Gathering of Love With God's Action Through His Instrument,  

The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2011-10-16 – A Time of Surrender


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Tonight, we will continue what we started on Wednesday, Wednesday the 13th. You heard, just as I did, what Heaven revealed to us according to the Will of God the Father. This is the Father! And the Son came to tell us what the Father wanted us to know.

We have come to the end of our time of preparation… we were getting ready! When we prepare a meal, we get things ready: we peel the potatoes, we prepare the turkey, the carrots, right? We get ready – we go out to buy the food, get out the tablecloth – we prepare all this. Well, that time is over now. Now, we must do what we are being called to do. And today, the Lord said: “the time of surrender.” That is what has begun: the time of surrender. When we surrender, what do we have left?

A. Waiting, faith, there's nothing left.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: There's nothing left. We surrender. We have nothing left; we have nothing left that belongs to us; we have surrendered everything, everything. The Lord wants us to be surrendered, and therefore, he wants our life. He has always asked us: “Give me your life.”

What did we do Saturday night when we were in front of Jesus? He said, “Draw near to me, give me your life; I will give you my mercy. I will not only give you mercy but turn you into mercy.” To live mercy, to be mercy, to understand mercy – he wanted all this for us: mercy. Yes, Jesus is mercy, God the Father is mercy. We ourselves must be mercy, right? In the ‘Our Father’: “… forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who have trespassed against us…” This is in the ‘Our Father.’ So, when we look at the Mercy, well, God is the one who is mercy and he, therefore, teaches us to forgive. But now, he wants us to be mercy, to be mercy! But in order to be mercy, we must understand what he means by this: to be mercy. Yes, I will forgive my neighbour; but before forgiving our neighbour we have to forgive ourselves; because, it’s true, we forgive the person who has hurt us but it’s so hard to forgive ourselves!

When we appear before the Light – Jesus – we will present ourselves. Jesus will ask us: “Give me everything, give me your yes.” In order to be able to say our yes, it will be necessary for us to know what we will be giving; we will have to know everything that our flesh contains, and which is what he wants: the marks on our flesh. Our soul… when we go to Confession, we give our sins, don’t we? “I want your mercy. I consent to seeing myself as a sinner. Forgive me for I have hurt my dad, my mom. Forgive me for I have stolen.” This is for my soul, this sanctifies my soul.

But what do I know about my flesh? Am I aware of all the marks upon my flesh? Jesus himself said, “If I were to show you all your marks, you would die of fright.” And yet, Jesus, is that what you want to show us? In and through your loving justice, it won't even be possible for me to hide something that I can't bear to see. I will have to see everything? All the marks on my flesh? All the thoughts, all the gazes, all the things I have heard, all the words, all the actions, the feelings that were against you, that were against me and against my neighbour? You want me to see all this, Lord, so that I can be purified? But Lord, I do want to do this, I consent to this, but you’re also saying that I will only be fully purified after the last person has said yes.

So, what does that last person have to do with me? Am I supposed to sit here knitting while I wait for the last person to say yes, to give his last thought, his last feeling? Am I supposed to wait for three days until that last person has had his turn, and only then it will be my turn because I said, “I want to be the last one”? Okay then, what am I going to do during those three days? Waiting for three days: yeah, okay. Am I really going to be the last one? I will really have to wait until the last second. When is it going to be my turn? Am I going to be nervous? Well, if it’s anything like going to the dentist – you get there and suddenly all the pain disappears – well then, I guess I won't have any more sins! Where do I go? Maybe I can sneak in unnoticed? Am I going to sit there thinking about everything I'm going to say? Hey! I don’t feel like talking about that stuff at all; I sure don’t feel like talking about that! I’ll have three days to think about all of this. Am I going to try to rid myself of my guilt? Three days – I’ll have plenty of time to think about it, until the last minute, until the last second!

You see? He said, “You shall be the last one.” The last one, but now, being the last one means: him and me. Okay, what is there between him and me? There are a lot of people! A lot of people! There are a lot of thoughts, there are a lot of gazes, things we have heard, words, actions and feelings between him and me. What am I going to do with all this?

A. Mercy.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Even more than you think! Yeah, it’s impossible to calculate! You’re right, there's too much! What are we going to do with all this? Well, we will enter into it; we will enter all of this because this is the Great, the very Great Purification of the flesh. God will remove all evil from within us. What evil? The evil I'm aware of? If he removes the evil that I'm already aware of, he won't remove much. In the short amount of time that I've been alive, from 1947 to 20… – oh no, there's no way you’re going to learn the date from me! So then, there won't be all that much! No, I want my flesh to be purified. Jesus said “the Great Purification of the flesh.” When the three days and three nights will be over – “one day at three times the pace of a normal day,” which means that it will seem like one day to us but there will be three consecutive movements: day/night, day/night, three times like this. Something that has a pace or a rhythm never stops, it’s continuous. And so, during that time, everything will be revealed to us. And this means: from the first person, Adam, up to today. How is this possible?

A. Because we are all of the same flesh.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: We are of one flesh.

Q. All our brothers and our sisters?

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yes, we carry the marks of everybody, from the first to the last.

A. But if we really carried all those marks, I wouldn’t be able to stand up! I would drop dead right here.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: That’s why the Lord loved you to the point of maintaining you in a state of ignorance regarding what is inside you. When we went to the little town of Saint Pie – he did say this after we returned from France, from Europe – we had learned in Banneux that, from the moment the temptation occurred, we said no to God and then we learned that we had said no to God because we inhabit the same flesh.

Adam and Eve disobeyed and we disobeyed. God said, “If I had allowed you to possess all knowledge of the evil you have done, you would be destroyed today.” We would have destroyed ourselves. God is so good, so full of love that he removed all that knowledge from us, the knowledge of every flesh; however, we do have the knowledge of our own, but not of every other flesh that forms our flesh, one single flesh. And it is out of love that he has done this, and now, it is out of love, out of love, that he will show us everything. He will do this through his mercy. Therefore, every flesh must be immersed in mercy, otherwise we wouldn’t forgive ourselves. When he said to us, “You would have destroyed yourselves,” that was because we would have known that we had said no to God, we would have known that we had participated in every movement. This is the truth. We share one flesh, and the flesh, when it commits a sin, we are all witness to it.

We belong to the Divine Will. We voluntarily left the Divine Will and the Divine Will gave us its love, the Divine Will had us enter into free will, that famous free will. And with that free will we made our choices, our choices: perpetual consequences. Remember these words: the “perpetual consequences” of our choices, which have been a constant part of our lives from the beginning. When a person commits a theft, well, did we take part in that theft? Think about this carefully. When there's a theft, that theft: a tempter, a choice, a consequence. Theft: a tempter who says, “Take it.” He opens all the doors and does anything that is in his power in order to urge children to steal. And then, he does whatever he can to make the child of God commit theft. He resists? He opens a door. He resists? Another door. He resists? Another door. As a result, the child weakens and weakens, and this happens in the blink of an eye. And then, the theft takes place: the choice. He steals and then there's the consequence: the mark of theft is nourished yet again. Do we bear the mark of theft within us? So, the first time a theft was committed, were we in that child?

A. Yes.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Why are you answering yes?

A. Because we share the same flesh.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: We have one flesh, there is one flesh. And in what way are we part of that flesh?

A. Because we’re in Jesus and Jesus is in everybody.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yes, because we are in Jesus and Jesus is in everybody. We have life in us.

A. And we all have the same Source of Life.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: We all have the same Source of Life. Therefore, when there's a theft, did we commit that theft?

A. Yes.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: We made a choice to choose between good and evil. When a child commits a theft, our flesh is nourished by this; through our presence in that child, our flesh is in the presence of his life. Our life is eternal. The soul, the soul is eternal and our flesh is eternal. Our soul and our flesh are called to live together for eternity.

What we are learning at this moment is of such beauty, and it’s a source of suffering and a reality. When a child commits a sin, his sin is before us. His sin is before us because God does not remove our presence from within that child. We are in him through Jesus. We are children of God. Yes, we made a choice: we chose the human will.

When a child is born on earth, God knows everything about that child. God knows what he's going to do; God has seen everything. That child is in his movement of life, and in his movement of life he is part of all movements of life. He is part of the Mystical Body, he is part of a whole. When he comes on this earth, he comes to carry out his purpose; he comes to show his works of love to God. And the works that are not love, he will have to look at them and he will have to ask God for mercy, for forgiveness. Every child who is born on earth comes to this earth to accomplish what he is called to do. “I was created and my Father is God. I am loved and love comes from God. I received life for eternity and within my eternity, I must live for a time on earth so that I may be able to say: ‘Yes, I believe in you, God.’’’ And then, we return to God, for this test is a test of love. To show God that he is God and that we are children of God: this is the reason children come to earth.  

Every child comes to earth because God is God and we, we are created. We have but one flesh, and that flesh belongs to God, and it must return to its Creator in a state of purity. We were created pure, but because we said no to God, we came to know the original sin: disobedience to God. Because that disobedience was made known to us through Satan's deceitfulness, God said, “You have disobeyed because you were tempted. In order to become children of God once again, you will have to know everything you have become at the hands of the Tempter. But before that time, before becoming aware of everything, you will live your consequences; for the time you were meant to live on earth should have been a time of love, but you chose a time of suffering.

And you all consented to this time of suffering through your disobedience, with the exception of the Virgin Mary, the Virgin of virgins, the Pure Immaculate One, the One who always obeyed God. She will not live on earth as you do, for she will always remain in the Divine Will. Her love will be such that she will come to earth to show God that the flesh was created to return to God. She comes from the Perfection and she will return to the Perfection. Every child who has disobeyed will come to know this time of suffering. Such is the consequence of his disobedience.”

When we are born on earth, we come to earth in a state of ignorance with regard to what we are: we are children who have disobeyed God. A theft committed by a child is made known to our flesh. We all have that mark within us but our disobedience goes as far as not sustaining the thief with our love. Therefore, we are all accomplices of the thief. Therefore, we are, all of us, that door which Satan opened to tempt that child of God to become a thief. Now, you understand why the Lord asked us: “Give me your life. Do you want to be mercy? Now that you have answered yes, everything begins: a time of surrender. You will surrender. You will become mercy. You will come to know your flesh; you will come to know your own marks, which are upon it.” Are we able to say now: he stole, I have stolen? Have we understood? I had an abortion. I performed abortions. We have understood, haven’t we?

A. That’s the same as what Jesus did: Jesus took everything upon himself.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Jesus did not disobey. He took everything upon himself. We, we have disobeyed, but we didn’t take anything upon ourselves. Now, we’re going to see what we’ve done and we will cry out, “Mercy! Mercy!” because we did those things.

Q. What could we have done to support our brothers and sisters?

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Obey God and do as Mary did. But we didn’t obey God. We consented to knowing what?

A. Evil.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Evil. We consented to knowing evil.

Q. With our human will?

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: With our human will! And with what we are going to present ourselves, within ourselves, to live the Great Purification of the flesh?

A. With our human will.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Our human will that wanted to know good and evil. But we have known evil to such an extent, to such an extent that today we are living a great consequence: the apostasy, an apostasy that is so great, so great! Do you see? Causes, choices and consequences. We’re living the consequence of this, which will be perpetual until the end of the world arrives.

Q. But where are all those who carry a no in all of this?

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: In us. They are at the same point as we are, at the same point as we are. We love them because they are our brothers and our sisters. They have given themselves to Satan.

Q. Are they going to say yes eventually?

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Children wouldn’t be called ‘the children of the no’ if they were going to say yes. This weekend, God said, “All those who are in the Book of Life, their names have been written down.” But he didn’t make a second book to write down the names of the children of the no; he didn’t do this. It isn't up to us to know their names.

Q. That means that if someone has given himself up to Satan, “Mercy, Lord”; anything, anything, anything we might think about…

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: When there are children who are holding black masses, where are we in this?

A. We’re in them.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: There you have it! We’re also attending those black masses: “Mercy.” Orgies: “Mercy.” We must say the word “mercy” in order to avoid encouraging the tempters. Now, we won't give them any leeway or open any doors to them, will we? Because even when we talk like this, they use it to their advantage. Why do they use us? Because they know what they have put inside us. They like it when we talk about what they have put inside us; they love it; they like to make us suffer. During the weekend at Plantagenet, God said to us: “They will attack through suffering.” By giving all this to our God, by living in and by dying to the Mercy, well, they will still attack, they will attack children; but who will they meet through all of this? Mercy, the children of mercy.

So, the tempters are always there. We present ourselves: suddenly, I see a thought, I can see that thought. That thought is before me and I must say “Mercy” to God, but I don’t know what mercy is because no one ever told me about it. And then, the tempter uses the human will: “You can't do it. You’re too weak. You'll become discouraged. Why are you tiring yourself out so much?” And I won't be able to face that thought, which is before me, because it contains so much suffering: “I wanted to kill with my thoughts: if they would only die.” And then, they attack. It feels like I'm suffocating, I'm suffocating from the inside out because now I find myself before all those I wished were dead. They’re standing in front of me: I see old people, I see children, I see people, young women giving birth. I see all this: they’re part of my life. And then, the tempter: “You were such a coward!” He can feel my weakness: “Oh, you’ve been such a coward; they’ll never forgive you. You’ve been such a coward; you weren't even able to get through the day.” I can't cry out “Mercy” because the pain I feel in my entire being is too intense. I just want it to stop, I just want it to stop, I just want it to stop, and that thought just keeps coming and coming back to me.

And then, suddenly, something else appears: a loving presence. Among all of those people, someone like me! Among them a child who cried for forgiveness because she had the same thought as I did. “Mercy.” And then, I look at her and it seems as though my pain isn't as intense – she's just like me. She releases something in me that I didn’t know was there: she releases a tenderness. She releases something within me that I wasn’t aware of: she reveals a gaze to me. That gaze, I never knew it was there: it was the gaze of God, it was the tenderness of God that was upon me in that moment. This is why God is telling us: “You have been chosen; not because you are the best, oh, no – you are the worst.” And so, he is opening us up to something new!

Before we came here on earth, God knew us. God had seen everything we were going to accept. God knew that we weren't going to cover our ears, put a blindfold over our eyes. God knew that we would leave the spirit of this world behind. God knew that we wanted to pray to Mary. God knew all this, but God also knew that we were great sinners. Yes, he knows that we are sinners, that we have participated in all of this, for all will know, all will know that they have been Satan's prey, used to tempt one person and to tempt another. If they succeeded in tempting one child to steal, that’s because Satan used us.

Can you see that we’re great sinners, very great sinners? And now, the Lord is giving us so much light. We must understand all of this. He knew we would gather together tonight; we didn’t, but he did. We need to know these things and when we will say: “I sodomized a child of six months: mercy,” we will know that it was us. Do you understand? Do we really understand now?

Q. It’s a dimension of unity: we’re all united. Is that right, Francine? What I mean is, we have sinned – I sodomized a child of six years, I liked it: mercy?

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yes, because if we had been obedient, that child wouldn’t have been sodomized by me.

A. Because I'm united with everyone.

Q. But is everything balanced out by the fact that we pray: does this benefit the whole world?

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: And that’s why the Lord says, “You will accuse yourself and you will cry out my mercy. It will emerge from your mouth.”

The Great Purification of the flesh is to look at everything. God said, “Nothing will be hidden from you.” Do you remember those words? Nothing will be hidden from you! You will be before every thought, every thought! You will be before all of our thoughts, before all of our thoughts, all of them, all of them. Why? Because my thought is your thought, your thought is my thought, from the first thought to the last one.

Q. But can we be the only ones to see this?

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yes.

Q. You mean there won't be anybody to help us? We’ll just have mercy?

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yes. It will be enough for you. Mother Mary will be there.

A. Because she was there for Jesus.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yes. “Continue, my son; continue, my daughter.” That’s how it will be. We will be aware of the presence of those who will have given themselves up out of love. The tempter comes to tempt my being, my flesh, by using my human will to make me suffer, and in God's loving justice, I will see everything, everything I have done to my brothers and my sisters, absolutely everything. And then, that tenderness, that mercy, they will be there. And where is that tenderness, and that mercy?

A. In the Heart of Jesus and the Heart of Mary.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Where is Jesus?

A. Inside us.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: He has never left us. Where is Mary?

A. Inside us.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: She has never left us. She is the Child of the Divine Will. She was always there. Therefore, when the tenderness and the presence will be there, as she has always been with us and as Jesus is always with us, then that’s where we’ll be; I will be there, but where will you be?

A. With you.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yes, with me! You will be mercy, mercy. The very moment I will need it, you will be mercy. Then, when Satan comes to knock me flat on my face, when Satan comes to make me suffer to make me say no to that thought, then I will look at all thoughts, all, all thoughts – my thought that contaminated all the thoughts of others; and then, there will be thoughts that are merciful: your thoughts will be thoughts of mercy.

Q. Is that thought going to be erased?

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: It will be presented before God and I, who am not aware of mercy regarding this thought, then I will become aware of mercy – because there will also be thoughts of mercy – and this will nourish me and I will say “Mercy.”

Q. So it is with these thoughts of mercy that victory over evil will be achieved.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: But there lots of thoughts inside me! I will need so much mercy!

Q. When you shared with us that your soul had become joined to the soul of someone who had died, and was presenting itself before the Lord, that you were accompanying it…

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yes, last week.

Q. Mercy… is that what we’re going to do? Are other people going to do this with us too?

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: That was an example. Actually, what happened was that the Lord asked for surrender and I said yes. And then I heard my soul ask the dying soul if they could be together. And then, both of our souls appeared before the judgment – not our flesh, our souls – and that’s when everything started: the dejection, the shame, but first came the pain, Satan's attacks, others who were attacking that soul, who were attacking the child to make him say no. This hurled the soul to the ground.

I was hurled to the ground too, and I was feeling exactly what it was feeling, the very same thing: the fear, the tears, wanting that pain to stop because it hurt so much. After that came the shame: we will never be forgiven. The other one was attacking. We can't… yes! I was present: “Yes, I'm a sinner like you. Yes, I have done what you have done, I have done what you have done, I am what you have been.” And I was speaking in this way because it was easier for the soul to listen to me rather than be alone with Satan. So, we were together, and then, when the time came to accept God's mercy, it was incapable of doing so, it wasn’t able to forgive itself. So then: “Yes, I sinned just as you sinned, I have done the same thing that you have done, but we’re together – let’s look at Jesus.” And it didn’t want to look at Jesus; it was suffering so much that it wasn’t able to. And then, I told the soul how merciful Jesus was.

After that moment, in which it had to make that decision, I took it in my arms and cradled it, and it cradled me, and our souls kept cradling each other to help it say its yes. And it said yes to Jesus, it said yes to Jesus; however, it went to Purgatory, but I didn’t, I came back here. But at the time of the purification of the flesh, our whole being will be there, it will be our whole being. That’s why the Lord says “a time of surrender.”

A. Now I understand why he asked us if we wanted to be the last ones.

Q. But this time that is being given to us now to say “Mercy” when everything rises up inside us, it’s as though we were practising for what's going to happen during those three days?

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Practising? No.

Q. More like a time of training, then?

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: No. Now is the time to present yourself as… to face the fact that you are ‘the’ sinner, that you have sinned and that you took part in all those sins. Face this fact now! We have…

Q. But aren't we going to do this again during the Great Purification?

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: You will be the last one.

Q. What does it mean to be the last one?

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Look: now I'm in this Movement of love, this Breath of Life. A Wind blows. “Oh, God!” Yes, and everything begins at that moment. Everything I experienced while in a state of surrender, in this time during which Heaven prepared its chosen ones, is now for those who are within themselves, at the very moment that I am within myself. That suffering, it’s in my flesh: “Mercy.” Then, everything begins to move faster and faster. Time is so heavy, so heavy. These centuries and centuries that unfold before my eyes, this hand that wants to draw me in, this heat that wants to burn me – what will I choose? All of my flesh is in pain.

All those thoughts, I know them now. My flesh is crushed beneath the pain. The suffering is so intense that I cannot shed a single tear. If I were in my being (and not within myself), in my disobedience, in my consequences, death would swallow me up and would be nothing less than a joy for me, but I am forced to look at all of this. This pain swallows me up. Oh, how I love, how I love the Mercy! I die to The Love at every instant. The Love reveals himself to me at every instant. I am dying; I am dying out of love because of this suffering. How many rapes I have committed: “Mercy, mercy!” How many lies I have told: “Mercy!” I give myself up to the Mercy and the Mercy takes me.

Brothers and sisters, use what you have learned. What I am, I am so for you. I consented to this and this time will last as long as there is someone who needs me. I consent to this. Use me. Have you understood now?

A. I think we’ll discover the rest as time goes by…

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: In this very moment, it has begun. You are a sinner, I am a sinner. We have sinned, and sinned and sinned, because we said yes to evil. We took pleasure in the suffering of others because if I had not been in a state of evil, my brothers and my sisters wouldn’t have committed evil. Because I was aware of what another had done and because my flesh bore the mark of that action upon it, my flesh encouraged him. If anyone listening to me says, “You’re crazy,” I must swallow these words because they’re true. I was crazy to say no to God and yes to evil. So he's telling me the truth. Am I therefore going to accuse him by saying, “You don’t know what I know”? He doesn’t know, but I know that I am contributing and will continue to contribute to his suffering because of my flesh.

Q. Can you tell us again about the great darkness, the black spots and the little lights?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: When the Lord said, “You still have a little time left, little fragments of time,” well, I saw… it was dark, very, very dark, and in that darkness I could perceive black spots. And I could see my sins and myself – such as I am, in all my brothers and my sisters – knowing that this is what I consented to being through my own disobedience. The little lights, the little sparks of purity, so, so few of them: mercy. I consent to being mercy and to looking at my life, which has been in a state of evil and which, today, cries out “Mercy!” This is what remains for us to live: that evil. The impure spirits are evil, are evil itself, and the black spots, our sins. The things that we consent to do, we the little lights, the chosen ones, those who will be the last: mercy.

Q. Were there many of them?

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: No, there weren't many of them. But let’s not forget that this goes all the way back to Adam and Eve. And we are all called to be mercy. So there aren't many of us, are there? So few, but…

Q. Are you talking about all mankind?

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yes, because Jesus said so, at Plantagenet: “I am calling all my chosen ones”; therefore, all those chosen to live this time, these tiny fragments of time left for us to live before the Great Purification of the flesh, this short moment in time! But in and through this, we will receive so many graces: you will see them, you will see them.

Q. What does ‘tiny fragments of time’ mean?

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: It’s a time of surrender during which we will live by dying to the Mercy. We will accept to look at ourselves and we will cry out “Mercy.” As a result, when the Great Purification will occur, then we, we will be with our brothers and our sisters of the whole world, and they will use us.

Q. Even though our little lights may bring a little mercy to our brothers and our sisters, we’ll never see less than they will because we’re all sinners?

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yes, but when we will present ourselves, you will be mercy, the last one.

Q. I've never understood that thing about being the last one. I guess it isn't tonight that I'm going to understand it either!

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yes. Listen carefully: it’s like someone who’s praying to be healed, okay? He prays to be healed but he lets everyone else go ahead of him. Okay? Well, the Great Purification of the flesh is the same thing: “Use me.” Therefore, you will be the last one to feel mercy.

Mother Mary will be there, you know? This is the price we must pay. Rejoice! Let’s embrace this time, this time of grace joyfully, with open arms! As I said in the past, when Jesus took the Cross, he embraced it. Wow! We can't wait for the Great Purification of the flesh to begin, right? We haven’t been waiting that long but Jesus has been waiting much longer than we have.

Q. As for me, being with all those who will be the last ones, this is supposed to give us strength but are we sure that we’ll have the strength to say “mercy?” We’ll be exhausted. We’re going to say to ourselves: “Mother Mary is here!”

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: You said it yourself! That’s why the Lord said that the time of preparation is over, and that only a few fragments of time are left. The fulfilment! And what a grace it is for you to be able to do right now what you are being called to do! Wow! Isn't this wonderful?! We can do what is asked of us right away! And the Lord asked us, “Do you want a guarantee?” That’s what he said at Plantagenet. This is the best guarantee we could hope for: mercy.

Q. Then is everyone going to become merciful?

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: You, when you say “Mercy,” you’re presenting yourself in that moment – you’re going to present yourself as the biggest sinner of all. But remember that you don’t cheat God, you are that sinner, you really are. You don’t say… oh, what was the name of that man?

A. Morgentaler.

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Okay. You don’t say: “Well, I’ll suffer for him.” No, no, no – you’re the one who performed the abortions, you agreed to perform abortions, you were in him: your flesh/his flesh. We were there; we gave our consent. This is really something and we’re going to live this!

Q. What can we say to someone who asks: “Well then, what was the use of living my whole life trying not to offend the Lord, trying to be good, and now…” It’s true, they’re going to ask us: “So then what was the point of my life if I'm no better than anyone else!” What do we answer to that?

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: One day, a star comes along and makes its presence known: “I'm shining. I'm shining and everyone is looking at me. I'm faithful. When there are no clouds that prevent you from seeing me, I'm always here as I have always been faithful.” And the others will say, “Aren't you a star just like us? You’re a star and we’re stars. When there are clouds, they can't see you any more than they can see us. Why do you say that you’re always here? How do you know that they know you’re here?” The star listened and said, “Yes, I'm like you. I don’t know that but the Creator does.” And then, all the stars, including the faithful one, said to themselves: “Our Creator created us to serve and we will serve. This is what we are. Whether the sky is filled with stars or whether there isn't single star, we’re together and it’s together that we will show the children of earth that they have all disobeyed God. We are witnesses to this.”

Even if a person has served God all his life, he nevertheless said no to God because he was in his human will. And even though he may have prayed his whole life, and for just a tiny moment, he neglected to cry out “Mercy! I am the greatest of all sinners,” that person will need mercy and will understand that we all need one another.

Take a look at Francis of Assisi: you will see that he considered himself the greatest of all sinners. Look at Thérèse of the Child Jesus: she cried out to The Love because she needed love. Take a look at the greatest saints: you will see that they considered themselves the greatest of sinners. We are all sinners, we are all sinners, we’re all the same. So, we can all stand one next to the other, and not one of us is any different from the person standing next to him, because we have all done the same thing, all except Mary.