Gathering of Love With God's Action in Sudbury, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus  


2007-10-12 - Part 2


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: What God is expecting from each one of us is that we give ourselves out of love for all the children of the world.

The Holy Spirit is a Movement of love; he brings us the nourishment we need to live our purification of the flesh.

We are in a movement of the Holy Spirit.

God wants us to understand what we are; God wants us to understand his Will; he's teaching us to let go of our thoughts.

Slowly, with love, God is enabling us to understand his power. When we understand his power, we recognize that we are nothing before him. The moment we recognize that we are before his power, we know we are little, and then, he leads us further, he leads us into his Will, but we do so with a movement, a movement of thankfulness.

To be thankful that we are in his movement, to understand that God is the Life and that we are in his Life through his Will, to understand his love despite our weakness while showing us that he sustains us with his love through our weakness, is as if to enter the Will of God in the present moment by granting him all the room in spite of our sufferings, in spite of our doubts, in spite of our worries, in spite of our illnesses, in order to understand that we are in the Will of God to live our resurrection.

As long as we behave as tiny suffering children who are in his Will, enveloped in the strength of God, in love with what he does for each of us, we begin to live our resurrection for this is what he wants because he is enabling us to understand his love.

And so, he will have us move forward in his eternal movement of love. It’s as though he were constantly blowing on us in order to have us discover that we are already in our resurrection.

When he says that we must live our resurrection and that we must understand his love, when he enables us to understand his Will through our sufferings, when he places our life before us and he speaks to us about the purification of the flesh, he envelops us in his light, and as his light is all around us, it enters us, it enters us.

And then, the more we let God transform us, the more the light enters us and condenses who we are in order to make us disappear so that we might become light. In that moment, we will be completely resurrected, but not before then.

In order for the light to be at our center, it must purify everything about us. Therefore, as we are matter and the Matter contains all matter, that is to say, all our brothers and our sisters, the light must be able to pass through them so that we might be resurrected. We cannot be light if those we carry within us are not light.

Jesus is the Light and he contains all light. Therefore, we, we are the same: we are light and we must contain the light like Jesus – we must be in Jesus’ image.

When we understand this movement, then we’re ready to allow ourselves to be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit, and every movement within us becomes a movement for Jesus and for God the Father: the Divine Will that wants us to be Divine Will, to disappear in the Divine Will, just like the light that enters into the light and disappears because it is home.

Are we able to enter the light and remain apart from that light? That’s impossible. The light, at this moment, is in this room and it is reflected on us; as the light is reflected on us, we can see one another’s features; therefore, we also become a light like that light.

The light is matter; the light is something that allows us to see. When all this is upon us, we reveal ourselves. Therefore, we are with the light within the light that is in this room.

When we will be light, we will enter the light and all the light will take what we are. And then, we will be light to such an extent that we will no longer exist; we won't say, “Oh! I can see you over there. There's a little light over there. Whoops! Now they’re gone! There they are, over there!” That’s impossible – the light merges with the light and everything becomes light.

And so, we, we who are suffering because our flesh knows our human will – because everything that makes up the human being suffers because of human will – we must allow ourselves to be transformed by the Will of God so that we might give all suffering, and in order to give all suffering, we must be consenting.

Therefore, when we agree to give our suffering to Jesus, he takes it, and he takes the cause of the suffering and the choices we made when we were faced with the cause. The cause is sin; we made choices before sin and suffering is the consequence.

And so, by the power of the Light, we realize what we’ve done, we realize that we’ve been before sin, we realize that we’re living the consequences. This is the light: the light that surrounds us, the light that wants to enter the being that we are.

The more the light enters us, the more we see the consequences, our choices and the causes. And as we give more and more to Jesus the cause, choices and consequences, then a movement emerges from us: evil – the cause. The light, it purifies, it heals, and therefore, there's purification within us. It’s as though our flesh was allowing itself to be purified, and when it allows itself to be purified, there's healing. And the more we do this, the more the light enters us, and the more we, we enter within ourselves. And the more we enter within ourselves, the more we turn to Jesus. And the more we enter within ourselves and turn to Jesus, the more we love. Then we begin to love as Jesus loves, not as we love.

Jesus has us feel his love, and then, we begin to love those we carry within us: our brothers and our sisters. And the more this movement occurs, the more the light begins to condense who we are inside ourselves.

It’s as though the light enables us to enter others; it’s as though our life had an influence on others and as our life is light that is condensed, it gives light to others. Consequently, there are movements that occur within us.

Slowly, they realize that they must carry out movements of love; they realize that today’s world isn't what they would like it to be; they realize that today’s world lacks love; they realize that this world has to change; they realize that there's something more besides what they know.

It is this movement that occurred tonight, and God wants to bring about more movements, he wants to purify the flesh as he so desires.

In the beginning, he said, “I will transform you at the rhythm of love,” and this is what he's doing, and this will be happening faster and faster. Remember, in the beginning – the light that begins to enter a little, and a little more and that becomes as though condensed – well, that’s what we’re living!

Time marches on… the time when we will live the Great Purification, when all children will see the light within themselves. We need only look at the signs and they’re really there.

And then, we’ll leave even more room for God by becoming instruments of God, and he does this when we belong fully to him, while we, before his love, realize that we are nothing but that he does everything for us, all the while asking us for our yes.

Now, he just said, “Go to bed.”

Thank you, Lord.