Gathering of Love With God's Action

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2011-10-18 – A Time of Surrender


Q. Yes, you’re the greatest of all sinners. Okay, let’s say that I raped a lot of women: “Mercy”; but right after, it’s as though you don’t realize that, basically, you really did do this. It’s as though… it’s easy to say, “I killed a whole bunch of kids: “Mercy.” I know I did it but, at the same time, it’s doesn’t feel like I did…

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Well, we really have to understand why we’re the greatest of all sinners. In your life, have you always been a good person? Have you always felt tenderness towards your neighbour? Have you always been patient with your neighbour? Were your thoughts for your neighbour, for God and for yourself always loving thoughts? Your gazes – well, every time your gaze didn’t contain love, then you were a source of nourishment that was against your neighbour; you were nourishing your neighbour with poison. When you were listening in on a conversation and then, whoops, you pricked up your ears to listen to someone who was talking against the government, then you were also using part of your flesh, and what were you really doing? You were nourishing your flesh with poison.

We must understand that the flesh was created by God, it doesn’t come from us. It was God who created the flesh. Therefore, since God created the flesh, we’re in this flesh, it’s part of us. This flesh, it’s a vehicle that enables us to move through life; we need it. First and foremost, you use what God created in order to see: your eyes become a source of nourishment for God's creation, which is your flesh. But your flesh, you can't have flesh by your own efforts – you wouldn’t have a flesh without your parents, and also without your grandparents, without your great-grandparents, without great-great-grandparents, without Abraham, without Noah, and without Adam and Eve. Then, what is it that belongs solely to you? Nothing belongs solely to you, but you nevertheless have that flesh; therefore, it comes from this person, from that person, and from that person. This is what has formed every one of us.

Therefore, that one and only flesh multiplied – it’s important to understand this. But that flesh, it belongs to God, God is the one who created it. If you have eyes, that’s because it was God who created those eyes in his image, because you are in God's image. But you use them, you use them every day. Don’t forget that what he's going to teach you is how to make choices. Do you want us to continue?

A. Well, okay.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: A person who doesn’t know what God is revealing to us is going to feel less guilty than you are in the face of everything he or she is going to see. How were the eyes that God created used? How was your hearing used? What was your mouth used for, your vocal chords, the sounds that emerge from you? How did you use these? Now that you have acquired knowledge, it is according to this that you will judge yourself. You will judge yourself with what you know; you will also judge yourself with what you do not know. But if you take a child who was warned and another child who wasn’t, and both commit the same sin, the one with prior knowledge will judge himself much more severely than the one who does not know, because he will also have to judge himself.

And so, this is why the Lord said, “I am giving you much, but much will be required of you.” When you use what God has given you, you must use it for the good; and if you don’t use it for the good, all those who have the same gazes as you have just received nourishment; the same gazes as yours have just received the same nourishment as you. Others nourish you, another person nourishes you. We are continually nourished by the Life and the Life is that of Jesus.

Due to our disobedience, when we refuse to follow Jesus, well, you take a look around and you feel that the cottage belongs more to you than to the others, that you deserve it more than the others. You can use your eyes to serve evil, or you can use them to see what is being built, saying: “Lord, how good you are to protect us, to give us what belongs to you, because nothing belongs to me or to them, and yet, you give us everything.” Your gaze is used for the love of God, for your love and for the love of your neighbour. It’s important to understand this.

Now, what does this have to do with those who rape? When you were in Jesus, in God, before coming to life in your mother’s womb, well, you were in your ‘no’ because you had already said no to God given the fact that, ever since Adam and Eve, we are born into this world, and we are born with the original sin. No one says to a baby: “You are being tempted: do you want good or evil?” He has already made his choice, even before he's born at the time willed by God. He has already made his choice. Why has he already made a choice? Because we have one spirit, the Spirit of God. And it is with the Spirit of God that we are created and not with our spirit. But with the Spirit of God, we have seen what Adam and Eve have done and what we, who are linked to the spirits of Adam and Eve, have also consented to. We consented to saying no to God, yes to the human will, because we shared one single spirit.

Q. How was Mother Mary able to do what she did?

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Because she was better than you.

Q. I know she's better than me… but it’s not the same thing.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: She was the same as us. Before the original sin, you were like Mother Mary, as pure as Mother Mary, the same. But we have lost that. She had the Spirit of God, she has the same Spirit, she has never lost it. And we, we will have it once more but through the grace of the Redemption, through the Mercy. But you can never be equal to Mary.

A. Oh, that I know!

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Oh, no, never! That’s why Mother Mary is greater than we are. But we must understand that by choosing the human will even before we come to life in our earthly mother’s womb, well, all of this was part of the fulfilment: everything was part of the fulfilment. At a certain point in your life, God looked upon you and he saw how you would answer yes to his love, to his redemption; he saw this and he also saw you. And that’s why he said: “Go, now is the time.” And so, we were born during the time of the Great Purification of the flesh with the purpose of seeing ourselves as we truly are. “Go and help your brothers and your sisters. Go and look at who you are. I will give you knowledge that others will not have so that you will be able to help your brothers and your sisters. Are you ready to do this out of love for me?” Well, we all said yes to God.

Before we came here to earth, we said yes. And yet, God knew that we would turn to drugs; he knew that we would turn to television, to the internet; he knew that we would become impure. He said “Go.” He saw us. In God's mind, we were whole in and through the fulfilment of our lives. Not only does God know our names and everything about us, he knew everything about us but he also knew our yes: “I want to be last.” And so, to be the last ones: “I consent to crying out ‘my’ mercy.” And so this is why you must realize that, yes, you have raped, because when your gazes here on earth were lacking in love, well, you were poison to the people who needed love in order to avoid committing those rapes; but you fed them with your gazes and they raped because you did not love them. You didn’t love your neighbour enough.

And so, do you see how we are? We are sinners. He said: “I love you.” Since 2001, how many times have we heard through the instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus, “I love you”? It’s continuous. Therefore, he loves the sinner. By this, he was showing us: “You will see how much I love you and that I have chosen you.” And so, yes, we are sinners. Have you ever thought that there are people who… let’s take Saint Francis of Assisi as an example: if he had heard these words spoken aloud, he would have fallen to the ground. He would have hidden because he wouldn’t have felt worthy to hear a single word from God whereas here we are, discussing this amongst ourselves. And we are sinners.

We hear Mother Mary: we should be paralyzed by how amazing, amazing, amazing this is! You may say, “Yes, but those who were on earth didn’t even know that she was the Glorious Mary.” And even Mary herself wasn’t aware that, through grace, she would become glorious and would come to know the Glory of God, would become the Queen of the angels, and would carry all the titles of a Queen. They walked around with her, they went to see her; they felt drawn to Mother Mary in a way that they couldn’t explain; they couldn’t explain it.

As for us, we hear the Virgin Mary now that she is glorified. She, she has seen. She, the Queen of the angels, comes to speak to us. The Queen of the universe, the Queen of the earth, comes to speak to us and we’re able to remain standing. We should all be flat on our faces. Can you see that we’re sinners? We’re the worst ones on the face of the earth, the worst ones! When the Lord said, “I have chosen the worst ones,” well, we said yes, we gave our consent. So, we’re going to love the sinner, aren't we? We aren't going to love the sin we committed, but we will love the sinner that we are. Have you understood?

A. Yes.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: And you? Amen.

Q. I thought I was a good guy but now, I'm starting to have doubts because I have trouble loving. For example, let’s say I go visit a prison: am I able to love the people who are in prison? To go and talk to them? Some might be more drawn to doing this kind of thing, some go to volunteer; they’ll go and talk to them, but as for me, I don’t think I can go there because I'm not capable of loving them.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Can you see that we’re the worst sinners of all?

A. Therefore, we can look at many things under this light…

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Many things, many, many things. So then, when the Lord says, “You are the worst sinners of all,” can you imagine how bad I am? The worst one of all, the worst one of all! I'm telling you – I really mean it! What would have become of me? And so, do you see? We are the worst sinners that have ever existed.

Q. Then are we still really beings of love? What does it mean ‘to be love?’

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Sometimes, you feel sad because people don’t come to talk to you because you’re a prophet, and because they believe that you’re a prophet. Well, you’re worse than they are. You feel sad? You aren't able to love as God asks you to: unconditional love. You’re letting your sadness come before God's mercy; you aren't able to see yourself as a sinner.

We always put ourselves first, always: “Mercy.” We have to say it. I remember once, I had said, “I'm the most selfish person in the world.” I had said this because I used to say, “I want people to love me. I want to love them, and one day, they’ll love me back.” Well, who did I put first? So, do you see? The Holy Spirit was making me understand that I was the most selfish person in the world.

A. You weren't a source of nourishment to your brothers and sisters.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: That’s right. “Mercy.” And so, now we say, “We’re going to go and help others.” No, no, they’re the ones who are going to help us; they’re really the ones who are going to help us. What grace to be able to understand this now! What grace!

Q. So you mean that if we help others, they’re the ones who will end up helping us?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yes, because now you want to see yourself as a sinner but you have a goal in mind: to help your neighbour, right? But if there were no neighbour, for whom would you be offering yourself?

A. God?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yes, but let’s say you have no neighbour so you can see yourself as a sinner and cry out your mercy. Who would you use as an example: I raped, I committed incest, all of these things? You need to look at others in order to see how important your neighbour is to you. You need to look at your neighbour in order to see yourself? You are so blind: “Mercy.” You aren't even able to look at yourself – you have to look at your neighbour to discover that you’re a liar: “Mercy.” Well, my God, don’t leave us even for a single moment! Love us!

A. We need him right beside us!

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Amen.