Gathering of Love With God's Action in Sudbury, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-10-12 - Part 1


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The Will of God is to lead us where he so desires. If we are here, thatís because God wills it; he wants to grant us graces, he wants to grant us his Presence.

What God is doing within each one of us, he is doing for all the children of the world.

Understand that when the Holy Spirit takes hold of his children, he cannot limit his movement: he takes hold of all children. We are God's children, we are God's chosen ones.

Every movement is a movement that leads us to one another; when we walk, we cannot walk alone; we walk together because this movement doesnít come from us, it comes from eternal Life. It is Jesus, the Word, it isn't us; the Life of Jesus is within us, therefore, it is the Life of Jesus that enables us to walk.

Yes, we have our human will that orders our spirit to walk, and our spirit orders our limbs to move, and then, our movements are set in motion, but are they in motion where if not in God? It is Jesus who enables the being that we are to move.

Itís like an electric current: when we flip the switch, a movement takes place. In order create an electric current, we had to bring about contact between two wires: there's a positive wire and a negative wire that have just made contact, and, the moment they touched, an electric current was created: electricity was made. There was always a wire that was constantly charged, and there was another wire that wasnít. When we flipped the switch, we then allowed the charged wire to come into contact with the wire that wasnít. The one that wasnít charged felt something passing through it, and the light was turned on when the wire felt that current passing through it.

We, we are movements of love; when we are in God's movement and we decide to walk, itís as if we had just lifted a switch to the on position, and then, because we did that, a movement rose up within us that fed that movement: life. Life came to touch the being that we are and we were able to walk.

Without Jesus, there would be no movement; Jesus is the Life, it isn't us. Jesus nourishes our soul with his graces, and our soul, it nourishes us; therefore, weíre always in a movement of love.

When we agree to live in Jesus, we live in that movement of love through the Life of Jesus, and our entire being feels the effects of this. We feel it all over: from the tips of our toes to the top of our head; everything is in Jesus, everything flowed through every, every, every part of us; there isn't a single part inside us that hasnít been in the movement of Jesusí Life.

When we are in that movement of love and we live for Jesus, Jesus inundates us with love; and when we are love, we are at peace, we are joyful, we trust in Eternal Life.

But when one lives oneís life without giving it to Jesus, we are part of a current of love; that current of love is fed by all those who are in Jesus. Itís as though we are the movement that gives life to all those who are within us. And because they donít want to live in Jesus whereas we, we do want to live in Jesus, and because we donít want to become separated from our brothers and sisters of the whole world, then we are the movement that brings life to them, we are that little current that never stops feeding their lives.

Jesus, he comes through in that little current and he feeds the lives of all our brothers and our sisters. We are movements of love, and Jesus is the current of love that we need.

What God wants to do with us tonight is to turn us into that current of love for all those we carry within us; we are in Jesus, we are in our brothers and our sisters.

Jesus is the Eternal Life, Jesus is the Eternal Flesh; eternal life is within us, and everything we are is flesh in the Flesh of Jesus.

We have often viewed our flesh as something that came from us. We know that there are chromosomes inside us that contain many movements, and we know that those chromosomes, with all those movements, come from a sperm that fertilized the egg of a woman, and this enabled us to grow in our motherís womb. The chromosome is flesh, the sperm is flesh.

From the very beginning, man received from the Creator everything he needed to bear life and the Life gave a part of himself to the life that was meant to bear all that came from the Life.

Adam gave a part of himself and Eve came to be. It was God, in his almightiness, who took the flesh and who created flesh. Eve is the flesh of Adam, and he, Adam, is the flesh of Jesus. He was created with matter that was earth, and he received the breath of the Life: the breath of God.

Jesus was even before everything was created, because he became flesh by the Will of God. We must not think that Jesus, the Son of God, was created: the Son of God was engendered but the Son of God made Man came to be by the Will of God.

The power of God made it possible for his Son to stand before him, holding what he had within himself: matter.

Before all came to be, the Son of God made Man came to be: when the Son of God entered all matter, all that was matter came to be. It was necessary for matter to be present, it was necessary for matter to be in his movement so that all could be created. Therefore, the universe was created, everything that was in the universe was created. The earth was created, everything surrounding the earth was created, everything on earth was created, all the earth was to contain was created. Therefore, all that was made of matter came from the Son of God made Man by the Will of God, by the love of God.

What we understand is that we were all in Jesus before everything came to be.

When Adam was created, he was created with the matter that was in Jesus made Man: Adam received life, therefore, Adam is life, and it was from life that woman received flesh. When Eve received flesh, she encountered life and when life entered the flesh, life multiplied.

Adam is the love of God, of God in all his beauty. Adam received God's unconditional love.

All that was created, was created out of love, and all this became a current present in Adam. When Adam was created, he received from God what God himself was: eternal life was entering the life being created Ė therefore, that movement was from God!

Is it possible to remove from Adam that which comes from God? Even if Adam had been cut up into little pieces, life would still have been present. Everything that formed Adam was in Jesus, therefore, Adam was composed of what Jesus was; Adamís flesh fully originated from the Eternal Flesh of Jesus. Even if we tear a tiny part of Adamís flesh away, as little as it may be, it comes from the Eternal Flesh that is Jesus! Therefore, that current, which comes from Jesus and which entered Adam, is Eternal Life, is Eternal Love, is Eternal Movement. And so, Adam had been in the movement of Eternal Life, which turned him into unconditional love for God: all that came from Adam came from the Divine Will.

It is the Divine Will that created all matter; matter is the Divine Will in its eternal movement, in its eternal love. The Divine Will is God in his Will; we can understand the Divine Will only if we understand God. Only the Divine Will is able to understand the Divine Will, because the Divine Will is always in motion within its movement: God who desires, God who is present, the Alpha and the Omega.

The Divine Will has no timetable, it IS.

Jesus is the Divine Will: will of his Father, love of his Father; the Father in the Son and the Son in the Father, Will of love that never stops giving itself, Will that never stops presenting itself, Will that never stops stirring within its eternal love.

All this was in Adam; Adam was receiving the Divine Will from the Divine Will. What Adam was made of was created by the Divine Will and everything Adam received came from the Divine Will: to be in order to receive.

God was giving what he was and he was able to see his work Ė he could see Adam, he was seeing his work. The Divine Will that was seeing what the Divine Will desired: a human child in the Divine Will allowing himself to be nourished by the Divine Will, allowing himself to be loved by the Divine Will, the Divine Will taking everything and the Divine Will giving everything back Ė movement that never stops giving, movement that never stops giving again and again.

Adam was God's movement for God: he had the eyes of God, he had the hearing of God, he had the words of God, he had the mind of God. His movements were in the movement of God, his entire being was in a constant effervescence of God's love, for Adam was well pleased in the Divine Will and the Divine Will was nourishing Adam by its movement of Volition.

Adam could not separate himself from this movement; he was in that movement, for everything he tasted entered him and became part of all that he was, and whatever he was, was in the Flesh of Jesus. When he would open his eyes, Adam could see what God wanted him to see: his love, his presence. Therefore, Adam looked and saw God everywhere; he was able to grasp the slightest movement because he was God's movement.

God never stopped stirring his Will, which was not the will of Adam, but rather the Will of God; Adamís will was the Will of God, was the movement of Jesus within the Will of God, which was revealing itself.

Jesus made Man was allowing creation to see him: creation could see its God. All was in a movement of contemplation: God was contemplating his work and his work was contemplating its God, its Creator.

Adam was receiving everything from the Divine Will and was giving everything to the Divine Will; Adamís slightest thought was in the thought of Jesus, and the slightest thought of Jesus was made known to Adam.

All was harmony of love: a God for his creation, his creation for its God.

Adam loved to talk, loved to hear what he himself was saying because he served God. When he would hear his own words, he was hearing God's words, for God was nourishing his words and the words acknowledged that they were in that nourishment. Itís as though Adamís words were life recognizing the Life, the Word of Jesus encountering the word of man, the word of man entering the Word of Jesus in order to always be at God's service, and whoever serves God serves The Love.

And so, Adam was constantly nourishing himself with the Word of God, and everything that Adam was made of felt the benefits of this. There wasnít a single part of Adam that wasnít in that effervescence of serving. And Adamís hearing, his hearing was filled with joy, with wonder, for everything he heard was the love of God: the rustling of leaves was the love of God, a drop of dew that was forming was heard by Adam because he was able to hear that movement.

That movement was God, everything that was movement was Jesus, Eternal Flesh, Eternal Matter, that allows itself to be heard out of love, and when Adam understood all this through his hearing, he was joyful, he was radiant with love. Everything that he was, was in a movement of love along with all that was making itself heard around him.

God is the Hearing, God is the Movement that draws us in, and so, when God draws everything to him, he gives everything of himself. Consequently, creation is in his movement of love: the universe hears its God, the universe knows what its God wants because the universe is matter within the Eternal Matter, the Eternal Matter that draws everything to itself, that gives everything of itself continuously, continuously Ė eternal movement, eternal time.

The Eternal Matter is in its own movement; it has no timeframe; time is something that can be calculated.

God was taking everything that was part of that movement, and Adam was able to perceive this Ė the rose that does not yet exist, that germinates, and that grows into a rose, the rose that allows itself to be admired, that is there, present, out of love: movement within time, movement that begins so that it may present itself in order to be part of a movement of life, for the rose is a movement that germinates and that will become part of a movement of reproduction.

When the rose germinates, it germinates with the ability to reproduce. And so, when the rose has reached the end of its time, it is in a movement of thanksgiving for it possesses all it needs to come back to life once again. So, itís always present: it comes and it gives of itself, and when it gives of itself, it comes back to life and it continues its movement Ė a portion of time that allows itself to be seen, a portion of time that reveals itself, and a time that disappears in order to return.

The Eternal Flesh is movement of life: a movement that gives itself, a movement that offers itself and a movement that receives itself, and, a movement that never stops nourishing itself of itself.

This movement is in the Eternal Flesh: there is, therefore, no death in the Eternal Flesh, there is Eternal Life in its movement.

Therefore, there is no time, there is no beginning in Jesus as he is the Alpha and the Omega, and all that is the eternal earth is in his movement. Therefore, Jesus is in his life, his movement never stops.

When Adam came and was created, he was in a movement of eternity; it was in that movement of eternity that Adam was created.

And now, so that you do not become confused, the Holy Spirit says: ďI will tell you a story.Ē


Jesus: One day, a being of great splendour was presented to God. God looked upon this being of splendour, who stood before him, because God had, in his Will, seen to it that this being of splendour come before him: he was the Light, he was the Beauty, he was the Present.

The Light was before God and the Light belonged fully to God, for it knew that it belonged to God, it knew that it was in God, for it was Movement in God: before the Light came before God, it was in God; the Light was God and the Light stood before God.

All had been willed by God. All that was the Light was before the angels, and the angels looked at the Light; they could see the Light that had emerged from God Ė that Light took shape.

The Shape was present, the Shape was beauty, the Shape was matter, the Shape was the splendour of the Will of God, and the angels looked. They, who were spirits, could see before them the Light that had taken shape; they were obligated to adore what was before them: the Light of God.

But a movement made itself known, a movement that was unfamiliar to them. They were before a shape they had to adore Ė they should have adored in the space of a second, in the space of a second.

Some angels did not adore, they who were pure spirits, they who, through God, knew everything about God, were faced with a movement: they had to be obedient for they had been created to adore God, but they could see a shape and they did not want to adore God.

The other angels, who were looking, could see God; they had seen the Light take shape, they had seen God who was revealing himself to them through a movement. In a single moment, they adored the Son of God made Man; they were not greater than the Light, they were there to be in contemplation, they were before the Presence, the Eternal Presence, the Eternal Life that was revealing itself.

And so, the other angels who had refused understood that he had become flesh: they had not adored and, consequently, they went far from the Light, the Light was no longer before them. They went into the darkness: the shadow that seizes, the darkness that envelops and pushes everything away.

They refused the Light, they refused to look upon the Will of God. When they went far away, they were cast out by the Will, for it was their duty to obey, it was their duty to obey the Light, it was their duty to obey the Will of God.

However, in the moment when they were cast into the darkness, a movement made itself known to them: they were to face the reality of their refusal, they were to have knowledge of the substance that had taken shape before them. All that formed the Eternal Flesh was to become a source of suffering to them, for all that formed the Eternal Flesh was light; they would come to know what was to become light within his creation.

It was the duty of the fallen angels to be in the Will of God and nothing would be spared them. In God's presence, they had to be obedient, they were to know all that would be created, they were to know all that would become light so that they might know what they had refused to adore, for everything about them was nothing but ugliness, was nothing but vanity, was nothing but all the things that were rejection. Therefore, as they were rejection, they were to be faced with everything that would be accepted on God's behalf.

And so, there came a time when the universe was created; there came another time when everything in the universe was created; there came a time when the earth was created; there came a time when all that was to surround the earth, to be on earth, in the waters and upon the waters, was created; there came a time when all that was in the movement of creation came before the Will of God; there came a time when the light of God revealed itself: Adam, Adam was created Ė a tiny particle of the Light.

Adam was movement of love, he was resplendent with the Will of God; he was in the Light and the Light was reflected upon him; he was the beauty of God, for he was created in the image of the Son of God; he was in the Present, for the Present had made of him its work, and Adam was in that movement: light within the Light, eternal life within the Eternal Life, shape within the Shape, life movement within the Movement of the Life of God the Father.

Adam was life on earth. He was to be the one who would bring every movement of light to God's creatures: the light that emerges and takes shape, and the shape receives the light so that shape itself might become light. Two lights that meet and that become one single light and bring forth another light, and that light is now before those two lights. And the light that gives itself to the shape, which receives light, thus forming but one light, and brings forth yet another light. The light that gives itself again to the light, the light that receives forming but one light with the light, which, yet again, brings forth another light.

Oh, children of love! This movement is to enable you to understand the Will of God, is to enable you to grasp the love of God. The Light is the Divine Will, the Divine Will which, in the present, wants all its children.

What you are hearing is the Will of God; what you are able to understand is so by the Will of God; it is necessary to be light in order to grasp the Will of God.

Children of love, I come to speak in hearts so as to make of you children of light, so that you might understand the love of God the Father for his Son made Man, so that you, little children, who have known suffering, who have not been able to experience this movement, might enter this movement and give back to the Light what it is expecting of you.

You are children of God, you must become once again light of God within the Light of God. With what you are, you are an eternal movement within the Eternal Movement.

You have received flesh and that flesh must return to its perfect state so that it might be in the Eternal Flesh in all its beauty and its perfection.

What you are hearing, little children, is also for those you carry within you. The Will of God is to place light within you to enlighten those who are in the darkness; every time you agree to give yourselves up for God, out of love for God, with God's graces, you receive, and those you carry receive.

You are made of the Eternal Flesh; you cannot separate yourselves from the Flesh that is within you: I am in you, I bear the flesh of every flesh. What you are belongs to me, and I am the Flesh of all the children of the world, for not one could have become flesh if I, I had not been the Will that composes every flesh.

Little children of love, you who are flesh and who bear weaknesses, rest for a while. Take ten minutes, my children, and afterwards, we will continue. Thank you.