Gathering of Love With God's Action Through His Instrument,

The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2011-10-13 – A Time of Surrender

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: If we are together tonight it’s to try to understand what the Lord is calling us to live. For many years now, the Lord has been preparing us to live what we experienced last weekend at Plantagenet, and this was done under the gaze of the Divine Will. And so, together, we will relive a tiny bit of what we experienced during the weekend. So, let’s begin right away. You will see… (An excerpt from a teaching at Plantagenet is presented.) 

Excerpt from the recording of October 7, 2011 – Evening – Part 1 – Plantagenet

Jesus: Children of love, did I not say this when I came to earth, as I walked among the people of the earth? Are my words not living? My words are living, for you are hearing them by the power of God. Children of the Divine Will, I have chosen for you: she is an instrument in the hands of the Divine Will. Everything she hears emerges by my Will and everything she is, she is so for me. These two instruments are mine so that you, you may witness my action. I have been preparing you for many years, my children, for what is to come.

There is talk of events; there is talk of what the earth will undergo, but people do not want to talk about me. If people are hearing about events, if people are preparing to live these events, that is because Heaven has spoken. Satan will not instruct you but he will see to it that things become muddled. Today, the people of earth are troubled by events.

We will stop the recording here. What we have just heard is the Will of God. God has prepared us to live what we are being called to live, but Satan, who imitates Jesus, also has his own plans. The more people remain fearful, the less people will prepare themselves to receive the graces that Heaven wants to bestow upon them to live this time. And now, we will have a moment of enlightenment.

When the Lord speaks, he always speaks by teaching his children. He doesn’t say something without explaining what he wants to teach us. God has always acted in this manner. God doesn’t have us live something without first giving us the graces we need to be able to live these things. Let’s take a look at what we are experiencing here, at this very moment. It was graces that brought us here; it was graces that gave us the desire to want to live in God's action. It isn't easy to motivate people who live in the spirit of this world: we don’t like it when we have to change our habits. And so, it took a lot of graces to get us to stop sitting in front of our television at home, didn’t it? What did we do tonight? We all went to pray at the shrine together.

Heaven has been asking us for a long time to recite the rosary. Between you and me, how many years has it been that we haven’t said the rosary together every night? It’s true that we didn’t know each other back then, but what about with our families? Most of us have lost this habit. It was necessary that Heaven come and ask us to pray with our hearts in order for us to go back to praying with the Virgin Mary. And Heaven has always given us graces so that we would be able to do what we were meant to do. And that is also what we were watching: we were watching a gathering with God's action.

Heaven has granted us many graces so that we would agree to spend hours and hours sitting in front of two people who just repeat words, words, words and more words – there's no dancing going on here! We weren't taught to be this well-behaved in front of other people. On television there are sounds, music, images; there are images interrupted by commercials; and all this is designed to constantly captivate, captivate, captivate our attention and to keep us sitting in front of a screen.

And now look! Two people behind a microphone: they don’t get up, they don’t move around, there's no music, there are no interruptions for commercials, there are no chips, no Coke; there's nothing, and yet, we spend hours sitting here. Do you realize what's going on? Our attention should have turned to something else a long time ago, right? They say that you lose most people’s attention after ten minutes. Therefore, this comes from Heaven. You aren't coming here to see two people – you’re coming to drink in God's words. Heaven is giving us messages. We must take what we are all living seriously. It’s Heaven that is speaking – it isn't you – it’s Heaven! Why did I say ‘you’? Because you and I form a ‘you’; and Nicole as well. It was Heaven that led us to where we were meant to be and you to where you were meant to be: together. And now, we will continue to watch another excerpt of that gathering with God's action.


Excerpt from the recording of October 7, 2011 – Evening – Part 1 – Plantagenet

Jesus: They live in fear, the fear of disappearing from the surface of the earth. The earth belongs to my Father; it does not belong to Satan, but the people of earth have decided to not listen to the Creator. Everything had been given to them, everything had been presented to them, but they said, “No, I want to walk this earth as an independent being; I want to walk this earth according to my own knowledge, my will.” And man walked and woman walked. Such was their choice.

Even today, the people on this earth walk in their human will, and they walk in fear. They do not understand that what they are doing is against them. There are upheavals all over the world because man is suffering his consequences. Man and woman are full of themselves; they do not want to believe in the Living Word; they cast aside the Bible, they cast aside what is living. Through the prophets, man received what he needed to know from Heaven.

I am warning you once again, my children, that the time you are living has come to an end. Your time in your human will has come to an end. Listen to my Voice, which emerges and makes itself heard. Such is my Will. I, the Son of God beloved by the Father, am speaking in your presence, my chosen children. I, the chosen Son, the Elect, chosen to come to earth, have spoken to you of my Father's Will and I do my Father's Will. What is, is of my Father's Will. May he who believes enter this grace.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Amen. Just now, how many times did you hear “my Father's Will”? Three times. Jesus was not to come before his Father. Remember what Jesus said: “Only my Father knows when that time is.” Can Jesus go against his Father's wishes? Jesus does his Father's Will and that is what is important. Here, he begins by saying that, yes, we have cast God aside; yes, there are upheavals all over the world; yes, people want nothing to do with me, they reject me. And God says, “You are living your consequences.” Everyone should have seen the events taking place, but that isn't what happened. Most people see all those events and they can see that things are happening, but they don’t realize that this has something to do with what they have become: children against God. Therefore, they remain in their blindness.

God sees his children who don’t listen to his Will. They are suffering because of their lack of love towards Jesus. Jesus greatly desired that they listen to him, but they didn’t listen and they’re still not listening. So, Jesus is saying, “They are living their consequences.” And how many times did Jesus beg them to listen, but they didn’t do so. Jesus had warned the world through Saint Paul that there would be a great apostasy. Jesus had warned us that there would be upheavals all over the world. How come people don’t see anything? Because they’re living with their own consequences. And Jesus says, “Those who have faith, they will believe.” And Jesus identifies himself; he is very insistent about saying who he is because he wants us to believe that he is the one talking.

He has been using an instrument for years and years, asking her to surrender: “Abandon yourself and do my Will.” And now, Jesus is saying, “This is my Father's Will. I do my Father's Will. All is of my Father's Will.” Therefore, what he is announcing to us is willed by God the Father. It’s a good idea to take a moment to truly grasp that what we’re hearing is willed by the Eternal One, by our Heavenly Father, the One who is the only one who decides what we must hear. Knowledge comes from the Will of the Father. Jesus came because his Father sent him, and Jesus himself says, “I am the Elect, the Father's Chosen.” And so, he comes as he came the first time. The first time, he revealed himself, he lived. Today, he doesn’t reveal himself, but he uses an instrument to speak in hearts. He also says, “You will know that I am your God.”

And so, we came together at Plantagenet to hear about the Will. In order to have this conviction, it was necessary that God speak in our hearts and it is directly in our hearts that we have this conviction: yes, Jesus speaks in our hearts. I'm not coming here to deliver a message. I'm not saying, “This is what Jesus said” – one sentence, two sentences, three sentences, and it’s over. It’s more than that. I have no prior knowledge of what will be said; I hear it when you hear it, and God has been doing this since 2001. I hear the words at the same time as you do, when I repeat them, because the words emerge at the same time as my mouth utters them. Therefore, these are revelations.

God reveals to us what we must live in the present moment, and if we were to count the number of hours the Lord has spoken to us about this, how many hours would that be? Would it be possible to come up with a number? It’s practically…, we would have to… this would require the patience of a saint, wouldn’t it? In order for an instrument to be able to be abandoned in this way, she must be abandoned not only in that moment, but 24 hours out of 24. People say, “It’s impossible that she hears the Lord all day long, night and day. That’s almost impossible!” Well, without that presence, the thing that would be impossible to do would be this: to repeat in surrender and with the exact words.

I even repeat the Lord's mistakes, the mistakes willed by the Lord, and these mistakes in pronunciation and grammar are graces for each of us. He uses the singular form of the verb when the subjects are plural, and I repeat the words exactly as I hear them. It isn't up to me to manage this movement; because under normal circumstances my grammar is better than this! Because, of course, if we’re together, I say “we are together, you are with me” – I know how to make the verb and the subject agree. And yet, when I'm abandoned in the Lord, the words that emerge come out without my correcting them.

There isn't a single day that goes by without the Lord telling me: “I am giving you graces. Abandon yourself. Be obedient. I love you.” The ‘I love you’ is so rich with graces! And that ‘I love you’ is constant. I know when the Lord… “I love you,” so I answer, “I love you, Lord.” But that ‘I love you’ is constant. That is the nourishment he gives me every day. At night, if I move even a little bit and I wake up: “I love you.” “Yes, Lord.” There's always that ‘I love you, I love you.’ And so, if it weren't for these graces of surrender, of obedience: “Hm! He just said ‘I love you’ again.” I don’t know how many times I’ve heard it today! “Don’t you have anything else to say to me, my Jesus?”

And what about you? I've been hearing the Lord's ‘I love you’ for nearly eleven years now on a constant basis, at night as well as during the day. So, what would you do if you were in my place, you who are in your human will? Yes, it’s all very well when he leads us into ecstasies, when he shows us miracles, healings… wow! But there are none of these things in my life! If there are healings going on, I'm not aware of them and he doesn’t tell me about them. What he asks for is surrender, obedience: “Stay where you belong.” This is what I have been living for the past eleven years, and it’s important that you know this so you can understand that the instrument does only the Will of God. How many people are there who think, “Ask the Lord something”? Or they ask me a question and they wait for an answer. If I hear something, I repeat it, but if I don’t hear anything, I don’t repeat.

As for you, the Lord has chosen you. For years you have been sitting and hearing a voice, the words of the Lord. It’s been years, hasn’t it? Sometimes the voice is quiet, or loud, or speaks rapidly, or speaks slowly; sometimes, there's pressure; and boy, sometimes the Lord doesn’t spare us! That’s right, this is how we follow, we follow the voice of the Lord. When Nicole talks, I listen to Nicole; there's nothing happening inside me. The Lord doesn’t go ahead of me; he doesn’t go ahead of Nicole, the Lord. He waits for Nicole to finish, and then the voice starts talking again right away. But now I have just heard the Lord speaking while you (Nicole) were speaking and he said, “I am the one doing my Will.” This will happen most of the time when I step out of… when I slip back into my will – because I don’t always know when she has finished what she has to say and I might start talking before… Whoops! He stops me right away: “I accomplish my Will.” And that’s when I can… he puts me back in my place: obedience and surrender.

Our Lord spoke the following words to us with the Will, the Will of his Father: 


Excerpt from the recording of October 7, 2011 – Evening – Part 1 – Plantagenet

Jesus: May he who refuses remain in his darkness. Everything that you are, you must be so for God, and everything that you want to be for yourselves remains within you, within your 'self.' 

My children, after having spent so much time talking and talking to you, what have you understood? Only the little have allowed their interior to remain open. Those who did not want to put themselves before God, those who were putting their human will aside, wanting to believe only in He Who Is, are the little ones. You, my children, have all stood before my Will. There are those among you who have done their will. Through suffering, they have understood that they had to do what needed to be done in order to enter the grace of the Light. You are all present, my children, before the One who speaks through these instruments. It is I, the Son of God, the Beloved of the Father, the Resurrected One, who am saying these words to you.

The time that Heaven had granted to you is now over. These fragments of time that remain will carry with them a reminder in order that you may realize that this is being accomplished.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Little fragments of time! And those fragments of time will indicate to us that it is being accomplished. What is being accomplished? What God the Father wants. Time no longer matters now. Don’t say – in one day, in three days, in one month, in two hundred days. No, time no longer matters. It has begun. We have entered that time into which we wanted to enter. Now: the judgment is right here, right now – the judgment is right here, right now. Those little fragments of time, we will live them as God wants us to live them.

God has spoken to us about mercy. Are we now in the accomplishment of that mercy? Are you aware that you are living God's mercy at this very moment? Living it!? Let’s not forget that we’re still at school, we’re still learning. All right then, let’s begin our lesson! From the very moment we were born, we saw things, we heard things, we said things, we did things, we had feelings, we had thoughts, and all this began the moment we were born. What did we do with this mishmash? We lived our lives. We didn’t pay attention to any of this.

What is important in a judgment? The facts. Once the facts have been studied, then a judgment is passed after all the facts have been presented to the judge: I got up at a certain hour; I drove my car; I arrived at this particular place at this time; I have proof that people saw me there; after those people saw me, I sat down; a person came in; he took out his gun; he asked me for my money; I refused; I was shot. Here I am now, standing before my life and I am watching it pass before my eyes. These are the facts.

Let’s take a look at the state of the human will: What state was I in when I got up? Was I angry? Was I able to drive safely? When I arrived where I was going, where did I go first? What was my attitude? Was it a calm, peaceful attitude or an angry one? Is it possible that I could have provoked the person who was going to approach me? Who was holding the weapon? He was holding the weapon. Where did that weapon come from? Was I the one who had the weapon? Did I provoke him? Did I give him a chance to see that I didn’t have any money on me? Did I place myself in a dangerous situation? Were the words that I said words that provoked him to use his weapon? Did I provoke him into shooting?

Which human will is able to pronounce such a judgment, to study the facts in this manner? Now – and let’s not forget that we’re dead – if we come face to face with our judgment, with what are we going to judge ourselves and to study the facts? We said it at the beginning, didn’t we? With the human will. So now the human will is looking at all those facts: “Hm! I got up in the morning; I wasn’t even in my own home even though I'm married; I was somewhere else. I've just seen that I was committing adultery; therefore, I have made my wife suffer. I also took advantage of a person who wasn’t my wife. Was I really loving towards that person and towards my wife? Before my God, was I following the commandment of my Lord and Master? Was I stealing from my neighbour? Did I steal love for myself? Did I encourage myself to reject God's commandment? Am I really a person who is good to his neighbour? Will I set a good example for my children? At this moment, are my feelings worthy of God, of myself and of my neighbour?” And yet, this is how it happens.

Don’t forget that we have just left the earth and entered a time that will be eternal: before God or before Death. And so, in that moment, I have two choices: a time of eternity or a time of eternal death. I have just gotten up from wherever I was and already, look at everything we will have to face. You can do whatever you like. You can even say: “Hey, I don’t want anything to do with this. No way!” Is this going to change anything? Did Jesus come on earth for nothing? Jesus came on earth for this moment because this moment is so important. God the Son came on earth to take ‘that moment.’ Jesus knew that he wasn’t at home. Jesus knew that his child was committing adultery. Jesus knew that he would have to present himself before that action. Jesus of love knew what his child was going to think of himself when he would come face to face with his Father, with himself, and with his neighbour. Jesus knew all this.

Jesus agreed to take what his child was living and he agreed to feel it himself. “I want his thoughts to be my thoughts. I want his eyes to be my eyes. I want his ears to be my ears. I want his actions to be my actions, his heart to be in my Heart, his words to be before what he will have to witness.” Jesus has taken everything, absolutely everything. Jesus wanted to live that moment so that he could bear the burden of it, so that that person would not judge himself without the love of God: “I, I love you.” That ‘I love you’ – day and night! That ‘I love you’ is always there: “I love you. Abandon yourself. Be obedient. Do my Will. I will give you graces.” This is what the Lord does constantly.

Well, what we have just heard is what we are at this very moment. Therefore, let’s not lose a single moment of our judgment. I'm hearing “mercy” because what I hear must be peace, joy and love to me. Because if what I'm hearing is peace, joy and love, then that’s because I'm accepting God's mercy. He wraps my movement, my action, my yes in his mercy: “Hey! My ear belongs to you, Jesus. I love you. I want to disappear. I'm not the one who is living, it’s you. I consent to being who you want me to be. All that I am at this very moment, well, that depends solely on you. My love, I give it to you because I want to die in you.” This is a suffering of love because Jesus suffered out of love.

It was joy, peace and love that nourished us continuously and that is still nourishing us continuously: “I no longer want to hear without your mercy; let me die in your mercy; let me live your mercy; it is for me.” I enter into God, I disappear, I am no longer; and yet, I am with my neighbour, I am with you; and yet, I consent to entering into his mercy, to living his mercy, to wrapping myself in his mercy. This is total joy! This is Love, Love with a capital L. Hey, I don’t have to worry anymore! Why would I worry? He's the one who listens to me – I don’t need to worry anymore.

And so, do you see? It has begun; he said so. The time of preparation is over. Now, we must do what we are called to do. We’re entering into his mercy. And what is my ear going to do? It will hear, drink, live mercy. And so, every ear will be my ear; every ear will be my ear since my ear is no longer my own – it is the ear of Jesus. Did Jesus hear what everyone was hearing just now, while I was hearing? But of course, that is what we’re living right now. The moment I hear, everybody hears. Did you ever think: “Hey! I'm doing something, someone else is doing something else, so and so over there, so and so…” Everybody’s doing something. At the same time that I move, everybody moves; at the same time that my ears hear, other ears hear – they hear too.

But to whom does the ear belong to now? To the Mercy. Because now Jesus has heard everything, right? He hasn’t only heard what I heard – he has heard every sound that entered the ears of all God's children, past, present, future. And so, where was God's mercy in that moment when Jesus consented to take everything? It was part of what he was accomplishing; he was accomplishing the Will of his Father: “Go, my Son. You are the Elect, you are the Chosen One. Go save this world.” His mercy! The mercy of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit: one mercy, ‘one’ mercy! It’s awesome! Isn't it awesome, my Nicole? I'm hearing the same thing as you are! I'm learning the same thing as you are, at the same time as you are!

Q. (Nicole) I would love to get excited too but I don’t understand!

A.The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Oh, I can't wait!

Q. (Nicole) Why are you so excited? But honestly, there's something that escapes me.

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: You have an ear; that ear was used to accomplish evil. I'm in the process of judging myself because I was hit by a bullet and I'm now before my judgment. I'm studying the facts: Okay, what was my ear used for in that particular moment? Did my ear serve God? Was it used to love God? Was my ear used as a source of nourishment to nourish all God's children? And so, today I consent to use this ear to live in mercy. My ear is in God's mercy because he knew my ear. Jesus knew that I was going to use my ear in that particular moment, when this was happening, and that it would lead me to my death by a bullet.

But in that moment, I was hearing something that wasn’t love, peace; this led me to behave badly. I listened to evil: “You bastard! You think I'm going to give you my money!” My ear had just heard that he wanted my money and I wasn’t about to give it to him. I insulted him. After I heard what he said, did my ear serve God? It didn’t serve me and it didn’t serve my neighbour. Was Jesus aware of that moment in which I heard this? Did Jesus consent to hearing this? The sound that entered my ears, I used it to say those words, didn’t I? Therefore, I didn’t use my ear for God, nor for myself or my neighbour, but rather, against God, against myself and against my neighbour. But now, I find myself before my judgment: “Mercy.” I have just said to the Mercy: “Mercy.” I have just said yes to Jesus: “Mercy.”

Q. But what does ‘mercy’ mean?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: ‘Mercy’ means that I accept that Jesus bore what I heard, which was against God, against me and against my neighbour, and I accept that he bore this as though he had done it. “I forgive you.” This is what God is saying: “Mercy.” This is a forgiveness. It’s to accept that Jesus is merciful towards me. To whom did he present all this? By bearing everything, to whom was he turning? To his Father. He consented to bear everything on his shoulders and to present himself as ‘the sinner.’ This is an ‘I love you.’ Mercy is peace, joy and love for all God's children. But we must accept it. This is the reason why, at this very instant, we must consent to put everything we are in God's mercy. I die to God's mercy in order to serve whom?

Q. Member of audience asks a question (inaudible).

Q. (Nicole) I was waiting to hear your answer and I forgot what the question was. Mercy! So, the Lord takes all my memory blanks as though they were his own, and then, he presents himself to his Father. Wow!

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: That’s it! To his Father! He took everything because he was sent by whom? “By his Father (audience).” He's the Elect, he's the Chosen One. And he was sent to whom? To us, to lead us back home. And what is he asking us to do right now? To do what we are being called to do, what we are called to do, what we are called to do.

If I see that someone has forgotten his gun on the table, am I going to call the police? Am I going to leave the gun on the table? I will take it and put it somewhere where it will never hurt anyone. And I do this out of love for God, for myself, for my neighbour: I'm no longer in danger. The gun was on the table and all I had to say was “Mercy” and he would never have fired. I would have taken the gun, I would have hidden it from him to protect him because he needed help very badly! I would have been mercy. That’s what we must do. And who does that gun belong to now? “To the Mercy (audience).” To the Mercy. Why? Because, in that moment, what did you want to do? You wanted to be at whose service? The Mercy; not judging ourselves but allowing the Mercy to judge us so that when that person comes face to face with what he did, he will relive it with that ‘I love you.’

We’re living the Great Purification of the flesh – there are still fragments of time left – we’re living the Great Purification of the flesh. Now is the time to understand God's mercy, that it is for all God's children. The very moment our ear hears something against God, against us, against our neighbour: “Mercy.” I don’t get angry: “Mercy.” Because before getting angry, I experienced mercy. I do not insult, because before insulting someone, I experienced mercy. Do you understand that now mercy must be constantly in front of us?

 “You didn’t put the chair away?” Well, now I give you the causes, choices and consequences. I refuse this temptation because, this time, I said something: “You didn’t put the chair away.” I was not dead in mercy. “Thank you, Jesus, for sending this to the foot of the Cross. Thank you for healing, for delivering every sick movement of life. Thank you, Mother Mary, for giving me graces. Remove the evil from my flesh and purify it.” I have but one spirit – the spirit of God. I am therefore a source of nourishment, and so: “Mercy.” Because I didn’t say “Mercy” before, then I must say it afterwards. And there you have it! From now on, everything must be mercy.

Have you understood the first lesson?

Q. (Nicole) Yes, but this, this isn't the Great Purification! But, in any case, we don’t see Jesus and Mary yet… or maybe I need a new pair of glasses!

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: What are we living right now? Those fragments of time.

Jesus: There are fragments of time which you have yet to live and which are reminders. Remember what I did for you!

Q. Is Jesus telling us that our refuge is his mercy?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yes and no… The refuge: he will have us enter our dwelling place. When the Wind arrives… – Oh, are you talking about right now, about those fragments of time? Right now, yes, we have a refuge within us, which keeps us in a state of peace, joy and love, and this enables us to realize what we’re living. In that peace, in that joy and in that love, we will leave more room for what God is asking of us. It won't be something that just comes to us; we will have to live, to die to mercy. The more we surrender and obey, well, the more we will die to the Mercy. Because then, you will be an ‘I love you’: loving God with all your soul, with all your strength, with all your mind, with all your being. Isn't this what he told us earlier this afternoon?

Try to imagine that God wants you: “Yes, Lord. You want me? Take me.” In that moment, I am no longer, I am no longer. The wind – I am no longer; a ray of light – I am no longer. I am no longer. I am in God and that’s all that counts. I no longer have ears, I no longer have hair, I no longer have anything, I no longer have flesh, I no longer have anything, I only have life in him. To no longer be: no past, no future, no family, nothing. Only God! Only God! Only our God! Only The Love! God tells us that we must love, love and love if this is what we want. But we must love, love our neighbour, want everything for our neighbour.

To hear the Lord talking to you, to hear the Lord giving you life, to hear the Lord in your flesh and to accept everything: “You were a prostitute and you liked exposing yourself: ‘Mercy.’ You spit in my face so that you could pay more attention to yourself: ‘Mercy.’ You climbed the stairs in order to place yourself above others so that others might see you better: ‘Mercy.’ You turned and watched your neighbour walking by and compared yourself to him to see if you were better than him: ‘Mercy.’ You heard someone talking about God and you said to yourself, ‘He's talking to me’: ‘Mercy.’ Because your thoughts were greater than those of God: ‘Mercy.’ You spit on the one who needed help: ‘Mercy.’ You signed papers to steal the business of another: ‘Mercy.’ You refused a fur coat to get a nicer one: ‘Mercy.’ You went as far as wanting to show that you were more intelligent than the One who brought you into this world: ‘Mercy.’ You committed adultery while you were accusing the one to whom you were married: ‘Mercy.’ Agreeing to turn a blind eye while your assets surpassed your needs: ‘Mercy.’ Everything was about you: ‘Mercy.’”

When the Lord speaks like this, when the Lord has you hear these words, you must love them, you must want them, because all these accusations are to protect your neighbour from himself; we must accept everything so that our neighbour might be surrounded by God's strength. These are the fragments of time that we must live and this is very important: to accept everything.

Can you see that what we are living at this very moment has been prepared by God since all eternity so that we might accomplish what we are called to do? Anybody can say “this time has begun” but who can instruct us like this? Only God, only our God, because everything comes from him. It was necessary that it be this way. And so, we do what we are called to do – not we “will” do, but rather we “do” what we are called to do. Amen.

Can we sing that amen?

♪♪♪ Amen, amen, amen, amen.

Q. But, then, does this mean that, during those fragments of time, we’re going to relive our own experiences, memory after memory of things that we did, that we said, that we heard, etc. – and then, “Mercy”? And, as of right now, is he going to have us feel things that someone else experienced, that have nothing to do with us… is this what is going to happen?

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Mercy!

Q. That’s it! We just have to say “Mercy”? Is that the answer to my question?

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: You consent to being dead to the Mercy. You are therefore the greatest sinner amongst the sinners on earth.

Q. Okay, without asking ourselves any questions… you just get up, and then “Mercy” all day long. And this applies to every internal movement.

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yes.

Q. I think that someone else asked this question before me: When we remember something we did in the past, something we should have given to the Mercy, is it possible to give it now because we didn’t do it in the past? Jesus had said yes, yes. He said that it was important to continue to say our prayers of refusal.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Oh, yes! The example of the chair earlier: “You moved the chair”, and then, the tempter was faster than we were, you know, and so, we didn’t say “Mercy.” That was because of the other one! And he was so fast that…

We must continue to use our rights as God's children. On Sunday, Mother Mary spoke to us about this. Listen: the day after, the day after Plantagenet, on Sunday, it began during the night. The Lord showed me images: I was very young, very, very young. He was showing me images. A person came to our house in Saint Philippe, and we hid under the table – it was Halloween. I saw him come in, I saw him, I was so little: “Mercy.” Afterwards, he showed me something else and I saw myself in the kitchen, fighting with my brother, who was hurting my wrist: “Mercy.” I saw something else – a disappointment regarding my father: “Mercy.”

That’s how it happened – it was like one flash after another; and then, he taught me so that I could talk to you about it. All this is true. This is so beautiful, so beautiful! We’re entering into this movement of love.

Q. Mother Mary had told us that following all the things we had experienced during the weekend, we would receive signs throughout the coming week. I saw signs all week. As I got home on Sunday night, it started right when I got home, and it was like that the whole week. It’s true that we’re right in the middle of it, we’re living it now!

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: That moment is very important: we have a God of mercy. A God of mercy prepares us, but a god without mercy, as he said in the beginning, “Satan would not instruct you.” He told us this, and that’s why Satan tries to confuse us, to mess things up.

Q. Why are there people like me who never see anything: no flashes, nothing?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Accomplish what you are called to do.

Q. How?

All: Mercy!

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: A second ago, when you asked your question, was it your mercy that asked that question, or did you let Satan tempt you?

Q. Is that because we were judging ourselves?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Asking “How?” was already too much: “Mercy, mercy.” Grab hold of mercy! Be mercy all the time – mercy, mercy, sing mercy out loud!

Q. As time goes on, the more things we remember, the more we say “Mercy,” the more things we will give, the more we will enter into God's great mercy… Because we become a source of nourishment, as well, right?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Oh, yes!

Q. With what is coming, the Lord isn't talking to us for no reason, because we won't have a choice, we’ll have to…?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Listen: when he says, “I am calling all children of the world, all my chosen ones,” he's talking to us. Why? He says, “He who wants to believe, let him believe.” So he is drawing us to him, he wants us. Now is the time… and you will understand many things later on. Like earlier, he was saying, “… all those who didn’t believe: ‘Mercy’; all those who don’t want to hear about Jesus: ‘Mercy’” – it’s all about mercy.

The Lord is having me live mercy, mercy. As soon as there's something regarding our neighbour: “Mercy, mercy!”

Q. If we dive in head first, will we always be immersed in it?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Oh, yes, fully! Mercy!

Q. This stops everything! This stops the temptations, this stops everything; we recover our peace right away. Is that right?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yes, “Mercy.” You’re right – “Mercy” – and it’s instantaneous, because we’re not the ones judging ourselves – it’s the Mercy. You will understand: we are not the ones who will judge ourselves, but rather, the Mercy.

Q. These two young ladies have written a song about the prayer of refusal…

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: … about the prayers of refusal, yes, yes. Ah, our two girls! I have heard it.


♪♪♪       Jesus, I give you the the causes, choices and consequences.

            I refuse this temptation.

            Thank you, Jesus, for sending it to the foot of your Cross.

            Thank you for healing all sick movements of life.

            Thank you, Mary, for granting us graces.

            Divine Will, remove the evil from this thought.

            Purify it with your fire of love

            And immerse it in your spirit

            So that it may become a source of nourishment.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: And so, we will stop here. Listen to these teachings. Listen to the teachings from the beginning up until today, and you will say “Mercy” constantly.

A. This will have us live the movement of the purification of the flesh: what we hear, what we see, our thoughts, our feelings, everything we might feel or see. When we’re faced with something that doesn’t come from God, we need to say “Mercy” in order to move forward…

Nicole: In the notebooks, as well. Last night, we had our little prayer group and we were reading – you did this, you did this and this and this: “Mercy, mercy” – in the notebooks.

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: We’re entering into this so easily!

A. (Nicole) This is a grace.

Q. That’s because the flesh is being purified, and the soul too, because we always say the rosary in the afternoon, and we say: “Purify my flesh and my soul.” What's the difference between the purification of the soul and the purification of the flesh?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The purification of the soul is the suffering, the suffering that leads the flesh to no longer want to see the suffering of the soul. When the soul is suffering, it cannot accept our God's graces; it is incapable of doing so. The flesh that doesn’t receive graces wants nothing to do with the soul, because the flesh is filled with pride. Our flesh doesn’t want to leave the human will. So many ‘I love you’s’ were needed so that our flesh would no longer want to live in the human will.

Do you remember that Jesus said that if he had asked us to give him our human will a few years ago, we would have said no to Jesus? Because, he added, “It was not yet time.” It was necessary for a certain number of acts of reparation to be carried out in order to make up the yes. Everything happens in the Divine Will: the past, the present and the future are present, all movements are present. It was necessary that children live in movements of love for their neighbour; it was necessary to reach a predetermined number. We had to wait for a certain number of children to say, “Lord, we can't take it anymore. Do something!”

And that number was attained in our lifetime. That’s why, through graces, the yes emerged from the very depths of our being and we were able to hear it. What Heaven is having us understand is very important. We’re in this together! That’s why we are living the Great Purification of the flesh together. The soul was being suffocated by the human will, which was manipulating the flesh, but that surrender, that love, that obedience, we have them within us.

There's one person who looked after of our yes: the Virgin Mary. She took care of us. She led us to her Son; to whom? The Mercy. Everything is being accomplished according to the order of the Will of the Father: the Father who sees his children who want to accomplish what they are called to do. It was necessary for us to turn to the Son in order to be able to see what the Father expects of us. We’re living a time of grace, a time of love. That’s not too bad for tonight, is it?