Gathering of Love With God's Action in Sudbury, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus





♪♪♪:                Glory to you, Father, Alleluia!

Glory to you, Son, Alleluia!

Glory to the Spirit, Alleluia!



God the Father: Children who want to hear your interior, children who want appear before your Father as a little child, welcome God's presence; let yourselves be enveloped by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Only God can enable you to enter within yourselves; only God can turn you into obedient children, abandoned in his hands.

To want to abandon yourselves in God's hands is to want to welcome what he wants for you, for all those who are in you.

You are unity, you are one before God; when God gazes upon you, he gazes upon all his children, not one is missing.

Receive, my beloved, receive the grace of God, the one that makes you beautiful before God, the one that renders to you your state of children of God.

All that you are at this very moment, it is God who willed it; what God expects of you, my children, is complete abandonment while you are in this world, in this world that forgets that I, I created it, this world that loses itself in its thoughts, this world that loses itself in its works.

All work from God bears the grace of God; the works of men that do not bear the grace of God are not a work, they are destruction.

Children of my Will, look at your heart, your heart that beats for God, your heart that is learning to live in the love of your neighbour, an unconditional love, a love that gives, offers, knows, abandons itself, a love that wants to be for God.

Love comes from me and it must return to me; this is why I am preparing you.

I am preparing you to live daily in my graces, for the days which are coming, my children, are days that will enable you to know my Will: a Will of love, a Will made up of my Volition and not your volition.

I know what is good for you, my children; I know what this world requires in order to return to me.

When I speak of this world, my children, I am speaking of all those who look at themselves: all those who create works for themselves; this world keeps to itself and it is incapable of living in God: incapable of understanding God's graces.

You who give yourselves, you who learn, my children, to recognize my Will, do not claim to be children of my Will without acknowledging that you are very little, without knowing that you are nothing before God's power, but everything in my graces.

You must be attentive to what is happening at present in your life in order to help your brothers and your sisters of the entire world. What you have learned must be, to you, a source of nourishment, daily nourishment in your life in order to taste what I want you to taste: perfect happiness, eternal happiness.

There is much suffering in your life, and so receive, my children: through the almightiness of God, receive these words, these words that lead you to within yourselves, deeply, very deeply, to where you, you are not able to go, but where he, God, wants you to go.

You are entering a world of suffering, you are entering a place where there is darkness, where there are cries, where children no longer turn to God; they walk amongst others and they are so alone, my children.

The children of God want to behave like the children who refused God; they do not realize that they are going directly towards their sufferings; I am making you walk among them so you can give me their sufferings.

Listen to their cries, listen to their anger; they are incapable of understanding that their anger comes from their choice before the sin of anger.

Satan nourishes the sin of anger and they enter within themselves and everything becomes confused within them; they are incapable of holding back their pain, and their pain cries out in words: give me this, my children.

Can you hear those cries? They are the cries of your children, they are the cries of your grandchildren; they are incapable of restraining themselves, for there is violence within them. They are experiencing frustration, indignation, mockery, indifference, fear; they are inclined to do the same things over and over again.

Do not cry over them; learn to give me that anger, consequence of their choice before the sin of anger. This brings them graces and this brings peace to you, my children, peace that you need in certain situations: peace that teaches you to be patient, peace that teaches you to look at them with love, to not judge them, peace that teaches you to not keep to yourselves your need to go to them to take on their sufferings, peace that shows you that you can do nothing for them, but that God can do anything for them.

Dive into that peace; such is my Will.

Receive, my children, for within you there are healings; within you, a great peace infuses you; it flows in each part of your body.

Your thoughts, your thoughts which were against God, against yourselves, against your neighbour, are disappearing; they are making room for thoughts of love, thoughts of gratitude, thoughts that lead you to acknowledge that you are in God's grace, the grace of God's mercy.

A great joy is being felt by your soul: your soul is praising God, it sings for God, it allows itself to be enveloped by graces of love which come from its Spouse.

Children of my Will, you have received; come with me again – allow yourselves to be taken up by my Will, allow yourselves to be freed of your chains, allow yourselves to be healed, my children. This world needs you, it needs to feel that you have confidence in God.

There are children who give in to all sorts of impure movements: movements that lead them far from me, movements that teach them to have faith in their human will, in the will of the men of this world who think only of power, in the will of the women of this world who think only of domination.

Allow me to enter within you!

Those children have listened to evil; they have let themselves be seduced by Satan with deceitful words; they have known adversity. They wanted to fight malice themselves by taking for granted that malice must be fought with strength, human strength, the human character.

Man learned how to defend himself on his own and he wrote books showing God's children how to defend themselves against attacks from their neighbour. They developed words, words that demean, words that humiliate, words that control, words that dominate, and they used those words against their brothers to punish them, to create their own form of justice.

Children learned those words and they themselves fell into Satan's trap, developing mental illnesses, emotional illnesses, physical illnesses.

This produced an opening for Satan and Satan saw to it that other children learned, through untruthful, misleading methods, to turn to those sick children who were using deceptive words, who wanted to delve into the conscious, the subconscious, and the unconscious, to bring to the surface thoughts, emotions that were under the control of the illness which arose from bad choices before sin. They brought this back up to the surface saying that this was going to heal them.

Children have let themselves get caught up in these movements, movements that were bringing them sufferings and were leading to depression and as far as suicide, as far as divorce, up to the point of no longer fully exercising their responsibilities as fathers and mothers, leaving tiny little children all on their own, destroying their emotional lives.

Children of love, look at those children; have you not been part of this yourselves as well? I am enveloping you in my light; I will seek out from within you things you have done and have been against me, against your soul, against your neighbour; I bring this back up to the surface and through my fire of love, I heal; I am removing evil from you, I am immersing you in my light of liberation.

A great fire is being felt within you: you no longer bear a grudge against those methods, for those methods the children learned and that came from Satan, can no longer affect you, can no longer turn you into slaves of your pain, for I free you of your sufferings, I am teaching you to go forward in my light, to be in my light and to remain there.

You are learning to respect every stage of your life, for you are leaving all the room to God; you have faith in God now, no longer wanting to have faith in the human being who let himself be deceived by Satan.

Everything about you allows itself to be taken up by this movement of love; your limbs, my children, recognize God's grace, recognize that the Divine Will of God is the movement of everything you are.

Be part of this liberation, my children; I am the light, I am within you, you are in God's light, God is with you.

It is God's love, my children, that heals; it is God's love that makes you strong before your weakness. Because you abandon yourselves, you no longer have your human will, you have given it to God and God nourishes you with his Divine Will – Will of love that knows your past, that enables you to live in the present, and that will allow you to know your future the moment, my children, when the Divine Will shall move within you.

All has been accomplished.

Be joyful to know these movements; within you, children are being healed of their bad habits of turning to those misleading methods; be attentive to the Word of your God.

There are children who need you, children are crying out, my children, for justice; with their human will they have learned to use words against their brothers, they have learned to turn against their brothers with weapons, and because of their human will, they have learned to destroy what was good.

They believed they were destroying pain, injustice, whereas they nourished injustice, whereas they used violence against violence. They raised the sword and they perished by the sword; they taught their children to live the consequence of their choices before the sin of hatred.

The children of those children live in violence; they do violence to their own flesh and blood, not respecting their own flesh and blood, who are their own children, carrying out impure acts against them, making their domination known to appease their senses, raping people to satisfy themselves.

Those people are caught up in great anger, for they recognize that they are nourishment for Satan. Incapable of stopping themselves, they try to justify themselves by making use of the law to continue their evil acts, turning to unhealthy sexuality: couples that exchange partners, people of the same sex who commit acts to satisfy their own senses, turning to animals to gain pleasures.

Children of my Will, take these movements, give me these consequences, consequences of their choices before this injustice, injustice that came from Satan.

It is Satan who is making them taste that injustice, telling them this is how they are and that if others do not accept them as they are, it is because they are wrong, and that they have the power, through their strength, to obtain what they want.

Then, what difference is there with those who use their words and destroy love? Those who use weapons destroy love; those who use their physical strength destroy love; those who do not respect their flesh to satisfy their senses destroy love; those who turn to their own sex destroy love; those who do not respect their couple destroy love; those who turn to creatures inferior to them destroy love.

Satan is against love; he wants nothing to do with it. Satan is the cause of this lack of love towards God, towards themselves, towards their neighbour; they have the choice to refuse this but the weakness of this world prevents them from nourishing themselves with God's graces.

You are my children and because you are children of the Light, you are stronger, my children, than the darkness. I am teaching you to use your yes, to use this weapon of love against the darkness; give me those consequences, give me those choices, give me the cause, which is sin, and receive, receive graces of love.

It is love that defeats the sin of hatred, it is love that heals your interior, it is love that frees you of your chains; what they receive through you, my children, you also receive.

Be in this movement of love; feel your limbs, my children: your limbs are laying themselves on the Cross, the Cross is freedom; do you feel your freedom? Do you feel your peace? God is taking everything about you; he is transforming you into children of God, loved by God, gazed upon by God.

God is enabling you to know God's strength, it is within you; be in this movement of love.

The Church is you, my children; the Church is in God's power, for the Church is God.

You are in this movement of healing, you are in this movement of liberation.

Take, my children, for I give to you so that they might receive; children are receiving, children of God are receiving love and you are receiving; allow yourselves to be transformed so that they too can feel this healing.

Time belongs to God, my children.

I will show you to develop patience; I will show you how to remain at peace in order to savour God's time, in order to be in that light, in order to always be attentive to God's Will and to no longer look to your will, a will that is no longer essential to you.

You leave all that aside now that you know that the Divine Will envelops you; it leads you again into the past, my children, so that you may live the present.

Some children are asking themselves questions; some very curious children are using God's intelligence to learn what is against God.

Some children are calling things into question in order to find out what they would need to go forward in a world of energy, in a world in which one can heal oneself, in a world in which one can send out waves of energy to reach other children, in a world in which power serves to obtain a better paying job, a position higher than another, an energy that reminds them they have inner power, that the flesh has that power, that intelligence is not developed to its full potential: misleading powers, powers that cause them to search where they cannot understand, but that their thoughts want to learn to control, to search, to know the future by studying cards, by scrutinizing the stars, by consulting the horoscope, by buying stones, by using metal, by opening a door to gods, by placing them in their homes, by giving them products such as food, money, words, so they can obtain power for them, material possessions; those gods are gods that come from fallen angels – their master is Satan.

Those children have been deceived, and they deceive the world and they let themselves be deceived; they want to control time, they want to control God's power.

One does not control God; one lets God act, but because they want to control, because they take themselves for gods, they live their consequences and the world suffers.

Sickness is everywhere and it is spreading rapidly: we give birth to sick children, we give birth to disabled children, young people are grappling with unknown illnesses, and this is multiplying.

The earth is allowing itself to be enveloped by a destructive layer and the winds are rising, causing impure matter to swirl up from the ground suffocating the atmosphere, and children are suffering: consequences of that unhealthy power.

They wanted to stir up all that was impure, using this and sending it all around the world: children are receiving this energy of matter which is accompanied by spells that paralyse, that suffocate, that leave scars upon children, and those children are inclined to commit suicide, are inclined to live like animals, not knowing where to go to take a rest from their own actions against themselves.

This world is on the road to perdition and all this is the work of those powers: the powers of darkness.

Children of light, these consequences, my children, are in your lives as well.

Keep your peace, your joy, your faith, and give God every movement of darkness whose origin comes from Satan; whatever the deception might be, God knows, God has all power to stop it.

Give all the choices of God's children in the face of sin, the sin of idolatry, that of placing oneself in God's power: to control the power of God, to act in God's place.

You have your yes within you and that yes, my children, is a yes of love nourished by the yes of the Son of God made Man to save this world: all has been accomplished.

Your yes must have the momentum of accomplishment; it must be placed in front of you and walk in the light, have faith that God is with you, not be afraid of demons, continue going forward and uttering your yes of liberation, of exorcism, my children.

You are, through the sacrament of Baptism, priests; you are, through the sacrament of Baptism, the chosen people; you are, through the sacrament of Baptism, part of God's royalty.

Go forth in that light; when you go forward as children of God, you pass through the darkness and the darkness cannot hold you back.

You are in God's power because such is the Will of God. It is not you who act, it is God. Your yes becomes an active yes through my Will.

Be confident that I am the All of all that is, of all that has been and all that shall be. I lead you to the discovery of your power in the yes; this is for you, my children: healing, liberation.

Be completely love, love is you. Everything that is Satan is hatred, is destruction. Everything that is you is love, and love will renew the face of the earth, will turn you into new beings, beings in God's likeness, perfect in all ways.

The movement of purification, my children, is within you; let yourselves be transformed; you are the glorious Cross.

The glorious Cross, my children, is in place, it is there!

When you are completely attentive within yourselves, you feel its radiance within you; my children, you are already living your glory.

Be in this movement of light: it draws you to it, it gives you its strength, the glorious Cross is Christ.

You shall soon see this much-awaited sign. God is preparing you at this very moment to look upon the glorious Cross: you are movement within the Movement.

The earth must accept to regard itself as being the pure creation of God; you are the salt of the earth, you are the wheat of the earth, you are the pure water of the earth, you are the pure air of the earth, you are every movement of the earth, you are my creatures chosen to be royal subjects in my Kingdom on earth.

You see, my children, I want you to be completely within yourselves now, but very little, little, little, in order to take on the frailty of the world, the children of this world who look to the wealth of this world, to the knowledge of this world, and who take pride in it.

Receive within you my humility, in order to protect you from pride, pride that nourishes the men, women and children of this world, those who regard themselves as being part of this world: a world of knowledge, a world rich in its learning, a world that feeds itself with its prideful nourishment. It does not realize that it is poisoning itself every day; it does not realize that it is destroying itself every day; it does not realize that it is building its tomb every day. This world of pride is on the road to its own ruin, it has already begun to self-destruct.

All that was made with man’s pride will disappear from the surface of the earth; through his own research, he destroys himself, he is eating himself from the inside out and he vomits his excrement, but in his pride, he envelops himself in his own corruption. He does not see what God sees, he does not hear what God hears, he cannot understand, for he has practically no limbs left; he does not grasp God's power; he does not want to listen to God's call, which is asking him to correct his behaviour, to return to him.

Because of this, this world will come to a tragic end, for it is a tragedy to live in one’s own suffering, to bring children into the world and to feed them poison of one’s own making.

The children of this world are the consequence of the choice of this world before Satan.

The Antichrist reigns over this world; the Antichrist is power, domination; he wants to reign over God's children so as to be recognized as the Son of God, for he claims to have as much power as God himself.

This world is letting itself be deceived by this vile being who is power; you shall soon see this evil being who came into this world through Satan's power; he shall reign for a time over this world, openly, but you, the children of God, you shall recognize his mark.

You will not be afraid of him, for his tricks will be known to you; you will speak amongst yourselves of his defeat; you shall be righteous children before God, loyal to God in his commandments, in his teachings; your flesh will come to know liberation.

Amongst yourselves, you shall be called children loyal to God, children of God, for a mark will have been placed upon you and that mark will be linked to the glorious Cross, for you will shine, my children.

Such is the Will of God, such is the love of God.

The earth is you yourselves; you are that nourishment which God has given you; God has given you his Flesh, his Blood ceaselessly; you have become nourishment for one another, giving one another love, returning love without ever stopping.

There will be sharing as you have never known; you will not suffer from pride, for you will be humble children, simple children. This shall be your power before this world that will destroy itself into oblivion.

God is slowly revealing to you what is coming; let God nourish you, do not try to find out what God knows, remain simple, humble before the Will of God.

There will be more words for you; those words will bring you more and more for, children of my Will, you are in the movement of purification and this movement, my children, is within you.

Every movement will have to be purified; a single flesh that is within you is movement of God, through God, with God, in order to know the Glory of God.

All is being fully accomplished; you have received and you shall receive; others will be called and will join you.

Patience, my children, is upon you; God's action shall be made known to you when God so desires. Such is the Will of God.

What you have just received, my children, is for you: take and eat – such is the Will of God – this is done through the power of the Holy Spirit.

All has been accomplished.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: What we have just heard is for us, it’s for us who are children, just as it is for all others on earth.

If we have been chosen to live this moment, it is to bring to others what they require to live other moments, as shall we.

It is in God's accomplishment that we go forward, not in our accomplishment; nothing comes from us and nothing will come from us.

All is in the Divine Will; the Divine Will is God.

He turns us into children of the Divine Will, but as long as there are children on earth who are not children of the Divine Will in their yes, we will allow ourselves to become accomplished in the present without trying to understand, without wanting to understand: God nourishes us with his Divine Will.

It’s not up to us to know, but it’s up to us to accomplish ourselves in the yes; the yes is for us, it’s a movement that we came to know through the power of God.

The yes came from God himself – it’s the Divine Will; the Divine Will gave us a fiat that ensured that the Divine Will come among us, and Mother Mary carried us in her womb so the Divine Will could be in our life in the present moment.

All is being accomplished as God wills; time belongs to God, all is eternal; we are in a time within eternal life and we are accomplishing ourselves.

What is in the past becomes the present in the Divine Will – this is what we have just lived. What is the present becomes active in the Divine Will – this is what we have just lived. The future becomes the present for us – this is what God wants for us.

Nothing can come from us, but all is granted to us. We are living these movements like tiny little children who allow themselves to be enveloped in God's love. This is how he wants us to be and this is how he wants us to be for our brothers and our sisters: the flesh of our flesh.

We are all Adam and we are all Eve; we are what we are; we must regard ourselves as being proud of having been chosen, chosen to give him what he is expecting. He wants us to give him the consequences of our own choices before sin.

He makes us strong through all this: this comes from God and not from us. We live, we feel sin in our flesh, and this doesn’t overwhelm us because we are in God's strength. It’s God who takes everything and it’s God who does everything for us – this is what purification is all about.

If we were within ourselves with our human will acting for us, we wouldn’t be able to live sin, to feel it in our flesh in order to give it to God. This would be impossible, for it would be a constant knife in our heart that would open up, and open up, and open up.

God is the Power; his graces nourish us constantly so that we can be purified. To be purified is to be in Jesus’ movement; it isn't our movement, it’s the movement of Jesus, of the Son of God sent to save us. We’re living these movements in him: here is our choice.

We have died now in our soul and in our flesh; we have not only died in our faith, for when Paul said: if I were part of the law, I would not be in Jesus, but as I am in Jesus, I live in my faith, I live in love, I abandon myself in that love, I leave all the room to Jesus, his love keeps me alive, I learn to acknowledge and to give, I learn that I am a sinner and I nourish myself with his Body, I nourish myself with his Blood, I live my faith.

Today, I can't say to each of you that we’re living our faith: we have died in Jesus in order to be entirely faith.

Our soul and our flesh are the movement of love in its entirety, and God enables the being that we are to live by exposing it before the faces of all God's children, by not leaving a single sin within us, but by showing it to all the children on earth so as to bear witness to faith in Mercy: this is our judgement.

No human being can reveal his sin before all the children on earth in order to lead them to repent; no child can do this. Even if he has faith, he cannot carry out this movement for only faith can do so: to have faith and to be faith are two things, but God has this power – he has the power to render us in his image.

To give up our human will, to give up what we are, is to no longer be, it’s to be Christ in our entirety: to be the one who forgives, to be the one who offers, to be the one who loves unconditionally, the one who accepts to carry the cross of all the world’s children with love, without ever having a single regret, without having a single thought for himself, a single gaze for himself, without hearing anything for himself, a single movement for himself, a single feeling for himself, to be what Christ is in all things.

Only God can be this movement; we’re not capable of being so, but God is capable of taking us so we can be so.

This is the movement of purification: to be a whole among the whole’s to form but one Church, the Church: Jesus.

The Church shall be pure and as long as a single whole is not yet within the All of all whole’s, well, we will be movement of purification in Jesus, for Jesus, for the greater glory.

He spoke of the glorious Cross; the glorious Cross is in the sky, the glorious Cross is in place; there is but a fine veil that prevents us from seeing the glorious Cross; God the Father will lift the veil.

This morning, he said to me, “Patience” and he said, “My time is mine, accomplish yourself.”

I didn’t understand what he was saying, but I wasn’t meant to understand; it’s not up to me to reveal what this means; it’s up to him because this comes from him.

And so, I don’t give myself the right to think even though it could mean this or it could mean that; I leave all the room to God; such is the Will of God and this is what he asks of us in all things.

Everything revealed to us belongs to God; it doesn’t belong to us. We must accomplish ourselves every instant, in the present, in the Will of God, the Divine Will, and not in our will: everything belongs to God, absolutely everything.

God is turning us into children who will leave all the room to God; he will use us when he so desires in order to heal, to liberate, the moment when God wills it.

Words will emerge from us and those words will act, but those words won't belong to us – they will belong to God, for only God has the power to heal, only God has the power to liberate. We don’t have that power but the more healings we receive, the more liberations we receive, and the more we will be instruments of love in his hands.

Children are suffering around us: they will heal, they will be liberated by God; he will use who we are when he so desires and we will have the patience to wait, for such is the Will of God.

We received this grace earlier, we also received other graces; all this acts within us without our introducing our human will; this doesn’t concern us.

What we have just received – these gifts belong to the power of the Holy Spirit – they don’t belong to us. He will use them through us when he so desires, in the way he desires; all shall be done in simplicity, in humility.

All has already been accomplished.

A single word you hear within you will become, to you, a movement of accomplishment.

We have no need to know if this is being accomplished or if this isn't being accomplished, for if this isn't being accomplished, that’s because we will have lacked faith. However, it will be accomplished nevertheless, but because we will have doubted, we will live the consequence and we will live in our ignorance, but God will work through us.

It’s up to God to give us back the stuff that God's children are made of, for we were all called to live in the Divine Will with the power of the Divine Will on earth.

Every one of us, we must learn to be entirely in the hands of the Divine Will so that the Church can be in its beauty, in its constant awesomeness, for we shall be in constant awe before what we are for others and before what others are to us.

Such is the Will of God; let’s rejoice to hear what God wants for us.

You will hear other words which will come from human will; don’t let those words hurt you – human will hurts itself.

Remember the words he told us earlier: “This world feeds on its garbage, it vomits its garbage and it clothes itself with it: this is pride.”

Human will is full of pride, human will says words that turn against itself; it destroys the being who listens to it, and the being who is listening to it becomes proud of this and clothes himself with what he has as a result of his words; this cripples him, this makes him sick, this destroys him to the point of dying.

Let’s not let ourselves become overwhelmed by human will, but let’s give to God the child of God who is grappling with his human will: he's living his consequences. His consequences are part of us; he is in our flesh, for we are the flesh of the flesh; we must give this to God, we must give the choices.

It’s the human will that chooses; it is proud of its own knowledge and, because of this, it doesn’t stop listening to the Deceiver: Satan.

He spoke to us of the Antichrist; we know that the New Age, the gods, anything that revolves around all these hoaxes is the Antichrist.

He will make himself known to us; we who know, we will recognize him when he presents himself, for we will have seen those children, those children who are his work.

The simpler and the humbler we will be, the more we will recognize those children who have let themselves be taken in, and who let themselves be nourished by that poison; we will also recognize, through suffering, God's children and we will go and get them.

God is sending us to bring back his lambs; he's gathering his flock from around the world. We who are here, do you think that God doesn’t have the power to use us to go and bring back a child who is in Ethiopia, in Japan, in Tunisia? He has that power.

We have a yes that belongs to us, we have learned to give it, and so, he uses it; such is the power of God, such is the love of God.

We are living the greatest movement of God's mercy; he is enabling us to dive into it: we are diving into Jesus and we are going forward.

We know his power so little and yet, he uses that little nothing that we are and he acts with his tenderness, his love; he's turning us into children of light and the light cannot be placed under the bushel, the light cannot be hidden.

God places his children so they can shine, and when they shine, it envelops the whole earth; this is the Will of God and we are children of the Light.

For us, every day turns into movements of love for the flesh we carry and we, we are in the yes: in the Divine Will!

Our little yes tastes the Divine Will and we let ourselves be nourished; we accept to be where we are, standing on our two legs or sitting down, not able to act as others do, but how active and powerful God is! He doesn’t look at his children to see if one is this way or that way, he uses them: such is his power.

When in God's hands, the smallest one among us becomes such grace for all the children of the world, for all the children of the world!

Remember Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus – she said she never left her convent and yet, she became a doctor of the law.

And so, if God turned a tiny little child into a doctor of the law, then we, children of the Divine Will, as little as we may be, he uses our yes and he turns it into such power that none of us can imagine what is happening within the Church.

The interior of the Church has no age – it is. Let’s understand what we have just heard: children of the Divine Will, past, present and future. Such is the Will of God.

You see, he's using us throughout eternity.

Let’s be in grace in order to return it to God for all we have heard.

We are going to leave a special place for Lina, Lina who opened up her heart of a child to us, a heart ready to let her heart speak in order to bring us light.

Thank you, Lord.



 ♪♪♪:                Carry the light, life will burst forth,

                        carry the light, hope will be reborn.