Gathering of Love With God's Action Through His Instrument,

The Girl of My Will in Jesus  


2011-10-25 – A Time of Surrender

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: In the name of the Father, the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Jesus: Now, my children, I will tell you a story. There once was a bear searching for food all day long. There was a pasture that he liked very much because everything before his eyes seemed appetizing to him. And so, he went into the pasture. He picked up a branch to taste it. Oh! Even though his teeth were very strong, that branch seemed so hard to chew that he threw it away. Then he decided to eat some leaves: “Ah! This is much better, much better, but they do not fill me up.”

He continued on his way and he saw a tiny mouse. He tried to catch it but was not able to. He realized that he was not nimble enough. He continued on his way and along came a hare. He ran after the hare and tried to catch it with a swipe of his paw, but the hare got away in a single bound. And then, the bear said, “Oh! This one is cunning!”

He continued on his way and saw a pig. “Oh! This one looks much, much tastier! Look at those curves!” He began chasing it, and the pig stopped and confronted him. “Oh!” he said, “why is he confronting me? He is not pink, he is not as soft as I thought he was. Oh, what muscles he has!” The pig ran head-first into the bear and when he struck him, the bear realized how strong he was: “Oh! This one must not be the same as other pigs; oh, not at all. Can you guess what that pig was?” He continued on his way. “I will forget about the pig for now because humans will have to work too hard to figure this out.”

So, he continued on his way and suddenly, he saw some humans: “Ah! This is exactly what I need! How can they be so quick, strong, so cunning, so easy to manipulate? I will confront them.” As soon as he confronted the humans, the humans ran away and scattered to the four corners of the earth. Some went east, some west, some to the north and some to the south. They moved away and came together to form groups. Were they going to come back to attack the bear? So the bear said to himself, “I will leave this up to the spirit of this world.”

Have you understood, my children? This is what you must live today. You must learn that what may seem strong to you is not always so. What may seem soft, easy to digest, is not always good for you. Things that came to you in your lives through cunning were not always in your best interest. What seems very strong may not have been a source of strength for you. Therefore, my children, take a good look at yourselves. This is what you need to learn. This will help you today.

Almighty God blesses you, my children. God blesses this meal that I myself prepared so that it may be given to all children of the world who had scattered east, west, north and south. Amen, my children.