Gathering of Love With God's Action in Tétagouche, New Brunswick,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus    


2007-09-20 – Part 2


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The source that feeds us is the one God allows to flow within us; what we accept is what we are.

If we accept to leave all the room to Jesus in our life, then we will be a source for all our brothers and our sisters of the entire world; the moment we accept to be instruments of love for Jesus: they receive.

Yes, we pray; yes, we go to mass; yes, we adore; yes, we want to follow God's Ten Commandments; we want to read the Gospel: all this is in our life. We have tasted this, we have loved this, we have received joy, we have felt inexplicable movements within us: some have felt warmth, some have felt pain that disappeared, some have lived movements that, to others, do not seem normal.

Yes, it’s true that it isn't normal to feel movements that lead us almost all the way to Heaven because the peace we feel is so deep.

Those who are within us, they too have a right to these movements; in order to feel these movements in their lives, we must help all our brothers and our sisters to leave more room for Jesus in their lives. The more room we leave in the life that we once lived, the more they will receive.

This means that our thoughts that were impure, and that we acknowledge as such, must no longer be within us; they must be given at that very moment to Jesus.

If we don’t carry out this movement, they will remain in us, that is to say: we will have realized that in the past we had impure thoughts, thoughts of anger, of judgement.

Well, those thoughts will have risen up within us by the power of the Holy Spirit, but if we don’t give them to Jesus, they will still be in us.

We must carry out the movement requested of us by God: an offering. We must offer this to Jesus: “I give you what is lifeless, and you give me what is life.”

This is why we gather together: to help all those we carry within us. We must do this, we must give our life of suffering to Jesus so that those we love might have a breath of hope.

If we look at what we’ve done in the past but we don’t give it to Jesus immediately, all this will be a fruitless movement.

We must be fruits to our brothers and our sisters – but of the entire world – we must give and say it: “I give you this; I give you the cause, choices and consequences.”

We must do this until, if need be, we’re out of breath; now that we know, we must help; we don’t have the right to remain inactive now that Heaven has instructed us.

Heaven spoke to us directly in our heart so that we ourselves might become movements of giving.

If Heaven has given us graces, it is so that we might make those graces bear fruit, and this is done when we act; we don’t gather together to have fun.

Jesus, he has taught us how to pray.

When we gather together and we pray, there are graces in our life, there are graces of support, of patience. There are graces of healing, of liberation that take place in our life for those we love, but God wants to go further than this: he wants to purify the flesh, he wants to surround us with his almightiness so we can go forward to where he wants to lead us.

We are movement of love, we are God's action; we must do as he asks of us: give, be instruments, do what he has shown us.

Jesus goes forward, Jesus is love, Jesus gives himself: we must be children, we must go forward, we must give, we must be movement continuously.

This isn't going to be all fun and games: we’re going to give, we have a mission and we must continue our mission.

If God opens our eyes, if God opens our ears, he's putting what we must do in our hands: “Open your hands so I can place my Will in you. My Will is to do what I show you, what I tell you. Act and I shall reward you. Your reward will be beyond anything you can imagine. You shall receive it the moment the last person will have given his last thought, the last thing he heard, his last gaze, last word, movement, feeling, which have made him suffer and which have made all his brothers and sisters suffer.”

You see, our mission has begun but only God knows the moment when it will end; us, we don’t know this.

If we were all chosen today, it wasn’t by chance; the Lord knew we were ready to live what we must live.

In our life, he gave us teachings of love, and after these teachings of love, the Holy Spirit came to bring us light so we could understand: we have had saints who have shown us the way, we have had teachings through messages, through the power of the Holy Spirit, in order to lead us where we are today.

Everything that has happened is leading us to live the Great Purification.

The Holy Spirit enables us to become aware of our thoughts the moment when we, we must become aware of them so we can give them to him, give them to Jesus; that is to say – the cause, choices and consequences.

We live with consequences that are filled with suffering – we talk about them every day: war, epidemics, viruses, polluted water, polluted air. All these are consequences: separations, loneliness, we send our elderly to die alone in homes where they are taken care of… but what suffering!

These are the consequences of the world of today: our consequences.

Let’s not say, “Oh! Me, I haven’t don’t this; me, I haven’t done that.” No, we carry within us every thought, from the first that was formed up to the last one to be formed against us, against God, against our neighbour.

And so, we must give Jesus this movement; the Holy Spirit, he is seeing to it that all this rises to the surface: this is our mission.

Others will come afterwards and will be added to what we already have within us – not only thoughts, but gazes… all that; everything we will become aware of by the power of the Holy Spirit will have to be given to Jesus.

We wanted the Great Purification! We wanted to enter the world of love! Well, we have entered the world of love because wanting to help our brothers and our sisters blindly, without any self-interest, is being in a world of love.

I don’t know if I will be doing this until the end, I don’t know if the Lord will have me enter his world of love on earth after I have been purified; I don’t know, but what does it matter if this is for my grandchildren: “Alleluia, Lord! I will do as you wish; you open a path of love for me, I enter that path of love and you enable me to taste this world of love.”

Every day, I taste this world of love, I taste this hope, I taste this joy, I feel that peace within myself; if, at times, my peace is mingled with my worries, I know it’s still there; now, it has come up to the surface.

I know that by giving, giving, giving and giving the cause, choices and consequences, consequences, consequences, here is my peace that rises to the surface, makes itself felt within me once again, even in the tiniest fibres of my being: this is our mission.

We wanted to know: “What are we going to do in order to evangelize? What are we going to do in this movement of love? How are we going to evangelize since this has been announced to us? What are we going to do when they announce an epidemic, an earthquake? What are we going to do when we get the chip? What are we going to do when we will live the opinion of others, which will be against us, when the Churches will suffer, when our children will turn against us, when human thought will be in Satan's hands?” Well, we have entered into this, we have both feet in it, it has begun.

But God has also told us: “You shall have strength that others will not have; you shall know peace that others will not know; you shall discover what others will not have discovered; you shall pass where others shall not pass; you shall know that I am there, that I nourish you; you shall trust in me.”

Well then! Isn't this part of our daily lives? We’re living this in God's Will, with God's graces, as God desires, not as we thought it should be.

We’ve had quite an imagination! We thought of a New Earth that would come to us through the angels, who would build a world around us; they would take us to homes already built, well-protected.

We thought of all this but Jesus, he looked at us and he continued giving us messages from Heaven.


Jesus: Oh! My children, I will nourish you; let me speak to you, let me tell you what I know and that you, you do not know.

All that you are is in God's movement: to you, God's movement is an inexhaustible source of graces.

When you abandon yourselves in me, Jesus, you allow the Will of The Love to take you.

The Will of The Love is not only for you, it is for all the children of the world, it is for all my Father's children; I do not want to neglect a single one just as I do not want you to neglect a single one.

All is carried out in the Will of The Love. My Father has prepared everything for you: he has prepared every movement, every word has been weighed, every movement you were meant to know has been prepared by my Father.

The moment when you are to become aware of what you need so as to be able to live these days of graces has been prepared by my Father before you became aware of them, and they shall be before you: the time you will need to accomplish yourselves.

For this, my children, you need graces; you must allow yourselves to be transformed by my Will of love. I am not coming to change your characters, I am not coming to change the gifts you have received by the power of the Holy Spirit – I am coming to transform your inner life so that you can allow yourselves to dive into graces.

Every time, my children, that you have received the sacraments: a movement was making itself known within you, a movement was coming to life within you, and within you, a movement was taking you and was showing you where you were in your life.

You have placed your steps in my steps, you have know patience, you have savoured waiting, you have savoured what it is to be in the hands of the Son of God, not in your will but in my Father's Will.

All is done out of love for my Father; my Father's love is each one of you.

You have within you my Father's breath, you have within you the life that comes from him. Therefore, all must come from my Father, nothing from you; your hope must be nourished by my Father's Will and not by your own lives, my children.

How can you understand what you are living while you have accepted so many movements that were against you and have made you suffer, that have made all those you carry within you suffer? Only God knows all, not you.

You are living a time of love, you have entered my world of love because I have prepared you to leave this world.

This world is no longer for you and you realize this, my children; you realize that you are no longer capable of returning to this world, for you now know the difference between living in my world of love and living in this world.

To be among your brothers and your sisters is to be among those who will need to let themselves be purified just as you, you have let me, The Love, purify you.  And you still have movements to carry out, my children: to no longer think you know everything, to no longer use your imagination to try to understand the messages from Heaven.

You have received warnings through my Mother; those warnings were given to you so you could pray with your heart. All this was teaching you to leave behind your shell of a child who wanted to run everything; this helped you to leave your 'self', a 'self' that ran your spiritual life.

Children of love, this time belongs to God, it does not belong to you in any way; nothing, my children, comes from you and nothing shall come from you.

I let you go in your thoughts and I bring you back; when I bring you back, my children, I bring you back with your wounds and I teach you to continue to give me all this: you need this, my children.

How many among you have imagined my world of love in your own way, from what you have been reading in messages given by my chosen ones, who received this from Heaven? You took possession of what did not belong to you and this has made you suffer, but God was granting you graces for he knew this.

This has helped you to understand, my children, that this time does not belong to you; it was necessary for this to be so, it was necessary for you to live this movement as well so you could realize that everything you are does not see what is coming, that all you imagine is not remotely like what you are going to live.

I am Gentle and Humble of Heart.

I come to speak in your heart to enable you to understand my gentleness, to enable you to realize that I will hurt no one; I shall lead you to my green pastures with my love, with my gentleness.

I spoke like this to my apostles when I was on earth with them.

Others wanted to claim the Son of God to turn him into a warrior; they believed they could crush pagan nations through violence; they believed the Son of God was the power that would chase away all obstacles to God's Will: they thought of all this, they imagined what this would bring in the way of victory.

My children, I was speaking of love, I was speaking of bringing people together, I was speaking of peace, I was speaking of hope, I was speaking of my Father's unconditional love, of forgiveness.

They could see who I was, they did not understand; they could hear the words of love and they did not grasp them; and yet, all was accomplished with love as my Father willed.

I walked among them, I comforted them; I walked among them, I showed them how to share; I walked among them and I advised them to give up wealth; I walked among them and I would say to them: “Be merciful”; I walked among them and I would say to them: “My Father's kingdom is among you, all is being accomplished”; I was on the Cross and they saw; I died on the Cross and they witnessed it: “Your Will is accomplished; Father, into your hands I commit my Spirit”; through the power of the Holy Spirit, they understood everything.

And you, my children, you are on this earth and you are witnesses to the sign of The Love; you are on earth and you receive messages from Heaven; you are on earth and you contemplate the power of Heaven internally; you are on earth and you grasp the words that are being said; do you understand, do you see? This is impossible to do on your own because of your imagination – because your imagination, my children, is nourished by your thoughts.

It is the power of the Holy Spirit that enables you to see and to understand; this is no different than what happened in the past. This movement is for you as well: the Holy Spirit enables you to see and to understand according to your capacity to see and to understand.

Be patient, my children, do only what I tell you to do; the movement of purification is in your life: feel the peace, the joy.

When you are together and you allow the Holy Spirit to enable you to see and to understand what is happening within you for the greater Glory of my Father, when you look at external signs that are prophesied to you by the power of the Holy Spirit, when you are in contact with my chosen ones, it is to show you that Heaven is the movement of light: movement that shows you, movement that calls you to obedience, to abandonment, to giving, to prayer, in order to thwart Satan's traps.

All this, my children, it was Satan who placed in the lives of your brothers and your sisters, and in your lives, movements to upset you, to frighten you, to lead you to make bad choices over and over again.

My Mother warned you, my children, that pride would be the trap that Satan would spread out before you, you, the chosen ones, you who are called to forget yourselves on behalf of others.

My children, pride has several tones, pride has several faces, pride is a form of nourishment that poisons.

Be as little as the child who has just been born: the child does not need to listen to what is going on, he is trusting.

Stop being curious, my children; when you read a message from Heaven that speaks to you of catastrophes, you must give the cause, choices and consequences, you must give your life and the one of your brothers and of your sisters, you must pray, you must trust that God is taking care of you.

Heaven gives you messages to enable you to understand that you must be like tiny little children before God.

Why nourish yourselves with the news? Why try to find out if something happened? How can you understand, you who think that the greatest good of humanity is war, if you continue living like this world?

I am speaking in your hearts, my children, to heal, to liberate; I am giving you instruments so you can abandon yourselves in prayer; the chains must be broken, my children.

Listen to the voice of Wisdom. Do as I ask. Be very little.

I will heal children, I will liberate many children; I will begin with the soul, I will continue with the heart, then I will go on with the spirit: any physical illness will come after all this.

Your faith is so small! It is up to me to make it grow by my graces.

Look at my Mother: she is piety, she is grace, she is abandonment, she is the Child of the Divine Will.

You must give up your human will; every day, my children, must be a renunciation: every day, with my graces. Without my graces you will not succeed; without my graces, your children, your grandchildren, your brothers, your sisters at home, your husband or your wife, your brothers and your sisters of the entire world, will not succeed.

Every one of you has a mission: you all have the same mission.

Purification, my children, is a movement that is in your life: the purification of the flesh through which every thought must be given to me, through which every gaze must be given to me, and everything you hear as well, every movement, every feeling, that has been harmful to God's children.

All has been accomplished: accomplish yourselves, such is my Will.

It is up to you, my children, to choose; Heaven is not forcing you.

Every yes will become for you a source that will allow graces to flow in your life and your life, my children, is linked to all lives on earth as in Heaven.

I love you, my children.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: We receive much, but much is asked of us as well.

Yes, the movement of purification has begun; it isn't what we thought it would be: it is filled with gentleness, with wisdom. God knows what is good for us.

Our mission is the one that is requested of us.

Every thought… can you count every impure thought that is in every one of us? This is incalculable! Even our imagination can't imagine this, but only God knows.

And he asks us to give every thought that we, we know isn't love and all those that resemble these and that are in us: this is what God is asking of us.

More will come, more will come; every one of us has a part in the mission. This will not be done only with us, our little group; this will happen all over the world.

He's forming groups everywhere, the Lord; he has prepared every movement in the entire world and this is happening all over the world; there was only God who could think like this.

Every look, imagine, every look since Adam and Eve that was not love must be given: every one!

And so, God needs all his members: all his members must be in this movement.

But he has to start with a little group, just as he did with his apostles.

He began with his apostles and the disciples who followed him; there were many and this continued. He's doing the same thing with us: it is no different.

The Great Purification, when all children will enter within themselves to live the movement, when all will be before the Light – Jesus – this will occur when God wills it.

This will enable all children of earth to enter within themselves: whether they carry a no or whether they carry a yes, this will take place, but before this happens, God is preparing his children of the yes to live this movement of love.

The purification is a movement of love, the cross is a movement of love; Jesus gave himself up on the Cross out of love, and so the movement of purification is a movement of love.

When Jesus was on the Cross, he suffered; and well, it’s painful, right, to always give the cause, choices and consequences, the cause, choices and consequences, thoughts, words, what we hear, what we see, actions, feelings: always, always…

Well, God gives us graces to carry out these movements, and so we must do them: God is so loving!

Us, we’re so impulsive; we’ve seen so many things in our life, we have become people who seek anything that is filled with strong sensations. This is why we wanted an earth of love descending from Heaven, that would be deposited here, and then we would enter that earth of love.

Is it possible that God made a mistake when he created the earth? He didn’t make a mistake; he created an earth of love upon which all children were meant to be out of love for God, to contemplate God's work!

Well, is he going to take away what we allowed to rot in order to give us back another one? No, he will purify it: he's the Power. And so, he will purify the earth and this is a movement that only God is capable of carrying out: he's the Almightiness.

But everything will seem new to us, it will be a New Earth; we will have new eyes, new ears; we will be aware of everything we were meant to have.

How can we imagine an earth of love? We have never seen the earth of love since our eyes have always been fixed on what was before us while we were in great suffering.

And so, today, this earth seems to be in great pain to us, we no longer want this earth, we want a new one. Well, the Lord says to us, “Little children, you are the ones who have done this to it! Let me reveal to you how beautiful it is, how my Father created what is most beautiful for you, because you are beautiful, you are God's beauty, but you have never seen yourselves as beautiful. If you ask me for another earth, it is as if you were asking me for another you: you, are you children of God? I am not coming to change you, I am coming to transform you into perfect beings, to return your beauty to you.”

Every one of us is important to our brothers and our sisters.

So, the Lord has just told me, “Now, it is enough.”

And so, if you wish, we’ll take a little time for some questions.

And if you don’t mind, we’ll record the questions.


Q.  Earlier you spoke of… you were telling us why women wear makeup; what was the reason for this?


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: We had a gathering in the month of May and during that gathering, by the almightiness of the Holy Spirit – God is the Alpha and the Omega – it was as if he took us back to the time when Cain committed his sin: when he killed his brother, and this separated him from the children of Adam and Eve.

He sort of distanced himself, but no one knew what happened afterwards, when he went away; but when children distance themselves from their loyalty to God, they are in their own choices before their suffering.

Satan was an angel of light, an angel of great beauty, he had seen the Son of God.

The Spirit of God explained to us everything that happened in that moment: how Lucifer became the 'self', the vain one; anything that was from God, he no longer wanted anything to do with it, so he himself became his own 'self', because an angel is created to contemplate and to serve.

The moment he said no, he contemplated himself and then, he served himself; so, he steals to serve himself, he dominates to serve himself, he cheats to serve himself; he doesn’t ask – he crushes, he takes.

So, he explained all this to us, and much more; the angels who followed him, he explained what happened to them.

They were supposed to have their eyes forever fixed on the light. In that moment, in that fraction of a second when their eyes did not see the light – they were always supposed to be turned towards the light, but they, they looked at Lucifer, they admired Lucifer! In that moment, they lost the gaze of love: the one that was meant to adore God, admire God, to contemplate God, to serve God.

And so, they entered Satan's movement the moment they were chased away.

Because the light in God is so beautiful, it repels the darkness, the darkness cannot approach the light.

Therefore, as they became the darkness, they had to leave – and time doesn’t exist in eternity – then, in that moment, they were thrown into hell; but it happened so fast, so fast that even the time it takes to say it is longer than the time it took.

And so, this movement occurred in that moment; and so all darkness found its place of darkness.

However, in eternity there are still movements: there were angels who were part of this transformation but who looked back, they looked back at what they were leaving behind: that beauty, that splendour.

And so God said, “You shall be witnesses for all those who will be unfaithful to God.” Therefore, those angels, those evil angels remained on the earth’s surface.

They were dominated by Satan and then, they used God's creation to transform. They cannot create, and as they cannot create, they are able to possess.

So, they possessed creatures inferior to man. Once they had possessed them, they had them mate with each other up to the point of trying to produce creatures that were the closest to man, that resembled man the most.

You see, we humans, we try to understand this but it is only by God's power that God has revealed all this to us according to what we were able to understand, at the pace that we were able to understand.

After this movement, he led us to where it was necessary to understand that those animals had a shape that was much taller than others, and that they had great strength. They had a power that the others didn’t have: that the other animals didn’t have.

But the descendants of Cain, who had distanced themselves from Adam and Eve, they lived far away.

Cain wasn’t all alone! Did you think that Cain was alone? How many years did our first parents live? Not far from one thousand years and so, they had the time to have children.

You know that they had children amongst themselves; why? Because their blood was pure: the first creatures didn’t have the imperfections that we have today, and so they populated.

And so, Cain left with his lineage, because remember Cain’s words: “If you chase me far away, they will want to kill me.”

How could the children of Adam and Eve, who had never known evil, kill Cain? They couldn’t do it; Cain was the first one to kill.

Adam and Eve’s children were faithful because they talked of God, they remained faithful to God amongst themselves, to the Creator, the One who was nourishing them, the One who was showing them how to dress, how to use everything around them. God never stopped being in their presence on a constant basis.

So they knew that there was danger outside the area where they lived. Therefore, there were other beings that could attack them.

God made a sign on Cain’s forehead and that sign was a reminder of their unfaithfulness to God.

The transformed animals watched those children: they learned. They learned how to behave among them, they learned their language – don’t forget that they were possessed by demons. They learned how they prayed their God; all this, they were learning it with the aim of approaching the women, approaching the women, and the women allowed those beings to approach them: they were so seductive because of their strength.

So, once the women had been seduced, the women slept with those beings; they became aware that those beings were animals, but they continued because they were awakening the sexuality and seduction within them; they were awakening everything within them through the five senses, which brought out certain emotions.

So then, those women learned how to wear make-up; they showed them how to seduce: how to go and seduce man so that man would come to them; it was as if they were reproducing the same movement as the one when Eve was tempted and she went to find Adam.

Because Satan didn’t go to Adam right away, he used the woman to seduce Adam, to lead him to disobey, and he was repeating the same movement again: he used woman to conquer man so that man would allow himself to be seduced.

And man let himself be seduced: he would do anything to be with those women and they themselves experienced what were strong sensations with animals.

All this is the answer to certain questions: Sodom and Gomorrah. All this is the answer to: why there are animals we idolize. All this is the answer to everything!

Through all this, God tells us to be in his movement: to not educate ourselves or to learn for the sake of curiosity, but with the aim of giving: cause, choices and consequences, regarding everything the Holy Spirit will enable to rise up within us.

God doesn’t teach us in order to belittle us but to bring us to our place as pure children of God.

You will have all this in all the teachings; this is why it’s important that we’re all united in helping others.


Q.  The very first healing that the Lord granted to me in 1987, at L’Alliance in Three Rivers, was when I left there.

I never applied… and I was in fashion design; I have pages with my designs in newspapers and in magazines. I never wore nail polish, I never did anything for my feet or my hands, I was always natural. This was my very first healing that I received from the Lord, and I never wore perfume, nothing.


A.  Jesus: And so give, my gentle one, give what you have received, give this out of love for you experienced, you experienced pride, you knew what it felt like to be popular, you felt the looks of others upon you.

And so give, my gentle one, give because there are so many who are thirsty, thirsty for humility, thirsty for abandonment; they do not know why they suffer so much.

There are so many children who are sold for pleasure; give, my gentle one, give every movement – the cause, choices and consequences.

Love the child of God that you are. I, I love you so.


Q.  Does the Lord allow that so many people we know and who love us, abandon their belief and their faith? They have created gods for themselves.


A.  Jesus: What the Lord does in the hearts of his children: abandonment, giving, giving suffering to God.

The children of this world are living the consequences of all those who came before them.

In the past, children prayed, and in the past, children did not pray; in the past, children made offerings to God, and in the past, there were children who made offerings to gods.

If we look at all this today, the number of children who pray is smaller than the number of children who do not pray. If we look at this today, we say, “Children take themselves for gods” – there are so many idols in homes! I say to you, children of love, that this time is a time of graces, this time is a time of love, because children will be liberated, will be healed.

To look at the suffering of the world and to cry over the suffering of the world is to accompany this world in its sufferings; to look at this world that is suffering and to pray in peace and in joy is to tell God: “Lord, you saved them and here is your work being accomplished. I see the suffering and I know that you will liberate them; I see the suffering and I feel my children’s suffering in my flesh and I know that you take care of them because we are still alive, we are still alive despite this apostasy, despite this total confusion. Thank you, Lord, you show me your almightiness.” 


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: When we look at the point we have reached, we have to look through God's eyes, we have to see that God loves us, that God sustains us despite Satan's traps.

Satan wanted to lead our children to complete degradation: young children are committing suicide; young children no longer believe in love – all they believe in is sex; young couples get married and they no longer need to say to one another, “This is for life.” They say, “Bah! If it doesn’t work out, we’ll get a divorce.” Others say to themselves, “I'm not getting married; divorce is too expensive. If it doesn’t work out, we’ll each go our own way.”

If we look at all this through God's eyes, we say, “My God, you love us so much? You sustain us constantly, constantly, despite our unfaithfulness, despite their unfaithfulness? You sustain us in hope and in faith?”

We pray more and more; instead of becoming discouraged and picking up our rosaries and throwing them across the room, well, we have relearned to put them in our pockets, to never be without them; we’re relearning to look at our children with love because a while ago, if we remember well, we were much more inclined to become angry, to judge.

How come now we pray, we open our doors, we say, “I love you; I don’t approve of what you’re doing, it’s against God's Commandments, but don’t ever forget one thing – I'm your mother and your father, I will pray and I will sustain you, you are welcome in my house”?

How can all this be – that we’re living Jesus’ movement when he received Mary Magdalene, when he accepted her tears, when he accepted her request for forgiveness, her, a prostitute, and he allowed her to enter his home? She converted and she never left his home, and well, our children will be like this.

We’re aren’t the ones who are going to convert them; it’s graces, the rosary, abandonment. And it isn't our thoughts that will lead them to the Great Purification, it’s: I give, I give, I give – the cause, choices and consequences.

This is what God is doing with us.


Audience: A message of hope.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Eternal life. “Believe in me and you will have eternal life”: this hasn’t changed; it was because we had forgotten our rosary or we were praying with a little less faith, or maybe with a huge lack of faith.

Alleluia! Everything for Mary, everything came to our hearts through our Mother of love, she's the Mother of the Church.

And so, we’re going to sing the Rosa Mystica together.

Do you know this hymn to Mary?


♪♪♪:    Rosa Mystica



Mary: Be all love, love each other, love who you are, all those who are within you, unconditionally.

You are love, you belong to my Son.

Be gentle towards your little heart, it needs to feel that you are in your yes.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit:  Thank you, Mother of love.


Audience:  Thank you, Mary, Jesus.