Gathering of Love With God's Action in Tignish, PEI,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus



2007-09-29 – Part 1


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The source of abandon is something that comes from God; it teaches us to become fully open to Heaven’s graces.

The Divine Will knows your hearts, it knows your yes to The Love.

What we are, we are so for God: we are abandonment in his hands so we can help all our brothers and our sisters of the entire world. God doesn’t look at their sins, he brought all their sins unto death; what he looks at is the child who is suffering, the one who needs his graces, who needs us: we cannot separate ourselves from our brothers and our sisters.

We accept the Precious Blood of Jesus; they too are in that Precious Blood but they don’t realize it: suffering has made itself known to their flesh, making them refuse these graces of mercy.

We belong to Jesus, we don’t belong to this world; the mind of this world doesn’t understand souls. Jesus came to speak to every one of us in order to take our lives in his hands.

The soul belongs to God, the flesh belongs to God, every part of us belongs to him; through our soul, we received freedom, we received the freedom to say, “Yes, Jesus.”

But the flesh, because it made itself known to us, has enabled us to become aware of the no to God, not that it wouldn’t want to pronounce its continuous yeses, but the flesh has become vain, the flesh has become the master of the soul. We make our soul suffer and we make the souls of all our brothers and sisters suffer.

The soul belongs to Jesus, the soul doesn’t belong to us, therefore, the souls of our brothers and of our sisters don’t belong to us, but we have a flesh, we have a flesh that has multiplied, for, in the very beginning, there was one man and one woman, and they multiplied.

Man gave part of himself to woman and woman accepted it, and the flesh multiplied, and all this has continued until today, and it will continue until the moment when God says, “Now, the number is complete.” This belongs to God.

The soul, it must be in God's hands in order to obtain graces for us.

How is it possible that we were able to take part in the suffering of our flesh, of our soul, and of those of all our brothers and our sisters? Through negligence: we have neglected the graces we were meant to always receive from Heaven.

From those of us who receive much, God will expect much.

All the graces we receive and that lead us to pray, that lead us to adore, that lead us to receive the Flesh of Jesus, create a need within us: the one of giving ourselves unceasingly with the aim of always taking care of those we love.

Therefore, if we love our brothers and our sisters, we must take care of our soul in order to receive the graces our flesh needs to respond to God's love: “I give to you; you, give yourself; open yourself up to my call, I want my souls, I want to bring them hope.”

The soul needs Jesus, the soul thirsts for Jesus; when we neglect to give ourselves to Jesus while we receive graces, souls suffer – those souls are in agony because the being doesn’t want to give them what they need.

The child of God must give God what he is so that the soul may receive, but how many don’t respond to his call? And souls suffer.

He has awakened something within us that leads us to want to say yes; it’s as though he has shaken up the being that we are, taking us away from this world to enable us to listen to him, and Jesus did this gently because he is the Mercy, he is The Love of the Father.

When Jesus looks at us, he's looking at his Father's work; we are the flesh that comes from the Eternal Flesh: Jesus is the Eternal Flesh.

Before all this existed, God willed his Son made Man; before the universe existed, before the earth existed, Jesus, the Son of God made Man, was presented to all the angels. Wasn’t it normal for the Light of the world to come to present himself? That, before everything was created, all were full of admiration before the Will of God? God willed his Son made Man out of love.

God is The Love, God is everything: all that is in God is before us, around us; be it visible or invisible, everything is in God.

God, in his Will, presented to himself the Being of love that he willed on our behalf: the Son of God made Man.

When we say the word ‘will’, it is a movement: it is God who creates, therefore Jesus had been in his Will.

Our flesh – flesh of Jesus – was created by God; he, the Son of God, wasn’t created, he was engendered: the second Person of the Trinity. God, in his movement of love, took from within himself what he is – his Love: what he is was standing before him. The love of the Son and of the Father, always a love that gives itself continuously – this is so powerful!

No being except God is able to understand this movement: it comes from God, it is what it is before itself (and what it is, is God). This love is so powerful, so great, that it is the Holy Spirit: the third Person of the Trinity.

One God who is his own All, one God who is within the All of his power: love, love that never stops being in his all.

How can we understand this? The Holy Spirit is covering what we are at this very moment so that we may be in his movement. We, we aren't able to enter this movement; it is the Holy Spirit who leads us into this movement, and whatever we are able to understand, we understand through the movement of knowledge which God brings about on our behalf: only God is able to understand who we are, God is a Movement of love that is everything we are.

When he created, his Son, the Man-God, did the same out of love: God's all was within what he is in his Volition – a God who wants to give to someone. The Son of God made Man received the Will of God out of love: a movement that becomes the word.

Jesus is the Word, is the Will of the Father; the will is to want what God wants because the Will is the one of God; he cannot separate himself from what he is – the Son of God made Man, Perfect Matter.

To create: whatever presents itself to God with the aim of wanting only what comes from the Creator. Anything that is perfect: the will, is in Jesus.

We must understand that the Will is Jesus because God created the will for the movement that allows itself to be seen. We, we cannot see the invisible, but we can see the visible; can you see the will? You cannot see the Will of God: everything around us is God's volition. You don’t see the love that is given continuously from me to you, and yet, the will is right here, and it is always in motion, and we cannot see it.

In order for the human being to be able to see, through what he is, the Will of the Father, the love of the Father for us, the Eternal Love wanted for us the Will that allows himself to be seen: the Son of God made Man, the Son of God who does only the Father's Will, the absolute Will, the Will that is the Will of God in a perfect, eternal movement.

Jesus, Movement of love that reveals himself to us, brought us the Alpha and the Omega: Movement that has always been and Movement that shall always be. When Jesus came on earth through the Will of God, everything was being accomplished.

The Mother of God, the Mother of the Son of God made Man, was in that movement of the Will: God who wants a woman to bear his Child through The Love, for The Love – power that only God can bestow upon a human being. The Mother of God was nourished by the Will of God, the Mother of God the Son was in a movement of the Will of love, for the moment when Jesus revealed himself to the angels – all that God encompasses was present. The Mother of God the Son was in the Son, we were in the Son; before we came into being – we existed.

The Mother of God was in this movement of love so as to bring obedience to each one of us: a movement of gentleness, of tenderness; perfection that allowed herself to be taken up by this movement of the Will.

How can we understand a movement that links the Mother to the Son? The Holy Spirit speaks to us in our heart so that we may understand God's love for each one of us.

What we are, we are so in Jesus: we are love, the Father's love; we are so loved by God!

Understand that we are movement: a will that presents itself and that is part of that all, a will that loves, a will that presents itself. Therefore, we all present ourselves as being the Will of God. This is why God wants all his children; he wants to be within his All.

The Will of God enables us to become aware of what we are denying ourselves: we are denying ourselves a perfect will, we remain in a flesh that has brought about its own suffering.

The will of man is a will that doesn’t contain perfection; it’s as though we had agreed to separate ourselves from a perfect will, because if our thoughts are not in God's Will for even a single moment, we are separating ourselves.

We are made of the Eternal Flesh and that eternal flesh is before us: we are in the Flesh of Jesus, but, through the disobedience, that movement, which made us aware of disobedience, which wounded our soul, came about and resulted in our going forth today with a rejection of God within us: an absolute yes lost a movement. Is it Adam and Eve’s of Jesus’ yes?

Jesus of love, the Son of God made Man, said yes, an absolute yes: it was with that yes that Adam was created. When the universe was created, all it contained was created, and the earth and all it contained were created: the matter willed by God, the matter obedient to God, revealed itself, and all was created.

Therefore, the universe, the universe is matter, is matter because we see the universe and so, all that is eternal matter is in Jesus, all the earth contains comes from Jesus: will that allows itself to be seen. Therefore, when Adam was formed, he was formed with the perfect matter that was in him; when he received breath, he received the breath of God, he received the love of God, he received the thoughts of God.

When Adam said, “I want to decide for myself what is good and what is evil,” he therefore decided of his own accord: a will made itself known.

It’s as though we were looking at a wall, and the wall is whole, its colour is on it, everything is there; now, remove a tiny corner from that wall, so small that it is difficult to see; that little piece of matter decides, of its own accord, to remove itself from that whole, from the all: from the all of Jesus. Therefore, the Perfect Matter, the Absolute Matter, looked at that little cell, which, as little as it may have been, wanted to take itself for the All; as little as it may have been, it was will, it was will from the Will of God, eternal Power, eternal Love.

That All wanted to give it everything; that tiny, tiny, tiny cell would have lacked nothing, but it decided to say to itself, “I want to decide”; this is what is inside us.

When Jesus came on earth, perfect Movement, Movement of obedience, he came to remind the little cells of what they were, why they existed and towards whom they must turn: Jesus, Will that allows itself to be seen, Will that allows itself to be heard, came to speak to us about God the Father, his Father.

The Son of God became flesh out of love: the Will of God had so decided in order to come to speak to those tiny movements that had wanted to understand themselves on their own.

Let’s understand Jesus’ love for us: not one of us would have been able to do what Jesus did, it would have been impossible because our thoughts cannot be in the perfect will. What the Son of God came to show us was how to become once again what we should have been.

He came to speak to us about love, he came to give us what we needed to make reparation, to taste the Eternal Flesh, to drink the Eternal Flesh, so that we might taste what we once were, so that we might have knowledge of a movement that we, in our human will on earth, had never known: a gift of love, a movement of love that gives, that gives without ever demanding a thing, a movement of love that bends and that wants us despite our refusals.

How could that Flesh of love, that Will of love, have been any different? It looked at our flesh and it cried over what our flesh had come to know.

God speaks in our heart so that we might understand what we are in the all of Jesus.

When we understand, as little as that movement might be, we are no longer able to hate those who make us suffer; we cannot prevent ourselves from giving ourselves, from giving ourselves out of love, because it is our flesh that we are seeing – the flesh that cries out to God: “Come, come, come and repair our lack of love towards you; we are imperfect, we cannot do this. Take my thoughts, take my gazes, take my hearing, take my words, take my actions and take my feelings, because all this is imperfect, all this has made itself known to my soul, all this has made itself known to all those who are in me and in who I am. I cannot separate myself from what I am, my flesh is everywhere.”

If only one of us sees another suffering, we’re seeing our soul suffering and we’re seeing the consequences of our flesh having withdrawn from the all.

When Jesus came on earth and said to us, “Love one another as I love you,” he was saying, “My Flesh, my Flesh loves, love my flesh; love, love your flesh; your Flesh is before you.” Jesus was telling us to not judge others: “Stop judging yourself, stop torturing your mind; every word you say, it is your flesh, it is your flesh that suffers because of it. Are you capable of knowing how much this will make you suffer, because your flesh will not end where your eyes fall for this will spread to all flesh and you are part of a whole?”

We are a whole; whether it’s here or in China, wherever there's a child, we are in that flesh.

You see, what we have succeeded in doing… we have succeeded in making ourselves suffer because the one who refused to adore the Eternal Flesh, Jesus made Man, has done everything he can to destroy the love we have for the eternal flesh.

The soul, the soul suffers because of what we have done: we all live in a yes or in a no. We have who have been seized by God's love, God comes to speak in our hearts so we can understand what he expects of us.

We are the talents and we must multiply: “I give you graces, therefore, multiply these graces. You shall lack nothing, I will nourish you. I will make perfect the movements that will emerge from you so that all flesh might know that this comes from me.”

What we are, we are so for God because we are from God.

When we grasp what the Holy Spirit has just revealed to us, our flesh rejoices, for it acknowledges that it is before what it has always wanted to know: eternity, happiness.

How can it be that we, who don’t know eternity, thirst for eternity? Why do we, who never stop crying, who are always hungry, who are envious, who are imperfect, want happiness? We have already tasted it, we have been in eternity, we have tasted happiness, but Satan, he wasn’t able to take this away from us: life is still within us.

Now, we will stop for a few minutes, if you don’t mind, and we will continue later.

Thank you, thank you, Lord.