Gathering of Love With God's Action in Sudbury, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-06-16 – Evening


♪♪♪:                 Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Jesus, my joy,

                        Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Jesus, my King.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The flavour of God is in our heart. Amen.


All:  Amen.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Jesus of love is leading us to discover ourselves so we can give ourselves in the Church.

Every time we do this, it leads us to discover ourselves in the Church with all our brothers and our sisters of the whole world. What we are, we are so in them; what they are, they are so in us: we are linked to them.

Look at a hand – try to separate the fingers from the palm of the hand, try to separate your nails from the ends of your fingers – you can't do it, it’s a necessity. If you want to use your hand, you need your whole hand: our brothers and our sisters are like this to us – they are linked to us.

They’re part of our life, they’re part of our breath; our eyes need their eyes, our ears need their ears, our mouth needs their mouth, just as our limbs need their limbs; their feelings are part of our feelings.

Are we ever going to grasp this magnitude, this greatness, this eternity! We are members in the Church, we form but one body.

Life is eternal life; you cannot separate one time from another time and say that it is eternal; this is wrong. One time that enters into another time, which goes on and on endlessly, without ever stopping, is nourishment, a flavour that we cannot live without; and well, our brothers and our sisters are like this.

The moment when the Son of God made Man stood before the angels, he presented what we are; the Son of God made Man became flesh through the power of the Holy Spirit in Mary.

This is movement, movement of love in eternity; this movement was part of eternity; we were part of Jesus, we were in Jesus in that eternal movement.

Through love, God the Father engendered his Son; his Son is in the Father, the Father is in the Son, and that power created the Holy Spirit: God's unconditional love for him.

He completes himself, he is within himself, he needs no one else other than himself but his love is given constantly, and his love is a constant eternal movement: he gives, he gives in order to receive.

Such is the love of our God, and so we’re part of God's love.

The moment his Son made Man presented himself before his Father, even before Mary existed, the Son of Man existed, for he IS and he shall always be forever and ever; he is the Presence.

Such is the power of God, such is the love of God.

Mother Mary is God's work, is God's creation, is the perfection of the human being for God.

Adam was created by God to be perfect, but he was not so; Eve came from Adam’s flesh by the power of God; she was supposed to be the perfect woman, but she was not so, and God saw all this.

When Mary came on earth, when Mary came on earth, she was God's jewel for us. She was given to us to be, for us, a reward, God's reward, for he saw perfection in Mary, he saw that her works were good, for Mary responded to everything God expected from the human being.

Mary carried the Son of God, Mary carried all God's children in her womb, for the moment she received the Son, she received us. We were all in Mary’s body; we all formed but one movement: the one of Mary’s yes, Mary’s Fiat.

And so, when we’re together we form one yes: “Yes, Father, your Will; yes, Father, we love you; yes, Father, we want to live only for you; Father, we are together for you, we live for you, we breathe for you, we love for you.”

We cannot separate from one another – the yes is unity. Try to separate the yes – this is impossible; it forms but one syllable, one word: yes. This forms a whole that gives God what he expects from each one of us.

God multiplied his yes, God is the Creator, God sent all his love to the surface of the earth, for he created in order to be before his love.

Every movement that comes from the Creator is love; everything around us on earth is love. He multiplied all movements for God is infinite.

What man sees is limited, but what God sees is unlimited; it cannot be calculated, it is the present, but we’re part of the present, we’re part of that eternity.

A single blink of an eye ensures that all God's children are nourished by that blink.

How can the blink of an eye nourish all other children? Because that blink comes from God's movement.

God created man in his likeness, and so when man blinks his eyes, well, everyone else benefits from this: he is the eyes of others.

God gave everything that is around us so that we could see, so that we could be the beat of love for God: this is an endless source of nourishment, it’s an endless movement.

We cannot say, “Me, I blink my eyes and you have nothing to do with it.” This is completely false.

We’re responsible for our love, we’re responsible for our yes – this is what belongs to us; the yes, love, this is ours, this is part of us, this is what belongs to us.

And so, when we agree to be a yes, we are agreeing to be the blink of our neighbour’s eye; I can't keep it for myself – that movement is selfish, that isn't love.

Understand that eternity is a movement that brings love; love brings a movement, the movement brings love. It creates: movements of love endlessly, endlessly and without ever stopping, discoveries endlessly and without ever stopping, movements of joy, of happiness, of tenderness, of gentleness, without ever stopping.

If we believe that blinking one’s eye is for ourselves alone, that is saying that my eternity belongs to me, it belongs to me, I don’t have to share it, I am eternal: lies, deception.

Eternity is the movements of the Movement: movement of love, movement of God, movement that makes itself known to give and be given again, and given again endlessly, endlessly and endlessly; we are all together in this movement of love.

And so, it’s important to understand that one thought from us nourishes all our brothers and our sisters of the entire world since Adam, who was the first to be created up to the last one to be created: movement of love that gives itself, gives itself from age to age, that nourishes from age to age, that, from age to age, brings love without interruption, for it will never be interrupted, for the first movement that Adam carried out became eternal, it will never end.

When Adam opened his eyes to look at God's beauty, he looked at God himself, he admired God, he contemplated himself in God because God was revealing himself to him, he was adoring his God.

This movement cannot be stopped, for God took that movement and he took it for himself, for it came from him; it emerged, his breath of life, to go to Adam and when Adam looked at it, that movement gives itself back to whom? To the Creator, and therefore, that movement belonged to the Creator.

And so, he took it, and he gave it back to Adam, and Adam nourished himself with it, and Adam looked at his God again; he became so enamoured of his God that his movement was nourishing him with joy, with happiness; he was amazed: this is the movement of eternity, it will never end.

Now, can you understand all the movements Adam carried out before his God, out of love? All this will be eternal and all this is within us, for the moment Adam opened his eyes to look at his God, we felt that inside the flesh of the flesh; we were part of Adam, for we were in God and Adam was in God, and all this is for us.

We cannot separate ourselves from what is God; we are God's creatures, we are God's love, we are part of God. And so, every thought from us nourishes our brothers and our sisters, every look nourishes our brothers and our sisters, everything we accept to hear nourishes our brothers and our sisters; our actions bring nourishment and our feelings, as well – these are movements, we are part of a single whole.

Can you see how important it is to maintain oneself in Jesus in order to nourish ourselves? If you nourish yourself with love, the other will receive love and because he receives love, you, you will receive love in exchange because if you give your brother a look of love and he takes that look of love, and he takes that look of love of his and he looks at another, and that person receives a look of love, who benefits from this? Every one of us.

The first to give his look didn’t give a look that belonged to him alone; his look was our look, for that look comes from God. It is nourished by God's love and we’re in God, therefore there is movement of love within us that contributed to nourishing that look.

And so, that look brought us love and when he looks at another, that person is the same movement within us: we give ourselves love, we never stop receiving love and we give love in return.

This is the Church, this is what God wants to make us understand; he wants us to live in Jesus, to die in Jesus, to savour his splendour, his love, his joy, his infinite presence.

And we, we were created in his likeness, we are in Jesus, we are in all our brothers and our sisters of the entire world. And so, when we, we are good to ourselves, others receive and because others receive, we receive.

It’s as if I were filling a glass with water and that glass of water, once it is emptied and put down, it is refilled right away; the glass that was refilled played a part in filling another glass with water endlessly, endlessly; eternity, it never ends.

Jesus comes to speak in hearts to tell us: “Stop having a heart of stone, have a heart of flesh; I am your only God, you have none other than me; you are not God, I am God, do not take yourselves for gods.

To take yourselves for gods is to give yourselves to Satan; you belong to me, you belong only to God; you do not belong to yourselves, you are mine. My Father gave me your all, and I fill it with my All; all that is mine is yours.

Empty yourself of your ‘selves’ and I will fill you up endlessly, endlessly; eternity is you, my joy is you, my happiness is you, my power is you.

I have all power: the power to heal, to liberate; do you not want this, do you not want to be healed? Bring your wounds; do you not want to be freed of your chains? Let me fulfil you, let me turn you into a being of mine; I am you – do you not see this, do you not believe this?”

We must be convinced by what we’re hearing; in this way, we will be able to have the strength to no longer be in our thoughts, our thoughts that make us suffer, our thoughts that lead us all to worrying, to being doubtful, despairing, sad, fearful, violent, hateful, self-destructive, for when we reach the point of hating – we destroy ourselves: we kill ourselves.

Jesus wants to take the slightest little thought and turn it into his own, for that thought will nourish other thoughts, and when that thought will be in the thoughts of others, another thought will pop up, and that thought will appear within us, for we will have learned to not accept bad thoughts, but to take all that is from God and to nourish ourselves with God's thoughts, and one thought will be multiplied forever and ever.

If one person thinks he's in God, and he gives that thought to his brother, that thought returns to you – you no longer have just one, you now have two. And because those two thoughts are in you, you will turn to your sister; your sister, she will need your two thoughts; she will take them and will give them back to you and then, you will no longer have two thoughts, you will have four.

Now, imagine billions of children who will have received our thought and who will have returned it to us, for when one gives love, one receives love.

Jesus, when he died on the Cross, he gave his Life for those he loves, he kept nothing for himself, he gave everything in order to receive everything.

He received so much from God that he was glorified; he was glorified by the Father, for everything he had given became light, love, love to such an extent that it caused an explosion of light and this glorified him.

In us, we have God's light; in us, we have that love.

God is preparing us to live our glorification, for we will live it; we will be before the Glory of the Son and we will participate in his Glory: his Glory will be our glory – so it shall be!

If we understand this, we must understand our thoughts towards others. If we say, “But it’s normal, it’s normal, I’ll be before Jesus and because I’ll be before Jesus, I will know his Glory, and his Glory will be reflected on me and I will know my glory!”

“Oh! Little children of love, how easy it is for you to understand this, but when you stop for a single moment and you think about yourself, you become lost in your own thoughts, for your thoughts are incapable of understanding the splendour of my Glory. You can only desire it, but you cannot understand it because in you there are movements that are dead, in you there are movements that brought you darkness – how can you expect to understand the Light if you yourself are not light?”

This is why God calls us to understand his Church, to understand who we are.

We must give ourselves to one another, we must bring love to one another.

“Give me a single thought from you and I will give you all my thoughts of love”: God has this power.

Within us, we have our yes to God; it’s what belongs to us. We must give God all thoughts that aren’t love, and God will take them all; he will teach us to no longer have bad thoughts against my brother, against my sister, because he wants us to nourish ourselves with his own thoughts: he's The Love.

When we love our enemy, from Jesus we receive his love, we receive the One who gave himself up on the Cross out of love for our enemy. He was Jesus’ enemy before he became our enemy, for Jesus knew his sin towards us before we, we became aware of it: all has already been forgiven, all has been in God's loving thought for him.

And so, we must turn to Jesus the moment we’re suffering; the moment we have a thought that isn't love, we must run to Jesus: “Jesus, don’t allow me to be in this thought, for my brothers are going to suffer, my sisters are going to suffer, and I'm going to suffer; don’t allow this, don’t allow my flesh to experience this suffering any longer.”

You speak to me of purity, you speak to me of purification, you speak to me of glory – I want to live this but I'm incapable on my own. You can do this, I give you my yes.”

This is what belongs to us, this is what God wants us to understand.

We must stop being against ourselves: we have to stop having even one thought against our brother, against our sister; as little as it may be, it goes against us; they (our brothers and sisters) are part of us, of our life.

Look at the air before us; are you able to touch this invisible thing? And yet, it’s present in our life, we live in that invisibility, we’re part of it.

Jesus is here, Jesus is there, Jesus gives us this air we breathe; this belongs to him, this is visible to God, not to us, but to God. We need it, we need it like we need our brothers and our sisters.

Place your hand over your mouth and your nose; try to stay like that – you won't be able to for long because you will lack air and you will get dizzy; you will try to get some air, you will try to fill your lungs by obtaining something from the outside and making it go inside you in order to get your breath back.

Well, our brothers are like this; try to separate yourselves from your sister or from your brother – you will see that you will die, you will suffocate, you will lack love, for they’re made of love – you need them.

It’s as if they were close to you but are invisible: you don’t see them, you can't touch them and yet, they’re present, they are love.

We need love to live, we need them, we can't live without them. To live without our brothers and our sisters is to live without love. To live without love is to live without God's creation. To live without God's creation is to live in nothingness. To live in nothingness is to not live, it’s to be nothing. If we’re nothing, we don’t exist – but let’s not be mistaken, we do exist: we see, we hear; we see what we’re able to see, we hear what we’re able to hear.

But God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, enables us to see, enables us to understand what we don’t see, what we don’t hear: The Love, an unconditional love that nourishes us.

If we say, “I need your Body, I need your Blood, I need your Life, Jesus, to live”, then also say the following words, “I need my sister, I need my brother, I need them, and all those since Adam and Eve, for they are love for me: I need love. Without love, I die, for I am in Jesus.

You are my brother, you are Jesus because what I see is the very presence of Christ who gave himself up out of love for you.

Can I deprive myself of that love, of that mercy, which gave me life? I was dead to life, I wasn’t alive, I was filled with sin and you came along, you gave me your Life, you covered me with your mercy, you made your Blood flow over me, and I tasted that Blood in my brother, in my sister.

At every moment of my life, that Blood was in me; I need it, don’t take it away from me; if you take away my brother, if you take away my sister, what am I going to do? I will therefore come to know eternal death.

That love, I need it as much as I need you, Jesus.

Teach me to love my brothers and my sisters; teach me to love my enemy, for you loved my enemy; I want to be loved, I want to love him.

How can you expect me to love myself if I don’t love the one who is my brother and who hurt me? But it wasn’t him, Lord, who did the harm – it was him, Satan – he (my brother) is me; can't you hear my prayer? Do I have the right to pray only for myself, only for those I love? It’s like mutilating myself! I can't live without seeing you.

Am I going to take one of your eyes, am I going to take one of your hands, o Jesus of love? I need you, I need your All, for your All is eternity; cut a part of you from me and I'm cutting myself off from eternity. Therefore, I'm cutting off my life if I cut off the love of my brothers and of my sisters.

When are we going to understand this? When are we going to stop mutilating ourselves? We mutilate ourselves constantly; we say we’re angry at our children because they don’t go to mass, because they’ve left their wife, because they’ve raped their child, because they’ve killed their brother; they go to war and they enjoy killing.

I need them, I need their love, I die without that love; help me.”

When are we going to understand that we’re killing ourselves? We have to learn to pray with Mary’s Heart, we have to love our brothers and our sisters unconditionally, we have to cry out towards Heaven: “Help us understand, we’re suffering where we are; we’re living in this valley of tears, we’re going to stay here until you teach us how to love ourselves.

I want to love myself and to love myself is to love those who are in me; I cannot separate myself from them.

It’s true that I'm suffering; I suffer; it’s my flesh that is suffering. I'm suffering because I have been neglected, because my children no longer come to visit me, I suffer because I have a child who has known violence, I suffer because my child is in prison, I suffer because my mother has cancer and she's dying, my child is dying, my flesh is suffering – but how much my soul suffers! It suffers even more and I can barely feel it within myself.

I feel my body suffering; my limbs hurt me so much, my thoughts; I no longer want to live like this.”

But how our soul suffers! It shouts, it cries, it’s dying; we are suffering in our soul.

The greatest suffering: our soul needs Jesus, our soul need all souls. Trying to separate one soul from other souls is to separate God's love.

God gave a soul to every flesh so that the flesh can be part of loving actions, part of loving thoughts, part of a loving look, part of loving sounds, loving feelings; but if the soul itself is dying, it cannot be what it was meant to be before its Spouse, its Lover – it needs others, it needs its All, its Spouse, its Jesus.

Jesus is The Love, Jesus is the One who placed himself upon the Cross out of love for my soul, for your soul; he placed himself upon the Cross so we could be with him for eternity, and not only two or three of us, but all his Father's children.

He couldn’t go to the Cross for one soul, for one being in his flesh – that would have been impossible for he was the Son of God, he knew his Father's love.

When he presented himself in the flesh, Man of God, he was carrying us all in his flesh, we were all in him. He loved us, he loved us with a love so great, so perfect; his love was unconditional and he presented himself whole. He said, “Yes, Father, yes, everything for you, for your Glory.” He didn’t want to separate himself from what he was, he wanted to be whole, Jesus, out of love for us.

And so, we must be like this ourselves. We must look at our Jesus of love – he's our Model of love, our yes, he's our all. Every time we turn against ourselves, we cause that perfect Being of love to suffer; is it because he's Jesus that he doesn’t suffer? This is false.

If we cry, if we yell, do those cries come from us, come from our soul, come from the breath of The Love? His Father wants his Son and the Son wants his Father. He doesn’t want his Son to be a mutilated man, he wants him whole, he wants him, he wants his Church.

We must be like this – we must be the Church, we must love unconditionally those who make us suffer, we must be true, we must accept everything: to be ridiculed, to be laughed at. It doesn’t matter if we’re the only ones in the world who understand God's love. If this is out of love for God, to save all our brothers and our sisters, it’s worth the trouble.

But we’re not alone, we’re together, we’re travelling this journey together out of love for God; we are the Church, we are true, we must support one another, we must regard our soul as God's treasure for us.

We cry over our flesh, we want our immortality, we’re so tired of hearing that word; we want happiness, we want to go to Heaven with all those years we’ve been lugging around. From year to year, we’ve been dragging around our thoughts, our judgements; we drag around our sins that have bruised this flesh that is so attached to this earth, that doesn’t want to leave this earth, this earth we laugh at, this earth we pollute, that we trample, that we don’t respect – it smells nauseating – isn't that the smell of sin, our sin?

We look at our brothers and our sisters in their sins, but it’s us we’re looking at; we’re not external to them, we’re all together.

The Mother of God watches us and she loves us like a Mother’s Heart; she sees who we are and she begs us, she begs us to love her Son, she begs us to love one another.

Love doesn’t have several languages – it’s love: it’s to love one’s brother, it’s to love one’s sister, it’s to love who we are; the sinner is the one who has disobeyed, the rapist is the one who has accepted sin.

Mother Mary didn’t ask us to love the sin; she didn’t ask us to love the rapist, but to love the child of God that he is – this is what she's asking us.

She is begging us, Mother Mary, to stay close to her; she's going to help us, she knows which point we have reached; we’re so low in our thoughts, in our way of behaving.

Even the greatest of this world, the ones we call saints – we’re the ones who are saying this – have difficulty understanding God's love.

God's love is God the Father for the Son; it’s the love of the Son for the Father, it’s the love that’s in the all of the Holy Spirit – that’s love: a love that loves, a love that has been giving itself for years, and years, and years.

Us, we look at what we are – we who have reached thirty, forty, fifty, eighty; this isn't even the blink of an eyelash and we complain about suffering.

God's eternity is a movement for us; we must love unconditionally, we must learn to grant ourselves love by not separating from one another; we must sustain one another in order to heal from our wounds, to be freed of our chains.

It was Satan who wanted to pit one against the other; it’s Satan who wants to destroy God's family: we’re God's family, we’re the Church of God.

We must relearn to breathe God's air with our brothers and our sisters of the whole world in order to draw to ourselves a breath of love.

We need that breath, we need to walk on the street and to look at our brothers and our sisters, and to love them. When we go to the mall to do our errands, we need to look at our brothers and our sisters, and to love them, to take them as they are, even if they aren’t smiling, even if they’re abrupt; we need to learn to love them, to pray for them so they can pray for us, so they can love us – whatever we give to them, we will receive in return.

We need to accept the suffering of the world – not to take it on ourselves, but to give it to Jesus with love, with peace in our flesh: let’s start loving ourselves.

We see beings suffering, beings making themselves suffer through drugs, through alcohol, through gambling, and we become sad, but what is it that they need to receive from us? Sadness? They don’t need that, they need love, they need thoughts of love: “Jesus, you love them, I love them, take care of them; everything I see, Jesus, is yours.”

Let’s not take part in Satan's game – it’s Satan who wants us to worry about them, for when we worry about them, we’re opening a door. Worry is the synonym of: “I don’t have faith in you, God; you didn’t take care of them.”

You see, this is what we do when we worry; we lack love towards our God, we don’t have faith in his almightiness.

It’s Satan who wants this, it’s Satan who wants us to worry. We must be completely love and give everything to God.

Prayer is powerful but if we pray with doubt, it’s as if we were putting water in a container, but we made holes in it beforehand, and we fill it up, and fill it up, and fill it up and it leaks; and it’s as if: “I knew it, it’s not worth praying!” Well, this is what doubt is.

We doubt that our prayers will be granted, and so our prayer goes into that container, but it empties itself through the bottom all the time, all the time, and we lose graces.

Where do the graces go? They don’t go to our brothers and our sisters, they don’t go to us, they are lost because of our doubt while we were praying.

When we pray, we must have faith: “Thank you, Jesus, I know you have answered my prayer; thank you, Mary, for having interceded because this is being accomplished. Everything has already been accomplished in Jesus. I'm not waiting for my will to happen, I no longer have my will, it’s your Will; whatever happens will be your Will; if they have to go to the right to one day go to the left, thank you, Lord, this is being accomplished as you wish.” This is praying.

I am asking for a healing: “Thank you, I know that I have been healed and I will feel that healing the moment when it will be completed, for the moment we ask for a healing, that is when it begins.” There is healing but he begins by wherever he must go in order to reach what needs to be healed.

If we ask for our eyes to be healed while this is a consequence of our choices before the temptation of gluttony, then he will give graces to heal the gluttony. Once the gluttony is healed, this will bring graces of moderation, for we have lacked moderation. Once that is healed, we will obtain graces of love for one’s neighbour, for because of all this, we have lacked love towards our neighbour, and this brought anger to us: this anger, it must be healed. Once this anger is healed, it will heal our lack of faith, for we have, due to our anger, lacked faith in God who wanted to grant us graces, graces of humility; these graces of humility, we needed them for we were proud.

You see, all this is a journey; only God knows what must be healed in order to lead us to our complete healing.

God will neglect nothing, for one day we will be before a person who will annoy us, and if we have been healed of anger, we won't respond to his attacks and he, he will receive; he will receive love from us, he will see a look filled with peace and he will receive, and we’ll receive, and you'll receive: the Church will receive.

You see, God neglects nothing; he knows what is good for us.

Let’s be assured that when we ask for a healing, all is accomplished: this is the Church.

Jesus isn't deaf; when he hears a request for healing, he makes the request to his Father, and his Father listens to the Son and we obtain: everything is grace for us.

Why is the Church so sick, why does the Church lack faith? It’s that we have all contributed to this, absolutely all of us.

We must come back to life, we must place in God's hands our sufferings, our shortcomings; we are true, we are love, we were made from a loving flesh – we weren't made of impure flesh.

If our flesh is subjected to sin, this is because we have taken what was external to us and we have let it enter inside us, because in the very beginning, our flesh was perfect, for God, when he created Adam, he created him from earth and his earth was perfect.

For this is God the Creator and there is no imperfection in God, and God created the earth with his love; God, he is the All and God, he contains all.

All that is visible and invisible is in God, nothing exists outside of God. And so, our flesh was perfect in the very beginning. Today, it’s imperfect and only God can make it perfect.

We will have to give our yeses constantly, constantly, in order to accomplish ourselves as brothers and as sisters in order to live the Church, love the Church, love who we are: we are all one whole.

You see, we suffer from separations; we suffer because others don’t want us, but we want them, we want the flesh of the flesh; the flesh of the flesh is in us, it’s part of our flesh; our flesh knows all other flesh, for it came from the flesh of: Adam.

God took a part of Adam and he made Eve; Eve bore God's creation; God's creations bore God's creations, and it’s still the same flesh.

When Eve bore, she bore with what she had received: Adam’s flesh, and it’s Adam’s flesh that we have – it isn't another flesh. There is only one flesh and it’s Adam’s flesh; it is us.

And so, you see, God is enabling us to understand the importance of not going against our flesh, the importance of not allowing our thoughts, which are part of our flesh, to be mutilated; we cannot separate ourselves from a thought.

Have good thoughts and we will receive good thoughts: “Whatever you sow you shall reap; sow thoughts of love, you shall reap thoughts of love; sow thoughts of forgiveness, you shall reap forgiveness and this shall heal you.”

We form but one Church, there aren’t two Churches, there's one Church – it is Jesus. We are either love or we are not love.

And so, when we will walk, we’ll see our sister walking; when we’ll hear someone talking, we’ll hear ourselves talking.

How can we imagine this? We’re so attached to our flesh, to our features, to our hair, to our way of seeing; we have fallen in love with what we are, we have become smitten with ourselves, we have carried out the same movement as Satan.

When Satan refused to adore the Son of God, he looked at himself, he admired himself, he contemplated himself, he became the Proud one.

And so, let’s not be proud, let’s not become attached only to our way of seeing, let’s not listen to only our words; the words of my brother, of my sister, are my words, their action are my actions.

If I don’t like what I see about myself because this displeases God, well then, give to God what is God's: “Take this Jesus, this belongs to you; I don’t want any of this, you brought it unto death; I don’t want to keep this in my flesh, this is yours.”

You see, God instructs us through the almightiness of the Holy Spirit; what we have just heard comes from Heaven; it’s Heaven that is speaking in each one of us to make us understand love, what we are.

The Love is speaking to us, The Love wants us to be true before the being who’s looking at himself in the mirror; if we look at ourselves in the mirror, we have to see the truth and remain at peace before the truth.

When we look at ourselves and we find that we have failings, well, we’re looking at what we have done with our brothers and our sisters.

We have given God shortcomings of love and we’re incapable of looking at ourselves without suffering; we find that we’re filled with failings: a nose that is too long, nostrils that are too big, a mouth that is too pointy, sloping shoulders, crooked legs, a back that is too broad, buttocks that are too flat, feet that are too flat, too short; do you want more? There are all kinds of things.

Every being on earth, since the sin, has not been satisfied with what he was because he had lost God's beauty; he had lost the gaze of God, the hearing of God, the words of God, the movements of God, the feelings of God, and God wants to return all this to us with what we are; he isn't going to change us but he will improve us, he will transform us into beings of love; what made us imperfect – he wants it for himself.

And so, let’s be completely love for God, let’s love one another, let’s give Mother Mary acts of love by behaving as she, she wishes: “My little children.”

She wants us to be her little children; that’s all she's expecting from us: little children.

She watches over us with her Heart, she knows who we are; through our suffering body, she can see our heart, our heart that hungers for love, our heart that thirsts for her Son; she knows that the tiny little child that we are wants love, wants to be loved, and she takes care of us, Mother Mary.

If tonight we heard these words, that’s because she had prepared our heart to listen to the Lord’s voice so we could heal from certain wounds.

When we say ‘we’, this is the flesh, Adam’s flesh: our flesh. We can no longer think that we have one flesh for our use – we have one flesh and it’s the one God gave us from Adam.

And so, with love, with tenderness, we will offer Mother of love moments of love. We’re going to sing for Mary, but with our hearts; we’re going to participate in these songs that will rise up to Heaven, and these songs, let’s offer them with what we are: a flesh that is learning, that is learning to love unconditionally, a flesh that wants to be completely for God, absolutely all for God.

Our flesh is beginning to learn to say yes.

Yes, earlier our soul was giving us graces, but now, God is teaching us that our flesh is talking, we’re giving it more room; our flesh itself is beginning to say yeses to God, for when we sing, in our flesh we feel the vibration of the graces God is giving us so we can praise him and sing for God. This is what we must be before God.

And so, if you would like, we’re going to take this time and offer songs of love to Mary; let’s allow our soul to sing for God, let’s allow our soul to sing for Mary.


♪♪♪:                 Blessed are you, Mary, for Jesus, your Child,

                       blessed are you, Mary, we are your children.