Gathering of Love With God's Action in Sudbury, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-10-13 - Part 2


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The Lord's joy is also our joy. When we are in tune with the Lord's joy, then the Church is joyful.

God will teach us to be people whose yes is steadfast. How does our yes become steadfast? By discovering that we are where we belong, by discovering that wherever we are is where God wants us to be. Sometimes, God has us go forward towards the right to then lead us towards the left; sometimes, when we’re on the left, we realize that we should have always been on the right. Through his love, God has us understand all this in order to show us that he's our God, to show us that he knows what is good for us. How can we discover all this if it weren't for the Holy Spirit who is enabling us to do so?

In our lives, how many times have we found ourselves among friends, and a few years later, had completely lost touch with them?

And through our life’s journey, there comes a time when we stop and think of our old friends, and without really planning to, we end up face to face with those friends, only to discover that our feelings are no longer the same.

In the beginning, when we were with our friends, there was a lot of sharing between us: we had things in common, we liked spending time together, our conversations were very, very elaborate. Then, there came a time in our lives when we went off in different directions, following paths that took us far from each other: each person followed his or her own path, each person met others, each person had conversations with other people. Ideas were exchanged and this caused us to change. Every person was receiving from others and every person was giving of himself to others. This stimulated the mind. To the person who was listening, the ideas he was hearing were interesting to him.

All this saw to it that the human being became autonomous. Yes, we were interested in those who were speaking with us, but only if it was useful to us in some way: “I'm interested in what you’re saying and this suits me just fine. I'm interested in what I'm hearing because everything inside me is interested in this.”

What was it that made our hearing prefer a certain movement over another, and that made our hearing want to go on being in that movement? It’s because the present moment was interesting to us: “It’s in my best interest to find happiness; it’s in my best interest to allow what is in me to emerge so that I can be part of that thing that interests me.” Therefore, what I was hearing and what I was saying were only for me. And so, without my realizing it, I built my own life.

In the very beginning, when I had friends, it was as though my mind and my hearing were inclined to share; I wanted to have friends, I wanted to share a part of myself and I wanted them to also share a part of themselves. I was less inclined to judge the words I was hearing because I was still in my youth, but over time, those words I was hearing and the words I was saying became a source of growth to me: I was learning. As I was learning to be an adult, I became interested in everything, but once I reached the age when I felt I had grown up, then everything became different. Then, those who were in front of me had to behave as I wanted them to behave because I had learned.

I had learned from others their thoughts concerning who I was; I had come out of myself in order to reveal myself to others. I was only able to do this if I had friends around me, but, over time, I had left those friends behind and with time, I grew up. I had grown up; I had seen, I had seen those around me and I was wary of those who were around me because those I saw didn’t resemble the friends I once had. Those I had known spoke with words from their hearts, and to me, this resonated in my own heart, and therefore, I would speak using words from my heart to reach out to them.

Those I was with now didn’t speak from their hearts and I could feel this in my heart. Therefore, it was as though my words were restrained; I held back from showing what was in my heart, and as a result, my relationships with those who were with me now were different from those of my youth. All this was teaching me not to be myself; all this was teaching me that others could affect me, could hurt me.

If who we are today is suffering, that’s because our heart is suffering: people no longer speak from the heart, people speak only with their minds, we’re afraid to reveal what is beautiful from within ourselves. By always holding back, we’ve become cold, we’ve become beings who don’t know how to give of themselves.

We see people who are quick to smile and we, we suffer on the inside because we lack that smile. We see people who are outgoing and we, we suffer because we too would like to be as outgoing as they are. We lack confidence in others because deep down, we say to ourselves: “She's smiling; is she sincere? She's talking; is she sincere?” All this is inside us – we’re wary of ourselves.

If we have such thoughts about a person who’s smiling, about a person who’s talking, that’s because there's suffering inside us, because what we experienced in the time that lapsed between the end of that friendship and the time when we told ourselves, “I have grown up,” has led me to discover where I belong in this world, in a world in which people no longer want to listen to God's children, in this world in which we don’t want others to take up too much room.

This world is a world void of love; this world is a world that manipulates; this world is a world that only has consideration for itself; this world has power and it is power that rules the spirit of this world.

Let’s take a look at ourselves – we’re all God's children! If we stopped for a moment to ask each other, “You, have you ever experienced this? And you, have you ever experienced this? To you, is this something that is part of who you are?” We would say, “Yes, that would be right.”

Because when we were young, it was easier to make friends and we believed it was possible to have friends. Today, we share ourselves with those around us warily. Today, if people listen to us, we don’t open up completely to them; we ask ourselves if they’re going to understand us, if they’re going to accept what we think. We’re like beings who discover who they are slowly, through suffering.

God wants us to understand that what we are, we are so through the spirit of this world and not through the love that is inside us. If we did discover what we are through the love we are internally, we would be much more forgiving towards ourselves: we would have learned to forgive ourselves, we would have learned to regard others with God's mercy. But we see others with the spirit of this world, and so, we don’t forgive easily: we suffer internally, we use words that are words that affect us.

When we utter words that bear disappointment, this goes against us: “I'm disappointed with life; I'm disappointed with what I'm seeing; I'm disappointed with that behaviour; I don’t know how to react; I don’t know what to do or say in such a situation.”

When we’re faced with these questions, with these thoughts, it’s that we are suffering. If we’re faced with suffering and if we live that suffering on the inside, we’re living that suffering on the inside because we haven't understood love: love gives, love doesn’t withhold, love always gives in order to give again. And so, this means that we have kept what has made us suffer, we haven't opened up our interior to God, and as we haven't opened up our interior to God, we keep within ourselves that which belongs to him.

God wants us to understand that we must give what is inside us and that prevents us from opening our hearts to those who are around us. Those who are around us are in us, they’re part of our flesh; we’re in them, we’re in their flesh.

If we don’t begin to discover the movement of love God wants us to carry out, our suffering flesh will continue to make us suffer and will continue to make them suffer. We love our father, we love our mother, we love our children, our grandchildren, we love our brothers and our sisters who are with us; we don’t want to make them suffer, and yet, that’s what we do.

God wants to make us realize that we must stop making ourselves suffer and making others suffer in their flesh.

When we had friends, we behaved with an open heart. When we grew older, we behaved with a heart that was closing itself off to their hearts. Consequently, they received nothing just as we received nothing. And yet, we have the same heart: whether we have the heart of a 3, 4, or 5 year-old child, or the heart of a 40, 50, 60, or 70 year-old, it’s still the same heart.

Let’s take a look at what we’re doing: right now, we’re talking amongst ourselves because we’re certain that those who are here speak the same language. Leave this place and go out to a restaurant, leave this place and just go to your church, you won't be speaking the same language – you will keep your heart in check. God is enabling us to understand that this is because of our sufferings: we have difficulty being forgiving towards our own flesh.

As long as we aren't in Christ’s image, we will suffer, and the only way is to give everything to Jesus, is to behave as Jesus behaved, is to trust in the Flesh to the point of being ridiculed out of love for Jesus, for Jesus.

Didn’t he say that all those who will allow themselves to be insulted in my Name would enter my Father's Kingdom? Entering the Kingdom of God the Father is possible when we so desire – we don’t have to wait until we die on earth! A body that is resting until its resurrection doesn’t care if it’s being ridiculed – it’s turned to dust! It’s right now, while we’re alive, that we must live the Gospel.

We won't be able to live the Gospel unless Jesus lives our life. Therefore, we’ll have to learn to give our heart, to give our heart to Jesus so that it can disappear. We have consecrated our life to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, therefore our life is in the hands of Mary so we can receive graces to go to the Heart of Jesus. Now, our heart must be placed in Mary's hands so she herself can bring it to the Heart of Jesus so it can disappear.

This involves all our senses; this involves all our thoughts, our eyes, our hearing, our words, our movements, our feelings.

To order our thoughts to go and die in the thoughts of Jesus and to no longer be active, to give our hearing to the hearing of God so that God's hearing might be active and no longer ours – well, this means: open your ears to me; all that you have heard does not belong to you; all that you hear must go through my hearing in order to be fully mine.

To be the eyes of Jesus, to take everything we have seen and everything we see, is to say: be the eyes of Jesus and turn away from whatever does not come from him.

Every word that is heard must be a word within the very Word of Jesus and must no longer stem from our will.

Asking the Will to silence the tongue, asking the Will of God to use our speech that we may be the Word of Christ and not be in words from the human will.

That all our movements may be Christ’s movements: to understand that we are nothing, to understand that God is everything, to understand only through the mind of God, only through the eyes of God, the ears of God, through the words of God that the movement is his, is to consent to no longer be, but to be fully in Jesus’ movements.

The heart of every one of us is in the Heart of Christ and all that passes through the Heart of Christ is felt within us.

To live in the purifying Blood of Christ is to discover peace, it’s to discover joy, it’s to be constantly in the movement of transformation: I take my fears and I give them to peace. It is peace that rules my life, it is no longer fear.

To be in the Heart of Jesus is to no longer be; it’s the Blood of Jesus that flows throughout our entire being. When our heart has died in Jesus, it no longer exists; the heartbeat we hear is the heartbeat of Jesus; the blood that flows in our veins is no longer our blood, it’s the Blood of Jesus. As long as we have not entered this movement of love, we won't fully take part in the transformation.

This morning, we heard about freedom. We have received it from God, and it’s through this freedom that we receive everything from God so we can be in the movement of purification, because the moment a thought comes from us and we realize it, that is God who is transforming us. He's appealing to the child of God to give the thought to the eternal Thought.

We don’t need to carry out that movement of constantly asking ourselves whether our thought is from God or not. That movement belongs to God; he's the one who looks after giving us what we need so that we’re able to realize this. Therefore, let’s leave to God what is God's, and let’s not be afraid. Everything will be done by God, for when the movement has begun, it will never again stop. It is no longer our mind, it is the mind of the Eternal One that is in us, it is the mind of the Purifier, it is the mind of Jesus. And then, by the power of the Holy Spirit, we are in that movement of purification.

Now, God is enabling us to understand that his Will is a Will of love, and that we… our human will doesn’t bear the necessary graces; the human will bears no grace. Therefore, let’s not try, with our human will, to have a thought and to stop at that thought – this would only make us suffer and make those who are in us suffer.

We’re living in a time of graces, we’re living the time of the Great Purification: God comes to speak in our hearts.

Are we able to carry out this movement? Remember the words that God placed in the hearts of those who came before Jesus. He said, “I shall come to gather together my people from all around the world; I will speak to them in their interior, they will hear, I will transform their hearts of stone into hearts of flesh, and they will know that I am their only God.”

There's only God who will transform our interior in order to touch everything about us: thoughts, eyes, ears, words, actions and heart; all this is God's business. No human will carry out this movement, for God's children must recognize that there's only one God. If there were a single human will that possessed a tiny bit of power, there would still be children who believed in gods.

Adam and Eve wanted to gain knowledge; that knowledge was to know what God knew in order to be able to converse with him. Therefore, if a single human, with his tiny human will, knew a word that could touch our heart in order to transform it into a heart of flesh, then this would recreate the same movement: to be in God's knowledge with the 'self'.

So, this would be like saying that the wheel keeps turning: Adam and Eve sinned by disobeying, that is to say, they wanted to know through their 'self' that which belongs to God, because God had told them, “Do not go towards the knowledge of good and evil – knowledge – because misfortune will fall upon you.”

And so, this would be the same thing: “Don’t believe in the knowledge of only one human being, for great misfortune will fall upon you.” You will continue to live in your 'self' and you won't want to believe that there's only one God; you will believe that there's the Divine Will and the human will – one Divine Will that coexists with one human will, that are together, that think, that see, that listen, that speak, that act, that feel the same thing at the same time. This is why God says that there will be no movement that shall come from the human will.

What we’re hearing is from God, only from the Will of God. No human will possesses these words, no human will shall bear the flavour of these words, for God is the Purifier.

This is why he teaches us when we hear him; this is why he keeps his instrument in complete ignorance. She hears at the same time as she utters the words impelled by the wind of the Holy Spirit. Such is the Will of God, which blows upon you so that you might be in the movement of the Divine Will.

What we’re living is willed by the Divine Will and not by any human will. Let’s not be surprised that we are so few, for God sees the hearts of his children. As long as the hearts of his children are not like the heart of a child, they won't understand God's call.

God calls upon all his children but few hear. He reveals to the little what he hides from the great. What we are, we are so because of our yes and not because of us. It is Jesus’ yes that awakened our yes, and our yes allowed itself to be taken up by the movement of the Divine Will. What we’re learning are movements of love for all those we carry within us.

The purification is a movement from Jesus and he's carrying this out – he's doing it out of love for his Church, for his Being, his Eternal Flesh; the Son of God made Man is in love with what he is.

Everything came from his Father, from his Will; therefore, the Son loves his Father. He wants to purify us, he's slowly teaching us to say the words heard by the power of the Holy Spirit, by the will of God, and not by our will.

When you see that you have movements to give, this doesn’t come from you, this comes from the power of God.

Discover that in your lives there are movements that must be given to Jesus, to the Eternal Flesh: you are in the movement of the Divine Will.

We have entered the era of the Holy Spirit: a Spirit of love, a Spirit that shows us who we are so that we might give this to Jesus.

Inside us, there is healing and liberation. Yes, we want to be liberated of our arthritis; yes, we want to be liberated of our diabetes, but we will only be so once the children within us are healed and liberated. Those children are within us; they made choices before temptation, sin. This led them to such suffering that we developed illnesses. Therefore, God will heal and liberate his children so we can be healed of our illness: such is the Church.

Jesus wants to heal all his children; he calls his little children to come before him, and he teaches those children how to put all the others between him and themselves, so that his movement of purification can pass through every flesh in order to reach us. Jesus said, “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for those we love.” This led him to the Cross.

And so, he's asking us to do the same thing: “Give me your life for those you love. There is no greater movement than this one, and therefore, I am teaching you to live it, I am teaching you to be with me on the Cross.” So, when we’re before Jesus and we have all the world’s children between us and Jesus, we’re on the Cross, we’re laying down our life for those we love.

You see, the little groups that hear the power of God place themselves before God, and before God and that little group are all the world’s children, and this is a source of joy to God, and it is a source of joy to us. We will have our movement of love go on until the very end – “Here I am” – this is what God is doing for us and for those we love.

There aren't two ways to live the purification; there's only one way – to live the Life of Jesus, from his birth to his death, is to live his love, his birth to his resurrection. Therefore, we’re going to live all these movements.

From Eve’s first thought to the thought of the last person to live the purification and who will be the last to say “your thoughts,” then, we’ll live that movement of purification, and it will be for all we have seen, all we have heard, all we have said, done and felt, and this won't depend on our human will.

We can watch current events and try to examine the times, but this won't make the purification move forward; this will simply place what is already there on ‘stand-by’, until the moment when we say, “My thoughts: enter the eternal Thought and allow yourself to be purified.” And then the movement will continue.

And so, it’s in our best interest to give the thoughts of the chosen ones as well. The more united we are in God's yes – as he desires and not as our will would want it to be – the more the purification will take place. Sometimes, we, due to our human will, we cause great suffering to our brothers and our sisters because we know. Yes, we know that we’re living in the end times and that these end times are very important to all those who are suffering, because those who suffer the most are those who reject God.

Who suffers the most? Those who don’t know God or those who know God but reject him? It’s those who know God and reject him. Now, who causes more suffering to our brothers and our sisters? Those who live their lives without knowing there's a time of purification or those who know that this is the time of the purification, but let their human will through? It’s those who let their human will through while knowing that this is the time which God has chosen to transform the children of the world.

Let’s not leave any room for Satan; he's the one who wants us to use our human will through our knowledge.

From the beginning, you have heard that when one is little, it’s easy to let our heart speak, to leave room for love; but when the child grows older and he believes he's all grown up, he closes his heart, and this, this is because of his knowledge.

Therefore, why is this any different for us, we who know that we’re in a time of graces? We have a heart that is open to Jesus and we also have knowledge that comes from Heaven, but despite this we use our human will and this makes our brothers and our sisters suffer.

Knowledge belongs to God, it doesn’t belong to us.

Let’s not harden the hearts of our brothers and our sisters with knowledge from Heaven, for when we try to run what comes from Heaven, human will is present. Consequently, there are no graces and others harden their hearts instead of opening them up, and we will have to answer for this.

And so, the Will of God is to have us understand that all comes from God, out of love for God.

Let’s do what we have to do without trying to point out what comes from Heaven, or we’ll become lost. Let’s allow the Spirit of God to do his work. It feels so good to let the Holy Spirit take up all the room: there's no exhaustion, we keep our peace, and others feel this because it flows from heart to heart.

Jesus is so loving; he enables us to understand that the Will of his Father is within each one of us.

We, the chosen ones, we must not raise ourselves up, right, when we say “we, the chosen ones.” Let’s shut our eyes and look at what is inside us. If we discover a tiny little child, hardly two years old, then we know that the Holy Spirit has taken up all the room. But if we shut our eyes and then, the mind, it begins to work on us, then we’ll know that we’ve become full of ourselves. Then, let’s open our eyes and let’s keep quiet, and let’s give our mind to the Eternal Mind so that it can come to purify our mind.

Afterwards, we will have to say thank you for all this because if we were able to shut our eyes, this came from the Holy Spirit and not from us. Let’s allow God to act and let’s make of ourselves tiny little children; we have much to bring to others through the power of God and not through our will.

Did you know that there are many people who have been in the movement of Holy Spirit? A father who comes running when he sees his child in danger, a mother who feeds her child when she sees him crying because he's hungry – those two did that by the power of the Holy Spirit. They didn’t need to think, they let their hearts speak.

All this is to show us that the Holy Spirit has always been in our lives, but because of the suffering in our flesh, we’ve seen nothing, we’ve understood nothing. But the Holy Spirit is opening us up to the light, to the light of the Son of God made Man, so that we can be part of his movement.


God the Father: Now, little children of love, be very attentive to what you will live, for, my children, the minutes that will follow these minutes will turn you into servants of God for the greater Glory of God, and this will be reflected upon you when you will see the light. In your flesh, you will feel the Glory of the Son, who will increase your light, so that you might feel your glory because I, God the Father, will it so.

Go and rest, little children of love. Amen.