Gathering of Love With God's Action in Sudbury, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus




The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The Will of God will enable us to learn what is inside us, and what we will be receiving are healings and liberations.

Every one of us received graces during Communion today: we received healings and liberations. There is no moment greater than that one – when we receive Jesus Eucharist! Nothing can equal this moment! Even if, through his instrument, every one of us hears the Will of God within himself, that moment is a moment blessed by Heaven. But this moment is a moment that prolongs the Eucharist: what we’re living is the continuation of what we felt when we received Jesus.

When we receive Jesus Eucharist, we’re receiving his Flesh and we’re receiving his Blood, and so, Jesus always continues to nourish us with his Flesh and his Blood.

This is why, when we’re together to listen to what God says inside us, we receive healing, and this continues to happen when we listen to these teachings again.

God is the Almightiness, he is the Present.

When God makes himself heard, he transforms God's children, for his voice is inside us; when we hear the sound of The Love coming from a machine, it’s our soul that recognizes who is speaking, and when we agree to leave all the room to the Holy Spirit, this continues.

It’s like when, by the power of the Holy Spirit, an instrument prays over us – that moment is a moment of intimacy between the Will of God and our soul: our soul is inundated with graces. Inside us, there are healings and liberations, and this isn't only for us.

When someone prays over us by the almightiness of God, it’s the Will of God that acts, it isn't human will. And, inside us, we also carry our brothers and our sisters – we can't separate ourselves from them – and they too receive graces of healing and of liberation.

Remember that yesterday the Holy Spirit told us that he couldn’t limit his power to only those of us who were here to listen. Whether our husband went hunting or whether our husband is at home: he's receiving, and so are our children and our grandchildren.

The Will of God places lights within us so that we can continue to give ourselves. Let’s leave all the room to the Holy Spirit – he will use us, he will heal us, liberate us, so that all those who are inside us may receive healings and liberations.

It is through the interior that God reaches all his children and it isn't by the exterior. Us, we would really like to go outside and cry from the rooftops: “Jesus gives us teachings; come with us to hear him!” That is our human will.

God, he says to us, “Calm down. I know what I'm doing; my power is invisible; it is inside you and it emerges from you to reach out to all children.” Therefore, when it’s inside us, it touches every part of our flesh: graces are granted to us. It’s our soul that receives the graces and our soul, it distributes the graces we receive throughout our entire flesh.

Do you think that our soul doesn’t know that our back is sore? Therefore, it goes wherever we need it to go; we need to be healed because we asked God for this, and it gives graces because it listens to its God. Let’s have faith that our soul listens to God more than our mind does; it knows what God wants for us.

If God, while he's listening, feels that we need to be healed because this is painful to our soul, then he will grant graces to the soul so that it may be satisfied. When he thinks of our soul, he also thinks of the souls of those we carry within us. Those souls are also in need, just as our soul is in need, in order to always be in love with Jesus.   

Our soul is in love with Jesus, but it suffers so much when our flesh doesn’t want to listen to Jesus. Our soul speaks to us! It too is in communication with us just as Jesus is in communication with us; it asks us to listen to its God of love.

The soul is continually in a movement of need; as it has tasted Jesus’ love, as it has tasted his eternal Presence, it is always thirsty for him. Did you know that our soul is on its knees, begging us to give it room? It’s begging us to listen to what it has to say to us.

When we sing God's praises, it sings with us, it teaches us how to praise God. When we help only one of our brothers or sisters by doing the Will of God the Father, it shows us how to behave towards our neighbour: it places us in a state of being of service. Therefore, when we, we pray over someone, it’s our soul that places us in a state of being of service through graces, because it wants to receive.

Can you see that it is very important to always listen to our interior when we want to give even more of ourselves to others? When we want to be at the service of the Holy Spirit, we must make time for adoration; then, when we’re before Jesus Eucharist, our soul, it is in adoration.

Try to imagine that inside you, there's a light and that light has a shape: it has the shape of the Virgin Mary and it kneels down before its God. It looks at him and it is filled with joy, and the more it looks, the more it is filled with joy and the more it shines; it becomes so bright that everything about it becomes transparent, it becomes like a diamond for God. Everything it reveals is clear, there is no defect in this shape filled with love: it is Jesus’ gaze upon it that transforms it.

And then, Jesus takes hold of it and inundates it with his power. It knows that now it can do anything, that it belongs to Jesus and that its duty is to him. It is in God's hand, and God uses the soul as an instrument. Then, it receives everything, it hears everything with such power that our entire flesh hears it. The moment we place our hand on our brother or our sister, there's something that begins to shine: it’s our flesh.

Our soul sees our flesh, which is being illuminated, because our soul has received everything from God in order to contemplate its own flesh, and in that moment, the person who is there, ready to receive the Will of God, is in contact with the light. The light touches the person and the light enters him, and the soul is able to perceive, it is able to perceive needs: it is in union with the other person’s soul and God acts.

God is there, present, and he allows his Will to be heard: “O soul, you who give yourself, you who are receiving graces of light at this moment, you have received this power from your God through your soul. I give you the power to heal and to liberate. Such is my Will.” In that instant, when we are in a moment of service such as this, then God comes through, God heals and God liberates: everything is in his movement of accomplishment.

The being that we are doesn’t know what’s happening inside the person who is before us because that person is at God's service; that person doesn’t try to understand what’s happening on his behalf, he gives himself as Jesus gives himself on the Cross, he gives himself as Jesus Eucharist gives himself: Jesus gives his Flesh, Jesus gives his Blood to nourish.

Therefore, our soul gives itself as our flesh gives itself in order to nourish, and then, God the Father welcomes our offering; and the more we are in this movement, the more the person who is in front of us will receive.

There is no moment more beautiful to us, we simple instruments – we’re in God's hands! Just as he does so for the Christ-Priest, he holds us in his hands.

This is why it’s important for us to go to Confession and to Communion in order to be between the consecrated hands of the priest; there's only the Christ-Priest Jesus who heals and liberates. Therefore, the priest carries out his service, we’re in the hands of the Christ-Priest and we’re like an instrument, and that’s all.

To whom did Jesus say, “Go heal and liberate”? He said this to the priests, to his priests, to his consecrated ones. Therefore, the moment when a member gives himself up body and soul to the hands of the Christ-Priest, the priest is God's instrument; consequently, there are healings and liberations through the Christ-Priest.

This is where the Spirit of God is – one single spirit; this is where the Church of Jesus is – Jesus himself; one single power – the power of Jesus, who gives himself to the Eucharist. For the moment when he said to his apostles, “Go heal and liberate, I am with you,” then all was being accomplished, and still today, all is being accomplished.

This is the only movement that contains all power; there is no greater power than Jesus giving himself during the Eucharist out of love for us: he's placing his Life before us, and we use his Life.

Therefore, let’s believe that when a person places himself at God's service by remaining humble in order to be an instrument in the hands of the Christ-Priest, he's behaving as God wants him to behave. The person is no longer himself, he is Christ, for he has consented to no longer be, because his soul has given itself fully to Jesus and his body has taken part in the movement of love. All this is present, all this is true; the more we enter into the Spirit of God, the fewer barriers there will be.

We baptised children, children who belong to God the Father, we must have faith that Jesus made Man is everything to us and that we can do anything through him.

When we have that spirit, then we can fully help the Church; don’t stop to think of our own wounds, they don’t exist in that moment; let’s quiet our mind, which wants to control us; it no longer has any control over our thoughts, for our mind no longer exists – it is now the mind of Jesus, of Christ: Jesus Eucharist.

Everything we’re hearing is willed by the power of God on behalf of the Church.

Thousands have been chosen to heal and liberate through the Christ-Priest, but they haven't understood their state of baptised children; they have been part of a movement without seeing and understanding what they were doing, and today, God is coming to speak in hearts to reveal to them who they are and why they were chosen.

A great movement of Pentecost has swept over the earth, but this has prepared God's children to hear the Will of God.

The Spirit of God descended upon them, they were infused with the Spirit of God, the Spirit of God showed them the full power of the priest, the Spirit of God said to them, “Follow my Church, be completely attentive to my Word and you will go forth in this world as children who are walking towards my New Earth.”

This movement is on earth. Many have witnessed this movement of love, but the time is coming when the chosen children will have to understand what is happening within them so that they may become instruments in the hands of Jesus Eucharist.

If we know about this today, it is God's Will, so that others may hear this everywhere, so that this may be in the Will of God for the time that is coming; this movement will not stop here, this movement will make itself known everywhere in order to give new momentum to this movement.

The Church is alive and the Church will always go forward.


The Holy Spirit: Little children of love, such is the Will of God for these times. God has chosen his instruments so they may be movements of love for my New Earth: my Church that allows itself to be purified, my Church that allows itself to be enveloped in my light.

I, Spirit of love, Spirit of truth, Spirit of justice, send you all over the world. You shall speak of this Good News. Others will speak of you and say of you: “They have heard the power of the Holy Spirit and this has awakened within them a need to give themselves out of love. They have been docile before the Word of Christ, Jesus of Nazareth, and they have followed in his footsteps to the point of wanting to be Him, his Church, his life, his breath, his eyes, his ears, his words – movement of life – within the very heart of the One who opened his heart in order to give a renewed breath to the Church.”

Children of my Will, may all be in my Will: all is accomplished.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: What we have just heard is very important for the Church: this must be repeated everywhere.

The power of the Holy Spirit will not stop; he has made his power known to God's children, but God's children have become proud of what they knew. Through the gifts received from the Holy Spirit, they believed themselves capable of controlling what they were doing, going as far as choosing which persons were to be around them, showing others that they had received and that others hadn't received, which brought about division within this very movement from Heaven. There has been much suffering, for spiritual pride was in the minds of God's instruments.

God knew all this and God permitted all this in order to show that wherever there is human will, there is danger of division, there is danger of losing what God has permitted.

God never takes away what he has given, but God knows how to retain his graces in order to teach his children to use those graces well, as God so wishes and not as they wish.

This is why God has chosen this moment, right now, to speak about his Will.

It was his Will to have us live what we lived last night – the laying on of hands to heal and to liberate. It’s as though he awakened within his children, who wanted to give themselves to him, a need to serve the Church and to not serve pride, and this was in the Will of God in order to have what we now know go forward.

We’re all instruments of love; when children gather together to allow the power of the Holy Spirit to come through, there is a movement of love.

God also uses his sounds of love – he has taught his children to write songs of love in order to open hearts to God's call, preparing the soul to come before Jesus himself, like when the child finds himself before the Eucharist. And when children give themselves out of love, with a need to turn to Jesus, this gives them confidence; they aren't afraid to go ask for graces in order to be healed and liberated.

Isn't this what happened yesterday? We were sitting here, asking for graces, graces of healing, and the people chosen by God to lay their hands on us were only able to do so because they were infused with Jesus Eucharist.

And so, the movement of Jesus Eucharist was presenting itself to the soul, and the soul, in a moment of adoration, received everything, preparing the flesh to become an instrument – mind, sight, speech, hearing, actions and heart – so that the Christ-Priest might be present and so that they might be in his hands. And then, everything began and everything was accomplished.

All of us were chosen even before we were born, and the moment we accomplish ourselves, all is accomplished. Then, we are in the movement of the very presence of eternal Life.

This moment was willed by God to show all those who are in the charismatic movement that he is in his accomplishment: this is what we experienced yesterday.

When there's a gathering, the Will of God is present, but that gathering must be fully in Jesus in order to receive healings and liberations. All this is willed for us and for all those we carry within us. It’s important to understand what we’re living.

When we think we know the answer, it’s good that God of love comes to speak to us so we can savour what we think we understand.

It is the Will of God that wants us to be ready for what is to come; there are so many illnesses, there is so much suffering – we must be at God's service.

This is urgent! Therefore, God, who speaks in our hearts, is letting us know what we must do: let’s leave all the room to him. What we’re hearing is wonderful because it’s for the greater Glory of God the Father.

There is no one among us more important than another; if we’re using tape recorders, it’s to share what we’re hearing. Therefore, he's using those instruments just as he uses us.

God is love; let’s not present ourselves as more important than we are. Nicole and I, we’re here simply to repeat what is in each of us, and that’s all. Without the heart of everyone here, this teaching would never have been recorded.

Do you see the importance of every one of us in the Church? God knows what he's doing; he gathers together the few remaining and he teaches.

We all have our place amongst all others in the Church; there's only one Church and it is Jesus Eucharist – he's the one who founded it.

And so, let’s love one another; let’s be only one Church, the one that He has always wanted.

He has just said, “Amen, my children.”

Alleluia! Thank you, Lord.


Audience: Words of thanks and praise, hymn in English: “Pray the Lord.”


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The Lord has given something to each one of us. We’ll all gather together, and all those who are able to lay hands, may they raise their hands and lay them on their brothers and their sisters to heal them, so that one person in particular, who is suffering from back pain, might be fully healed. Let’s have faith in this, and now, you may speak.