Gathering of Love With God’s Action in St-Roch de l’Achigan (Quebec)

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus




I, God of love, I am using this child, just as I am using you, my children.

At this moment, you no longer exist : you have received God, you have received The Love, and The Love has transformed you into The Love.

My children, when a child receives Jesus Eucharist in humility, in the littleness of his being, so as to make of himself an instrument of love : God takes him, transforms him into a child of God.

My children, I am the Son of God.

If a child agrees to draw close to me, to make of himself a humble and little child,

I, the Son of God, I take him and I make him me.

So, you become children of God, you no longer exist, you are me.

It is I who transform you, it is I who bring you to my Father.

Through this act of love, you present yourselves before God the Father and it is I, his Son, who present you to him;

I take you within myself and I present you, in your interior, before the Majesty of love. God, the Creator, God of the universe.

The Almighty God, my Father, is in you and it is who bring you to him.

It is I who, through Communion, take you and bring you before his Royalty.

Within yourselves, my children, you are!

You receive surges of love from my Father : my Father, in his love, watches over you;

he draws near to you, reaches out his arms to his child who accepts him.

Yes, my children, realize that, by agreeing to come and take me in Holy Communion, you agree to present yourselves before my Father;

you become children of God,

but my Father did not force you : you are the ones who went, through me, to my Father.

Like the Prodigal Son, you were far from him, my children, but even if it was for only one day that you were not presented to my Father, that you were not in his Presence :

my Father of love, who loves you with such love, is waiting for that moment.

My children, he knows that you live in a world that has not given first place to his love;

he sees you, he knows what you are doing, he knows you, he lives in you.

And the hours, my children, spent away from him are hours of yearning for my Father.

He yearns for you. He loves you.

Oh! how many children, and they are so many, do not come to him, no longer draw benefit from the sacraments.

They go about their occupations without being mindful

of what they are doing against the love of my Father.

Each one of you, my children, is carrying out part of these same actions;

you must remain in the presence of the Love,

for, you see, when you move away,

–        you tend to forget,

–        your interior shuts down,

–        my children, you put up barriers.

When looking at your brothers and your sisters :

–        you must love them as they are,

–        you must discover the Love in them,

–        you must ask me, Jesus, for graces so that you may see them with my eyes :

my children, you will discover :

–        that they have been hurt,

–        that they have been manipulated by other children

–        who, they as well, have been hurt,

–        and these wounds were caused by the disobedience to my Father.

My children of love, look at yourselves :

Those who speak ill about a single one of you are disobedient towards my Father.

Obedience, my children, is a reminder of what you must be for my Father.

Disobedience, my children, is an action against the one who protects you, loves you, wants you for himself.

When we obey, it is because we know that the person who is requesting this is just, perfect.

Obedience is fulfilling oneself by wanting to please the one who is asking.

Whether you are good, charitable, kind, pleasing and non-critical, obedience, my children, is to know that the person who is requesting this is of God.

My children, every child must obey God, God alone knows what is good for you.

God gave commandments to Moses for you, so that you may be good to yourselves and to your neighbour.

He gave authority to the apostles, my first priests;

he gave graces to the apostles.

Through the Holy Spirit descending upon them, they were filled with light, with my truth, with the truth of The Love.

My Father loves you, he gives you everything, my children,

so that you may be worthy of being called children of God.

To be worthy of my Father, you must obey him with the love of your being, from your interior.

My children, if your exterior life brings you difficult situations, you must go and draw from within yourselves graces to enable you to confront these difficult situations.

My Father of love has not left you alone with yourselves, he is in you.

If he has given me to each one of you so that I may be in you : you cannot, my children, be love on your own;

the sin of disobedience of your first parents prevents you from doing so.

My children, this sin has brought many other sins to this world for, you see :

obedience is a virtue : a virtue of love,

if you make a mistake : commit a sin, it is because you are not behaving properly : so, you are disobeying God,

for God asks you to listen to him, he knows what is good for you.

Disobedience, my children, begets many sins.

You must draw graces from within yourselves by coming to Communion to receive me

and I, I take you and present you to my Father, who pours into you graces so that you may be obedient.

My children of love, if Eve had come to my Father to ask him for graces to not listen to Satan : she would not have disobeyed.

You see, my children, the danger you risk when you go about your occupations between the Communion you have received and the other you are meant to receive in love and in purity?

These hours, my children, you must spent in my presence, Jesus,

it is I who will help you behave as children of God so that you may not disobey my Father;

it is I who will give you that strength to understand your attitude, which is not charitable, when you cause sorrow to your neighbour.

My children, you are all children of God. There is only one Father, he is my Father :

you are all his children. There is not a single one among you who does not belong to my Father.

It is I, Jesus of love, who came into this world through the yes of Mary, your Mother.

I made myself man for you, to take upon myself all your sins caused by the disobedience against my Father’s love.

–        I saw all your sins

–        and, in  obedience, I accepted everything;

–        I took everything upon myself for my Father loves you;

–        he was present; he, as well, my children, suffered;

–        I am in the Father, the Father is in me, since we form the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is in us;

–        All I took upon myself, all I suffered :

–        my Father took upon himself, suffered.

–        He, as well, shed tears over your sins

–        and I, his Son of love, in obedience, I said yes to suffering,

–        for my Father had said yes to suffering.

My children, even before you came into this world, my Father, who is almighty, knew everything that you, you were going to do because of your disobedience,

and my Father of love pronounced his yes, my children, above all, yes.

He is the Yes of love. He is the sublimeYes.

Obedience to the Yes, my children, is from my Father, is from The Love.

My children, if a single one of you disobeys, he upsets my Father.

When you were smaller, who among you did not hear these words : “Don’t do that, you will make Jesus sad.”?

My children of love, your Father was asking you to be obedient, to not disobey;

and because you have grown up, you forget your mother’s recommendation to not upset Jesus.

Is it because you are grown up that this is no longer important to you?

You must not upset God by speaking ill of a single one of your brothers and sisters.

It is The Love who is speaking to you.

When you upset my Father, you cause me to relive the pains of the agony (Passion).

My children, I love you so much!

Let me take you within myself to present you to my Father,

so that you may receive graces, graces of love that will show you that you are children of God,

and that his children do not cause sorrow to one another,

for, when you speak against a single one of your brothers and sisters, you make your brother and sister sad;

even if those ones do not hear you, they are in you!

I am the Mystical Body, my children : I carry all my children,

I carry you, you carry your brothers and sisters.

It is not right, my children, to upset your brothers and sisters whom you carry within yourselves,

because you are upsetting yourselves.

I, I am Jesus : when I receive you at communion, you are no longer you, you are me :

therefore, you are upsetting me, and you are upsetting yourselves.

I am coming to show you who you are.

These days, my children, are days of graces, days of love.

I am not present among you to show you that you are bad children.

I am present with you to tell you :

"You are children of God, you are my loves."

I love you!

How I would love for you to love yourselves, for you to love your brothers and your sisters.

Take care of yourselves!

The Love is coming soon to show you, inside you, the very Love, and you will be in his Presence, my children.

You will see everything that you have accomplished and I, The Love, I will be present.

I will give you all my love

and all the graces that you will have asked for.

As the prodigal son who returns home, the Father welcomes him with all his love, and celebrates with him.

My children, you will return to your home, where your Father is waiting for you :

God the Father, my Father, your Father.

You will see how much he loves you!

And your yes to The Love, in his yes to The Love, will be a celebration, my children.

He will make his angels sing for you.

He will give you all that is his, for what is his is for his children.

He will give you love.

You will all be in his love and, never again, my children, will you be in disobedience,

for you will be in the fulfillment of his work.


The work of his love is for my children.

He created man in his image for The Love, in The Love, with The Love,

so that you may be but one with him, in him, through him.

You are in me, his Son you are the children of The Love, of his love.

I am the body of The Love, you are in my Body.

The Body will shine with all its might,

for there will no longer be any disobedience in the Body of Christ.

My Church, my Body, my only love, my obedience to God the Father, this is you in me : I am Unity of love.

My children, I am preparing you for this union of love. Very soon, my children, you will know who your

brothers and your sisters are, for none among them will be unknown to you : Such is the power of God.

That which you do not know at this time :

–        respect it, love it,

–        be worthy of being with them : I am speaking of your brothers and your sisters;

–        you are all children of God : You are all chosen ones;

–        Behave well, my children : by being children obedient to the call of the love of your Father.

Through the almightiness of The Love, through my Father’s power, I am asking you, my children, to enter into yourselves to receive the blessing of the Blessed Trinity. Amen.