I, Jesus.

I bring about this movement out of love for you.

I want to make you discover the true worth of your presence, here, in this world, for your sake.

Listen to these words, they are for each one of you.

ďLittle one, a day of love is on its way just for you.

At this very moment, you are entering my world, you are with me, you are a child of God.

Through the power of my love, you receive love; through God's power, you receive my Father's blessing.

I have you within me, I carry you within me: you are love.

Enter more deeply within me, come, abandon yourself even more, come to where I am: in God you are, you are in my presence.

You are love, you contain all purity within you: everything about you is Godís work.

My Father wants you for himself, he wants you to be his child of love for eternity.

You were chosen by my Father, you are love. The Power is speaking to you, Power covers you.

You are not yet part of this world, for you are in me, you are in the Divine Will: discover God's power.

I am the Alpha and the Omega: you are part of my Being; I am the Life, Eternal Life, and you are in my Life.

Do not doubt what I shall reveal to you: life.

You are, at this very moment, in the presence of your life, your life in me: the Life.

I am Jesus, I am the Son of God.

I have the power to turn you into a perfect being because you are perfect, you are in my image.

Even at the moment when you will be born into the world, you will always be with me, I shall never leave you because you are made from me.

Your entire being shall be made from my Being, for before you come into this world, I, the Son of God, I shall come into this world, and you shall be like me: human. It is my Father's power that wishes me to speak to you within you, in the deepest part of you, which is abandoned to me.

Do not hang onto your human will, do not leave me because of your thoughts, stay with me, there, in the deepest part of yourself, savour this unique moment in your life. You are in the presence of the Divine Will.

You were created from me.

Your body was created from my Father's creation, just like me, who came into this world with a human Body.

I am the Perfection and you are perfection; I want you to never forget these words.

All that you are, as a human, is made from what I, I am made of: Man-God.

Give God a chance to allow you to understand the very power of his power.

All that you are, is made from what I, I am, for before any human was created on earth: I, I was.

When even before this was created: all of creation, my Father was in me and I, I was in my Father.

I, I was Man-God before you, for in the Divine Will, I was.

You see, the human being could not have been created before the Son. The fall of the angel was caused because he saw me and he refused to adore the Man-God.

At this very moment, you are learning that I was, above all, in everything that my Father had created, for I am the beloved Son of the Father and you, you are made of what I am, you were created in my likeness: you have so much power within you! Discover the true worth of your human side.

Let the Divine Will take everything within you.

I was before you, and this is what I want you to be always, even after you come into this world.

Right now, I am speaking to you according to what you are at this moment.Ē

Children of love, you have a treasure inside you!

You have within you God's presence in all his divinity and you also have within you

the presence of God made man.

Abandon yourselves in Jesus, let the Blood of Jesus flow within you, let yourselves be transformed by the graces of the power of the Divine Will.

Children of love, your body is made from God's power: abandon it to God.


All the flesh that you are made of: renounce it and God will take all of it and turn it into what Jesus wants to give you: his Flesh.

Did you not just receive the Body and the Blood? Realize how much God gives himself to you and give yourselves, give yourselves completely.

Develop this abandonment by uttering yeses while not analysing these yeses; be like little babies.

It will be easier for you to understand God's action for when you try to understand with what you have become throughout the years, this is more difficult for you.

Act as a child who allows himself to be picked up, do as he does, lay your head down, relax your muscles! Do not be afraid that you will be dropped!

It is necessary to understand abandonment: it is to let everything go, it is to walk away from everything, it is to let go of fear.

God knows you better than you do, God has seen everything about you, he loves you, he wants to take you as you are.

He wants your yes and he is the one who will turn you into children of the Divine Will.

Understand all the power you have within yourselves.

The present is the moment in which you must abandon yourselves.

What is going to happen in an hour does not belong to you, what happened a few moments ago no longer belongs to you, what is present belongs to God.

And so, do you see that nothing belongs to you? Just give your yes and God will do everything for you.

Be faithful.

I gave everything to my Father.

I saw everything that was going to happen, but in a surge of love for my Father, I said yes to my Father.

And even if my Body was covered in Blood when the angel presented the chalice to me: that Blood was a yes, my children: a loving yes.

I accepted everything, and so you accept as well: accept your future, accept your past as well, my children.

Even if this makes you suffer, even if this will make you suffer, and even if this has made you suffer: carry that yes, it is in this chalice, do not hold it back.

I drank of the bitterness and so, my children, abandon yourselves in me, Jesus, for I know who you are better than you.

Abandon yourselves in me, Jesus.

My children of love, this time is so precious to you!

At each moment you discover how much God my Father has loved you, and if you do not become aware of this externally, give it to me.

I will take charge of making you realize this, one moment at a time, so that you are not crushed by the enormity of this discovery.

You are enveloped by my Father's love, you are in God, you are in me, Jesus.

I want you to be love.

Oh! My children, this time is making you go forward towards my Father's Kingdom, this time is making you go forward towards my Father's reign on earth.

But before entering my Father's Kingdom you must know my Father's reign on earth as in Heaven.

Oh! Children of love, it is grace for you to discover the peace within you, the joy within you.

At this very moment, if this does not seem to you as you thought it was, this requires a yes of abandonment, for your human will cannot perceive the immensity of my Father's love, the human will cannot perceive my Father's action within you and within those you carry.

Leave to God what belongs to God.

I want you to give yourselves.

Children of love, the choice is yours: if you want to live as children of God, you must say yes and give my Father what belongs to my Father.

Children of love, if you are waiting to say your yes, you will continue using your human will while knowing what is on the other side of the medal: everything for yourselves, only for yourselves, while enduring your sufferings alone.

You see, my children, God respects who you are, but the moment in which you say a tiny little yes, then God takes everything you are Ė God, he does not do things halfway.

Even if you, you believe that your little yes does not bring you what you desire,

God, who knows you better than you do, knows the degree of your abandonment.

I am speaking like this because you carry within you children who are hesitant, you carry within you children who are afraid, who have no confidence, who ask themselves if all this is of any use in their present-day lives.

Children of love, I reveal these things to you through this instrument of love because you have already begun to relinquish your human will to God, just like this instrument of love, who has uttered her yes, allows herself to be transformed by us, the Divine Will, at every moment of her life.


She has not yet achieved her full transformation, and you, my children, have not yet achieved your full transformation! It is like this little baby, it is at every moment that he grows, and yet, he does not realize it.

One day, he will look at himself in a mirror and he will say: once, I was a baby.

You see, your transformation is like this.

When you will see me, you who have agreed to be transformed by God, you will say to yourselves: ďI once was in my human will, and today, I am in the Divine Will.Ē

All this will be done through me, through God's power, without a single effort on your part.

What I am asking from you is complete abandonment at every single moment.

A yes, my children, and I do everything. I love you, my beloved.

I want to take your yes from within you at this very moment and present it to my Father, enveloped in my yes.

Beloved, beloved, I love you. Love, love you shall be, through me, in the Divine Will.

Amen, my children of love.


Blessing from Abbot Andrť Chevalier: How wonderful it is, Lord, to be gathered together near you, with you and in you. You once gathered your apostles Peter, John, and James on the mountain when you were transfigured and they were able to see more fully the greatness of the mystery of the Son you gave us. But they who wanted to build their tents so as to stay on the mountain forever, you surprised them by saying no, go back down and return to life, to the world, to the plain, to bear witness. And so, thank you Lord for this meeting on the mountain and now, enable us to go back down in joy, in peace, in serenity. Enable us to find the strength throughout the week to come. Enable us to find the songs of joy to thank and praise you. May almighty God, Father, Son and Spirit, bestow his blessings upon you in abundance, may he give you the joy of his love and mercy: ďin the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.Ē

All: Amen.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Ö graces of love, Lord, to bear witness to his action, he doesnít want me to let my human will to surface.

He says that everything must be enveloped in his power of love, he says that itís the Holy Spirit who will penetrate hearts.

Itís with simple words that he wants to address us, itís with ordinary words, too. 

He's making us discover something wonderful that weíre not used to hearing about.

To go within ourselves, to live these moments of deep intimacy with Jesus,

this is wonderful, you know! I'm doing this with you.

It happens that I do this at home, quite often, but itís private, alone in front of his Holy Face, but now, itís in front of all these people! He reveals himself and he wants us to discover him, but in his own way, not ours.

What he does is done with simplicity, itís done according to what we are.

He doesnít want us to be someone else, he doesnít want us to be anything other than what we are.

You know, what I've just heard, me too, just like you, led me to the discovery of something I didnít know.

You know, when we begin to discover God's greatness in his Divine Will, oh, my God, itís amazing! And, at the same time, itís so deep!

You have to abandon yourself with trust: complete trust!

The words I've just said, theyíre words that were inside me; I heard them, I repeated them.

I couldnít have done otherwise because those words flowed through me like water from a fountain; I couldnít analyze them, I couldnít stop anything, I received, and I spoke.

It was The Love who spoke to us, itís The Love whoís making us discover what he expects of us.

Every day, we live with our little habits; we work with our children, with our phones, with our outings that we plan on making, our studies, with all this, but at the same time we live with God's love.

This doesnít seem real to us! Is is possible to live like this, so close to God?

You know, itís been since 2001 that I have been hearing Jesus inside me, and I can't get used to it, itís too beautiful, itís too wonderful! I just got back from western Canada: twelve days of hearing God talking like this with my brothers and my sisters.

Itís not the same thing when I'm alone: when I'm alone, itís intimate, itís about teachings; itís not exactly the same thing, itís something that really takes hold of me! 

Can you see the difference? When Jesus talks inside me, I let him talk; itís like a voice that is inside me and I donít do anything, I listen to him. But now, right now, when I'm with you, he takes who I am, he uses what I am to talk to you: this is completely different! There's a part of my human will that is involved; when I hear Jesus, there is abandonment, I abandon myself, I listen to him like you listen to a friend, itís as simple as that! Itís as if I were listening to you talk.

But in this case, itís not the same thing; he takes my human will and he uses it to talk to you: this is a commitment, this is a public yes, this is a yes that performs an action, itís an active yes, this isnít the same thing! When I give my yes at home, when I give my yes at every moment, well, itís a yes thatís completely abandoned in Jesus, I let go, just as Iím letting myself go right now; but the fact is that I realize that Iíve just committed myself to what Iím doing, Iíve just committed myself with regards to society, on a human level.

Iíve just realized Ė I knew this before Ė but Iíve just realized it even more deeply, that people can throw tomatoes at me, that they can say to me: ďSheís a liar, sheís crazy, sheís making this stuff up.Ē

But this, this is a yes that brings commitment with it and I believe that he makes me go forward in his Divine Will as he wishes, in his action, like he lived on earth Ė how many things our Jesus of love must have endured!

You know, when we become aware of Jesusí love, itís beautiful: ďAh! Jesus loves us, itís wonderful!Ē

But when we understand his human will, he lived a yes before my little nothing of a yes that I just pronounced at this moment, but his yes was a yes uttered in his humanness: this led him to endure the cross.

What is the most important thing I have discovered? A yes of love, a yes that gave itself to save our lives? But I also discover a yes in Jesus who accepted to be crucified, a yes (in Jesus) who accepted that we ridicule him.

I am, at this moment, standing behind him.

I feel that I am behind Jesus who is talking, just as he spoke to the Pharisees who had created laws.

They were important men, and he offended them out of love for his Father.

Are we prepared to do the same? Are we ready to back up our yes? You know, to say yes to Jesus in the Divine Will is perhaps an easy yes, but a yes pronounced before everybody while facing the consequences:

thatís allowing yourself to be enveloped by the yes of Jesus that he said on earth.

When Jesus asked me to take him in my hands (during a vision), it was his Body that I held in these hands.

He spoke of his Body earlier, of his human side, but he also wants us to give our yes against all odds, despite what they will all think about me and about you as well.

It doesnít mean much, you know, when you say it in front of your children, in front of your friends, but when you say it out there, when it goes further than these walls, then it has consequences! Jesus, his yes bore consequences: it brought him to carry a Cross, our cross, because his Cross was made of our cross.

Jesusí yes even led him to being judged by his friends, by his own apostles who were afraid.

You know, when his apostles fled, Jesus found himself all alone with his yes, he went forward all alone while carrying our human yeses.

The yeses that weíre in the process of giving, he carried them.

At this very moment, weíre entering into the Divine Will, weíre entering into a complete yes: an internal yes and an external yes, and this yes will lead us to enduring the consequences, but we wonít be able to endure them if we donít give them to Jesus, because he carried them before us.

Jesus carried his Cross, our cross.

Jesus allowed himself to be ridiculed because weíre going to be ridiculed due to our yes.

You know, when he said, ďHappy are those who will be ridiculed because of my Name,Ē thatís our yes, too, but: itís a yes that will lead us to eternal life, itís a yes that will get us through the step required to enter his New Earth, itís a yes said in the Divine Will.

To live in the Divine Will is to abandon everything.

Itís to say to our human will: ďI donít want you anymore, I want to live in the Divine Will.Ē

Itís great to do this on the inside but now we have to do this on the outside and this will lead us to movements that will not always be easy for us, because weíre still going to have our human will that eats us up inside and wants to hold us back.

Because before, when I finished talking, all of a sudden I saw the consequence of my yes, just like that! I had just understood that I had to give a yes externally: a total yes.

I gave my total yes on the inside so that he could use me; I didnít even know that by giving my yes I was going to be doing what I am doing right now.

It was easy up until this very moment to give my yes, but when you hear words like the ones weíve just heard, theyíre words of testimony from the Will of the Father, from the Divine Will, against all odds:

against those who remain in their human will.

You know, we have built a society with human will, we have Ė ĎLordí Ė taught our children, we were taught with human will, we have instituted laws with human will and with human will, as well, we want God's laws to be respected, but always with our human will!

But when we discover that God's laws are not like human laws, controversies always crop up. Why? Because we started with what God gave us but we used it with our human will.

So, God is coming into us, he wants to talk to us.

At this moment, he wants us to learn that this time is coming to an end.

A time is coming when God's laws will be respected with his Will of love, with his Divine Will: this, this will be different! As you can see, our yes will have to be solid, and itís God who will make it solid so that we will be able to bear witness to our yes externally.

How is this going to happen? Weíre not the ones who are going to do this, itís God; but, on the other hand, weíre going to have to continue saying our yes despite the consequences of what he's going to make us do.

This means that when weíre going to bear witness to God's action inside us, when weíre going to let God turn us into children of the Divine Will, weíre still going to have to continue seeing children who havenít said their yes and who are going to hear: us who have said our yes.

Theyíre not always going to agree with what we say but, by continuing to say our yes with humility, with littleness, knowing that nothing comes from us, but from God: we will go on.

Do you know why?

Because we will know how much Jesus loves us.

When I went to talk with our good priest earlier, he was talking and Jesus was saying to me, ďListen, listen to him,Ē and do you know what he was doing, Jesus? He was enveloping me in love, and this is how we will face all odds:

by letting God envelop us in his love.

When I first began doing this, Jesus spoke, his first book: Ďloveí; in it, he talks only about love.

You ask yourself why is he always talking about love, itís repetitive? Well, I can assure you that it isnít repetitive.

We need to hear God, at every moment, telling us how loving he is, telling us how loving the Holy Spirit is, how loving Jesus is, how his Mother let herself be enveloped in this love.

We need this!

We need to meditate book one, we need to grasp this love, to eat it: yes, we need to eat of this nourishment, this is what we need, a food that nourishes us.

We need God's love like we need the air, like we need the light, we need God's love in order to utter our yes and to be able to keep our yes strong, even after we learn that we have to go forward with what we discover.

We must go on, we must be obedient.

Yes, we must carry our cross, yes, we must accept to suffer the agony with Jesus, in Jesus, in the Divine Will.

We must enter into Jesus.

This gesture that he made, this movement of love, this is our life: this is our yes! We must not stop carrying our cross, we must rise up to the moment when God will make us see his Glory.

If Jesus carried his Cross, if Jesus took all those steps, it was to show us that we too must do so.

And God rewarded him, he resurrected him.

He resurrected him, he was glorified, and weíre going to be glorified in Jesus.

In the Divine Will, this movement has already been accomplished.

He has already done everything weíre living at this very moment.

He knew you were going to be present, he knew my reaction earlier, he knew that I needed my priest in order to get through an external yes.

Yes, I will go on, I donít know what tomorrow has in store for me, he knows. We must go on!

We have taken a step together, there are others to be taken.

When he says that he's coming, that his Kingdom is coming to earth, well, it has begun! His Father's Kingdom is on earth: when Jesus came on earth, he came in his Name, he came to talk about his Father's Kingdom on earth.

So, at this very moment, weíre in Jesus, weíre in the Divine Will, weíre living in his Father's Kingdom on earth.

Hey, this isnít what we thought, is it? We thought it would be, bang! All of a sudden! No, thatís not it.

We have to go through Jesus.

We have to follow the same path that he followed, in the same way as he did.

We live in Jesus, so we must live the Life of Jesus, as we are.

Jesus is the Son of God, Mary is Mary in Jesus, just like the apostles were the apostles in Jesus, just like we are us in Jesus.

Weíre all different, but weíre all the same in Jesus.

Weíre in the process of discovering an incredibly powerful love: God's love inside us, God's power inside us.

God is making us become once again what we should have been, and so,

weíre going backwards and at the same time, he's making us go forward.

Going backwards: we renounce everything, we renounce our human will, we want nothing to do with sin, we renounce all that is worrisome: no, I donít want anything to do with that feeling, I donít want any anxiety, I donít want to see myself as weak, I give it to you, Jesus.

Carry all this, Jesus, you carried it in the Cross.

I want to go back to what I was before, in you, Jesus, very little.

And, at the same time, he makes us go forward, he make us go forward with an external yes in the Divine Will, a loving yes: yes, I want to go forward; yes, I want to carry my cross, just like you Jesus, in you, Jesus.

Me, I am not able to do this, but you, Jesus, you are able to do this.

You showed us that we had to turn to the Father, but this is what weíre living:

weíre dying in Jesus, and weíre living in the Divine Will.

This is incredible! Itís true that weíre a tiny bit confused.

Leave that up to God, he's going to clarify that for us.

Itís not up to us to do all that, but letís savour this moment in which weíre discovering: the wonder of wonders, God's work.

We are God's work, in his work.

Who are we to be hearing this? Who are we to be savouring these moments? Well, weíre God's children.

Thank you, my God.

Thatís all! There's no need to put ourselves down, weíve been putting ourselves down for too long, we need only say:

ďYes, we are God's children and this is how you want us to be.Ē

There's a lot to do but the wonderful thing is that weíre not the ones who are doing it, itís you, God; and there are so many things that heís teaching us that we need to absorb.

I feel something wonderful inside me that sort of wants to explode but, at the same time, God is calming me down.

I remember not long ago, well, maybe not 5 minutes or even 10 minutes ago, it was probably sometime this morning: ďAre you going to say something new, Jesus? What are we going to say?Ē

Hey! Lord, do we have a lot to learn! We have a lot to learn! And such wonderful things! Do you know why? Because weíre entering into the Divine Will and the Divine Will is infinite.

Letís allow the Divine Will to flow within us: God is talking to us.

Thatís all we have to do: to listen and to let ourselves be transformed.

Letís always benefit, at every moment from what he has shown us: his Word.

Itís through his Word that weíll understand everything.

He has said all there is to say, but we havenít been able to understand!

But thatís not our fault, thatís due to our human will!

And now, he's in the process of making us discover it in the Divine Will because he knows that weíre ready.

Weíre entering into the Divine Will: we go forward, we welcome, we continue praying.

Prayer is a conversation with God and this conversation must be done in Jesus.

It is Jesus who must do it, not us.

He's asking us for a yes, he's asking us for no more; so, when we talk, when we pray, itís in Jesus: he's the one who will take everything.

He made me discover something wonderful: prayer with all our brothers and sisters; this goes further than praying in ourselves.

We must pray in the Divine Will with our external yes.

All this means, Lord, is that I allow your Word to come through.


Jesus: Children of love, you have known prayer groups; these prayer groups were formed by my children of the Light.

My children of the Light gather together to pray, to give God their requests so they may obtain graces of love, graces of wisdom, of piety, of intelligence, graces of science, graces of abandonment, of healing, of liberation.

Children of love, when a prayer group prays, it prays in the Divine Will, it prays with all my children.

I want an external yes: I want you to pray with all prayer groups, I want all prayer groups to unite in order to form only one group in the Divine Will.

Oh! Children of love, do not take yourselves for little children capable of praying, let God pray within you.

Pray with all children, gather together, unite your strength.

You are little! When a prayer group claims it prays and it prays with another group, and that group joins another, and that one joins another to form but one group, I turn them into lights on earth: I want to turn you into one prayer group.

Children of love, you must come together, you must form but one single prayer group.

If you pray with intentions, can you realize the power you would have if you gathered together all the prayer groups of the entire world? Do not remain as an individual group.

Pray in me, Jesus, I am the Church and the Church is one: the Church is everywhere, my children. I am not telling you to not form groups like the Flame of Love, like the Marial group, this must remain, but you must unite these groups with other groups to form one force to crush Satan.

He himself has formed groups, my children, and in his darkness, he unites his groups.

I, the Light, I want you to be the light within the Light.

I want you to be children, little, humble; stop competing with one group of light or with another group of light.

I speak in hearts, I am the Heart of The Love.

My Mother, the Immaculate Heart, she is in my Heart: we form one single Heart, there is no greater Heart than mine.

May every prayer group be part of one and only prayer group; you will light up the entire earth. Such is my Father's Will.

Beloved, I love you. Beloved, be obedient, open your hearts, let the hearts of all children enter and I, along with my Mother, I envelop your hearts in order to form but one heart, the Heart of The Love.

Love one another as I love you.

May I ask my priest to extend his loving hands over all the prayer groups of the entire world,

so that they may welcome my words? It is up to you, my son, to know if you wish to continue giving.

Give, give, my loving son.



Blessing from Abbot Andrť Chevalier: While looking at the statue of the Blessed Heart that is in her hands, I think we have heard a beautiful appeal: to form the Church, to gather together, ecclesia, to meet: itís the same word. Send your Spirit, Lord, over your people, gathered together.

Send your Spirit, Lord, so that we may form one Church, one single Church: one, holy, Catholic and apostolic.

Unite the hearts of all those who are part of movements, of groups, of teams, so that they may learn the path of unity, so that they may learn to become brothers and sisters for one another.

Send your Spirit so that the Advent of the Body of Christ might take place everywhere, especially where it is still unknown and here at home where we are in the process of forgetting about it. Through Jesus Christ who lives and reigns: in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


All: Amen.