Gathering of Love With God's Action Through His Instrument,

The Girl of My Will in Jesus

2011-10-14 – A Time of Surrender


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Let’s make the sign of the cross. We will live the Great Purification of the flesh. The importance of the refuges - can you feel this inside yourselves now? Was it necessary for the Lord to begin by telling us about our inner refuge so that we could understand mercy? It was necessary. It was necessary for us to be in our inner refuge in order to be able to understand the importance of what we are living now: mercy.

Last year, what did God say when when we were in the blessed refuge of Mary? “I am building my world of love. It is not you who are building it, it is I who am building it.” Right? We were in the process of tearing down what was there - we no longer knew if we should be saying “building the blessed refuge of Mary” or “demolishing the blessed refuge of Mary!” And then, he said, “I am not looking at the materials you are using.” And yesterday, he added, “I do not see who you are on the outside, but what you are on the inside.” That’s what he said yesterday. What is important is what we are on the inside, and therefore, it’s useless to put words in our mouths that serve what is external, for those words nourish our interior. And so, let’s be careful about how we go about doing our work.

Refuges – why are there external refuges? Well, when the Great Purification will have been accomplished, who are we going to be living with?

A. Our brothers and sisters.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Our brothers and our sisters who will have said no. Jesus said that when we will emerge from the Great Purification of the flesh, we will be in God's image internally; and externally, physically, it will be gradual, as he said earlier. So, we will be pure, in God's image. Now, those who will have said no will be in the image of the demons. That’s what he told us last week and I'm simply repeating it. Jesus said that those who will say no will emerge from this and they will resemble the demons. Again here, he's not talking about physical appearance, he's talking about on the inside. And we will have to live with them on earth. But we won't live for them, we won't live in them and they won't live in us. That part will be over. They will no longer be within us whereas right now they are in us; because God said, “You will carry the cross to the very end as I carried the cross to the very end: I accomplished what I was called to do.” And so, Jesus is asking us today: “Do you want to carry my Cross?” He asked me this twice during Communion. “Ask my children the following question: You, my children, do you want to carry my Cross?”

A. Yes, Lord.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: With graces! This is a Cross of love. You see, Jesus carried the cross of all sinners, our cross, everyone’s cross. And today he's asking us to carry that cross. This is the reason Mother Mary gives us this grace.

Let’s give thanks to Mother Mary. And later on today, whenever you wish, take a moment to be silent and to give thanks to God. It’s really something to receive his Cross! This is a cross filled with all our brothers and our sisters of the whole world: a Cross of love.

Therefore, this time is important. What we’re living – the accomplishment – is important and after the Great Purification, this will enable us to live in that perpetual state of happiness. We will never leave that happiness, but for now, we have to live this time. We have to accept it and do what we are being called to do.

Q. I thought I had heard the Lord say that the demon would no longer exist after the Great Purification of the flesh.

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: For us he will no longer exist.

Q. And for others?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yes, yes. Why? Because they will have chosen to be evil.

Q. But, at that time, we won't have to say “Mercy” anymore?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: You will have lived everything already. We’re talking about after the Great Purification of the flesh. They will have completely rejected Mercy. They won't want to have anything more to do with you. They already want nothing to do with you, but you, do still care about them? That’s what mercy is. Because they are in me just as they are in you, just as they are in each of us, then it’s never-ceasing mercy: mercy.

Then, after the Great Purification of the flesh, there will be a need for refuges. Do you think that there are people who will be interested in coming to build here so that after we are lifted up from earth some of us can come back to repopulate the earth? What are we going to do after the Great Purification? Are we going to twiddle our thumbs? And so, after the Great Purification of the flesh, we will work without becoming tired and we will build refuges with our brothers and our sisters. Everything that we’re learning now… can you see why the Lord had asked, “I want you to build my Mother's refuge”? He started with his refuge and afterwards, he continued with the blessed refuge of Mary. Those were lessons that we were learning.

We experienced moments that were so rich! Therefore, talk about them, talk about those moments we experienced together because we’re building something together. And this teaches us to give ourselves continually. And when we will continue to work on our refuges… well, we call them ‘refuges’ because, yes, many, many, many, many of the things the Lord has told us about will be happening at that time – the Antichrist, the chip will be everywhere, attacks will be happening everywhere – but we will be protected, we will go unnoticed. They won't even know we’re there! Would it have been possible for this to happen now? Impossible – why? Because we have not been purified yet! Therefore, who do we carry inside us? The children of the no. And so, we have to undergo the Great Purification of the flesh so we can become invisible to them, so that they won't be able to see us.

Q. Is this for when we will experience the three days inside ourselves?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: It’s after that, after. We will have a lot of work to do!

Q. (Inaudible.)

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: That’s right, isn't it, Guy? Your two eyes – the Lord told you: “You are healed!” And how often has the Lord said, “You are healed”? “Yeah, sure, but I still have the same problem!” Healings – we will all be healed. Amen!

Q. This morning, we got up very early and while we were working, we didn’t feel any aches and pains.

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Didn’t we experience this last year, and the year before that? “Yes (audience).” We were so tired, weren't we? And at supper, already… what was supper to us? A feast! It was a feast, a real feast. And after supper, what would we do?

All: We would say the rosary.

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: We would listen to the Word of God, to the Bible, and afterwards – the Lord – we would share the Lord's Word. Yes, we will be able to share it, we will hear it, we will understand!

Q. Then are we going to see him?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: If we are meant to see him, we will see him. We are going to see him; there's no doubt that we’re going to see him within ourselves during the Great Purification of the flesh. But then we will have our conversation with our Lord – he will no longer have to get up and leave the room.

Q. There will no longer be any useless words?

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The Wind of the Pentecost: everything is there. Can you see that we’re beginning to understand? Those little fragments of time, we have to live those little fragments. Let’s not forget that he has announced many things to us, okay? And we’re also going to see things that were revealed to us by other messengers.

Q. if we don’t convert, we will be struck. It is said that the hand of God will come down upon us, etc. And because of this, people are waiting for the chastisement. But now, the Lord… it’s through mercy. In the Old Testament, they were waiting for a God who punishes and he arrived in the form of a Lamb who was always meek. And even now, people are waiting for punishment, but the Lord is saying no, that punishment isn't for you: now is the time for mercy. Is the time of mercy over? No, it’s just starting for us and this is wonderful! We have to open ourselves up to this new knowledge that the Lord is a God of love, that he isn't a God who punishes.

♪♪♪  Miserere, mercy (bis).

All: Hail Mary, full of grace…