Gathering of Love With God's Action in Sudbury, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus






♪♪♪:      Come, come, come, come Breath of Life;

             Come, come, come, come into our hearts…


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: This source, ….

Can everyone hear me okay? Can everyone hear me, yes?

The Lord is an opening; he's the only one who can enable us to enter, he's the only one who can enable us to enter a place where everything is good for us.

If we try another door…

Is everything okay, Lina? Wait a minute, no? Just a minute, there? Ah!

You see, try to find another way to go to God and you will be like this: you will try to make yourselves understood and no one will understand a thing; you can yell all you want, no one will turn towards you to help you because he will have understood nothing.

He cannot understand what isn't within him; but with what is in him, then he can help, then he can go to that person.

To be completely attentive to God is like this; it’s to be within ourselves, constantly within ourselves.

Jesus is the one who opens us up to the world; without Jesus, nothing in front of us is open, absolutely nothing. We walk upon the earth, but we walk on an earth where everything is shut to us: the doors are shut to us.

When we try to get through those doors, there's something that hurts us, there's something that makes us blind, makes us deaf, and the more we try to get through those doors, the more we suffer. And well, this is what happened in our lives.

We have tried to live on earth with Jesus but without really understanding what he was expecting of us; we walked with what we knew; we walked with what we, we were: children who wanted to be loved by God but who were incapable, incapable of loving a perfect being, incapable of loving a being who is pure; why? Because we ourselves are not perfect, we ourselves are not pure. And so, we tried to get along with, with what we were: we walked on this earth, we worked on this earth, we frequented our brothers and our sisters with what we were.

What we weren't able to be for God, we weren't able to be for our neighbour either.

If we aren’t capable of loving God as we would like to love him, well then, it’s the same thing for our neighbour; we want to love our neighbour, but we aren’t really able to love him as we would really like to because everything starts with what is inside us.

Inside us there are doors, inside us we have to go towards those doors, and we’re not the ones who have the keys to those doors, we’re not the ones who have the possibility of opening those doors – it’s Jesus.

Oh! There is one door we can open – ours: yes, yes I go within myself, yes, I give Jesus my yes. This is all that belongs to us; that door is our yes.

But when we want to go inside ourselves, then we’re faced with many doors, and those doors can only be opened by Jesus himself, not by anyone else.

No human will can open those doors that are inside us because we aren’t aware of them. We don’t know who shut the doors, why the doors were shut, when the doors were shut, where the doors were shut; only Jesus knows all this and not one of us does.

We want to live on earth as beings of love but we have our how’s, why’s, where’s, when’s and how’s. Where did our suffering start? Where did our suffering come from? Why are we in so much pain? How am I going to be able to stop this suffering? Behold, God is coming to speak to us in hearts to give us the answers; we have been seeking these answers since the world has existed.

We have been searching since Adam and Eve; we have been trying to find, to find true happiness, and true happiness is none other than Jesus.

Learn to know who Jesus is, and then, all the doors will open, absolutely all doors, but in our life, we have closed many, many, many doors to Jesus.

We’re not the first ones to have closed those doors – it was those who came before us, long before us, even before our great, great, great-grandparents.

The first ones who closed doors to Jesus were those who said no, no to obedience to their Father.

Why did they do that? Because they were faced with temptation, they made the choice to be in temptation; this closed many doors, and today, those doors are still closed.

If we look at everything around us, we discover that we can no longer look at those closed doors while remaining calm: we lose our peace.

We lived in a world that is agitated, we live in a world that has lost faith, that has lost hope; why? Because it has lost what is most precious: love. Without love we cannot understand that we must have hope.

We no longer know how to have faith because we’re bruised due to that lack of love.

We look at this world and we shrug our shoulders; we see this world and we say, “Where are we? Where are we going? How are we going to get out of this? Why is this part of our life? What did we do to reach this point?” There is so much suffering.

Every day, we discover something; we discover that we live in a world in which there are people who believe in gods.

In 2007, we see people who believe in gods everywhere, who accept gods in their own homes, and who say they love God, our Father, love God the Son, love God the Holy Spirit, and yet, they have gods in their own homes.

We ourselves know they have gods in their homes. Oh, there's television! God talks to us about this. We have our favourite shows; God talks to us about this. There's our behaviour of being people who like to work even on Sunday. These have become gods to us, but there are also other gods that we don’t want to give up.

Today, we have been taught to bring Buddhas into our homes, and yet, this isn't God – it’s a god among many others.

And they’re Catholic children, they’ve been baptized, they’re children who know the Ten Commandments of God, they’re children who have the Bible in their homes.

Why are we so mixed up? Why don’t we see that if we accept gods, God the Father won't approve? He won't approve that we behave like this since he has never approved of this.

During the time when his people were before gods, God was sending prophets; he was warning them. He never stopped warning them so they could return to him, let go of those gods, and when they didn’t want to, God would leave them before their consequences: there where illnesses, epidemics.

God's people came to know the consequence of its own choices before the sin of idolatry and today, are we that different? We’re the same; we’re so mixed up that we no longer know what is permitted to us.

What is permitted to us? To accept other gods in our homes? No, this is not permitted to us. To accept works that are against God, this as well is not permitted. If we accept books in our homes that speak of other gods, well then, we’re doing what God doesn’t want us to do: we’re lying to ourselves, but we can't lie to God.

If we bring objects into our homes and they mean a lot to us, such as statues that are not before God – banned statues that come from him (Satan) – God will not approve of this and we will live the consequences of it.

We need only look at what is around us: why are there so many illnesses? Why do our children leave us to live a life, a life of suffering? They turn to drugs, to alcohol, they turn to sex, and when we talk about sex, we’re talking about impure, animal sex.

Today, we see this, and we suffer because of it; this is because we accept what doesn’t come from God in our homes.

If we continue doing this, we will perish like those who are going to perish, for it is said that there will come a time when the sheep will be on the right and the goats on the left: well, if we continue to accept what doesn’t come from God in our homes, we won't be on the right, we’ll be on the left, for God has only one Word.

He places his Word before us, he comes to speak in our hearts so we can be before the truth, and because we will be before the truth, we will be before our own judgement; when this will happen, we won't be able to say that we didn’t know about it – this is a lie.

God is in the process of preparing us to live the greatest event on earth: his visual presence in our heart.

He's gathering all his children all over the world; he's gathering his flock so it can be before him, for it will be his flock that will be before him: we will all be in front of Jesus within ourselves, we will see God's greatness, God's love for us, God's mercy for us, and we will present ourselves with what we know at this very moment.

At this moment, God is instructing our life; our external life can hear, our external life can see, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, he enables us to understand what we need to understand, for the times we are living are times that lead us to live what the apostles wanted to live.

We will come to know the purification of the flesh, we will be before movements; these movements have begun for us, but the Church must live these movements.

All those we carry within us must live this; not one will escape it. All those who are inscribed in the Book of Life – God's children – will live this, and those who are not inscribed in the Book of Life will live God's justice.

This means that those who are not inscribed in the Book of Life will see all they refused; they will see that only the Son of God is the One who brings us eternal life, happiness. They shall be before this truth and they will live it; they will not escape this. Such is the Will of God the Father.

All those who are not inscribed in the Book of Life are all those who wanted to follow Satan, and this began when the children of Cain accepted to frolic with the demons.

All this is before us because God wants us to hear it.

They carried a no within themselves because the moment they accepted to be with those vile beings, who were not of God, they accepted their own choice which was inexorable.

This means that men and women, before the flood, came to know the sin of unfaithfulness: the rejection of God, rejecting God's unconditional love for them.

To us who were watching them, they lived as children of God, but inside themselves they were no longer children of God. They themselves chose to live with Satan as their master and this was revealed to us by Jesus.

Through the almightiness of the Holy Spirit, we have understood these words, we have been able to live these moments together in the Church, and God continues to reveal this to us in order to prepare us to live what we must live.

Jesus is the Light, Jesus is The Love; whoever believes in Jesus has eternal life; those who don’t believe in Jesus will not have eternal life – they will go to eternal death; this has been said and it shall come to pass.

Why are we hearing these words, why us? Because even before we were born, we had been chosen; because even before we were within our yes, God had prepared us to live what we’re living at this very moment.

Why us? Why have we been prepared? Because we must live the Gospel, we must live the Church. Some have been called upon to sustain the Church, to be the Church, to take their brothers and their sisters of the entire world who love God, but who suffer because of those who have refused to keep themselves for God.

They wanted to know pleasures that were not from God; they idolized; they devoted themselves to impure acts, such impure acts that even the animals that were among would not have done these things: they accumulated sin upon sin.

Suffering accumulated from year to year; death multiplied, turning God's children into beings of suffering, turning God's children into beings incapable of adoring God with all their soul, with all their mind, with all their heart, with all their strength, for all was weakened due to sins.

But we who are aware of this weakness, we have been, through the power of God, chosen to sustain our brothers and our sisters: this is our mission.

Our mission is to constantly say to Jesus: “Here we are, take us, we agree to be little suffering souls in your hands, little souls that want to give you everything of themselves: thoughts, words, their ears, actions, feelings; we no longer want to be, we want to be you; we agree to die in you in order to sustain those who die every day, die through their words, die through what they hear, through what they see, through their actions, through their feelings.”

Because a single child who doesn’t think of God, dies; a single child who agrees to listen to another who doesn’t speak of God, dies; a single child who doesn’t carry out actions (for God) dies within himself; a single child who agrees to live with feelings that are not for God, dies.

At every fraction of a fraction of a second, our brothers and our sisters are dying; they’re dying in the Church, they’re dying through what they are; they’re incapable of seeing, of understanding what’s happening around them; they kill themselves with work, they kill themselves with consumerism, they kill themselves by wanting to numb themselves through pleasure, through abuses: our brothers and sisters are dying.

We who agree to pray, who accept our pain, with God's graces we live and we receive strength. But let’s not waste that strength – let’s give it to the Church, to Jesus, to our Breath, to our Light, to our earth.

Jesus is our earth, Jesus is our love! When we live for Jesus, we live for the earth of love; when we live with Jesus, we live with the earth, for Jesus is the earth: all that was created is in Jesus. Try to find a single movement that isn't Jesus: it’s impossible.

Whether it’s the universe, it’s in Jesus; whether it’s the entire earth, all is in Jesus; everything that’s around the earth is in Jesus; all matter is in Jesus and all that is spiritual is in Jesus: everything around us is Jesus.

You see, this is why when we look at our brothers and they’re not looking with the eyes of Jesus, and they don’t see Jesus around them in the trees, in smells, in colours, in movements, when they don’t see Jesus, they see nothing, they’re blind. They’re dead to life, they’re not part of the movement of eternal life, they’re in the movement of eternal death.

They must be resuscitated; us, we can't resuscitate our brothers and our sisters for we were dead; Jesus came, Jesus gave life back to us.

Today, we look at our brothers and our sisters who believe in everything that isn't from God, from Jesus; they feed themselves with bread, with wine, and they say they’re alive.

Feed yourselves with bread that isn't the one from Jesus and you poison yourselves; drink wine that isn't the Blood of Jesus and you die.

And so, all food on earth, let it be understood that all food on earth is in Jesus: whether it’s the food we eat daily from our table, whether it’s the food we eat from another country, if it’s in Jesus, it’s living; if it isn’t in Jesus, it doesn’t bear graces, and therefore, it poisons us.

You see, even we ourselves have often seen this in our lives; we have looked at our food, but we haven’t always connected it with Jesus, with the Word.

Jesus is the Word.

All food is movement, the movement is in the Life, and so a living food is a movement; so Jesus is the Movement and therefore, food is in Jesus.

Let’s look at this as children of God; let’s be true to what we are; everything that exists to nourish us comes from God the Creator; the earth was created by God and all that is on earth belongs to God.

And when we look up at the sky, when we look at the stars, we know that the sun contributes to all this, we know that the moon contributes to all this because who created the sun, who created the moon, who created the stars? It was the Creator: God.

All is in the Son and all that is from the sky contributes to warming the earth, to enveloping it; and so, all is movement, all is life: all is from God.

A single thought, a single thought that isn't for God goes against us; God enables us to realize this because we will enter a New Earth.

We aren’t going to enter the New Jerusalem ignorant of what the New Jerusalem is; the New Jerusalem is Jesus.

And so, we must learn to love Jesus, to love the New Jerusalem: to love what the earth is – matter, movement, life, air; this is our only chance to live eternally – we have this choice.

God speaks in our heart to wake us up.

How many people feed themselves and believe that this comes from their own efforts, comes from the efforts of men? This is false. If we eat food, it’s to nourish our flesh: our flesh must be nourished with God's graces. If we want to know an immortal flesh, we must know what we have allowed to enter us.

We have allowed food to enter us that, very often, did not bear graces; we have often allowed foods to enter us that did not bear God's love; if we want to return to the source, we must know from where those impurities came.

Why did those impurities appear? Who saw to it that we consented to consume what was impure? We know who – it’s Satan. Satan instructed children who showed us how to feed ourselves with impure foods.

We accepted this – oh, it was through ignorance! – but that ignorance cost us dearly. Today, we look at our limbs and we know that our limbs suffer; we look at our eyesight and we know that our eyesight isn’t good; our hearing isn't what it should be; our words aren’t the words we should be using; our actions as well, our feelings.

All this came from what we accepted in our life in the form of food. Oh, not everything! It isn't food that made us like this, but it is part of what we have accepted.

God gave us everything that is good for us on earth, but how many took what was good and turned it into impure movements to give us what wasn’t good.

Our parents, our great, great, great-grandparents worked the earth; they planted good seeds in the earth, they nourished the earth, they took care of it because they knew that when they planted a seed in the earth, they had to take care of it.

Neglect the earth and plant a good seed, the seed will suffer; it won't provide a good crop.

And so, today we don’t nourish the earth with what is good and what we reap is impure and we eat this. You'll say, “But then how are we going to feed ourselves?”

We must go in Jesus, give all this to Jesus: “Jesus, we know that what we’re eating is impure because the earth was pure in the beginning; now, it’s impure; we give you this consequence.

We’re living the consequence of this negligence, we give you this Jesus; you repair it.

Bless, bless our flesh so that it can eat this food; bless us and bless this impure food so that it doesn’t damage my flesh, and bless all those who are in me, bless their food; you are the only one who can help us.”

Jesus is the Purifier; he's the only one who will change the surface of the earth; there will be no other for he is the One that God the Father sent us.

God wants to show us his almightiness, God wants us to stop feeding ourselves by accepting what is impure and that isn't necessary to our health. There will be many sacrifices to make but Mother Mary will help us.

When we see that we have impure food in front of us, food that doesn’t come from good earth, we should no longer eat it.

How can we detect whether it comes from good earth? We can't do this on our own; Jesus will help us; Jesus will take all that we are and he’ll show us that this is permitted to us; that another food, no, this food isn't good for us, that this is a food made for pleasure and not to feed us wholesomely.

There are many foods around us that should disappear, many foods, for in the New Jerusalem, there won't be any impure foods; it’s a good idea to start right away.

We’re here to help our brothers and our sisters; it isn't by continuing to behave as children who want to remain ignorant that we’re going to help them.

If we take steps with God, in God, for God, then let’s go all the way.

Did the apostles eat as we do? No, Jesus had taught them, Jesus had taught them what it meant to eat with moderation, he had also taught them to fast whenever they could, not an excessive fast but a fast done with God's graces, with God's love, for he was teaching them to listen to their bodies.

When they felt their fatigue, they would stop and have a meal, a small meal, which would help them go on; he didn’t take them to inns to stuff themselves – he would teach them to know what was necessary; whatever was necessary to them, God would lead them towards it and this is what he's going to do with us.

Slowly, God is leading us towards what’s good, he's teaching us slowly to let go of a certain thing or another.

Mother Mary, she is also helping; don’t forget that in Medjugorje there were tobacco plants and she asked them to plant grapevines. You see, this was better for their health.

Well, do you think that this is different for us? What she showed them is for us as well, to show us that we must behave well before God the Father.

We must learn, we must learn to behave well as children of love by refusing abuses; if we abuse good things, we’re going to get sick; if we abuse good things, we’re turning to what isn’t good; isn't this what we’ve done? We turned to what wasn’t good.

The first settlers, when they arrived in Canada, do you think they had a full refrigerator? Do you think that every week they would go to the supermarket to fill their pantries? They learned, they learned to work the earth, they learned to reserve their crops. With all this, they nourished their families.

And so, this is what we’re going to do; we’re going to learn to return to the earth; we’re going to learn to put aside what isn't good for our health; everything we have known through this world will have to be put aside.

Don’t think that we’re going to enter the New Earth by bringing with us our chips, our soft drinks, our cigarettes, our cigar, our alcohol, our pastries of all shapes and colours, all sugary treats. We will learn, we will learn to become humble, simple children, like Jesus.

Today, we’re celebrating the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus; the Heart of Jesus is gentle and humble.

And so, this is what we’re going to learn: to be gentle to ourselves, to not burden ourselves by turning to what is impure for us, for anything that is impure for us, all that is an abuse for us, prevents us from turning our thoughts towards God, prevents us from having looks of love for God, prevents us from wanting to listen to the Word of God, prevents us from carrying out gestures of love for our God. These leave us with feelings against God, against ourselves, against our neighbour.

You see, a poor diet makes our digestion slow, makes our digestion lazy, makes our digestion incapable of absorbing what it needs to absorb to feed our body.

God wants us to have an immortal body; we won't be immortal by maintaining an unhealthy diet. Through saints, God showed us ways to feed ourselves, ways to take care of our flesh, and this, God made sure we knew about it.

For we’re going to need this, we’re going to need to return to our sources, to go where there once was a movement of love for us, because men have fed themselves poorly since the children of Cain, for they had been shown how to use plants that were not pure for the flesh; those plants made limbs feel heavy, confused thoughts, made the flesh weak before temptation.

All this is around us, for any plant that makes us incapable of having thoughts of God, of keeping our spirit of love, is against us; this comes from Satan.

When we eat what is impure, we’re destroying ourselves. We will learn to eat what is good and let go of what is impure.

Slowly, God will transform our being and this, we’ll have to ask him for it: “Bless our food, bless our flesh, come and purify all that entered us.”

God will do this; let’s start doing it today.

When you will think of a food that you normally eat, and that food isn't good for your health but good to the taste, ask for the grace to deprive yourself of it and you will receive that grace.

Begin, for many children will suffer.

When the Great Purification comes, all those foods will no longer be for us and those who will have said yes to Jesus will need our support.

They will emerge from there with a spirit of love, a look of love, a hearing of love, with acts of love, feelings of love; they will want to be completely love for God, for they will no longer want any impurity to enter them since there will no longer be a no within them: all this shall be before them.

You see, Jesus said, “They will have my strength, I shall sustain them to the end.” And well, that strength, we’ll be part of it; all those who will accept to live the Passion of Christ will sustain their brothers and their sisters during the Great Purification.

We are small in number but that number is very important.

What is being taught to us today comes from God and not from us, and what will be taught to us tomorrow and after tomorrow will be from God and not from us.

It’s very important to go forward in simplicity with much humility, for we are not greater than them, than all those who will live the Great Purification.

If God has chosen us, that’s because he knew our yes and he nourished it with his Body and his Blood; he enabled us to taste his mercy and because he enabled us to taste his mercy, then we’ll be merciful towards ourselves.

To be merciful towards ourselves is to say, “Jesus, if you have been so good to us, well then, show us how to be good to others because it’s in that moment that I’ll be good to myself.”

To die for those we love is to know love; and so, let’s accept to die for our brothers and our sisters in order to know love, an eternal love.

And so, we’re going to stop here.

Thank you, thank you, Lord.