Gathering of Love With God's Action in Winnipeg, Manitoba,
Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus

2004-11-10 – Evening

Jesus: Your soul is singing, it is bound to you; you cannot free yourself from your soul, it is part of your life for it is life. The soul within you exalts God, praises God, adores its God; it is your soul that enables you to know God's love, it is your soul that has you exalt God. You are very small before the power of God. The Power nourishes your soul – it receives graces from God. They nourish your soul – it receives graces of love, of strength, of light, it receives graces of peace. Your entire being feels what your soul receives. When you ask God for graces, it is your soul that receives; it is your soul that welcomes the Will of God in all things. It knows how to comply with the Will of its God of love; it knows how to give thanks for everything God gives to it.

Your soul is in the presence of Jesus: it is his beloved; it allows itself be enveloped by his gentleness, by his attentions; it belongs fully to its Jesus of love, to its Spouse. To you, your soul is life, eternal life; you must be careful that your soul remain pure, for it presents itself before its Jesus of love. When you remain in a state of grace, it is all beautiful, it is graceful, it makes itself very little for its God, for it belongs fully to God and it wants to be everything to its God. Oh! Happy is the soul that has graces for itself as everything within it is radiant; happy is the being who gives attention to his soul, for it becomes a source of joy to him, a source of happiness; the soul sees the Light for it allows itself to be taken up by his power.

God speaks to each one of you so that you may be fully attentive to your soul’s requests. God knows your soul better than you do as it is my chosen one, it is my spouse, I want it at my banquet. It is the one that was invited, my children, it is the one that receives everything from me; I love to shower your soul with my graces, I love to make it radiant so that you yourselves may benefit from this.

What would become of you without my graces? Without the graces I give to your soul, you would be lost, you would be blind and deaf, you would not be able to understand the beauty of your interior, you would not be able to understand where your place is among others. It is your soul that enables you to know that you are the chosen ones, it is your soul that has you understand that God loves you, it is your soul that has you comprehend the importance of your place within the Church: your soul, my children, is everything to you. Without the soul, you will not be able to live in my Father's Kingdom; without the soul, you will not be able to know eternal happiness; without the soul, you will not be able to see God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit; without the soul, you will not be able to contemplate the beauty of the chosen Daughter of God the Father, She who bore the Child-God; without the soul, you will not be able to join the angels in singing praises : do you see the importance of your soul?

When you will enter within yourselves, every one of you will have to present his soul to me, every one of you will have to witness the love I have for your soul: your soul will come forward towards its God of love; it will be adorned by its Spouse. Understand the importance of keeping your soul in its state of purity, for your soul will receive its reward for being in love with its Spouse, its Jesus of love, its God, its Infinity. At every moment, you must be aware that your soul is the spouse of Jesus; be aware that you are responsible for it: it is up to you to say yes to good and no to evil.

You cause your soul to suffer when you say yes to evil. How many souls in the bodies of God's children are dying due to the extent of their suffering because they are not receiving graces from their Spouse! Souls that are dying are suffering great agony, my children. Because of this, a body, which is inhabited by a suffering soul, suffers; the body cannot receive graces of peace, graces of light, graces of joy, graces of freedom: it is the soul that receives graces and dispenses them to the body. Jesus is all love for the soul; when you receive the Body of Jesus, the Blood of Jesus, how your soul bows down in adoration before its God of love, for it receives everything: your entire being becomes me, through the soul you are me. Can you see how important the soul is to your life?

Oh, children, how many times have you placed more importance on your external life rather than on your inner life? How many times have you taken better care of your flesh than you have of your soul, and all the while your flesh was suffering because your soul was in pain? You have often looked at your being that was sick, wondering why God was leaving you in this state of illness. Oh! Children of love, that is because your soul has been neglected: it needs graces in order to strengthen you, it needs graces so that you may be happy on the outside. A soul that receives graces of peace gives peace: you become a being of peace for your brothers and your sisters.

It is so important for you to be aware that when I give you graces, I do so through the soul. To you, it is like a garment that covers you; it clothes you with peace, with freedom, with gentleness, with kindness, with helpfulness, with humility: these are garments of love. Everything belongs to the soul and you, you receive much, you become what your soul is. You are called to holiness, you are all called to live in a state of purity.

God is enabling you to know what is within you; it is by my Father's Will that this is being carried out; it is by the Holy Spirit’s power that you are able to hear your soul; the soul is as follows: it bows down before the Will of God in all things for the soul belongs to the Son of God. Listen to what your soul has to say.

The soul obedient to the Divine Will: “God gave me to you, I have been with you always. When God was carrying you, I existed. When you became flesh, I who was within you, rejoiced. We have moved forward together, we have contemplated together, we have breathed together, we have made decisions together, we have prayed together, we have given to our neighbour together, we have been a smile given to others, we have been kind and good to others: God has given many blessings, God has given much. I have always been with you, I have always taken care of you. When Jesus filled me with graces, I would hasten to have you feel those graces because I love you. I love who you are. The body you have is my temple – it is important to me. To me, it has been a means by which I could meet others; to me, it has been a means that allowed me to rejoice with others. Everything about you is mine, just as I am yours: I belong to you.

It feels so good to be together! God wants this moment of love to be a moment of great intimacy: between you and me alone. What you are hearing comes from the Will of God because God is love. God is so in love with me that he is ready to do anything for me because he wants me with him for eternity. He wants me to be in awe before his beauty; he wants me to be beautiful because he, he is the Beauty; therefore, when I look at him, he makes me beautiful. He wants me to be pure because he is the Purity; when I contemplate his purity, all that I am comes back to me: that is my reward. When I adore my God of love, I bow down and he looks at me and he showers me with his love because he knows how much I love him.

You are me. How I have wanted you to belong solely to God, that you renounce all the things that drive me away! Oh, if you only knew how many times I have had to run from my Love because you were committing impure actions! I could not present myself before my God of love, whom I love above all things, for I had a stain upon me, a shadow. I waited for you to go to a priest, yes, to a priest, he who represents my God. When you would go and tell him about your bad action, I would encourage you. I would take all the necessary precautions to enable you to go to Confession; I overlooked nothing. Once your words were spoken, how eager I was for the one who represented my gentle Lover to give you absolution, for everything about me became radiant. I would run to my Spouse, to my God, to my Jesus, and I would bow down before him. When you went forward to receive his Body and his Blood, everything about me would prepare to receive The Love’s graces. Oh, how eager I am to have you feel what I would feel, for God tells me that you will feel it, here, in your flesh, soon. God is so filled with love, God is so gentle that this moment will be eternally engraved within you: your life is being written. Your life is being written at every moment.

I am the soul, your soul. Everything that I am belongs to God, for I come from God and I shall return to God. These moments are unique – no man has ever been able to hear what you are hearing. A moment is chosen for all of eternity. He is enabling you to slowly draw nearer to the time of love on earth. Your flesh, which is my temple, will undergo purification. You will have to be truthful towards yourself in and through all that you are. Everything about you will have to surrender like a little child. You must not be afraid, for God has prepared everything for you and for me. We will be together during that time of purification. I, who receive so many graces through Confession, will help you. You must trust in God's graces. Do not think of the suffering, do not think of everything you will have to do – leave that to God. You must accept this at every moment. Every moment has been prepared for you and for me.

See how good it is to hear each other; see how perfect, how infinitely good God is. It is up to you and me to do God's Will in all things. It is up to you and me to believe. I, I believe – it is important that you also believe. You need to know that you will have to renounce your bad habits, your overindulgences. Yes, it is true – you have overindulged many times. You cannot hide this from yourself because I know all about your excesses: I have felt them, they are in my presence, and this had caused me great suffering. With God's graces, God's strength, you will be able to give up those excesses and your character will improve. You will be a being of love for yourself, for me – this is so important – and you will be a being of love for our dear neighbour.

You will also have to give up many external things. Slowly, Jesus will show you how to look within and how to lose interest in all that men have wanted to show you and that was unnecessary. You know, I am the life within you. I do not need those material things; you need them to cover your flesh to protect it from the cold, from the heat; you need rest, you need food. But you have greatly overeaten on so many occasions; you have misused garments of all kinds so many times.

You have not been careful and you have allowed yourself to be seduced by a world that wants you to consume. How many times have I seen you change your clothes because they were no longer in style whereas your clothes had barely been worn! Oh, how many times have I also seen you cast aside an object that had once pleased you! All of this was due to seduction: you were developing needs within yourself and this changed you.

Together, we have loved Jesus. I am still in love with Jesus, but I could see that you were changing, I could see you walking away from the sacraments, I could see you forgetting Jesus while he waited for you at mass. How I would have liked to go to mass, to receive my gentle Love! But you had begun to turn your eyes towards those material possessions, and this made you numb. You wanted to pursue pleasures and those pleasures cheated you – they did not make you happy. The being that you are did not need those things but you did need God, and I knew it.

How many times I would have liked to tell you this but you were no longer listening to me; you no longer wanted to come and hear what I had to say to you in moments of silence. Sometimes, you did hear words telling you, “Come, come, let us go to mass. Do not do that, that is not for you,” but you were no longer listening, you had learned to shut the door. That door has become so heavy now! It will require great effort on your part to leave it to Jesus; he is the one who will help you to open the door now. Because of everything you have done, because of everything others have done, that door has become too heavy. This external world has become so important!

Oh, if you only knew how eager I am to see you fall madly in love with Jesus! For you are a being of love, you were made for love; you were not made for indifference, coldness, judgment, division, anger, hatred, envy, laziness, disorder: you were not made for this evil. I truly wish you could understand what I want: I want Jesus, I want Jesus for life and I want to be with you because you are me. We must want Jesus together; we must live those moments of purification together: we must do this, we must do this as Jesus asks, and you must renounce what you are on the outside. When you came into this world, God gave me graces for you. Those graces are still inside you – they are love. You must immerse yourself in them, you must renounce what you have become because of sin.

There was a great movement that separated us from the beauty of God, from the infinity of God and from the purity of God, from the whiteness of God, from the intelligence of God, from his infinite movement: the sin of disobedience has turned you into a being of will, and I who am in you, have been subjected to your will. God gave me to you and you belong to me; I belong to Jesus. I cannot separate myself from Jesus, but neither can I separate myself from you because you are me. Your human will is also for me. I was the one telling you how important it was to love Jesus, to do good.

When Jesus would give me graces, I would give them to you, I would nourish you, I would show you the right path. It was necessary to follow the path of Jesus, but you have listened to evil so often, the evil that was against me. Evil has often whipped me. It has deprived me of nourishment. I have been cold, you know, very cold; I have felt loneliness, I needed love so much but I did not receive any because evil was making you do things to make you forget about Jesus, and I was crying out to you. You could not hear me because evil had blocked your ears; it had placed impurity before your eyes and you believed that that was what life was all about. You gave importance to your external life; you forgot that I am life and that it is through me that you will obtain eternal life.

Evil has made me suffer greatly! You know, it wants me to die. Evil did not come from my gentle Jesus, from my adorable God, evil heeds Satan and Satan wants to hurt me. He does not want me to have eternal life, he does not want me to live eternally with my Love: with my Jesus, with you. He wants to make us suffer, he wants to destroy us: he wants to destroy life in order to lead us to eternal death. You must not listen to evil any longer, you must be careful.  

Satan was an angel. He has stood before God just as I stand before God. He has seen the beauty of God, he has felt his eyes upon him, he was once wrapped in beauty, he received intelligence. He has known all things, but he disobeyed. He refused to adore my adorable Jesus, he refused to bow down before his Majesty, he became proud of what he was. Because Jesus was becoming flesh in the womb of Mary, who was a human being, a soul enveloped in a temple of flesh, he did not adore Jesus of Love, my Jesus of love, the Man-God, my adorable Master.

He was severely punished, for he will never again see the eyes of God, he will never again feel the infinite love of God upon him: he who had known all these things will never again know these things. He became ugliness, he became coldness, he became falsehood, the divider, he was transformed into evil. And he wants God to choose him over Jesus, for he wants the soul that I am: your soul. He wants to lead me away, into the depths of darkness, where cries can be heard, where there is the gnashing of teeth, where there is unimaginable suffering, because he wants to make me die. He wants to torture me forever and once he has a hold on me, he will drag you down as well, and your flesh, your poor flesh will suffer: we will suffer at the hands of his hatred. Oh, I beg you: do not let him get away with this any longer! Every time you say no to evil, I will receive graces from Jesus of love and I will bestow them upon you.

Jesus wants to fill you with his blessings, to give you strength, and it is together, together that we will see the Glory, the Glory of God, of our God of love: we will participate in his Glory. If you only knew how eager I am for that moment to arrive: to see the Light, because you and I will be together in the light, (we) will contemplate our God together, happy together for eternity! God has willed these moments for you, for me.

Now, God is saying: ‘It is up to you to listen, it is up to you to obey, it is up to you to surrender,’ for he promises that he will do anything for you, he promises you happiness. Believe in his promises, believe in what he says because he has said these things to so many children before us. Others have come on earth and he spoke to them as I am speaking to you. They believed, they waited for that moment that you and I will live. The return of Jesus is not for right away; the Father knows when his return will be.

What we will live on earth together is love. We will see our Jesus of love. He will wrap me in a pure garment, he will adorn me with his jewels, and you will be pure. You will receive gifts endlessly, your intelligence will be restored, your eyes will see what God has always wanted you to see, your ears will hear praises to God: creatures (the plant kingdom) will produce sounds that you have never been able to hear, for nature worships its Creator. You never knew this, but they adore God, they know that God is their Creator, and at every moment sounds rise up all the way to Heaven.

All of this is still unknown to you. I say to you: believe, and together we will praise God for eternity, we will exalt God, we will dance for God, because God desires this – he has told me so. You have heard but you are having difficulty believing. Believe in everything he has said and happiness will be ours for eternity: me in you, you with me. You see, we are what God wanted us to be: love. Love is what I am and it is what you are – before God, before Jesus, before our God, before the Trinity. Because I am in the presence of the Trinity, I see Jesus, I see God the Father, I see the Holy Spirit.

Oh, how wonderful it will be for you when you see and hear what I see and hear! But before this can be, you will have to be very careful to no longer listen to the evil inside you. It is still attacking you because it wants to hurt me: beware. Listen: Mary is there, the Blessed Virgin Mary. She was chosen so that we could be in her Heart. We must enter her Heart; it is the only refuge in these times when evil is everywhere. She leads us to the very Heart of The Love.

Oh, if you only knew how much I love this moment! If you only knew how I long to be in the very Heart of The Love! Learn to leave everything to Jesus. Learn to give him your life fully – which is me, surrounded by the temple that you are – accompanied by all those around us. You know, there are many souls in Purgatory; those souls are my sisters. They pray for me and for you. There are the souls in Heaven; they are with us now because God the Father wills it: these moments in time are unique. All was prepared beforehand.

We must follow the teachings of Jesus, our adorable God, carefully. You must learn the commandments of God, you must imprint them on your flesh. I know them but you have a tendency to forget them. You must learn them well because soon they will be changed and if you do not learn them by heart, you will be deceived and I will suffer. Be attentive to the teachings of the Divine Will: you are attending a class, a class on love, so do not miss a single class. I am here, and I will not miss a single one so that you can catch up if you miss one. Do not worry, I am here. I belong to Jesus and I belong to you: this is a bond of love, and it is like this because this is the way God the Father made creatures.

Now I shall leave you – you will no longer hear me speaking to you, but I will not leave from inside you. Remember that you and I cannot drift apart from each other; I am bound to you and you are mine: you are my envelope. I love you.”

Jesus: It is up to each of you to accept these graces. It is up to each of you to understand the Will of God the Father. It is up to each of you to allow yourselves to be taken up by this movement of love. It is up to each of you to give yourselves fully to those you carry within you, in the Church, for the Church, for you will have received much, and much will be expected of those who receive much. Be in the Will of God for the greater Glory of God the Father. Amen.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: After having received much, God wants to give us even more; there's so much love in God: he envelops us, he has us move forward.

During my last trip to Western Canada – not this trip, but the one before this one – inside me, Jesus said, “I want you to visit my daughter Maureen.” She's one of our sisters; she lives in Montreal. She is from Pakistan and her husband’s name is Clayton; he's a wonderful man. You know, soon he will become a deacon.

Many years ago, about ten years ago, Maureen met a woman who no longer wanted a statue of Mary. That woman put the statue in her hands and she took her home – she couldn’t let that neighbour leave Mother Mary all alone, so she took her home, and when the statue of Mary arrived in Maureen’s house, Heaven permitted that the statue ooze holy oil. A little while after that, Clayton came home; he was holding a crucifix in his arms. Because schools were throwing crucifixes in the garbage, he picked it up and took it with him, and the crucifix began to ooze oil. Today, when you go to Maureen’s, you can see hundreds of statues oozing oil.

That oil comes from Heaven. Some people have tried to analyze it. It isn't a type of oil found on earth: it isn't olive oil, it isn't a type of oil known to man, and neither does it have properties that are familiar to us, cold-pressed or something like that… no. They have no idea where this oil comes from, but we, we know: it comes from Heaven. We don’t need to be scientists to understand that when Heaven wants something, Heaven acts, and we must thank Heaven for what it gives to us.

Today, when you go to Maureen’s, you can even see funnels collecting the oil in containers. When we pray, sometimes it increases and when it diminishes, that’s because Heaven knows that the request is superficial.  

One day, two priests from France wanted to make sure that this was real. When they arrived, they prayed. Maureen opened her eyes and she saw them looking at each other, and afterwards, she wondered, “How can two priests pray without being in contemplation?” The reason was that they were looking at the hand of one of the priests which was oozing oil; because before they arrived, they had asked Heaven to give them proof. They had asked, “If this is real, may one of our hands ooze oil.”

Still today, after many years, if you smell oil that was collected with a sponge (or a cotton ball), it still smells like flowers after so many years. The important thing in all of this is that Heaven has prepared us for something that is very great.

At the time I visited Maureen’s home, the oil had been flowing for nine years. And Jesus, after the rosary, asked me to place myself in front of him, because there's a huge tapestry on the wall, and on that tapestry you can see the face of Jesus and the heart of Jesus. So, I placed myself in front of that tapestry and I looked at Jesus, and I could hear Jesus’ message. Suddenly, the face of Jesus disappeared and was replaced by the face of God the Father. I couldn’t see the heart, I could only see the face of God the Father and his hair; I could see him from here up. And he spoke, and he said: “From the Heart of my Daughter Mary and from the Heart of my Son flow tears of oil; these tears purify and heal.”

And since my mission is only to repeat, when I was finished praying I went home. A few weeks later I received a message for priests regarding that oil. Therefore, at the launch of Volume IV, I asked Nicole if she could bring some bottles of oil because I was aware of the message for priests, but I couldn’t remember its content. Whatever I remember is what the Holy Spirit has me remember.

And so, at the launch, Jesus spoke and he invited all his children to make a decision: the one of allowing themselves to be marked on the forehead with the sign of God's children: “All those who allow themselves to be marked by the sign of God's children will be protected during the purification of the earth.” Because once we will have been purified, the earth will be purified afterwards, and all those who will have been marked with the sign of God's children – the angels will not strike them, the earth will not swallow up the children of God, nature will recognize God's children and we will recognize one another.

Many graces are given to the chosen children. When we receive this cross on the forehead, a light can be seen; we can't see it. And the angels of darkness cannot draw near to that place as it blinds them and they go away. Those we carry within us receive graces. God says that we shouldn’t worry about our children – our children who haven’t yet received this sign – for all will happen as God wills it; God has prepared everything, he has overlooked nothing.

We received a sign from Heaven just before we came here, out west. We were at a gathering of love and Jesus spoke. There were three priests at that gathering. After the mass, just before the final blessing, one of the priests whose name is Abbot Lefebvre, saw two luminous spheres above the head of every person there – one was blue and the other red: it was Mary and Jesus. Mary leads us into the Heart of Jesus. Through her yes, Mary, we received the Messiah on earth. Doesn’t it make sense that she should be the one to lead us to her Son?

Jesus will take us into the Divine Will: Adam caused us to leave the Divine Will and it is Jesus who will have us enter the Divine Will. It is Jesus himself who marks us on the forehead. A priest, through his priesthood, is Jesus. The Church is Jesus; it is alive, it is active. Just before I went to that gathering, Jesus and Mary said to me, “My daughter, people will see the power of God; my children will see that this comes from Heaven and they will believe what you say.” And so, Jesus and Mary never tell me what's going to happen, but they tell me ahead of time that there will be things like healings, liberations. Sometimes, they tell me this before, and once the day arrives, I see what happens – but only after.

When the priest told us that, we were filled with joy. And the priests began blessing us, and Abbot Lefebvre, who was at the far right of the altar, in front of the children, in front of our brothers and our sisters – there were three priests and I was in the middle – all of a sudden, Abbot Lefebvre came to see me and held out his hand and I saw his hand: oil was flowing from it, and there was so much of it on his hand that his whole hand was covered in a thick layer of oil, and the people who had received the mark were witness to this. It poured from his hand, the oil kept oozing from his hand – he had just begun to use the oil in a bottle but he didn’t need to any longer because his hands were oozing: it was pouring out. The oil oozed from his hands because his hands are consecrated, because they're the hands of God. And so, we were all filled with joy, we praised God, we thanked God.

The following day, God said: “I chose my priest to show the entire world that it is my Church that will enable my children to enter the New Earth. And that it is I who am the Life, and my Church is alive and active – that is the reason I chose my priest. I also wanted to reveal that what he had seen was real. I also wanted to reveal that the purification has begun, and I also wanted to show all those who want to see and hear that what you say is the truth and that nothing comes from you. You are but an instrument and you are nothing more than an instrument, and that it is we who do everything.”

And so, tonight, it is up to each one of you to decide whether you want to receive the sign of God's children through the Church, solely through the Church, through the priest. Jesus is the priest. The Church comes first, we come after. Isn't he the Shepherd, isn't he the Good Shepherd? Jesus is the Good Shepherd and we are his lambs, and his priests have been appointed – they are the royal and priestly ministers who will lead us where we must go. And now, Jesus is asking that we make the sign of the cross as a sign of acceptance.