Gathering of Love With God's Action in Tignish, PEI,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-09-30 – Part 2 


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The four seasons are a movement that returns year after year.

When we see winter arriving, we always try to cover ourselves by putting on several layers. When spring arrives, then we want to look outside, we try to gauge the height of the snow. When summer arrives, we’re all excited to go out for a stroll, and then we look in our drawers for the lightest thing to wear. When fall arrives, this is the season that saddens us – we have the impression of leaving something behind, we have the impression of not being able to face what is to come – and then, it starts all over again.

What we are is like the four seasons.

When we’re cold, when we have sorrow, then we run to God: “Warm me up with your graces, fill me up with your love, come fill my heart with your presence; I want to feel your fire of love.”

When the fire warms our dwelling, then we are likely to emerge from our heart, we are likely to look at the outside world. We reach a point where we’re not capable of feeling God's love because we’re overly inclined to look at what others are doing. We ask ourselves if others love us, we ask ourselves if others are able to bring us love. Consequently, we will measure our neighbour’s love according to what we would like to have: if we receive much, then we agree to give, but if the love is not worth its weight in gold, we’ll only take out a little penny’s worth of love to fulfil others.

We always expect a lot from others. We’re always inclined to seek love from others and that love, we want to taste it, but it has to be according to our own taste: the love we want must be measure up to our thoughts. The love that is for us must be something that makes us feel our heart beating faster, and therefore, we pay more attention to the external rather than the internal. “Well, tell me that I'm beautiful; tell me that I'm strong; show me that you have tenderness for me; see to it that you always look after my physical needs”; and well, this is how we weigh the love that we, we want to have.

When all this is in our life, then we’re really happy, then we’re in control, then we can ask for more; but when this diminishes, then we panic, then we’re inclined to watch, we’re inclined to ask questions: “What, is there something wrong? Didn’t I say what you wanted to hear? You should be more attentive to me! Am I boring you? Do you want me to do something for you that will make you happy?”

Then, with our words, we want to manipulate the other into giving us love, which turns us into beings who tend to be in a constant state of expectation, but when this doesn’t live up to our expectations, we change direction: “I’ll find something that will fulfil my needs, I will look after my own little needs.”

Then, we search, we search in books, we listen to people who might have the answer to our needs; we’re so inclined to listen, to observe, that we don’t know what’s happening inside us. We’ve put aside the most important thing: the very presence of God in our life.

There's only Jesus Eucharist who will bring us everything we need.

Through the Eucharist, we find the answer to everything: we find our joy, we find our peace, we find love, but to savour all this we need to know who we are.

Let’s look at what our parents, our great, great, great, great-grandparents lived: they lived the four seasons; the four seasons always, always returned throughout their lives.

They always wanted to search for love, and the more they didn’t find it, the more life became complicated to them; that’s because they went through season after season after season without grasping the teaching of Jesus.

Jesus, through his teaching of love, spoke to us about his Father; he spoke to us about tenderness, about gentleness. He showed us how to go talk to him, he showed us how to trust in him, he showed us how to be very little when listening to him because when we are before Jesus Eucharist, we are before God the Father.

But with all the needs in our life, we have lost that need to place ourselves before the Eucharist to obtain the answers to our needs.

How is it that from year to year, we’re always, always trying to fulfil our needs? That’s because, from year to year, we have created needs for ourselves; the more we demanded from others, the more we wanted, and as we have always wanted things, we became beings who are dissatisfied.

Therefore, we have succeeded in poisoning the lives of everybody around us, and today, we see a world that is unhappy; if we see an unhappy world, that’s because that is what is inside us.

Through this, Jesus wants to show us that we need to return to the spring, to the spring that flowed on our behalf, to the living Word: the Gospel.

There is nothing that can be as flavourful as the Gospel; there is nothing that can be as living as the Gospel! It’s through the Gospel that we will heal; it’s through the Gospel that we will be freed of our chains; it’s through the Gospel that we will discover who we are; it’s through the Gospel that we will discover that we are loved by God and that we, we are love; it’s through the Gospel that we will know what tomorrow holds for us; it’s in the Gospel that we will read about our lives.

When we grasp that love, then we grasp the true worth of our life on earth.

Go and read all the books in the world but ignore the Gospel, you will fill yourselves up with emptiness, just like the snow that falls every year and accumulates higher, higher and higher, reaching the rooftops of our houses: it melts away in the spring.

When we educate ourselves with that which is not the truth, we’ll dry up in the sun: nothing will grow, we’ll be like tasteless fruit, we’ll be flavourless to others.

Even if we are before knowledge that teaches us to heal, that teaches us to free ourselves, but we don’t live the Gospel, we’re like leaves that are dead: we’re attached to a tree but every autumn, everything falls down.

We are God's children, we are alive, we must hang on to the Tree of Life; the Tree of Life is Jesus, Jesus of Nazareth, who died and rose again, glorified by the Father.

There is no other life other than eternal Life; there is no other power other than Jesus Eucharist; there is no other doctor other than Jesus Eucharist.

Gather all the doctors of the world who practice all the forms of medicine known to man today, and if Jesus is not within them, if they don’t give their thoughts, their gazes, their words, their hands, their hearts, they will contribute nothing to our lives. It will be like someone who comes into our lives and who makes our decisions: “I am here to rule a moment of your life; I am here to make you believe in something that comes from me. I am not life, you are putting your trust in something that isn't life; you are agreeing to give me a part of your life, and because you come to me and give it to me, I take it. Then, you go home with something missing from your life.”

Every one of us has the choice to live in eternal life or to live in a life void of life, and whatever is void of life is dead.

Who is eternal death? Because eternal death exists, and it’s Satan.

We do anything to avoid talking about eternal death but it exists! There's eternal life, there's eternal death, and so let’s give all our life’s moments to eternal life, let’s make sure we’re always moving towards eternal life.

If you turn to someone and that person believes in Jesus Eucharist, then you’re moving towards eternal life because he has just said: “I am no longer in my life but in the Life of the Christ-Priest, of the Christ Eucharist, of the Divine Christ, of the Living Christ.” Only the Life can repeat this.

All that we are, we are so for Christ, we are so for the One who died on the Cross out of love for us, and we can obtain anything from Jesus Eucharist.

Don’t turn to lies; let’s not turn to the powers of this world; we’re surrounded by powers that use untruthful words to lead us to eternal death.

There is no greater power than Jesus Eucharist; we can obtain anything by attending a mass. If we’re sick, if we’re imprisoned by our thoughts while we attend mass, that’s because we bear the consequences of those who have lost their faith.

Four thousand years of waiting! Four thousand years of praying! Four thousand years of hoping! Four thousand years of wanting the Messiah! It was necessary for the heart to be worthy of those prayers, it was necessary for children to recognize that they were in the Will of God the Father. Then, once there were enough children worthy of the Will of the Father, the Messiah came.

God the Son came on earth for God's children and he demonstrated that love can accomplish anything; yes, The Love spoke and love made hearts leap with hope.

Those who listened to the Son of God could feel something coming back to life within them. Those who were rejected, those for whom there was no room, those who were forced to make offerings, those who were asked to move far from those who were meant to be first, those who were hungry, those who thirsted for the truth, they heard the Word, they heard the One who would warm their hearts – they were in the very presence of the One who was the Messiah to them.

How great was their suffering when they saw that the One who was their comfort allowed himself to be taken by those who were making them suffer! They cried, they cried over their hope that was upon the Cross, they cried over the glimmer of light that had revealed itself to them for they had believed that he was the Light.

Once all this became imprinted upon their hearts, then, then, like a burning fire, they saw, they saw the Light; the Light came to speak to them, the Light came to bring them what they needed to live. For it was as if all they had heard and all they had seen had remained on the surface; it was necessary for the Holy Spirit to come, to come and enable all this to enter within them, within their hearts.

Once all this was accomplished, their hearts burned with fire for Jesus, Jesus Eucharist, because now they knew that he was present, they knew that when he renewed that movement of love and of power, all was being accomplished as if he were there. This was so wonderful for them! All those who were around them were healed and they allowed themselves to be liberated; they were enveloped by the power of God, for what they were in their hearts was the Living Christ. They only had to ask with faith and everything was granted to them.

But with the passing of season after season, season after season, there came a time that brought suffering to them. There were people around them who had heard the Word, and that Word was rising back up to the surface. And when they would look at all that was before them, it was as though their hearts were bursting within them: they were trying to understand what their hearts had understood, and the more they did this, the less they understood. It was as though they wanted to force the Will of God; the more one forces the Will of God, the more one tries to surpass what is permitted.

And so, some children wrote their own Gospel by trying to live it with their hearts that had emerged from within them: it is only possible for us to live the Gospel inside ourselves because that is where the Trinity is, and the Trinity gives itself to us at the Eucharist.

Today, if we, we are suffering, if we, we live with illnesses, if we see the suffering of our children, that’s because it’s in our best interest to return to where we should be: in our heart, in the very Heart of God's love.

Let’s learn to always give our heart to Mary so that it can disappear in the Heart of Jesus; then we will understand that the only power that can heal us is Jesus of love, present in the Eucharist.

Tonight, all this is for us, in order to enable us to move forward as good children of God.

Let’s give Jesus what is in our hearts and what prevents us from dying in the Heart of the Son of God. If we do this every day, there will be healings and liberations, we will receive our Jesus of love with the Heart of Christ.

We won't be the ones who will understand, with our minds, that Jesus gives himself, gives himself through a piece of bread, gives himself through wine. We must go back to the hearts of the apostles to understand this. They understood this because they saw and they understood by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Do we still believe that the Holy Spirit is powerful? If we believe in this, then we believe that this is already in that movement. Everything is for us; we need only say yes and God does everything.

And so, we will take this time for questions and answers. Let’s allow our heart to speak so that it can belong to God. Let’s share on behalf of our brothers and our sisters.


Q.  We find that our young are more and more involved with drugs and alcohol, and with loud music, and it seems as if this is becoming more and more serious.


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Christ carried the cross; it was so heavy, so heavy that when he moved forward, the end of the cross touched the ground.

Today, when we walk on earth with our heavy, heavy, heavy heart, we ask ourselves who is going to help us. We are incapable of understanding that God has already helped our children, because our heart, our poor heart is still in chains.

We take our heart and we drop it on the ground, and when it touches the ground, it opens up, and then we hear, we hear weeping, we hear moaning: we hear the same cries that Jesus heard.

When Jesus said: “Do not weep over me. Instead, weep over yourselves. You weep over wood that is green while you do not look at your wood, which will be filled with suffering,” he meant by this: “Look, look at your life, look at your choices before temptation. Satan wants to make you look at the lives of others while he wants to render you blind to your own lives, and when you are blind to your own lives – how your children bear the consequences of this!”

From one year to the next, parents do not realize that their choices will be before them: they will see children who take drugs, they will see children who are sexually active, they will see children who are only interested in making money.

Where, then, were the parents who were supposed to pray the Mother of God? Where, then, were the parents who were supposed to read the Bible and explain it to the children? Where, then, were the parents who were supposed to keep their love for a Christ who died and who rose again? They read books filled with lies, they devoted themselves to medical practices filled with lies, they devoted themselves to pagan methods, they devoted themselves to idolatry by buying things to decorate their lives, satisfying their senses, and the children of those children were witness to what they saw and heard, and their hearts cried, their hearts cried out, their hearts bore a burden; they no longer wanted to hear their hearts that hoped, their hearts that wanted love: they committed suicide, they gave in to complete oblivion through alcohol, through drugs, through sex, allowing into their lives infernal sounds that emerged directly from a heart that rejects God. But deep down, everything cries out to love: “I want love, I want to be loved, I want to be love for mom, for dad, but I don’t know how.”


Jesus: Little children of love, I love you; it is up to me to enable you to know love; it is up to me to help you put the very Heart of The Love in your hearts. You are my little children, just as they are my little children. From where you are at present, you are no longer capable of understanding hearts that are in a panic.

Put your heart in the Heart of my Mother; she will make it disappear in my Heart; you will taste love; your entire being will allow itself to be healed and liberated for the sake of love. You will be a movement of peace and of joy, and they will hear, they will hear the beating of your heart, which will reveal itself in your eyes, through your words, through your gestures, for everything that you are will be radiant with trust in God.

You see, little children of love, there is only God who can speak to you like this, for I know all the world’s hearts: they have been in my Cross. I love you.


Q.  There's an infection that has spread throughout the entire world through the New Age Movement. Is this something the Lord has had you speak about?


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Since March of 2007, the Lord has been giving many teachings in our hearts.

He began when we went to Prévost, a town in the province of Québec. He began by talking to us about the fall of Lucibel/Lucifer.

Then, a few weeks later, he brought us to Saint-Étienne de Bolton; there, he gathered hearts together. He spoke, he spoke about Cain and Cain’s lineage, which brought about many, many, many impurities. And what he revealed to us was that among Cain’s descendants, there were children who had been possessed – all these had been possessed by Satan and by demons. Among them, there was a child who had been given to Satan and, by tricking Noah, he was saved from the flood.

When Noah boarded the ark with his family, he was old; he told us that there weren't only Noah’s children but their wives and their children; and among them was a child of evil, which made it possible for evil to continue being present among the children who were faithful to God.

He told us about how the stars became known to man: this was about the horoscope, this was about planets with names like Jupiter. He also spoke to us about plants, about plants that gave all sorts of hallucinations, all sorts of powers to those who used them. He spoke to us about magic, that that being was instructed by Satan himself.

Satan promised him prosperity through the stars – power that hovers in the air like a sort of energy, energy that is none other than the power of evil – which could affect not only the flesh but also the soul. He said that all this spread everywhere. He had such great power that he drew everyone to him; they listened to his words, they cast God aside up to the point of wanting to destroy him; they created gods, they created goddesses. Idolatry was being spread by him. He had descendants – daughters – and they were very powerful; they were goddesses: the goddesses were powerful through the power of evil, so much so that people allowed themselves to be swept up by that power.

All this was taught to us by Jesus himself, by the Holy Spirit himself; all these words, which we heard, came from the instrument that I am, from the inside to the outside.

We went to the United States as well, and he continued speaking to us about the New Age Movement.

The Mother of God explained the results of yoga to us; all this continued the entire time we were in the United States, and when we went to Sudbury, God the Father also spoke, because we heard about birthstones. They don’t come from God; they were for the pleasure of the goddesses. We have allowed ourselves to be swept up by these movements: all of us.

When we went to the Christian Holidays in Plantagenet, then God spoke to us, and he also told us not to judge those who are part of the New Age Movement, because this was the consequence of our own thoughts, we who judge with our human will.

God simply approached us slowly, he enabled us to understand that we are living in a time when the Antichrist is in our presence, and this enabled us to remain at peace: why fear the Antichrist when we have Jesus with us? He's the one who takes care of us.

When we enter the Heart of Mary, she then leads us to the Heart of Jesus.

All this took place for two weeks while he kept us in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and in the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

And when we came to New Brunswick, he spoke about this as well. It’s like a wave that he put in motion, beginning in March until today.


Q.  There are so many Catholics who are taken with the New Age Movement without realizing the consequences, without realizing that it comes from the demon, without realizing that it’s bad. We’re not judging those people, we’re judging the evil, the New Age Movement, and we can discern that it comes from Satan.


A.  Jesus: My beloved son, the heart of the Church is awakening. When the heart of the Church begins to beat in tune with the Heart of the Son, this indicates that the members are beginning to realize they are alive. Therefore, my beloved son, you who fight for life: give yourself.

Life, my beloved son, is what makes your heart of a priest beat. Do an act of presence before the Eucharist to enable hearts to beat in the Heart of Mary, and abortions will cease.

My son, when Satan attacked God's children, he taught them to open the womb in order to take away life.

Only Christ, who died for the sake of love, will be able to bring hearts back to life. The hearts of today are hearts that are dead; it is necessary for all hearts to beat together for the sake of life.

The New Age Movement: is Satan. When he affects the mind, he affects the heart, and hearts become selfish, hearts become cold, and hearts want only to live for the 'self'. And the 'self' brings fear, division; it gives rise to material needs, it gives rise to the need to control life in order to kill life in the very wombs of mothers.

When we listen to Satan, we are listening to eternal death. Those who believe in gods other than God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, no longer want to believe in the Life, in the Life that nourishes, that brings love.

Every child born into this world is love, and love, my son of love, is a source that nourishes, that nourishes hearts.

To pray with the heart is to give oneself to the Mother of God, the Mother who bears her Child, presenting him to the entire world as the only one who heals hearts.

You, who have been witness to a promise given four hundred years ago and which protects God's children from Satan's attacks, how much more does God want his children to consecrate themselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, by consenting to die in the very Heart of Christ: eternal promise, promise that God gave by letting his own Blood flow.

Beloved, beloved, gather together for the sake of life: for your children, for your grandchildren, for your great-grandchildren. I love you.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: This is quite a bit to take in, isn't it? Well, we can pray Mother Mary to obtain the graces that will enable us to do as he asks.