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After becoming aware of the messages transmitted by the Girl of My Will in Jesus, either during gatherings of love, either by visiting this site or through other means, some felt the need to send us their testimonials. We thank them sincerely for this and encourage all persons who may so desire to do the same.


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Erin |  Lois Monique Perry








When you were here last year, I had a vision of a great flame of fire that covered your head and face. After this you began to speak (or rather, Jesus began to speak).


This year I once again received a vision of something special.  When you were speaking, I saw water droplets falling from your face.  I sensed it to be mixture of oil and water.


Erin Robin      St-Boniface, Manitoba




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I have a question.  I was re-reading some of the messages and came upon this one:
It was dated 2003-11-12
It's about what is to happen in the world.  Then I came upon this below.


In the very heart of the Church, our son John Paul II will have to relinquish his place to another who has already been chosen. They are in a hurry to push him aside in order to harm our Church, and you, our children, you will be shaken by what will be announced.


This did not happen and yet God knows everything well in advance.  Has Girl of My Will received any explanation about this above statement?


Thank you in advance.


Lois (USA)




Jesus : My daugter, God invites you to abandon yourself for all your brothers and all your sisters.  The answer to your request will be graces for them and it will bestow upon you the grace of self-negation.


God is God.  I am the only one who can speak to you about the future without your losing faith. These words have been dictated with love for each child who has faith in God.  To give everything to God is to leave all the room to God, and God does everything for each child so he might see and hear.


Each child has a mission on earth and once his mission is fulfilled, God calls his child back to him, for he came into the world in order to journey towards him.  Your duty towards God is to fulfil yourselves in the manner in which he desires, and when you fulfil yourselves, your actions bear fruits.  My chosen one, John Paul II, has fulfilled himself in all things; such was the mission that God had entrusted to him, and you, you were meant to work alongside him as members of the Church.  See how good it is to fulfil oneself in God.  God warned you that his duty had been fulfilled, for all those who took part in his mission, through prayer, ensured that this work was done in God’s action : this is why God warned you that he had to relinquish his place to another, who had already been chosen by God. 


Children of love, have I not said that those who are at peace shall see and hear, and have I not said that Heaven shall nourish them and they shall be in love and peace?  Do you not know that only those who live in love and peace can see and hear?  Do not make the mistake of getting ahead of my Will, which is to inform you of our Will, your will is so weak because of evil that prevails everywhere.  Everything is love for those who allow themselves to be swept up by the movement of the Holy Spirit; leave to God all that belongs to God : it is of your purification that I am speaking.  To whomever wants to see, may he see, to whomever wants to hear, may he hear.  Prayer, my children, will be a grace for you : it has always been as such.  Keep yourselves in love through my Mother who leads you to me, your God of Love, Jesus.



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Monique Perry





I was blessed  to be able  to go to a gathering at Father Melvin Doucette's Prayer House in P.E.I.The first night of listening to "The Girl of My Will in Jesus" I was not sure what I thought. The next night we spent 2 hours in Adoration ,and confession prior to listening to her again.It was a totally different experience. The Lord allowed my heart to open so I could receive the messages,and understand them. Since then I've been reading the books.I have never felt such a thirst for these readings. It truly speaks to my soul. I only pray my heart will retain the words. I pray the Lord may give me daily graces to surrender more and more to His Will.


God Bless ,


Monique Perry.