Gathering of Love With God's Action in Tignish, PEI,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-09-29 – Part 2


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The grace of God wishes to have us hear the Grace.


The Virgin Mary: What God is putting in your heart, he wants to put it in the hearts of all children; like a brook that flows, he wants to pour love into it so that hearts might recognize the Heart of The Love.

Little children, let this spring, which flows from my Son's Heart, flow into your hearts: each one of you has received much internally, and Heaven is opening up your interior so that you might receive more.

The Will of God is a movement of love; it is a spring for all souls. My children, let yourselves be taken up by this movement; there is much to give to the children of this world. They need to know that you understand them. The desire to listen comes more easily to the children who know they are accepted.

The children of this world are greatly wounded due to the will of this world. It is through the interior, my children, that my Son comes to gather children so they may know that they are always under God's protection.

One day, my children, a tiny Child came into this world. When he would speak, people listened to him. When he would cast a glance upon children who were suffering, one would feel that there was power emerging from within him; one could not see what was happening but one could feel it within oneself.

That Child gave much love; that Child is within you, my children; he wants to give you much so that you may feel the presence of God.

God is the All of all you can imagine. How is it possible for you, my children, to be aware of God's plan for you? It is necessary for you to be completely abandoned in God's hands in order to be able to be what God expects you to be; do not try to understand, but rather fulfil yourselves.

The will of man is a will that causes the flesh to suffer; the Will of my Son is a Will that heals, is a Will that liberates.

It is the Eternal Flesh that will take what you are to transform you, to turn you into children of love on behalf of those who need you.

You human will, my children, cannot accomplish what my Son has already accomplished; take a look at one another and you will see that my Son has begun this transformation.

You have all been chosen for this time of grace, you all have a mission so that God's plan for all children of the earth may be accomplished.

Every movement felt within you is from the Will of God. Do not look at what others are doing so as to avoid comparing what you, you must do: live in the present, be abandonment, my children.

By the power of the Holy Spirit, you have heard the Will of God; it is through abandonment, my children, that this was able to enter you. It is important that you agree to want to be abandonment for God.

Heaven comes to ask you to continue to be instruments of God's Will; it is good that you know what is in your flesh in order to be protected against yourselves.

Little children of love, I am not warning you against your neighbour; to warn you against your neighbour would be to judge that your neighbour is in a state inferior to yours.

In the eyes of my beloved Son, you are all in his Flesh, you are all important: whether you, my children, belong to one religion or to another, you are in your human will along with what you are on the inside.

The Will of God is to turn you into children abandoned in the hands of God, and this can only be possible if you are obedient to yourselves. You must learn, my children, to be obedient to the flesh, so that the flesh may recognize that it owes everything to the Eternal Flesh. To agree to give your thoughts is to agree that the flesh obey the Eternal Flesh.

When you give your consent, it is as though this movement, my children, makes itself known in all flesh; you cannot separate yourselves from the Flesh that is within you.

Little ones, when you disobeyed my Son, you made your flesh suffer and not only yours: all flesh. You made your neighbour suffer. Heaven comes to speak in your heart to teach you what is happening in your life.

You have received a soul, my children; you have received a flesh, my little ones; you cannot separate yourselves from the flesh, you cannot separate yourselves from the soul – they form a whole.

The love of God is within you and the Will of God is in God's love; your soul is within you and your flesh surrounds your soul. You see, you form a whole.

It is important, my children, to take care of your soul and of your flesh. A flesh that is joyful, peaceful, makes the soul happy; a happy soul is before its God, it is completely beautiful. Your entire flesh feels the effects of this, therefore, you feel that peace and that joy, and the more you are peaceful and joyful, the more your soul feels joy.

This is love that gives and this is love that gives again: this is a movement of love.

Little ones, be sensible and leave everything up to the Eternal Flesh, leave everything up to the Son of God.

What is to come, my children, is, for you, a movement that will render your soul and your flesh joyful for eternity. Heaven is preparing you to always abandon yourselves, for Heaven wants all souls to be joyful and all flesh to be united to the joy of the soul.

My children, the suffering of this world cannot be before you without Heaven’s graces. You receive many graces, and Heaven wants to ask you to abandon yourselves to prayer so that others may receive what you are receiving. The children of this world need children who give themselves.

You live in a country that is frequently being attacked by Satan, and in a country whose children have responded to Satan’s attacks. You live in a world in which gods have become important in your life: wherever there is much money, wherever material possessions have become the focus of your life, there are gods.

You live, little children, surrounded by idolatry: the Body of my Son is profaned; there is no respect for little children who want love; people no longer speak of God; falsehoods are taught by using my Son's love to spread powers that come from Satan; the Will of God is deliberately ignored; my tiny little babies are being killed; people no longer want to recognize the hand of God when children acknowledge that they are enveloped by the Holy Spirit; the hearts of those who want to give of themselves are being closed for fear of losing the ability to control hearts.

All this is in your country and Heaven has looked upon this misery, and Heaven has turned its attention to this misery, and Heaven will use this misery to bring love back to those who thirst and hunger for love; and love shall flourish, it will render justice to God, it will spread everywhere that God's mercy has conquered indifference.

Little children of love, what God is putting in your hearts is the need to fulfil yourselves in the Will of God, in complete abandon, not wanting to know what tomorrow will be.

You who live in a proud country that wants to control everything, you have been chosen by Heaven in order to be models of abandon. The Son of God made Man came for the most ill, and you are the world’s most ill, my children.

There are countries where there is much violence because they fight with conviction; when children have conviction in their hearts, they are inclined to ask the one who is able to stop the violence for help.

The children living in countries of domination where children are put to death, those children look to Heaven and pray God to come to their aid. This country, my children, Canada, no longer turns its eyes towards Heaven, no longer cries out to Heaven, for it believes only in its money.

You see, little children, God knows what he is doing: he takes your weaknesses and he gives you his strength in order to show that he is the Will of God – this warms that which is cold, this straightens that which is bent, this gives life back to that which is inert, this brings love to those who no longer believed in love.

I come to speak within each of you to ask you what is within you that is unknown.

Little children, there is a light within you and that light guides you through your night, leading you to where you must be: in the Will of God and not in your will. Nothing will occur externally, for the outside world, my children, is enveloped in great darkness; where there is light, there is the Son of God, and my Son is in you and you are in my Son.

What is to come, my children, belongs to my Son; it does not belong to you. He places an unconditional love within you and he enables you to feel it; when you feel God's unconditional love for you, you are ready to say your yes.

Put yourselves in the hands of the perfect Will; you will see that the days to come will be days of inner peace; despite the external chaos, you will move forward.

I remain by your side; have I not been present here? And this, my children, has been a joy for each of you.

Heaven, my children, speaks, speaks in your heart: these are graces granted to you to show you that you have been chosen; always be obedient to the Will of God.

Do not cast a glance at what you are externally, for what you are internally, my children, is a light, and on the outside, others do not perceive what you, you know. Therefore, keep your eyes turned inwardly, you will be less inclined to look at those who are watching you.

I love you, my children; my eyes do not leave you for a single moment, therefore, leave all the room to your Mother. To those who watch you, I will reveal you as obedient children; slowly, they will learn to not be wary of you.

Because, my children, when you live in a country where my Son is no longer wanted, the children of that country are inclined to make themselves suffer by saying they are right to behave against my Son, as their suffering is too great.

Be good to one another; there will be great consolations; the more you abandon yourselves, the more healings will occur; the chains that Satan has wrapped around God's children will fall: trust in Heaven’s graces.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: What the Lord has just granted to us is a joy for our soul: we love to be cradled in Mother Mary's arms.

This place is a place blessed by Heaven; when we leave here, we must also remember that we leave with our interior filled with graces, and those graces will maintain us in what we have just heard. We cannot cast aside what we have just received – to feel within us that love for our brothers and our sisters – but we will, nevertheless, walk in places where darkness still exists. However, the Lord continues to give us movements of love.

You, you have the opportunity to have Father Melvin with you often, but we do not, Nicole and I; so, we’re going to ask Heaven to put it in Father Melvin’s heart to bless us with oil.

When we receive a blessing from a priest, we receive a blessing from Jesus himself; once we have tasted this, we cannot forget, and we want to taste it again.