Some gatherings of love with God's action will be available on the site until the dates indicated.

Afterwards, they will be removed from the site to make room for other gatherings.
You may save them onto your computer, and then, burn them onto a DVD.

To copy a gathering to your computer :

Place the pointer of your mouse on the icon.

Right-click, then select “Save target as…” and choose where you want to save the portion
of the gathering you are saving.
Once you have saved all portions of the gathering,
you can burn them onto a DVD.


You will have to wait during the downloading, depending on the length of the portion you are copying.

For example, if the gathering is 25 minutes long, it could take up to 30 minutes to download.

Once it has been downloaded, it begins playing immediately.

If you would like to have a DVD that is of better quality, it is possible to purchase DVDs
of the gatherings at a very reasonable price.



March 15, 20

To listen this important message: