Gathering of Love With God's Action in Zenon Park, Saskatchewan,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus



Jesus: Every child who is present is here because I am the one who has chosen you.

In every location where I speak, I invite my children to hear my voice.

I am the Action, I am the Father's Word: it is because of his Will that you are here.

My children, I speak in hearts in order to reach your hearts, to speak within the children you carry.

Even if your children are not present they will receive the graces you are receiving.

I am The Love, there are no limits for God.

My children, time does not exist for God. There is no empty space for God.

I am the Presence.

When you receive Jesus Eucharist, God takes you, he envelops you in his Presence.

It is not you, my children, who take me; it is I who take you, it is I who envelop you in my love in order to transform you into children of love.

It is necessary to die in me in order to go to my Father.

When you come to Communion, you allow God to take you within him.

I bring you into me, in the presence of the Trinity.

You are chosen children.

My children, I would like all the children of the world to receive Jesus Eucharist but the children of this world do not know that they are loved by me: they believe that I am a distant God, they believe that I am a severe God, they believe that I am an absent God, and as they are disappointed because they are not in the tangible presence of God, they have rejected far from them my Presence, they have justified their own actions.

When a child rejects God: he reveals himself as unloving towards himself, he brings on his own suffering; consequently, he grapples with imperfections, and as he does not receive my strength, he succumbs to sins, and when he succumbs to sins, he lets Satan take hold of him, and Satan turns him into an impure child.

Then everything about him suffers: his body, which does not receive graces, develops illnesses; he cannot endure pain: he condemns my children who want to help him.

I have given my children of the Light gifts of love, gifts of light, gifts of liberation.

These gifts, my children, are in my priests.

They have the power of love between their hands, but the children of this world do not want to believe, they have lost the faith; they have turned to cults, by creating their own needs: a need for love, for these children are love.

When they cry out that they want nothing to do with my religion, with my Church, it is because they are in pain:

they are wounded, they are grappling with the evil within themselves.

I beg you, my children, to pray for them: they are within you, they are my chosen ones.

Even if they are not as you, you would like them to be, they are your brothers and your sisters.

I am in them, love Jesus who is in them.

I am The Love, I make no distinctions.

When I gave myself up to the Cross, allowing myself to be crucified for the sake of love, I was carrying those children; they were in me, just as you were, my children.

I have carried you all.

My loves, you must not judge your brothers and your sisters.

If this is difficult for you, you must come and draw my graces of strength so that you may have the strength to forgive.

It is only through me that you will find this strength: through my sacraments, through my prayer, for when you pray and you give me your life, it is I who pray in you, I am the one who offers my Father your prayers: they are my prayers.

I need your yes to The Love so you may agree to abandon yourselves in me.

To die in Jesus is to discover life, life in God.

My Father gave me to each of you, my Father gave you to me, his Son: you belong to me.

You belong to my Father, and all that is mine belongs to my Father, and all that belongs to my Father is mine.

Look at yourselves, discover the true worth of your life.

You are all united in me.

If you live it is because I nourish you with my Life.

I am the divine Being, I nourish you with my graces.

It is by being pure, my children, that graces transform you into children of love.

When you commit sins, my graces remain in you, they become inactive.

It is only when you give me your yes that my graces become active.

They give you light, and the light reveals that you are impure.

When you commit a theft, my children, and you are all alone: you think about the deed you have just done, and when you regret having stolen, it is because my graces have acted within you: they made you aware of your deed, and it is only then, my children, that you want to make amends for this deed.

If, my children, there had not been children of the Light who pray for you, it would not have been possible for my graces to act: you would not have been able to see your deed and regret it.

This is why, my children, I ask you to love your neighbour.

When you, you give your yes: you, the children of the Light, through your action, you receive the graces to acknowledge your sin, and, at that moment, those you carry within you and who have committed sins, through your yes, they too receive.

You are members of my Church.

I, I am the Mystical Body: I am the Head, my priests are my active members of my Church, and you, my children, you are members of my Church.

You are together within me.

You cannot offer movements of love to yourselves exclusively without affecting those who are also members.

Everything is harmony in God.

For whatever I give to one child, if that child returns it to me, I then give.

I am the Action, I am the Word: I accomplish my Father's Will.

Understand, my children, that I gave myself. “There is no greater love than to give one’s life for those we love.”

You, when you give me your life: I take your life within myself, and I create a movement of love by taking those who are in you, so that they too can become movement of love.

I, I cannot force any child on earth to receive my surges of love.

This is why I am asking you, my children, to carry out this movement: of giving me your yes; thus, they too can receive.

God gives so that you might give yourselves. My Church is like this!

When a single one of my priests consecrates my Body, consecrates my Blood, everything about him becomes me, because he is me.

All priests perform this movement: they give themselves to God, they become one life: the Life of the Christ-Priest.

A priest, my children, is eternal because he is in me.

He has renounced his life to live only in the life of the Christ-Priest.

My children of love, when a priest gives his life, he is performing an act of love on your behalf.

He is giving himself to God for you; just like me who gave myself out of love for you: the priest does the same.

And you, my children, understand this act of love, understand this gift of love, it was performed for you.

You must not, my children, bear a single judgement against my priests, for it is

against me that you pass judgement, not against my priests.

As for his actions which are not what I want them to be, he alone will present himself before his actions.

It is not up to you to judge my sons who have given themselves out of love for you.

Not a single priest on earth is a priest unless God wills it; you bear judgement against a choice God has made.

Do you see, my loves, that it is important to pray for my priests?

They are gifts of love!

My children, love yourselves.

Love what God gives to you.

Open your hearts.

Let God's love enter you.

Abandon yourselves like a tiny little child.

I want to shower you with my graces of love so that you can discover yourselves through me.

Be loving towards yourselves.

It is for you, my children, that I speak to make you discover yourselves as you truly are.

There is only God who can speak to you like this, for when God speaks, it is for your good.

When a father on earth sees his child carrying out deeds that are not good for him, the duty of this father is to put his child back on the right path, by telling him that his deed is wrong.

If this father does this it is because he loves his child.

He wants him to grow up as a child who is loyal to himself, so that he can become a being who is good to himself and to his neighbour.

I, your God of Love, I who gave myself while carrying all your sins, by bringing them unto death, by shedding my Precious Blood over you so that you could have eternal life, do I not have the right to speak to you like this?

To say to you:

            My children, be careful! Observe your actions, observe your judgements, they are against you.

            And when you carry out deeds that are against you, you are also carrying out deeds that are against God.

            You alone will judge yourselves.

            This is why I am speaking to you about love.

            I am asking you to love yourselves, to love your neighbour as I love you.

            Take care of those who are around you.        

Abandon yourselves in me.

I want to show you how much God the Father loves you.

I want to make you discover how much love God has placed inside you.

I want you to learn how to make use of this love.

You are beings created to love.

You were not created to judge your neighbour.

It is the evil that has entered you through human will that causes you to pass these judgements.

You must learn to say no when there is something that leads you to pass judgement.

I am the only one who will make you understand what you are doing.

This is why, my children, I give myself to you through the Eucharist, by passing through the consecrated hands of my son, my consecrated son, the priest, your priest.

Allow God to let this movement of love flow within you.

May this moment be for you one of intimacy with me.

I am with you. I love you.

I am speaking to you, you alone.

            You were once very small. You came into this world because I chose you.

            I want you for myself because I care about you.

            I do not want to judge you, I want you to discover yourself as you truly are.

            You are a child of God, you are love and love is within you.

            I gave you my Life because I knew you even before you came into this world.

            I carried you, I cannot separate myself from you.

            You are part of me, this is why I am speaking to you, within you.

Allow God to transform you into what you should be.

I want you to be very little, I want you to be like a tiny little baby.

When you came into this world, you had not yet committed sins.

Through your human will, you bore only the original sin, which I cleansed with my Precious Blood.

And through the sacrament of Baptism you became a child of God, you entered into my Church, into the great family of God.

I am making you see who you are so you might become aware that God is your love.

If you are able to love today it is because I nourished you with my Life: only God is love.

And, throughout your life, if you were able to pronounce the word love: it is because I am the one who made you discover it.

There is not a single child on earth who has been able to utter the word love unless I nourished him with my Life.

When you gave your life to God through your parents’ yes, you discovered that you had been chosen by my Father.

But if today you have forgotten what your inner life has discovered: it is because as you were growing up you learned to live only according to your external life.

It is with love and gentleness that I make you discover your importance to me.

Every movement you performed in your life and that was loving, I shall show it to you.

You will discover to which extent God has nourished you with his Life, and at that moment, you will renounce your external life in favour of living solely according to your life in God.

And everything that has hurt you, everything that has made you suffer, all your illnesses, will disappear.

I am the Fount of life. I am the Eternal Life.

And because I love you, I make you discover the splendour of your interior.

Beloved, I love you, it is I, your God within you, who dictated these words so that you could discover yourself as you truly are.

Children of love, this instrument gave her yes through abandonment; it was only possible for her to do so through me.

All this came about because God the Father willed it.

I came to you, thus enabling you to hear my Father's Will.

You must abandon yourselves in God's action by giving your yes.

I can force no one to accept these words, it is up to you to choose.

When God speaks, he speaks in hearts; he showers your interior with graces of love.

If all words originated with the human will, they would not be able to nourish your interior.

Let the Holy Spirit reveal to you the light within you.

There is only God who can make you discover your interior: everything is within you.

It is up to you to go within, to come and draw from the graces God wishes to give you.

My children of love, prayer is a source of abandonment; it reveals to you that you are conversing with God.

Put offerings of love into your prayers, add loving requests for yourselves and for your neighbour to your prayers, by asking God to give you light.

Tell God that you want to be simple children, humble children.

Enter within my Mother's Heart, she gave her yes, she, the humble Daughter of God the Father.

She is a model of love.

She is the Daughter of the Divine Will.

She is the Mother of the Divine Will.

She is the blessed Spouse of the Divine Will.

To take refuge in her Heart is to enter into the Heart of Jesus.

There are so many graces from which to draw upon within my Mother.

She will guide you.

She will let you know that my priests are on earth to help you obtain graces and these graces will transform you into children of the Divine Will.

My children of love, every morning, place your human will between my Mother's hands,

she will nourish you with a grace from the Divine Will for your soul.

I am the one who wants to transform you into children of love who renounce evil and allow God to guide their lives.

God knows what is evil better than you do, he is the one who will do everything on your behalf.

He will make you see what you are doing; you will notice that when you are doing something wrong, it is God who makes you aware of it. It is through abandonment, through the renunciation of what you are, that you will discover God's Will for you.

He loves you.

Be little children; trust in God.

You will become examples of love for your brothers and your sisters.

You will have no need to speak, what you will become shall speak on your behalf; in this way, they will discover that you are inhabited by God.

When a child is completely inhabited by God, the child allows God's action to emerge from him because he trusts in God; and they too will want to be like him because in his eyes they will see God’s action, God, who wants to love them, who does not want to judge them: they will see love.

You will be beings of love.

I am in each of you, I speak to you like this out of love, for all your brothers and sisters.

I want to transform you into beings of love for their sake: this is what God's action is all about.

Behold that all is being accomplished: such is the Will of my Father.

Be light, shine during this time of darkness.

You cannot hide the light, for the light wants to shine.

I am the Light to you, I am the one who wants to reveal you to your brothers and your sisters.

Allow God to turn you into children of love, children who give themselves.

My children, it is not because you are isolated far away in your prairies that my children of the entire world are not going to receive love from you! I dwell within you and you, you dwell in me.

When you behave as children of love, all those you carry benefit from this love because it is love that has transformed you.

When I shall present myself within you, you will see what you have done for my children.

I am The Love, I am the Movement, and it is not possible to stop love.

I am eternal Life: all is accomplished according to God's action.

I sent my apostles amongst the people so they could teach my children that crucified Jesus is still alive, that crucified Jesus cleansed every sin, and this is for you as well.

I am the Action, be part of this action.

Time is not an obstacle, distance is not an obstacle: God is the omnipotence.

Rest assured that when you carry out a movement of love, the children of this world benefit from it, even if you are not aware of it, even if they are far away.

If a child has already performed this deed in the Will of God, I take that action along with graces of love and the child who has already performed this deed: receives graces of love.

Can you see God's movement?

I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am the Presence.


Be very little, I know what you need and I also know what they need.

Allow God to do as he wishes so you can be in my Father's Kingdom eternally.

I love you, my children.

Children of my joy, God will go through his priest to pour into you graces of love

for yourselves and for your brothers and sisters.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God is asking me to be attentive to his voice.

It is only through his movement of love that he allows me to bear witness to God's action within me.

When God began speaking within me, it was in 2001. For me, this was something that couldn’t be explained: God was speaking in me! Who was I, on this earth, for God to be able to speak to me? I didn’t really understand what was happening to me.

But God had slowly prepared my interior to accept what I had to do.

It was slowly that I learned what he had accomplished inside me.

He said the following: that from when I was very young, he had been pouring graces of love into me.

Because before my birth, he said that he had come to know my yes before I uttered it.

God knows everything.

He knows better than us what we’re going to do, and what we haven’t even done yet.

This is why he says he chose me, just like he, he said, had chosen others.

Today I'm filled with love.

The love I had always searched for, I was able to find it only in God.

Love has always been inside me.

That love is always inside every one of us.

It’s only by abandoning oneself completely in God that the love which is inside us emerges for us: to nourish us, and that’s when we can let God bring forth that love for our brothers and our sisters.

Us, we can’t do this; there's only God who can do this, and it’s only through complete abandonment.

Jesus abandoned himself into his Father's hands, and us, we have to abandon ourselves into Jesus’ hands:

to give our life.

God wants you to know that this moment is a moment of graces.

Souls are being healed at this moment, he’s doing this by going through us.

God is the Action, he is the Omnipotence.

When we abandon ourselves in God's Will, God heals broken hearts.

He nourishes the soul with his graces of love, and when the soul receives God's graces, then our body can benefit, and we experience healing.

And at this very moment, Jesus is saying “that there are people who are receiving healings of the heart because the soul has received graces.”

He’s teaching us to give ourselves in order to help our brothers and our sisters, but also

we mustn’t forget that we come first.

How can we help someone if we’re sick? Now, we mustn’t confuse this with the “self”.

Today, they teach us about the “self”: I give myself energy, I draw all this energy to myself.

This is false! These are errors that have spread over the entire surface of the earth.

This is Satan’s work.

Only God can heal.

He begins by healing the soul with graces of love because it hungers for God; it is God's spouse, it needs Jesus’ graces.

If we take our “self” and we say: “I’m a good person, I can… I know how to relax my body, all tension is leaving my body, my entire body is absorbing energy…” well then, what you’re doing is: placing your human will before God's Will and you cast God aside.

And God respects our will; so, he waits.

How many of us have placed the “self” before God: we’ve lost faith in God's omnipotence.

God created us.

He's the Creator of what we are, and we want to take ourselves for him.

And observe what’s happening in the world at this very moment: the suicides, the depressions, the burn-outs, the divorces, the neglected children, the drugs: well, that’s because we’ve forgotten about God while concentrating on the “self”.

We rely on ourselves too much and God, with all his graces, waits.

It’s time to wake up! Our children are in the process of becoming lost and so are we! We created this! How many times have we told ourselves “I'm beautiful”? How many times have we told ourselves “I can do this”? How many times have we told ourselves “Aren’t we great! Aren’t we talented!”? And other people have, at times, told us “Well, that comes from the Holy Spirit!” And us, we said, “No, no, this comes from me!”

You see, it started slowly, and then it led us to a huge sense of “self”.

Then, we became selfish beings, indifferent to our neighbour’s pain.

God also wants to tell you that his Church suffers because of this.

We must put everything in Mary’s hands in order to realize that we are humble like Mary.

Mother Mary, the greatest on earth and in Heaven, called herself an earthworm.

She was the most beautiful, the most intelligent; she possessed all the qualities.

No one can be her equal.

I’m talking about every being on earth, I’m not talking about her Son, who is Perfection itself!

Mother Mary was the most perfect in God's creation on earth.

Nothing can equal Mary: no one.

She was the most humble.

She had no need to develop her ego; she renounced her ego.

By saying yes, Mother Mary set an example for us, the one of giving our yes while renouncing our human will.

Mother Mary, she lived in the Divine Will on earth.

She never used her human will because she didn’t have the original sin.

Everything was in God.

These are words coming to us through the Holy Spirit, he wants to make us aware of what we’re doing on earth.

When we will see someone who uses his ego, we must give him to God, we mustn’t judge that person.

We must do as Mother Mary did: she prayed, she gave:

and so, we must do the same thing as Mother Mary.

But because of our human will and (because) we have committed many sins: we must turn to the sacraments, we must go to Mass, we must pray, we must give our yes and let God act within us; this is the only way we’ll be able to help our brothers and our sisters who are within us! And thank God for letting us discover that we’re nothing without him: a “self” in nothingness is a void. We must give everything to God so that our interior can be filled with his power.

That’s when we will heal: illnesses will disappear.

God wants to change the surface of the earth, he wants us to be children of love, and we’re all children of the Light.

He's in the process of preparing our hearts to help our brothers and our sisters.


We’re all called to his mission, not our mission, God's mission.

Ours is to follow in God's footsteps by saying yes so that he can take up all the room inside us.

He's in the process of preparing us for this because soon there will be a huge event.

He speaks to me about his return in hearts.

He told his apostles that his Father's Kingdom was coming.

In the “Our Father”, we say, each time, “May your Kingdom come on earth as in Heaven.”

He doesn’t talk to me about the end of the world, he talks to me about his return in hearts.

He wants to make us understand that all our sins are the cause of our illnesses, of our fears, of our depressions.

The consequences of what sin has done within us: he's in the process of showing it to us.

This is why he creates these writings: he's preparing us for the Great Purification.

He doesn’t talk about chastisements; that’s not my mission: he’s making us discover our interior.

He wants to prepare us so that when we see him inside ourselves, we’ll be children of love.

And because of us, who carry our brothers and our sisters inside ourselves, when they see God within themselves, because of our yeses, well, they’ll be able to get through this Great Purification, because it’s going to be very painful for them.

God wants to show them that he is Mercy, that he is The Love.

There's nothing new in what he writes, it’s a reminder of his Gospel.

But he uses people like us who don’t know the big theological words.

He uses simple words and he knows, Jesus, that we have televisions in our homes, and the radio, magazines: all these things.

So, this is why he writes, and he composes, I would say, the teachings according to what’s happening today,

but there's nothing new in his teachings.

Very simply, he comes to talk to us with the language of our times, about what he said to his apostles, then to his disciples.

It’s only with the Holy Spirit that I’m able to hear inside myself the voice of the Trinity and the voice of Mother Mary.

It’s God who wills it this way; and so I, all I need to do is utter my yes and let God do as he pleases with me, and if he wants me to present myself somewhere, I will go,

and it’s up to each one of you to know if you want to hear what God wants.

You must let yourselves be enveloped by the Holy Spirit in order to welcome all these graces, because if these words you are hearing come from my will, you will know it, and when it’s God, you know it.

Because it’s on the inside that he has just spoken, he didn’t speak to the mind.

And also, it’s not with your mind that you must welcome God's words, but with your interior, and it’s only then that it will bear fruit, for you, and for your children, and also for those you carry within you: the brothers and the sisters that you don’t know.

This, this is God's love, this is the Will of God.

God is love, he wants us to love one another.

He says that we are love and that we must love one another.

Jesus: Tell them the following words:

“I am the One who is, who was and shall be for you: the Beloved of the Father.

It is through this instrument of love that I say to you: ‘I love you.’

 And all children here receive an ‘I love you’, and may they give it to their brothers and to their sisters. I love you!”


Thank you.