Gathering of Love With God's Action in Sudbury, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-10-13 - Evening


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: To be able to abandon oneself is to be able to say yes to God.

God saw to it that we said yes today. God wanted us to know the Will, The Love, so that we might understand that he's the one conducting the orchestra. Our heart must be in tune with God; only God can take our heart and make it beat to the rhythm of love. God's aim is to give back to us what we, we have forsaken: we have forsaken our life and others have used it.

When we speak of “others,” we’re speaking of this world, of all those who want to run this world; this world has taken the best part of us and has placed it at its disposal.

Every one of us has gifts of love; every one of us has received these gifts from the Holy Spirit. It’s the Holy Spirit himself who has put these gifts within us so we might be of service to others but we took a detour! We gave up our gifts to others and they used our gifts by keeping us at their service. They had us discover that we needed one thing or another, and, since we said, “Yes, it’s true, I need this, or that,” then they were able to keep us in their claws, which turned us into people disappointed with themselves. But even though we know that we’ve been disappointed with ourselves, God is telling us that he’ll fix everything.

We have heard about the New Earth, we have heard about a glorious Cross that would appear so the whole world could witness this sign.

Some have heard about an event that would upset us and would make us understand that we’re living in a time of revelation.

We have also heard that a time would come when everybody would know their interior, and they would see their lives played out before their eyes.

We have also heard that the earth would be in a movement of purification; that is to say, that mountains will be moved, that certain rivers will dry up and others will be fed by rivers that don’t exist at this time.

We have also heard that there would be much famine; many people will suffer because of the spirit of this world that wants nothing to do with God. We have also heard that there would be the mark of the Beast. All this surrounds us.

The Holy Spirit is keeping himself present in these revelations; the Holy Spirit is keeping us in his movement of light so we can accomplish ourselves when these events become part of our present.

All that is being revealed to us is to keep us in the light so we can remain at peace, so we can give ourselves on behalf of those who will panic. Everything Heaven reveals to us is for our good and it is not to make us aware of the danger.

We are already aware of the greatest danger: our human will, the knowledge of good and evil. This has led us to experience great suffering; this has led us to discover that we were weak before sin; this has led us to discover illness, famine, war; this has led us to live under domination, power; this has led us to experience earthquakes, floods, fires – this has led us to experience the apostasy.

This is the greatest danger we have experienced, and there cannot be one greater than this: eternal death.

We must give what we are to God so we can remain at peace; we must live these events filled with trust in God; we must not look at what’s happening around us to then be afraid of tomorrow.

All that is revealed to us is willed by God for our good, so why worry about tomorrow? Why be afraid of the chip? If God has been speaking to us about the chip from the beginning, that is to say, in the revelations given to the Apostle John, it’s so that we can live these events in peace, trusting in God, for we’re all called to live on earth in the midst of what’s going, and is due to our human will that has chosen the easy road.

We’ve always wanted to live the easy life, without bearing the cross, and because of this, we’re afraid of what tomorrow will bring, we’re afraid of what has been revealed. If we keep ourselves in this, we’ll be carrying out Satan's will. He's the one who introduced us to fear, he's the one who introduced us to degradation, so let’s stop feeding his power.

God's chosen must belong to God and not be filled with their own fears; God's chosen must trust in God and not do what Satan wants us to do because of our lack of trust; we must trust only in God, we must keep ourselves in this way of thinking.

Leave this movement for an instant and you will be afraid of tomorrow, you will be afraid for yourselves and for your children and your grandchildren, and this will lead you to utter words that come from your human will, and human will bears no graces. Therefore, all those who will hear you will hear your words void of God's graces. And so, if your words are void of God's graces, this means that you have carried out your will and not the Will of God.

Everything we’re hearing regarding what is to come is willed by God. God is instructing his children to prepare them for what is to come so we can help others.

There are very few of us who hear the Will of God, but those few are so important to God; God will use us, God will use who we are. God is the Master of the orchestra, he's the Master of our heart, and so he will make it beat to the rhythm of his love and not to the rhythm of fear.

When our heart gives itself to the Mother of God in order to die and to disappear in the Heart of Jesus, then it’s the Heart of Jesus that beats, and it isn't our heart. And the Heart of Jesus trusts in his Father; this is why he teaches us – so we can sustain those who panic.

We must remain in love, we must remain at peace before all that is being revealed to us. If Heaven speaks, it speaks for our hearts; it doesn’t speak for our minds because it knows that our minds panic easily. Therefore, all the messages are for our heart and it’s God who will enable us to understand these messages, not someone who wants to explain them using his mind: let’s beware of this! Let’s stay where God has put us.

Jesus, by his almightiness, keeps us alive in this world so we can live this time of grace. Therefore, because God wills it, we have to be here, in this time of grace, in order to live these events willed by God: nothing has been neglected on our behalf.

Every one of us was chosen by God. He knows the hearts that belong to the Mother of God and that die in the Heart of Jesus. He's nourishing them with his own Blood so those hearts can be at the disposal of all the hearts that will turn to him. God will use us; he will have prepared our hearts for others.

Let’s be in our refuge, inside ourselves, at peace, with the graces God grants to our soul. This is what God is preparing for us: we will be a refuge for others. How many children will be in their homes, among their idols, with heads full of ideas that will make them afraid! Those are the ones who will need to find themselves in a peaceful refuge.

When they will come to us by the Will of God, in us they will find what they’re looking for: a place of love, a peaceful place where they will find answers, for they’ll be asking themselves many questions. They will want to know why they’re on earth; they will want to know what’s going to happen to them, and God will speak in their hearts so they can belong to him.

God wants all his children; he doesn’t want to lose a single one.

Let’s be at peace in the face of what we’re living, let’s stop worrying about tomorrow, let’s have faith in the Church, let’s pray with the heart, let’s turn to the sacraments – that is where we belong. Let’s not pay attention to human words – they won't provide answers to our fears, for if we turn to the human will to ask questions, that’s because we’re afraid.

When we’re at peace, we don’t need questions and answers directed at others in order to understand – it is God who nourishes our interior, it is God who gives us the truth, and the only truth is written in the Gospel: “I shall declare my love to you and you shall know that I am your only God.”

When we look at the world today we know that that moment hasn’t yet arrived because we’re living in a time in which the human will has taken up all the space, and because of this, we thought that God had neglected us, that God wasn’t helping our children return to him, that God wasn’t listening when we asked him for good health. We have a God of love, we have only one God, and he can do anything for us.

What are we looking for: good health for eternal life or good health for our time on earth? God wants to grant us eternal life in a pure body so that our soul can be fully in purity; this is the good health that God wants for us.

Let’s leave all the room to God in order to understand what we’re living; let’s stop panicking over all the messages we’re receiving: let’s give this to God's power since it is God's power that reveals to us what comes from God.

But, through all this, he still has his loving plans for us! Given that, by the power of God, we hear the messages from Heaven, that’s because Heaven wills it. It is only by leaving all the room to him that we will understand his loving plans for us. This will take as long as he has so decided, and we, we will accomplish ourselves.

All those we carry within us are receiving what we’re receiving; what we’re receiving – all those who are in us are in a movement of continuity – is life that never stops moving. God does as he wishes with his creation; we’re in good hands.

God wants us for himself, in perfect happiness for eternity. Therefore, let’s not be afraid of tomorrow; let’s leave to God what belongs to God. God is good to us.

Now, we’ll take some time to listen carefully to the Lord's answers, and also, to do as the Holy Spirit asks us.

We heard teachings on Friday night, this morning, this afternoon, and we have just heard another. But the human being isn't always as open as God would like him to be: he wants to understand, and the Holy Spirit wants him to understand. And so, inside us, there are movements that have occurred, but that would like some clarification, and this can be done between you and the instrument that I am. 

If you ask questions that come from your hearts, then the Holy Spirit will answer.


Q. If I'm ready to give my full yes to Jesus but my husband isn't willing to take this step with me… I'm not really sure what to do in this situation.


A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: That’s like two children walking side by side; when they walk together, in harmony, they each follow their own path – parallel paths. But if one wants to walk on the other’s path, he won't be able to enter the other’s path completely; it will be as if he were walking on the edge of a precipice. He will always keep his balance: he’ll lean to one side, he’ll lean to the other. He’ll want to go forward, but he will want to please the other and he will want to please himself.

The other one beside him will see that the being he's living with is leaning towards his side, and sometimes leans towards his own side, which will lead him to live the same way: sometimes he’ll want to live his life as he wants to, and sometimes, he’ll agree to live according to how the other sees life.

Isn't this what the children of this world do? They live together and they live each other’s lives: sometimes they want to live their own life and sometimes they want to live the other’s life. And the other does this as well, which leads those two children to make each other suffer continuously.

And so, when one child decides to give himself to God, to do God's Will, he discovers a strength within himself and that strength comes from his yes to God. He discovers that what he does in life is easier because he has decided to live by following his path of life; he has decided to place his feet in the footsteps of Christ; he has decided to live his life as God desires, and his life becomes easier.

He receives graces from the soul so that his thoughts, his gazes, what he hears, his words, his movements, his feelings can be within movements from God's Will, and then, peace permeates him, joy makes itself felt within that being, his entire life becomes a life of hope and of faith in God.

He no longer relies on human will; he relies on the Divine Will and, little by little, the other begins to change, for he feels something developing within himself: love, love for what he sees, love for what he hears, love for what he thinks of the other, love for his words, for his movements and for his feelings towards the other. All this is the yes to The Love.

He has learned to walk upon his path of life; both have learned to say their yes to The Love.

All is willed by God for this time; give yourself to God and trust in God.

Thank you, Lord.


Nicole: The lady is saying that was a very good answer and that it touches many among us.


A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you, Lord.


Q. At one point, it was said that we shouldn’t give our opinion, which comes from our human will, but sometimes people ask us for our opinion. How do we give this to the Lord, how do we get out of this situation?


A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: It’s like a child who goes to his mother: “Mom, I want an ice cream cone.” “But you already had one.” “No, I want my ice cream cone.” But you already had your ice cream cone!” “No, mommy, I want an ice cream cone.” So, they both look at each other and ask themselves, “Who gave the ice cream cone to the other one and who received the ice cream cone?” Both are all mixed up because they’re both sticking to their guns; two minds that go head to head can't give up.

A person who wants to understand must turn to the Holy Spirit and not turn to another person for an answer; because he will have asked a question and he will have heard, but as soon as he turns away, he will ask himself another question: “Was that the right answer?” There will always be someone in his life who will make him doubt that he heard the right answer.

What comes from the mind nourishes only the mind. A person who asks a question with his mind doesn’t necessarily want an answer that would satisfy him regarding his eternal life; he will want an answer that will satisfy him regarding his life on earth, and therefore, the answer will have to be what he wants to hear.

But a person who wants to fill up his life so that it belongs to God, will ask a question from the heart, and the person who is listening will feel this in his heart, and the Holy Spirit will give an answer to his heart so he can answer the heart of the other.

Have faith that it is God who rules hearts that are sincere. God is the only one who can read hearts; no human will is able to do this, and so, it’s up to God to answer.

Thank you, Lord.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: If the Lord asked you if he could ask you some questions, would you be ready to answer him? All right then, we’re going to make room for the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit: What do you want, my children, the truth and only the truth?


Audience: No one answers.


The Holy Spirit: I hear nothing. Is it possible that your hearts have heard nothing? Then, let me ask you the question again. You who are present, you who have given your yes to being instruments, have you understood God's love for you? Have you understood that this love is for all those you love who are within you, and that it is for what is to come? Are you afraid of tomorrow? Are you afraid to discover, through your flesh, what is to come and is revealing itself?

Your language, my children, is a language of love; your language allows itself to be heard by all those around you. Through your silence, my children, you are answering: “Yes, Holy Spirit, we want to understand. Yes, Holy Spirit, we want to know what tomorrow holds; we’re too little to realize that you are giving us answers, we’re so little that we are not able to think that God is in the process of turning us into children who will give answers to others.”

Little children of love, God is in the process of preparing you for tomorrow, for, tomorrow, there will be an event that will trouble the hearts of children.

You would like to know the date of that day in the future, is this not so? The date is in your heart.

That day, which will be a day of peace for you, will be a movement of harmony for you and for all others; you will not sense rivalries; you will all be together, ready for God; you will not come to know the absence of your neighbour in your flesh. You will be like little soldiers of love, ready to run to the aid of those you love, and this shall be within you. Every one of you will feel this inside yourself, and this will be like a special day that records itself within you, for there will be one goal within you: the one of giving oneself up for those one loves. Your flesh will respond to this; everything within you will vibrate like a single movement.

You are the Church, you are members of the Church.

When Christmas comes, my children, you are joyful like tiny little children because you feel peace within you; you know that Christmas is a day of love, for the Messiah is born. When you are at peace, you feel the peace of others.

Little children of love, when you feel lonely and it is Christmas, it is that you are alone with yourselves and you do not feel the peace of others; you see, this creates a movement within you that you are able to live in your flesh. Therefore, it will be the same for the first movement: you will feel peace in your flesh, for the chosen ones will have that peace and all shall be accomplished.

You see, my children, this is an answer!

I love you, my beloved. Everything is within you; be a movement of God for the greater Glory of God.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: And so, God place movements in each one of us so we can live what we’re in the process of living, right? All these movements are known to our flesh and when we hear them, this makes our heart vibrate.

Did you know that our flesh has known these movements from the beginning? But because of our human will, we aren't able to grasp what’s happening inside us.

Remember this morning when the Holy Spirit spoke to us about the presence of the Eucharist – due to our flesh that is mired in its suffering, our flesh doesn’t feel the very presence of the Eternal Flesh: Jesus.

Everything is present within us; it’s the human will – the suffering of our flesh – that prevents us from understanding all this. Everything is inside us, we have all the answers inside us.

One day, we were on a trip, Nicole and I; we were in the car and we were saying novenas and then, in an instant, I heard the voice of Jesus and he spoke, but, with my human will, I wasn’t able to understand what I heard. What he had said was the date of his coming in hearts; he revealed the date that we, we wanted to know but we didn’t understand, and yet, our flesh knew.

Our flesh, in obedience, in purity, knows what the Eternal Flesh has placed within it. Everything is inside us.

When Jesus teaches the instrument that I am, he can teach the instrument in the space of a second – he shows me and I know everything – but to let this out is impossible to me. It’s as though everything I know is trapped in my flesh. My thoughts don’t respond to God's Will, but my interior came to know everything and my flesh was witness to this; and there I am, watching all this, and all this is so immense, so beautiful, and I can only witness it.

In my silence, I can't let this emerge from me – I say “my silence” because this is a silence that makes itself known to me.

All this is to show that the flesh knows, but the flesh is in complete silence because it isn't yet in its full movement. The more we leave our flesh in the hands of the Eternal Flesh, which is Jesus, the more our flesh allows itself to be liberated and the more our flesh begins to make itself heard. But due to everything that is still in my flesh, this doesn’t emerge: I can only contemplate and thank God and wait for his Will.

The more we will allow God to transform us, the more this will happen: in an instant, we’ll understand the greatness of God without being able to touch it because we don’t yet deserve this. When that moment arrives, it’s together that we’ll understand all this: together.

It’s as though God were enabling us to see what is to come in order to show us that everything is ready. God is an eternal movement of love, God is an eternal movement of presence.

Within us, there are so many movements of love, so many movements that want to reveal themselves, to be understood.

The Divine Will is inside us, in all those who want to die to their human will, in all those who accomplish themselves out of love for God, as God so desires.

The healing of the flesh, the liberation of the flesh, belong to God and every child discovers the power of God according to the rhythm of love. There is nothing from the human will that will reveal what is in the flesh, for the human will is not aware of what the Divine Will knows.

To enter into the Divine Will is to discover God's Will for his children; only the Divine Will teaches, only the Divine Will brings nourishment.

The body needs to let itself be enveloped in light, the body needs to allow itself to be taken up by a movement of obedience in order to be attentive to God's request. God's request is to return to God what belongs to God – the life of God's children – and only God, Jesus, can do this; only Jesus can envelop us in light so that we may become light. And all this is in the Church: the Church is present, the Church is love, the Church is active in these times.

When we accept to be children attentive to the grace of God, we’re accepting to be the flavour of God, and to be the flavour of God, isn't this to taste his power in order to be the work of God? Such is the Son who gave himself up on the Cross: he was presented to us as the work of God the Father on our behalf. This movement is love.

We also must live this movement, and this movement can only be revealed to us through the cross. And when the cross is upon us, we become a work of God to others because we consented to die to the human will to enter into the Divine Will.

To die to oneself is to live in Jesus, it is to discover his constant presence in our life, it is to let his works flow over us, it is to allow all God's power to do with us as it wills.

Every one of us, we want to belong to Jesus and when we want to belong to Jesus, we want to belong to the Christ-Priest. Therefore, we will turn to the Christ-Priest so that he can bring God's power down upon us.