Gathering of Love With God's Action in Sudbury, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-10-13 - Part 1


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The Lord calls upon all his children to be attentive to him. When he acts in the hearts of those who want to listen to him, he includes all the children of the world. We are instruments in God's hands.

Let’s understand that we’re living the Will of God the Father in this time of graces.

All the words we’re hearing at this moment come directly from our hearts.

I'm an instrument just as you are instruments; you will hear what I, I will hear within a fraction of a second.

What we are in this moment, we are so for the Church and not for ourselves. If there are few of us gathered here, God knew it would be so, but God is almighty, and God reaches all his children. Not even one is missing! Wherever there's a single child who gives himself up to God, the others are also within that child and they, therefore, are present.

We’re here to serve the Church and not to serve ourselves; just like the priest – the priest is there to serve us, he does what the Christ-Priest is doing in that very moment in which he is present.

God doesn’t count the number. God looks at those who give themselves, and God's time is not our time.

We are in the movement of the Church and these words belong to the Church and don’t belong to the human will.

We have received the Eternal Flesh, we have received the Eternal Blood. The moment when we received the Eternal Flesh and the Eternal Blood, our entire being reacted: it recognized the very presence of its God.

The thing that prevents us from being present to what we are is the spirit of this world. When we keep ourselves in the spirit of this world, when we frequent the spirit of this world, when we leave room for the spirit of this world, it’s as though our whole being were paralysed before the splendour of the Light: we don’t see, we don’t understand.

But God, in all his goodness, in his boundless mercy, nourishes our life. He comes to bring our soul the nourishment necessary to our life, and all those we carry within us and who are part of our flesh also receive this divine nourishment.

It isn't nourishment for the physical flesh as we know it. This nourishment for the physical flesh, which is familiar to us, is of this world; it provides us with what it has learned, what it holds in its memory – it remembers. Our physical flesh remembers all the way back to the first flesh that was on earth: Adam.

Our flesh is alive, our flesh comes from the first flesh created on earth by God; it is in the very presence of that movement without our being able to understand it, without our being able to realize what’s happening inside us.

Our physical flesh, our flesh, which is here, in front of us, remembers; it is linked to the first flesh, for our flesh originates from the first flesh on earth: Adam, Eve, and their descendants are our flesh.

It’s impossible to calculate the movement of flesh that belongs to us! This is why the words we’re hearing at this moment come from the Holy Spirit, the Father's love, the Son's love for every one of us, and every one of us, we are the flesh that belongs to the Creator. Everything about us belongs to the Creator, it doesn’t belong to us. We don’t belong to ourselves, we’re not masters of our flesh, it is God who is Master of our flesh.

But God is a God of freedom, he's The Love, and love is free, love is freedom, love is respectful. He has always placed freedom within us and that freedom is a movement of love when we use it for God. Therefore, when we answer God, we say, “Here I am.” That “here I am” means “yes, God.” Every part of our flesh, as little as that part may be, opens itself up to God's call.

Understand that even the tiniest thing, visible to we humans only through a microscope, belongs to God. Nothing belongs to us except this movement of freedom, and this movement of freedom is willed by God, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.

In his eternal movement, he placed it in every one of us because the moment he breathed life into the shape that was the first man, he placed that movement in him: he was God's creation, God's child.

Adam belonged to God, therefore, that same movement was given to Eve, and it was multiplied all the way to us. Understand that we are the exact, exact, exact, exact same flesh as Adam – there aren't two of them, there's only one, and Adam, Adam comes from Jesus. Jesus was carrying Adam and he was carrying all of us; not one was missing within Jesus.

It is said that, by the power of the Holy Spirit, we existed even before we came to be on earth. Therefore, we were in the Eternal Life, in the movement of The Love, and we have the Spirit of God: the Spirit of God is inside us.

As we have received everything from God, we received his love, we received his spirit of light. That spirit is within each one of us. That is why what I am at this very moment is in the Spirit of God and not in the human spirit.

The Will of God takes the Spirit of love and uses it; no aspect of the human spirit can be a part of this because the yes has been uttered, and God has taken the being and has transformed it.

Every one of us is enveloped in this movement of love: Spirit that takes all, Spirit that controls all, Spirit that is respectful, Spirit that teaches, Spirit that broadens our gaze, that opens the eyes and ears, that frees words, Spirit that takes movement and feelings by using the flesh that gives itself up.

God wills what we are for the Church, for all the world’s children; there's only one Church and it is Jesus.

Before the universe came to be, before any human being came to be on earth, everything was in Jesus: Jesus was carrying all those who came before us, all those who are with us, and all those who will be with us.

Jesus is the All of his Father and we are in the All of Jesus, and therefore, in the All of the Father.

The Church is God's life that presents itself to his creation; the Church is God's movement that opens itself up to his creation; the Church is God's love that never stops giving itself.

The Church is eternal: the Church doesn’t have a beginning like us; the Church has always been and the Church shall always be.

When we hear speak of the name of the Church, we try to understand what this means: we see Jesus who comes on earth, and we see Jesus who gathers together twelve people, who draws to him the disciples to talk to them about God the Father, to teach them about love, to show them that he is the Life, and that all those who want to live eternally must turn to the Life in order to die in Jesus.

And so, we see men walking on earth going forth to evangelize, and who have a pope as their leader. We see men living Peter’s words; we see those men go forth, spreading the Word, drawing to them thousands and thousands of people; we see disciples giving themselves out of love for God, giving their lives out of love for God, wanting to die for God, working until death.

We know this Church: it is the Roman Catholic Church. We also know that over time this Church has suffered: its members have become divided. Those members formed little Churches, those little Churches that believe in the Word, those little Churches that want to follow the Gospel, those little Churches that have faith only in the Gospel, trying to understand, trying to see the Will of God.

We also see the Roman Catholic Church suffering; we also see those little Churches suffering.

The Roman Catholic Church comes from the Word of Jesus on earth: the first twelve. When we hear “the first twelve,” we know that Judas isn't part of the Roman Catholic Church – he was replaced.

The Roman Catholic Church is the foundation, the source that flows and leads us to recognize that Jesus is the Church, that Jesus is the living Word, that Jesus of Nazareth who died on the Cross is the One who founded the Church, that the One who died and rose again is the Son of the living God.

In his eternal love, Jesus gave himself to his Father; his Father raised his Son from the dead, showing all those who would believe that he was the Son of God.

No human being founded the Church; no human being can claim to be the Church – Jesus is the Church.

Jesus is eternally good, eternally present; he never stops spreading his power throughout his Church, he never stops nourishing his Church. Wherever it might be, he's there; whatever it might bring to its members, he's there: he's the only Nourishment, he's the Light.

We are all members of Jesus, we are all the Church in Jesus. It’s as though we were all little Churches in Jesus.

Understand that, from the beginning, every one of us is a child of God and that there's nothing lacking within us: there are no words lacking, there is no movement of love, received by God the Father on behalf of his Son, that is lacking; everything is inside us, therefore, we are the Church: this is the Church.

When Jesus came on earth, he came by the Will of God the Father to speak about God the Father, and a single word uttered by Jesus included all other words.

We are the Word of Jesus when we say, “Here I am.” Therefore, we carry all children, even those who have been in their own will.

If the Church forms other Churches, there's still one single Church; if only one person thinks he's right to think a certain way and to behave a certain way, God sees this, for God is the Church.

God continues to nourish because he is the only Nourishment. When he gave himself up on the Cross, it was his Flesh that gave itself up; when he shed his Precious Blood, it was his Blood that gave itself up. Therefore, he never stops giving his Body, he never stops giving his Blood for all the children who have a yes within them.

If division came about, that’s because a movement of the human will occurred. The Spirit of God does not divide itself, the Spirit of God is unity: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit – the Church.

Before Jesus came on earth, to present himself to us by the power of the Holy Spirit, by becoming flesh within the Virgin Mary, he was presenting himself with his Eternal Flesh; his Purifying Blood was in him.

It wasn’t only at that moment, when he was on the Cross, that all this happened – the moment when Jesus, the Son of God, appeared before the angels, Jesus was whole, he was the Almightiness, he was God's All, in order to reveal himself to all that was invisible – to the pure spirits, the angels.

When he came on earth, it was for those who were visible: men, those who had been created by God, those who were meant to see God the Son made Man out of love for God.

God showed us his love; he did this out of love for us. The Son of God made Man came out of love for his Father; Triune God, the Trinity, gave us the Son of God made Man out of love for us.

Jesus, the Son of God made Man, is the Church and the Church encompasses all: God's love, the Trinity. Didn’t Jesus tell us, “I am in my Father, my Father is in me”? Didn’t he tell us, “Wherever I go, I shall be with my Father, and I send the Holy Spirit to you, and I shall always be with you”?

The Church, the Church was saying that it was present; the Church was saying that it was a constant movement within our lives. Why didn’t he say “…to you, movements in Jesus”? Because a yes is required – it is always necessary to consent, it is necessary to always be in Jesus’ movement. Jesus said, “Yes, Father.”

Jesus made Man presented himself to us out of love for his Father; through this, he was showing us the Trinity’s yes.

When we, we present our yes to Jesus, it goes through Jesus’ yes to then be presented to the Trinity, and then the Church opens itself up to us: we are the ones who open ourselves up to Jesus to receive everything the Trinity wants to give to us. But because of all the no’s that we have presented to the Church, we cannot understand this eternal love: the eternal love of God made Man for God the Father, God the Father who is in the Son, in the Holy Spirit.

We’re incapable of understanding the love of the Church for us – Jesus who gives himself continually to the Eucharist, Jesus, in Body and Blood, who never stops nourishing us, who never stops nourishing his Church – because it is our flesh, our flesh carrying no’s within it, that cannot enter this movement.

But by the power of the Trinity, through the soul we receive graces enabling us to understand that this movement has been a movement of love for us – the Son of God made Man on the Cross who allowed his Blood to be shed – a constant reminder to us that we are his Life, that we are the Church, and that all those we carry within us are the Church, and that when we are in this movement, there is no longer any division.

We’re no longer one small Church within a small Church within a small Church within a small Church – we’re Jesus, because our flesh no longer consents to be within in its own flesh, for through the yes, our blood is the Blood of Christ. Then, at that moment, we are the Church, members who want to be active, loving priests who know that Jesus is the Founder of all that is love: the Father's love.

Everything we’re hearing is nourishment to us and this nourishment is for the Church, for when the Holy Spirit says “for us,” he means the Church. He cannot look at us without seeing all his children.

This is the movement of The Love; this is the Word of God; it’s the only one that can nourish our soul so our flesh can allow itself to be purified. Nothing comes from us except the freedom to say our yes.

What the Holy Spirit is having us understand is that we belong here at this very moment willed by God.

God doesn’t regard those who are outside as disobedient children; he considers them his children, just as he considers us his children. Because if he were to look at his children as disobedient, he would be considering freedom as something that is controlled, and God is a God of freedom, and he gave that freedom to all children: therefore, he cannot judge his freedom.

He loves his freedom, he loves his children who have used their freedom to stay here, where they are, before God, out of love for themselves. Let’s look at this through Jesus’ eyes, let’s understand this with the spirit of the Church: at this moment, our flesh is on the same wavelength as the Eternal Flesh.

God is enabling us to understand his Will; there aren't two wills, there's only one Will which is steadfast: it’s the one of Jesus made Man out of love for God the Father, whose desire for us is to give us love. God the Father wants to heal us of all the movements we have come to know through the no.

How can we, who are his creation, purify (movements)? It’s impossible. How can we who are in a flesh that has known fear, doubt, suffering, illnesses and war, think that we’ve been healed knowing what we, we know? Only the Holy Spirit can take us and lead us to the Church so we can live the Redemption.

This is what we’re doing at this very moment because, right now, we are that “here I am.” We are that movement, and this is what has revealed itself, and this is what has made itself understood to us, and the rest came from the Will of God.

And now, God, in his movement of love, is going to bless us.


Jesus: What I am, I am so by my own Will and not by the will of men.

The Spirit of God is above the spirits of men. It is the Spirit of God that nourishes the spirit of men in order that they may be obedient in their suffering flesh.

By my almightiness, I bring you comfort, healing, liberation. At this very moment, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit brings down his power. I am one God and it is God who brings down his Will upon each of you. All this is done invisibly, all this must be done in faith so that the Church might be part of this movement.

God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit brings down upon you the light, the depth of love, the eternal presence, so that you might be blessed by the eternal movement of the Church.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: O Movement of love, Movement that is present, we pronounce our yes in order to receive this blessing, movement that is upon us by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Now, we’ll take ten minutes to try to understand what the Holy Spirit has just declared to us. What the Holy Spirit wants to have us understand is that we’re members who give themselves continuously on behalf of others, and if we want to reach out to others, nothing must come from us.

If a single movement from our human will emerges from us, they can't receive love. The soul is the one that receives and we, we can't give the soul graces for our flesh and for their flesh.

The human will is matter and the soul is spiritual. Therefore, if the human will emits a single word, the soul receives nothing.

We could go on talking for days and days but the soul will receive nothing. However, the flesh will receive because the ability to speak is within us by the Will of God, and it must serve.

If what we say is in our will, it serves the will of men. Therefore, we give what we have received from men who came before us: but when we give this, we give it to others as well, and anything that is in the flesh because of the human will is painful.

Even if we have thoughts of serving others, of helping others to understand, we’ll get lost and they’ll get lost because of us. Why? Because we aren't aware of what lies ahead of us. It will come to us from all directions, and when this influences our words, we don’t know what effect this will have inside us and we don’t know what effect this will have on those who are in us.

The human will is wounded by all these movements.

The first movement of disobedience that is known was the one of Adam and Eve, and our flesh remembers it. There's a second one, which is the one of Cain, when he raised his hand to Abel, and that whole movement is inside us.

When I say “all,” it means everything within that movement: feeling of hatred, feeling of revenge, of jealousy, feeling of fear and of disobedience, feeling of pride. There's also the pain of being separated: separation, division.

It was Cain who brought about division through his action. It wasn’t God who wanted Cain to distance himself from his parents, Adam and Eve, and from his descendants: it wasn’t God, it was what he did with his human will in his freedom. Because of his no, it was Cain who saw to it that he distanced himself: consequence of his action towards a child of God.

You see, every word that comes from the human will bears a consequence.

This is why God wants nothing to do with the human will when speaking to his children. At this very moment, these words came by the power of the Holy Spirit, for God wants us in the movement of purification, and this will continue until the end.

Within the Church, no human will shall be heard whose aim it is to reach out to the soul, enabling it to receive graces that will transform God's children, so that they may accept to give everything to Jesus, the Church: thoughts, sight, hearing, speech, actions, feelings.

All this shall be done by the Will of God, such as God prepared before we came to be.


Jesus: Oh, men of love! Now, my children, go in the peace of God. Amen.