Gathering of Love With God's Action in Tignish, PEI,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-09-30 – Part 1


Jesus: This welcome is from God. Therefore, welcome to this place, my children.

You are all gathered together because it is my Father who wills it in order to grant you graces, graces of abandon, so that you may also die in me, Christ.

You are instruments of love just like these two children who are instruments of love: to serve God's work is to also serve your work.

You are all called upon to become children obedient to the Will of God. To be obedient to the Will of God is to no longer think, it is to no longer take in what you see, but it is to remain where you are, welcoming God's graces in order to see, in order to contemplate your interior – when you contemplate your interior, you are able to hear.

Little children of love, it is like a ship sailing upon the sea: many passengers dwell within it and there is a captain as well. If the passengers trust in the captain, all will go well, but if the passengers do not trust in the captain, they will be worried, and at the slightest wind, they will panic. They will ask themselves what is happening inside themselves, they will not understand that this comes from them, and whatever is happening outside will drown them.

Little children of love, you hear words and you panic. Why panic when you hear words that you, you know are not what you think? God's Ten Commandments: you must know them. The teachings of the Son of God: you must live them.

All those who know God's Ten Commandments, all those who follow Christ’s teachings, have nothing to fear, because their hearts remain at peace, in the love of their neighbour.

Is this not what my Pope teaches you? On earth, Benedict XVI is a guide for you; he who listens to his word listens to me; he who follows what he says follows Christ.

Children of love, truth resides in the Holy Spirit and not in man. When you hear about children who do not agree with my Pope, you must keep your peace, you must be on the ship while trusting in the captain.

If I had Benedict XVI take the helm, it was to lead you to the right port, for the wind that blows upon the ship enables you to move forward by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is God; he enables you to hear and he enables you to understand what is in your heart. If your heart panics, my children, that is because your heart does not recognize the wind that comes from the Holy Spirit. The wind of the Holy Spirit is the Word of God, the wind of the Holy Spirit is the light of God; you cannot understand the Word, you cannot see the light unless the Holy Spirit enables you to understand and to see.

And a heart that panics does not know if the wind blows for him; he is overly concerned with watching himself, with questioning himself, with asking himself if what he is hearing is really the truth, and when he behaves like this, he does not grant all the room to his God of love, who wants to enlighten him.

God's light is God's love; God's light acts on behalf of the child of God: it guides him, it leads him to where he must go, without requiring any effort from the child, because it is the Holy Spirit who acts, it is the Holy Spirit who pushes the child to be in what he is.

My Word is in you, my Word is living, my Word guides you: I have given you, my children, a Pope of love, a righteous Pope, so that you may move forward in these times, which are very unsettling.

John Paul II asked you to not be afraid; John Paul II asked you to follow in the footsteps of Christ; John Paul II asked you to be children loyal to the Word of Christ; John Paul II was a Pope of love. And so, my children, what have you done with all he showed you? A guide like this should have touched your heart, thus enabling it to always recognize the breath of the Holy Spirit: Benedict XVI is the one who was chosen by Heaven for you, and all those who follow Benedict XVI follow the popes.

Peter, Peter was as solid as a rock; he gave himself up out of love for Christ; he even confronted his own tears, he recognized that he was loved by Christ, he went forth against the tide that wanted to bring about his downfall.

This Pope, my children, is the first, he is still the first: he sustains you, he places you before the truth so that you are constantly able to move forward against the tide that wants to bring about your downfall.

This world, my children, places you in situations that make you suffer: all those who panic, all those who remain in fear, in anxiety, in doubt, in questioning, live in confusion.

The truth, my children, is in the Bible. By taking the Bible and living it through the power of the Holy Spirit, nothing will make you fall for you know how to see, you know how to understand in the manner in which the Holy Spirit wants to enable you to see and understand; you know that nothing comes from you, you trust only in God and not in yourselves, and so, you allow yourselves to be taken up by the power of God without carrying the burden of this world.

It is not up to you, my children, to bear the burden of this world; it is up to Christ: I take everything.

All this, my children, is to tell you that when you hear words that seem to contradict what you believe, whereas everything you believe is the truth because it comes from Christ’s teaching, given to the Pope by the power of the Holy Spirit, multiplied in his heart to teach the truth to children, then you have nothing to fear because what you, you are is my mercy.

My mercy, my children, emerges from your heart to reach out to the hearts of those who are speaking to you. When you understand this, my children, the love of Christ for the one who is speaking emerges from your heart, then, you remain at peace for you know that I take everything.

My children, who possesses the truth if not Christ? Who among you is able to say that he is truthful? Not one of you is able to say, “I, I am truthful,” because you are not truthful.

I am the Truth: whoever believes in me believes in my truth; he is careful to avoid thinking, he is careful to not take in what is in front of him, for what he sees and what he hears, he gives it to Christ, to the Light, to the Light who guides, to the Light who leads to God's justice.

Everything must be like this in your hearts, my children, so that nothing can upset you.

Be love, my children, for yourselves; be love for your Eternal Flesh, for the one who loves the flesh he sees loves the Eternal Flesh.

Every word that comes to you is a loving word when you give everything to God. If the word you are hearing strikes your sensitive heart, give me that word: I shall turn that word into love through my mercy, I shall make your heart strong and I shall turn the heart, which has attacked you, into love, love for itself, love for everything it represents.

Satan, my children, cannot understand love; it is necessary to give in order to understand.

I am teaching you to give; and so, when you give to me, my children, he is thrown off track, he flees from the child who is humble, for his undoing stands before him.

You see, my little children, love is a sound that comes directly from your heart and that breathes upon all the children of the world: it is the Holy Spirit who envelops you and who enables you to move forward in my world of love where all is nothing but light, where all is nothing but peace and joy.

When you enter within yourselves and you feel that movement of love, you radiate God's light, you enter a bright path leading you to glory.

I am preparing a supreme moment for you, my children: I am preparing you to live your glory.

The light, my children, the light is your path; when you give everything to God, when you consent to die in me, Christ, you are light, you shine during these times of darkness so that you can be a beacon for those who need to see what is to come from afar: to them, you are the love of Christ.

Be very little, my children; the hand of God is upon you; are you not aware that nothing can affect you? When you give your life to Christ, you are no longer yourselves; you are me and my Father's hand is upon me, therefore, my Father's hand is upon you. Do not be afraid and go forth, all has already been accomplished.

Satan will do anything, my children, to prevent you from being the light. When you panic, he turns off the light within you, he makes you go forward upon a stormy sea to prevent you from being, to the children who need you, a movement that becomes, to them, a movement, a wind, a wind of love that calls out, calls out to the children.

Upon that sea, my children, is that ship of love coming forward, in a movement, to bring on board all children who are watching what is coming.

When you are at peace, the water is so calm; then they can swim to the ship, then they have faith in the hands reaching out to them, and they come aboard, they come aboard with you, and the ship moves forward, moves forward to enable others, who are in the water, to come aboard.

Little children, see how mighty the power of the Holy Spirit is! You are the ship, my children, you are the love of Christ, you are the movement that says yes to everything that comes from my Father.

Love, love is the thing that will heal, it is the thing that will liberate; there is only love that will enable you to discover my world of love.

No weapon possesses the strength of love, no power possesses the power of love; it is my love, my children, that brought all evil unto eternal death: behold, this is the strength that you need in your life, this will crush any resistance.

My children, gather up all the weapons of the world and place them before love: only a single movement from love is required to crush those weapons; gather together all the elements of the world and place them before love, and love will conquer them; bring all thoughts against God and God will crush those thoughts, for God is The Love.

The cross, my children, the cross is love: you are the cross, you are movement within the cross, and when you are in the love of Christ, you shine, you are God's strength, and then nothing can oppose you.

Little children of love, be in the Will of my Father: all has already been accomplished.

You are living the present in the eternal present; nothing will change what has been accomplished: all is for you.

Amen, my children.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: What God has just told us is what we must be before the things we have to face at times.

We are on earth and the earth, at this very moment, is in the process of giving birth. Giving birth is a movement of love, but there are also movements all around us that must be lived.

Remember that Heaven had announced everything to us: that there would be hardships, that there would great hardships, but that Heaven would always be there, that all the children of the light would vanquish the darkness.

Therefore, everything has already been accomplished for this had been announced to us; we need only live it, but we must know what we want: “Do I want to be one of those who are the light or one of those who don’t know they are in the light?” It’s up to us to choose.

God is warning us of what is to come so that we might live our present. This is why Heaven speaks to us – he wants us to live our present with Heaven’s graces.

He isn't coming to predict earthquakes and floods by leaving us helpless; we are already enveloped in Heaven’s graces when Heaven comes to speak to us.

But when we read about those things and we worry, it is we ourselves who remove our mantle: a mantle of love. We cover ourselves with a mantle of fear and this comes from us.

God, he gives us a mantle of love, but we, through our worrying, we ignore it, and we cover ourselves with a mantle of fear. Heaven is asking us to pray and this has always been so.

When we are before events that make us suffer, then we cannot ignore what Heaven says to us: “Pray with your heart, remain at peace, do not judge your neighbour, help your enemies, be very little, open your heart and let God's strength enter you: love.” Without love, we are lost.

Yes, he said that we are on a ship and that we have a captain: Benedict XVI.

When we see just one priest, we’re seeing Benedict XVI. Do you think that it’s possible to separate the Christ-Priest? There's only one Christ-Priest: that’s Jesus.

The Pope’s word is like a spring that flows directly from Jesus, and every priest who has it in his heart to do as the Pope asks, tastes that spring, and he has us taste it.

Us, we cannot live without that nourishment – it’s the truth, it’s the light, it’s life. Our entire being recognizes the truth because we are directly linked to the Heart of Jesus; this, our heart knows this. We must be faithful to the Word of Christ.

Paul recognized the Word of Christ; all those who heard Paul stopped and listened with admiration to what they were hearing because in Paul’s words they saw the love of Peter for his Jesus of love.

Peter was a source of strength to the apostles; Peter was also a source of strength to Paul. Paul loved the one who had been chosen by Jesus.

You see, Paul was proud of his feelings for Peter, and so we, when we do what Benedict XVI asks, we’re proud of ourselves - this emerges from the pores of our skin – we are faithful to what he is: a man who gave up his life out of love for us.

Isn't this what we see in a priest? He gives up his life as a man to live as a being in the service of all God's children. We who are parents, we sometimes have difficulty putting up with our children whereas they, the priests, have to put up with everything. Oh, they really need the Holy Spirit’s strength! We each have our own character, and so, they, they have to adjust to who we are, just like Christ.

Only the priest is able to calm our hearts. We recognize the priest when he is attuned to the High Priest.

Now that we have heard ‘High Priest’ – who is the High Priest, is it the Pope or Jesus? It is the One who listens to his Father's Word. Therefore, we cannot be mistaken. And God the Father gave his Ten Commandments, and God the Father gave us his beloved Son. And so, let’s follow the Ten Commandments and let’s follow Jesus’ teachings: let’s listen to God the Father! Then we can be certain that we are not making a mistake. When we behave like this, well, we are at peace, we hurt no one. If we aren't sure about this, well, we’ll have to keep our mouth shut – sometimes, we have a tendency to wag our tongues a little too often.

The voice of the Lord is filled with wisdom!

Now, we will take a few minutes to rest. Thank you.


Nicole: Thank you, Jesus.